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Today we have a massive new free track from Manchester based, breakbeat legends, Backdraft. For just over a decade they have been tearing up the scene with some of the biggest and baddest, bass laden bombs. They have released on some of the best labels like Botchit Breaks, Downbeat, Warehouse Wax, Combat Wax, Passenger and Bassrock and their tracks have gathered support from all corners from heavyweights such as Plump DJs, Krafty Kuts, Aquasky, Freq Nasty and so many more.

After a few years in the making, their new LP is finally ready to release and the first EP from it is out now. “Screamin Out Loud” is the lead track and you can clearly see why. The tough, bass driven breaks that Backdraft are so well known for are prominent with tension building stabs taking the track higher and higher. The vocals come from Ebere whose voice quells some of the bassline nastiness but still portrays the strong message of the track. “Pon A Knife Edge” see’s the pair in full on future jungle mode with firing amens, ragga vocals and dark, jungle inspired basslines. Add in two heavy remixes from D-Region & Code who take “Screamin Out Loud” on a head down, drum and bass workout and Warrior One who flips “Pon A Kinfe Edge” into a tribal infused, 140 jungle slammer and you have an essential release you cannot afford to miss.

The EP is out now and available to buy HERE.

Backdraft single

With the album release imminent, I caught up with the duo to find out a little more. Read through to the end of the interview for your free download

1. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, for those that don’t know, who are you, what do you do and what style(s) of music do you play?

No problem! We’re Backdraft, a male/female Breakbeat duo based in Manchester. We mainly produce/play Breaks of varying tempos.

2. Things have been quiet from you for the last couple of years. What have you been up to?

We’ve been really busy working on our first LP, finishing off a few new tracks for a couple of vocalists & spending a LOT of time on the mixdowns.

3. Your new album is close to release, talk to us about the tracks – are there any that stand out for you?

It’s been a long, slow process…it’s all vocal so it took a lot of organising, we had only written a couple of vocal tracks previously so it was quite hard to get into “song” mode for the LP.
Other than a couple of tracks, the majority of the album features vocalists from Manchester, we started writing it over 3 years ago so it’s hard to be objective, the newest tracks “Skreamin out Loud” with Ebere, “Love Without Limits” with Elizabeth Troy, “If you don’t know me” with KT Forrester & “Be Again with Julie E Gordon probably edge it slightly but that’s probably because we’ve heard them the least.

4. You had your first major release on Botchit in 2001 and now in 2013 your album will be released through them too. What is it about Botchit that has kept them at the forefront of the breaks scene.

It’s a mixture of things, brilliant team with strict quality control, they’re passionate about music & haven’t pigeon holed themselves into just releasing a certain style of breaks, If you look at their back catalogue their artists all sound original & the releases have always been quality.
They were the first label we sent our Breaks tracks to, the same with LP. We always wanted an album on Botchit so when we finished it & sent it down & they wanted it we were ecstatic!

 5. How do you feel your production has progressed since then and how did you initially link up with the guys from Botchit?

The biggest difference is probably on the mixdown side, we’re also a little bolder, more willing to try new styles.
The first time we heard breaks was in the Botchit room at “World Dance” up to then we’d had a couple of d&b releases. We came home, locked ourselves in the studio & wrote our first 4 breaks tracks which we sent down to Botchit & Scarper. Vini rang us when he heard them & we signed straight away. Unfortunately we never got to meet him, along with Atomic Hooligan & SOTO, we were one of the last acts he signed before he passed away.

6. Your sound has always been forward thinking but with a nod to the old school, who or what do you cite as your influences.

Thank you, It’s a mixture of things really, we’re heavily influenced by early drum n bass, (up until then the dance scene had pretty much passed us by) Dub, On U Sound label, early bands like Led Zep, Hawkwind, Love, Culture Shock, Pixies & some of the Indie scene from around the late 80’s

7. What other artists have you been feeling recently, who are you currently championing in your DJ sets?

We really love Warrior One, Hostage, Son of Kick, FreQ Nasty & Ill Gates

8. The harder edge breaks scene has morphed somewhat into future jungle / bass music and your older tracks have been getting plenty of rotation along with it. Do you think you were ahead of your time?

It was good to hear people were playing the tracks again, The future jungle sounding tracks came about by remixing a few early “Hardcore” tracks for Bassrock Records & Warehouse Wax, we were given some wicked samples & just added a bit of attitude.

9. Taking it back, what is your earliest memory of breaks in general?

The Botchit/Breaks Room at World Dance…early early breaks, heavy bass, huge beats & brilliant production, we stayed there all night..we were hooked!

10. Where would you like to see breakbeat music go next?

That’s a difficult one, one of the reasons we were drawn to Breakbeat initially was the huge range of styles, would love to hear a bit less tech step & a bit more soul…something that gives us goosebumps.

 11. Tell us about the track we have to give away.

It was originally a full vocal track called “Still 100″ that would have been on the LP, we started the music again from scratch as we wanted something a bit more in your face for the dancefloor, we cut & rearranged a small section of the original vocal.

There you have it. Make sure you are locked on Backdraft’s Soundcloud and Facebook for the release date of the album and get downloading the heavy sounds of “Freaky Ladies” for a little taster of what to expect.


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