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Hot Cakes Boat Party Comp / Deekline Interview

hot cakes




This weekend sees the Hot Cakes crew teaming up with Instant Vibes and taking over the Thames with their summer boat party. The main players of both labels Deekline and Krafty Kuts are headlining with a plethora of the best bass and breaks DJ’s supporting.

The after party at Brixton Jamm is again stacked full of the baddest breaks and bass with our fellow bloggers Funk and Filth hosting room two. Grab yourselves a ticket HERE. You can also read through to the bottom of the page for your chance to win 2 x tickets to the after party.

I caught up with Deekline ahead of the party to find out a little more.

deekline hot cakes

1. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. For those that don’t know, who are you and what do you do?

I’m Deekline, a London-based producer and DJ. I’ve been doing my thing since the late 90s and I like to think I cover a number of different styles of dance music pretty well.

2. What’s currently happening in the world of Deekline?

A the moment I’ve got my EP coming out called the Heartbreak EP that’s been doing really well and getting some very positive feedback. Annie Mac played it on Radio One, so I’m very happy about that. The track had a lot of time and heart put into it so I’m pleased it’s doing well.

3. The Hot Cakes vs Instant Vibes Boat Party is this weekend. What is it that makes the boat parties so special?

In part it’s that the party is on the Thames going through the centre of London. It’s one of the most cultured places in the world and you pass some of the most historic places in the capital while listening to some of your favourite music. It’s definitely the best way to see the city, and the crowd is always great. They seem very easygoing and real partygoers who don’t have any chip on their shoulders.

Hot Cakes boat party

4. As always a wicked line up but who would be Djing your perfect party? Past and present?

My ideal party would have to packed full with people who have inspired me. You would definitely have to have DJ Hype, because he got me into dance music in the very early days. From the breaks scene I would have Stanton Warriors and Lady Waks. From the house side of things I would have someone from the Chicago scene like Fast Eddie, who would MC and scratch.

5. I see you have a Hot Cakes festival coming soon in Spain. Tell us a bit more

It’s in a beautiful part of the country, Andalucia, where they are very passionate about their breakbeats. I’ve been going there for 15 years now, and they keep asking me back. I’d highly recommend anyone who wants to travel and see a great breaks show to book a plane ticket and head out there! (Facebook event page HERE)

6. Your own music and the labels you run are a mix of all bass flavours. Do you have a favourite and why?

At the moment I like some broken beat stuff that crosses boundaries, so that people who are into house might play it, and people who are into breaks might as well. I like the Dirtybird label and Chris Lorenzo right now.

7. You have been a staunch supporter of breaks when many others have moved on or dabbled in other sounds. What is it about the breaks that keeps you producing?

I think to be honest I do love house and I come from a garage background but I always found the broken beat more interesting and more funky than a straight four to the floor rhythm. As George Clinton said, if you’re having sex with your partner why wouldn’t you do it in more than one position? You would get bored, wouldn’t you?

8. Any newcomers you have your sights on as “ones to watch”?

I quite like Tony Quattro at the moment. He is doing some great stuff on Trouble and Bass and other labels, and we are getting him over from New York for a little Hot Cakes tour in the Autumn – so watch this space.

9. What else have you got coming up?

I’m going to do the Kazantip festival in Russia again this year, which is always fantastic. As I mentioned, we are doing a Hot Cakes tour in October and November which will be bringing the brand to a whole load of UK cities. Apart from that I’m just pushing to get more radio support for my new music and trying to keep it fresh and interesting in the studio. It’s a good time right now.


We have 2 x tickets to the after party at Brixton Jamm on offer. To enter just follow the instructions on the widget below. Enter with all methods for more chances to win.

