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Tell us a bit about yourself

EZ all ! I’m Brett aka Indigo Virus , I’m From a small town in Berkshire where there’s not a lot to do really. I prefer to keep to myself in that regards
Wasn’t a lot to do growing up except hang around smoking and chugging down white lightning in parks. That wasn’t my idea of fun so I spent most of my time with close friends playing games and listening to music, because of that I developed a real love for all kinds of music. They way it can take you away from your surroundings and get to you to feel so many emotions, It’s a fantastic form of expression.

I have a real passion for making all kinds of music so I’m honoured to be able to share my work with people!
I love spending time messing around with my synths and drum machines, probably too much time and not enough music making really ! Heh!!

During my late teen years I had amassed a huge collection of synths and back then I hardly ever went out. It was going in that room as soon as I woke up then I’d stay there all day and night.
My hobbies seem to be far too expensive as It’s either studio gear or the dream of buying an R34 GTR!
I’m a massive lover of studio hardware especially synthesizers (hence where my name came from!) and I’m constantly having to hold myself back from spending money I don’t have on more!
Moving forward I’m looking forward to being able to share more of my music with everyone!

I also really………..really hate following trends 

How did you get involved with 36Hertz?

A friend of mine suggested we check out a local Drum And Bass night on Sundays at a pub a few miles away. It was a break from our normal routine so we headed on down and I got to chatting with some of the people there, met up with Vapour while he was ordering a pint and got talking.

We share the same goals, motivation and love for music and he’s heard plenty of my music before, I settled myself in this style. He saw my work had potential though and actually helped shape my arrangements.
How did you get into music production? What were the initial steps?

When I really made the venture to make music properly I managed to get a lift to a music shop near Hayes in London. Everything was so expensive I remember drooling over a JP-8000 that cost well over a grand, I couldn’t afford anything!
I remembered reading an interview with Liam Howlett talking about how he made all his music on W-30’s and since they were so cheap second hand I thought that’s a perfect place to start.
I wasn’t very computer minded (still not really haha!) so I wanted a piece of gear I could do as much as I could on.Then cue the weeks of swearing and rage moments learning that thing.
So many hours have been spent rotating those annoying dials chopping up samples on a tiny blue screen.
How would you describe your production style?

Jamming mainly, It’s taken me a very long time to adopt software sequencing, I still record live jamming sets from time to time, I’m really not a fan of sitting in front of a computer, it feels so sterile , don’t get me wrong, It’s great for sampling and arranging but,just doesn’t feel as good as experimenting on my synths crafting and creating sounds that I feel will progress the track further

I try and spend most of my time in front of my synths and drum machines making my music that way I’ll record in and piece together at the end when I feel the track can be completed
I love organic sounding bass from my Dub Tech days so I like recording live playing on filters.
There is so much more expression you can have being in front of a specific piece of equipment, I find it more enjoyable and dare I say therapeutic

Was there a moment or a tune or a DJ set that made you decide you were going to produce? And was it always going to be Flashback/Jungle/DnB?

During the 90s in this town there was little choice I was only young so I couldn’t venture anywhere, we were miles away from the main town so I was at the mercy of the radio. It was all about your social circle , we had our cliques in school it was your rock groups with red hot chilli pepper boots and your pop lot that was about it at school, Think of a small town miles away from anything interesting(at the time) Sky TV was expensive back then so only a couple of people had access to MTV , I certainly didn’t.

I loved gaming with my friends, that was my outlet,
Wipeout and Ridge Racer was what changed me. hearing those rave sounds and breaks got me so over hyped. I would leave Ridge Racer on music player mode for hours and The more I listened the more I really wanted to make these style of sounds .It was different, I was that age where you constantly pressured on what you want to do with your life, careers advisers in school trying to push you into slaving away at some corporate prison, Music was what I wanted to do I knew it, It was the only thing that made me genuinely happy.

Trying to do it however was really challenging as the only music shop around was all guitars. I had no internet and didn’t get my first PC till I was 17.

I have a genuine love of music as a whole so I will make anything.
Which events from over the years in your Music career really stick in your mind and why?

When I was in my later teens I had a studio most people would be seriously envious over. I was given some money to get my first car with but spent it on studio equipment instead. I’d make masses of samples using rare synths then sell them. Spend the money on more gear haha!

But I didn’t know anyone that could help develop me as an artist and put me on the right path, I would spend days literally locked in there just making whatever I felt like.

I never went out so I never socialized, and when I did I’d only go see my close friend James.

I was my at my most productive in those days, I try and look back on that as inspiration to keep my work ethic now. If I would of met Vapour back in those days who knows what I could of achieved.
Who were your major influences in terms of music production?

The Prodigy have always been the leading influence , I’ve listened to every album a thousand times. I’m now studying Photek more , I’ve always loved the vibe that guy can create and I’m looking to put my own spin on their styles of production.

There was more expression back then and I’m trying to keep that ethos.
When would you say was your breakout moment when heads turned to you music?

My Rhythm Shift EP, I’d just came back from a trip to Amsterdam , I was surrounded by so many friendly people, I came back so refreshed and really wanting to make a change in my life, I started working out everyday and eating healthy. somehow and still to this day I don’t know how I got that EP done within 3 days

I just focused on making fun tracks to listen too, didn’t care about overused sounds or breaks ,I just wanted to have fun
What is it about the current wave of NuSkool Rave that appeals to you?

I can revisit those classic rave and jungle sounds but using all the new studio tools and ease of software sequencing ,take these sounds into the future.

Plus It’s underground , I hate trends and I feel underground fits me more as a person. Jungle and breaks can get very dark and experimental. I’m not much of a talker I prefer to listen , take in what’s around me and gain inspiration, I like to be left alone.

