Amiga Breaks- 16 Bit Memories

Amiga Breaks- 16 Bit Memories


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Amiga Breaks goes for a different vibe to the oldskool rave sounds with ’16 Bit Memories’, an LP dedicated to the 16bit era of video gaming and the much-loved sounds of those classic games.

If you loved the music of the likes of Yuzo Koshiro then you are in for a real treat here. ‘Inter-Dimensional Sliding’ eases us in with a warm wash of pure 90s sunshine. ‘Deep Constellation’ fuses electro basslines with percolating keys and elated backdrops.

‘Digital Vistas’ is indeed panoramic and soaring, reminiscent of the early work of Hybrid (Unfinished Symphony). ‘Execute Command’ gets closer and closer to that computer game soundtrack style with brooding chords and deep sweeps.

‘Titan Rise’ takes it back to the early 90s with 808 State style beats and riffs. ‘Liquid Flow’ is quite simply classic Amiga Breaks, pure blissful rolling excellence. ‘Mind Science’ takes us through the wormholes and far off galaxies of deep space with a euphoric interplanetary style.

‘Mr Sax’ revisits the Hi-NRG Disco sound of the late 80s with lush sax licks and tons of unbridled energy.

‘Nu Kazz Kind’ touches down on a sunny day in Chicago with mellow vibes and busy breakbeats. ‘Positive Vibes’ is our pick from this great LP, a pure slice of full on rave breaks. ‘U Turn Round Jupiter’ brings together the power of Reese bass, deep synths and the Apache break and finally we come to a glorious climax with the Mr Fingers style ‘Binary Dreams’

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