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Hot Cakes after party

2 Bad Mice Interview + Competition

2 Bad Mice

Shut That Sh*t Down presents Stepback Sessions

Randall, 4 Hero, Foul Play, Doc Scott, Krust, Tango & Madcap, 2 Bad Mice + Many More

When: Friday 1st August
Music: Drum & Bass, Bass Music, Jungle
10pm – 6am
£10 Advance Over 18s only, ID required


The Line up:
Room 1

4 Hero
Foul Play
Doc Scott
Tango & Madcap
Cool Hand Flex
MC Moose

Room 2

2 Bad Mice
Madd Ice
Neil Trix

Enter our exclusive competition to win 2 x tickets to the event via the widegt below.

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Anyone with a decent record collection from the early 90s will treasure a fair few releases from the producers on this line up. The likes of 4Hero, Foul Play, 2 Bad Mice and Nookie don’t really need any hype to those familiar with the beginnings of drum n’ bass and jungle. Each of them can boast an incredibly impressive back catalogue of influential and often game-changing tracks that were played and played again by the likes of Fabio, Grooverider, Randall, Doc Scott, Jumpin’ Jack Frost, Ray Keith, and all of the original DJs who led the scene back in the day. Still to this day, those of us who were there will tell you that the vibe of that era can’t be beaten… and that’s a fact largely due to the innovation of these producers. Often working on studio set-ups that would confound and totally frustrate a modern producer, the sheer number of hours they put into completing each track made the whole effort a labour of love, which is very evident in the tunes themselves. The mastery and precision of these guys’ breakbeat manipulation remains, in many ways, unsurpassed to this day.

This is a bit of a special line-up. And it’s truly a very rare chance to hear these guys together on the same bill. Don’t miss it.


Our resident old skool/hardcore nutter Tariq, caught up with Si from 2 Bad Mice to delve a little deeper…

How did you guys get into raving and the scene in general?

I basically got into it through Sean – I was a Hip Hop kid and he introduced me to a whole different sound….

And when did you start producing?

It was 91-92

Who were your early influences when it came to production?

Joey Beltram, Break the Limits, Frank de Wulf, Shut Up and Dance, Blapps Posse to name a few…

Tell us a bit about the iconic ‘Bombscare’ track, how did it come together?

Bombscare is Seans baby and it was masterminded by him. If you break it down to the raw components though – it is a very simple and effective track….Try doing it. I think that there is about 10 samples in it if that.

How did you meet Rob Playford and what led to you getting signed to Moving Shadow?

Rob lived in the same village as me and we knew his girlfriend. We hassled her to hassle Rob to let us in the studio and the rest is history.

Of all the events you have played at down the years doing P.As and DJ sets, is there a favourite moment and can you tell us a bit about it?

Too many to mention but playing Glasto 2013 is my moment. Loved it. Recently Sean and Paul did Dourfest and that was pretty amazing.

We’d love to hear your take on the debate about what the greatest year of the rave scene was?

For us 1992.

Moving forward to the present, what do you think of the ‘NuSkool’ scene I.e 140/Future Jungle, Hardcore/Rave Breaks etc. Any artists and labels you rate in the present era?

I follow it and love it. So many decent producers out there like Radiokillaz, Pressa, Breakz, Vinyl Junkie and the Sub Slayers mob…

Can you tell us 3 tunes that are currently a mainstay of your sets?

Wow!! Difficult one. Rocking down the House remix, Johnny Osborne – In your Eyes and anything by Radiokillaz!!

Now, you’re going to be DJ’ing at ‘Stepback Sessions’ @Jamm, Brixton on the 1st August, along with a whole load of old skool legends, that’s going to be a pretty special night, what can we expect from 2 Bad Mice on the night?

Mainly heavy drinking from one member – the other is the designated driver and the more sensible one (me)

Lastly, any shout outs?

So many – everyone knows they mean the world to me and have contributed so much to the 2BM tale. Special mention to Randall who was such a massive influence and friend to me back in the day. So glad he has asked us to play…..

So massive big ups to Si for answering our Q’s. Make sure you’re heading down to Jamm for this one, it’s gonna be massive!

