We here at the blog have probably shared more than our fair share of Basement Freaks posts over the last couple of years and the main reason we keep coming back again and again, wether it’s for the free tunes, bootlegs or mixtapes, would have to be the quality, quality in production techniques, attention to detail and of course that good ol’ fashion funk. This quality has definitely transferred to the live funk loop sample pack the B.Freaks just released thru Blackoctopus Sounds, with the aptly named Funk Legends not just living up to expectations but taking it to the next level entirely. This collection packs a serious punch with live and synth bass, guitar, brass, flute, clavinets, piano and drum loops galore and with tempos ranging from 90bpm to 119bpm there is plenty to get excited about. With these funky fresh royalty free sounds at your fingertips, inspiration will most definitely soon follow.

2014 was also a stellar year as far as funky free music from the Freaks with a mammoth number of bootlegs, remixes and originals as well as a large number of Boombastice Jam label releases all getting the free download treatment and all dripping with that same quality i keep writing about. Don’t just take my word for it though, check out the tracks below and i’m guessing soon after you will be on the download!

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