Altern 8 Skydive For Depression


Altern 8’s Mark Archer recently did a skydive to raise money for charities supporting mental health and depression, see the link below to donate and read the fantastic press release while you’re there. #WEAREDEEPINSIDE is a new initiative focused on raising awareness of mental health issues. Most of us will experience anxiety and/or depression at some point in our lives. If not, we most likely no someone who does or who suffers from even more sever mental health conditions.

Compilation albums are being put together, the first one is recently done and more are in production being overseen by Edzy a.k.a Unique 3. If you want to contribute a track, drop it in a Google Drive folder and email to

Spare a few quid if you can for this noble cause. If you’re a wee bit skint (and we all are sometimes) at least give it a share and tag a few of your more sociable social media chums!!!

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