WIN – EDL Summertime Ball Tix + Dutty Moonshine LP

WIN - EDL SUmmertime Ball Tix + Dutty Moonshine LP


We’ve teamed up with those dazzling English Disco Lovers and The bass heavy swingers Dutty Moonshine, to offer a wicked prize of five lots of free tickets to the EDL Summertime ball and five copies of the Dutty LP ‘Rum Runners’. Previews below…

The English Disco Lovers Summertime Ball is this Saturday (21st June) at Brixton Jamm 09:00 – 05:00 and features the wicked line up of …


Enter by following the instructions on the widget below and don’t forget to enter by all methods for more chances to win.

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The English Disco Lovers movement aims to reclaim and redefine the much hated EDL-acronym. They humorously subvert the three letters, drawing on the positivity of the Disco music genre and the history of Disco as a haven for minorities. The movement attempts to tackle Islamophobia and racism in an engaging and unusual way, by spreading a message of equality through music.

On the 21st June, EDL bring the movement down to Brixton Jamm for their Summertime Ball and they have brought some of their most talented friends along to add to the Summer time fun

The Electric Swing Circus is a 6-piece fusion of saucy 20’s swing and stomping electro beats. With an explosive sound that reverberates back through time, the ESC hotfoot their way through everything from breakbeat and house to reggae and dubstep, all with their own unique style of swing. 

Fresh off the UK/Europe festival circuit for 2013, the ESC’s live set includes electric double bass, vintage samples, gypsy-jazz guitar, keys, drums, synths and electro beats. Fronted by a sassy female double-act, the ESC delivers a consistently dazzling show. Their debut, self-titled album is available now on Ragtime Records. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, hold onto your hats. The circus is coming to town.

Dutty Moonshine Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s the bastardisation of Electro Swing

To call these guys Electro Swing is like trying to call Tiddlywinks a sport. They push the boundaries to controversy and really have one aim for sets: to create absolute mayhem through fun, baselines and antics to rival any cabaret.

They’re definitely DJ’s with a live act, confiding them in a DJ booth will merely mean your booth will explode into unicorns and nobody will survive to tell the tale.

The English Disco Lovers’ resident djs in the shape of YAM WHO? Muzz Khan, Luke Calder and Tony Dunne will be bring enough disco to shake a stick at for all you lovers!
Muzz Khan: is one of London’s most accomplished and energetic DJs. He’s frequently described as ‘that tall guy with crazy hair who goes a bit doolally’. Muzz has plied his trade at every major club in the capital and regularly plays across the country and at festivals. He’s promoted clubnights along the way, too, with The Dance Assembly being the latest venture. Because he’s also an actor, seeing Muzz in action is something truly akin to a theatrical experience. Well worth a watch!

Early Bird Tickets a mere smidgen at £8, this gonna be the party to be at

Tickets from

Cold Fusion Interview & Renegade Hardware Competition


We caught up with the owner of legendary DnB imprint, Renegade Hardware, Cold Fusion to chat about the label’s continued success, the upcoming ‘Multiverse EP’ plus a chance to win 2 copies  of the EP on vinyl for readers of this blog….

1.When setting up Renegade Hardware all the way back in 1995, what ethos did you have in mind and who/what influenced you to set up the label?

I began working for Hardware around 2007 so the early years were before my time, however I know from speaking with Mark & Clayton (the guys who started the label originally) Hardware came to fruition as an outlet for a more experimental/aggressive sound that was being produced by some of the in house artists at the time for their first label: Trouble On Vinyl. Some of the music they were creating didn’t fit with the sound of the label, and as a result Hardware was born. It was names such as as Future Forces, Genotype and Kane who were the original label artists so it was their music that started the ball rolling.


2.Did you ever imagine Renegade Hardware would be such an influential imprint, a home for the likes of global acts like Pendulum?