I love to experiment with sounds and I feel this style suits me best. I’m able to use my experience with Techno and Trance from my younger years and use those styles as well But my tempos are beginning to change a lot now.
If you could work on a track with anyone from now or way back when, who would it be?

A specific track with a specific person? I guess that would be Photek and The Seven Samurai. The beat work and vibe is incredible That would be such a brilliant learning experience!
You like to tell stories with your music, give us a few examples

I’m very finicky about naming my tracks,There really has to be a story behind it or to me it doesn’t feel right. It’s all about he vibe I get while I’m making it or what inspired me to flow with that particular track

The Vision EP was very much a futuristic story for me , I’m often inspired through futuristic pictures and Manga, The tracks were named and placed in order…..

  • Acid Tongue was an image of crawling through a dark underground tunnel trying to find out where you are , claustrophobic and cramped.
  • Metropolis was climbing out through a mega city seeing the sprawling towers pierce the clouds, feeling overwhelmed and dizzy
  • Cerulean is Latin for “blue” and a vision is looking down on this city way above the clouds
  • Detonate was watching it all be destroyed.

Tell us about any other music related stuff you’re involved in

I’ve teamed up with Vapour on Kool London to do a bi weekly show on Drum And Bass. It’s been interesting so far but as I’m not much of a talker at the best of times It just turns into the sarcasm show ha!

Plus I’m not a fan over those over excited personas ,so me and Vapour are the equivalent of Statler and Waldorf from the muppets haha! It’s great fun though. You can catch us on every other Wednesday 3pm till 5pm GMT next show is on the 24th
Are there any major influence’s production wise that inspire you?

I’m listening to a lot of Oldskool and Jungle lately so I’m really trying to recapture that sound and style. Going back to just drums and bass to create the track and no gimmicks , just hard hitting bass and cutting drums
Tell us a few of your all time and current fave producers?

Liam Howlett first and foremost the Prodigy’s music is very important to me and Photek , those guys are so talented and a constant inspiration for me

I also have a tremendous amount of respect for Scott Storch, that is one extremely talented producer. A literal genius and a legend.

Also Jem One , that guys beat work is incredible and the atmosphere is spot on , you can hear his influence
more so in my music now so big up Jem !

Are there any unfulfilled goals or aspirations of yours musically?

My biggest goal first and foremost is to have a track of mine featured on a computer game, It’s still my biggest dream to this day! Firing up a game racing game or shooter and hearing my music in the background would blow my mind!

Also I’m a huge fan on documentaries on Space , so having my music feature on there would be amazing
Could you offer a bit of advice for a up and coming producer?

I am one heh! Vapour said it best “For every hour you’re not in the studio working on music someone else is” I have a paraphrased version of that on my wall in a custom painted canvas courtesy of Jem One

You’ve got to put your time into your craft. Each and everyday you have to be doing something that will further your goal.

Who’s supporting you on the DJ circuit?

I’d love to know who’s playing my music out! Any support I get weather its someone liking a post or just dropping me a message saying they love my music means the world to me, it makes me feel overwhelmingly happy.

I can’t explain enough how grateful I am for this opportunity.
Of all the tunes you’ve made, which is your favourite?

I think Detonate is my favourite track so far But I love the ethos of Revolution

I’m proud of all my music , each and every track I’ve made
As a producer, you keep an open mind and an open palette producing in various styles, who do you draw influences from?

Film and game soundtracks mainly. I’m very visual based so watching films or playing games , I’m always on the look out for ideas. Listening to a 16 bar loop of breaks and bass won’t go any further until I have an idea where I want that track to go. Playing a game or watching a film helps immensely with that

What are the vital elements to making a tune that come into play when you’re in the studio?

The single most important element is the right mindset. If I’m not in the right frame of mind to make music nothing will happen. And if nothing will happen things tend to spiral out of control.

I’ll go for walks or even just listen to audio books to get me in the frame of mind I need to make music. Being alone helps the most , focusing on what I need to do without distractions.

Tell us a few of your favorite tunes

Photek – The Third Sequence , wow I could listen to that track for hours , oh wait I have heh! That’s the vibe I want to capture that drum work and bass is spot on absolutely spot on.

Also The Prodigy’s Crazy . That’s the oldskool sound I would love to continue on.

I’m a huge fan of The Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole album

My all time favorite track is The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch up

And if you could remix any tune of your choice, what would it be?

The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up, My favourite tune of all time. The creative use of those samples and the impact of those breaks and bass. Listening to that tune brings back so many memories and no matter what I’m doing, its a kick in the ass to push harder in whatever I’m doing. Not a good idea for driving an RS Turbo , I almost had a few bad moments hehe!!! It’s just that track that gets me fired up for anything
Any final words and shout outs?

Massive respect and thanks to Vapour over the years , Lucas at Top Drawer Digital, my close friends/family and all the people that take the time to listen and like or comment on my music, your support means everything to me.

Catch my social media
Twitter/Instagram @Indigo_Virus
Thank you! And thanks to you guys for this interview. Thank you for your time also guys Big Up !

Brett – Indigo Virus

The Vision EP is out now, you can buy it here, here and here + all reputable download stores

Check Out This Exclusive Indigo Virus Mix For Free Breaks Blog, You can download it here


Indigo Virus – Media
Indigo Virus – Caffine
Indigo Virus – Rock The House
Jem One – Podium Trolls
Johnny L – Hurt You So
Indigo Virus – Revolution
Urban Hype – The Trumpton Remix
DJ Junk – Keep Climbing
Sonz Of A Loop Era – Let Your Mind Be Free
Sudden Def – Method To My Madness
Indigo Virus – Chord Outro

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