I don’t think that was ever the intention when it first began, it just worked out that way. I think being one of the early labels to become established in a relatively young music movement allowed us the oppertunity to develop and work with a host of influential artists who were just starting out in their careers and were hungry to experiment and create new sounds. A label is only as good as the artists which is represents and we have been lucky enough to work with some very talented artists. In that sense it was an organic development, as I mentioned the label was created as an outlet for a sound that didn’t fit within the scope of Trouble On Vinyl and from there I guess the sound shaped the ethos of the label.

3.Tell us a few highlights from the almost 2 decades of the label.

It’s always the first time experiences for me that I remember well. On a personal level for example, would be picking up my first RH vinyl: the Loxy & Ink Quasimodo EP back in the day. That was my first encounter with the label and changed my perception considerably on what d&b could be about. Then there’s things like the first time I went to Hardware at The End. Or the first time I played there were special highlights for me personally.

Winning the Knowledge Mag Best Label and Best Event awards during the same year would definitely be a highlight in terms of the labels achievements, alongside the underground success of tracks like Messiah to the commercial success of Twist Em Out.

4.And what can we expect from Renegade Hardware in 2014 and beyond?

We will continue to focus on what we do best; discovering and developing the next generation of artists. Release wise look out for Mazteks debut album which will be a highlight release for us this year as well as new material from the roster including Trilo, Minor Rain, Subtension and Klax who have all got some great music in the pipeline.

As for beyond that, 2015 will see us enter our 20th year so expect some big events around the world to coincide with that milestone. It’s going to be a year to remember, believe me!

The next release on Renegade Hardware is out on the 9th June, 2014, ‘The Multiverse EP’ featuring tracks by Optiv & BTK & Cold Fusion, Maztek & Cern, Dose & Cern &  Subtension, Minor Rain & Trilo and we have two vinyl copies to give away in our exclusive competition. Enter by following the instructions on the widget below and don’t forget to enter by all methods for more chances to win.

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Win A Signed Copy Of Future Funk Squad – Darker Days

Future Funk Squad - Darker Days


The brand new longplayer from Future Funk Squad has officially hit the download stores today. Darker Days is a cinematic-breakbeat masterpiece. Get yourselves a copy HERE.

Read our full review and download an exclusive non album track HERE.

We have two copies of the album on promo, signed by Mr FFS himself, to give away to two lucky Free Breaks readers. To enter just follow the instructions on the widget below. Enter with all methods for more chances to win.

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Bear Music – 04/05/14 – Dave Owen + Jaybee



Bear Music UK is hosting another big event in Birmingham this May with a stellar line up including stateside d&b dons Dave Owen (Good Looking, Liquid V, Creative Source, Chronic) and Jaybee (Liquid V, Chronic, Good Looking, Innerground, Stepping Forward).

As always the main head liners are joined by some of the UK’s finest drum and bass selectors with Soultec, Scenic & Advisory, Pixel, Miss Fortune, Roca, C%n providing support.

For full details check the Facebook event page.

We have a wicked DJ mix compiled and mixed by Bear Music main man, Pixel and a free track by the man himself too. If blissed out, rolling, liquid vibes are your thing, you’re gonna love this!

1/ Decon – Tribal Drums (Phuzion DUB)
2/ Malaky – No Time (Liquid Tones)
3/ Flowrian & Pulsaar – What Are We After? (Influenza)
4/ Calibre – Trip It (Digital Soundboy)
5/ Level 2 – Reaction (V Recordings)
6/ Klute – Speak No Fish (Commercial Suicide)
7/ Freebird & ShirPan – Deep Blues Reloaded (Kill Inc.)
8/ Payback – Mimi’s Dream (Soul Deep)
9/ Brunno Junglist – Leftover Love (All Street)
10/ Brunno Junglist – Little Birdie (Sheer Velocity)
11/ Break – They’re Wrong (Calibre Remix) (Symmetry)
12/ Bcee – Think Twice (Spearhead)
13/ Pixel – DMT (Soul Deep DUB)
14/ Klute ft. Klose – My Black and White (Calibre Remix) (Commercial Suicide)
15/ Jrumhand – Johnny Promise (PFM Remix) (Phuzion)
16/ A Sides & MC Fats – Dreaming (Serum & Bladerunner Remix) (UUME)
17/ Scott Allen – Parallel Reality (GLR)
18/ Pixel – Spontaneous (Fokuz DUB)
19/ Blade & mSdoS – Summer Nights (Liquid Drops)
20/ Pixel & Malaky – In Your Arms Again (Soul Deep DUB)



You can but tickets HERE but if you’re feeling a bit strapped then you can win tickets to the event. All you need to do is share THIS PICTURE to be in with a chance to win…

2x tickets to the next Bear Music UK event.

1x EXPRESS012 VINYL (Malaky & Pixel – Broken Mirror EP)

2x Free drinks on the night.


Win 2 Tickets To Noisily Festival!



Hopefully we have already wet your appetite with our preview post of this years forthcoming Noisily Festival. From what we’ve seen so far it’s definitely going to be one of the festivals of the year. With Free Breaks Blog favourites such as Vent, Far Too Loud, Neurodriver, Freefall Collective, Hedflux and loads more providing the sounds its definitely going to be a contender. (check the full line up below)

Noisily Festival takes place this July (11th-13th) in Leicestershire and will this year will play host to a whole host of incredible electronic acts along with a plethora of performance, innovative installations and mind bending visual arts.

We have teamed up with Noisily to give you the chance to win two tickets to this years festival. That’s near enough £200 worth of festival tickets you can win just by following the simple steps in the widget below.

Good luck and for more information on Noisily Festival check out the official website –
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At only two years old the Noisily Festival is still very much in its infancy but this year they have pulled out all the stops and drafted in some of electronic music’s biggest stars and must promising future hero’s to really make this years festival go with a bang!. Expect to see Far Too Loud, Slam, TEED, Greg Wilson, Vent, Gaudi and a whole host more including the amazingly named Miley Psyrus!

This year sees the arrival of the Liquid Stage from Glade Festival; it joins the multi genre Noisily Stage and the House and Disco anchored Tree House Stage, further cementing the events cutting-edge feel and creative programming ethos.

Set deep in the rolling hills of Leicestershire in the heart of rural England, Noisily Festival of Electronic Music and Arts lies in one of the most beautiful and secluded wooded valleys in the country.

We here at Free Breaks are 100% behind Noisily. With the line up stacked full of our favourite artists and a location that looks amazing, what is there not to like?

Efestivals said

“Noisily Festival is an absolute delight. Its a miniature , more palatable Glade.”

We will be hosting a huge competition very soon and have some merchandise and music to give away from some of the headlining artists. WATCH THIS SPACE!



Early Bird Ticket – £65 + BF (Sold Out)

Tier ONE Ticket – £85 + BF (Very limited availability)

Tier TWO Ticket – £95 + BF

Tier 1 Deposit Scheme – £28+ BF pay rest before May 31st 2014.

Campervan Ticket – £10


Tickets are non-refundable, this is an over 18 event and all ID will be checked on the gate. We retain the right to refuse entry.


Adult Ticket Deposit Scheme -

The deposit scheme is open to anyone who wants a 1st tier ticket but cannot afford the full amount now.  Pay £28+ BF now and the remaining £59 before the 31st May 2014 and you guarantee your ticket at 1st tier prices.



Boutique Camping will become available in the spring.



Noisily is located at Noseley Hall, Billesdon, Leicestershire, LE7 9EH. The best way to get there is to get a train to Market Harborough, which is a 15 minute journey by taxi from the station. It’s only 1 hour by train from London and a similar distance from Birmingham.



Noisily Festival has taken on the mantle of being the spiritual home of psychedelic culture here in the UK, and with the addition of the new Liquid Stage at this year’s event, psychedelic music once again has a home at a major UK festival.



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