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Future Shock Interview & New LP On Physmatics


Future Shock’s ‘Luminary’ LP is due out this May on the Physmatics label. A preview stream can be heard directly below. We also have the good fortune of being able to present you with a very fine interview with Future Shock. Scroll down to get the lowdown on this talented DnB artist 

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Rob aka Future Shock, representing Bounds Green. I’ve been making Drum & Bass for about five years now, and my debut album project, Luminary launches in May.

How did you get into music production? What were the initial steps?

Buying a really terrible Mac. In fact it was one of those old PPCs. We didn’t have a good relationship lol! I bought Logic and made a tune called Haunted Harbour, I think I still have it somewhere? It probably sounds hilarious! It finally ended up with about 112 tracks on there.

How would you describe your production style?

Dancefloor driven, with all d&b styles along for the ride. I love to add a cheeky little film sample or two now & then.

Was there a moment or a tune or a DJ set that made you decide you were going to produce?

It may have been the Bacteria remix (Ed Rush & Optical) or X Ray (Subfocus), but probably a lot of early to mid-noughties stuff. My initial production efforts around then didn’t kick start properly for various reasons and I started knuckling down afresh with Logic in about 2011.

As a producer, you keep an open mind and an open palette producing in various styles, who are your major influences in terms of music production?

The most well known, Pro producers really. It would be a mad list if I had to make one. You can find so many brilliant ideas all over d&b. From the obvious big guns to the silent assassins.

If you could work on a track with anyone from now or way back when, who would it be?

Probably rake in a nice bit of dollar with a Sigma colab…if they’re not available then, bit out of leftfield, but maybe State Of Mind or Current Value. More mainstream wise, maybe Loadstar or Inside Info, he’s killing it right now.

And if you could remix any tune of your choice, which one would you choose and why?

Strangled Duck by Red One. An unexpected suggestion I know! Underrated classic, Red One’s greatest ever tune. Give it a real driving techy update.

Could you offer a bit of advice for an up and coming producer?

Keep projects simple, less is more and you get a bigger sound with less parts, just those parts you do pick have to sound proper clean and dynamic. Build a big sample library. Use a tuner on the master to match up keys of everything, drums, basses, synths and so on. I can’t live without a tuner now, even though the Logic one drives me nuts.

Where have you DJ’ed?

Up and down the country, the best gig I played was probably Ministry a few years back. I had a residency in East London and have run a few of my own nights. I play on two or three times a month.

Describe to us your approach to a DJ set, do you like to gently warm up the crowd or go for the bangers or is it more of a journey approach?

It all depends on the time and venue really, but always pretty fast paced. My radio shows are full throttle from the get-go, I only have 2 hours. Though I’m attempting a 10hr set on April 1st to mark 10 years playing UK Bass Radio, that’s gonna be a massive challenge.

Of all the tunes you’ve made, which is your favourite?

Well that’s a tough one ‘cos I don’t really like any of my own tunes (laughing) ah just you hear them so much you know…Dillinja apparently never liked his stuff back in the day….haha! ok, no seriously, well maybe my first Physmatics tune Our World as it was really wicked to get a tune signed to a label of this standard. Or Rolling For 2016 that Ray Keith was supporting and I got a lot of love for.

How did you link up with John, the founder of the label?

Soundcloud business. I sent him some tunes, he liked them and we had a long chat on the phone about music, Star Wars and conspiracy theories.

What are the vital elements to making a tune that come into play when you’re in the studio?

Catch a vibe and groove, there has to be proper groove you know that bounce, the rhythm. The track has to be making a statement and memorable in some way. Infuse your own consciousness into it.

So before we hit play on The Luminary LP forthcoming May on Physmatics, can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it?

I figured it was a natural progression, I’d had a few EP’s out on Physmatics and I always write loads of tunes so it made sense to shoot for a bigger project, and it was all written out very fast, although the tweakage took some time.

Any final words and shout outs?

Cheers to John, and Dean (Dapz) the mastering maestro, to E Lizard Birth and the all-wise and mighty Physmatics family for the support.




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Glowkid is joined by the man, the legend, the one and only Luna C of Kniteforce for an oldskool trip down good memories lane and a selection of the labels countless classics!!!

Flash Cats Interview + New ‘Groovin’ LP

Flash Cats Groovin

We caught up with DJ Flashback a.k.a The Flash Cats about his new LP ‘Groovin’ and other bits. The LP is out now. Buy it here

Thanks for sharing some time with the blog! So, you’ve just released a full LP ‘Groovin’. Tell us abit about the creative process, time and labour that went into this LP

The new album ‘Groovin’ took about a year to complete, and was a project that my studio partner Sparky and I had been talking about doing for a few years. We have both always been heavily influenced by the house and rave sounds that came out of the North of the UK in the late ’80s, early ’90s so it seemed like a good idea to produce an album showcasing this sound. After selecting lots of our favourite tracks from that era, we got together what vocal samples we could and Sparky got everything down in the studio including re-writing all the drums and music. After much listening, tweaking, replacing tracks etc we settled on the 15 tracks that are on the album.

Previously, you produced other different aliases like The Flashback Project, you played a huge role in the NuRave/Rave Breaks/Future Jungle scene of the mid 00’s up to now. How did you get into this sound and start making tracks?

I mainly release as ‘The Flashback Project, also I’ve used ‘Scientists’ (for DNB), ‘Dub Heroes’ with Sparky (for Fidget House) and more recently ‘Flash Cats’. I got into the sound initially through DJ’ing hardcore since around 1990, but didn’t get into a studio with any serious intentions until I hooked up with the extremely talented production duo Stu and Nee, resulting in my first vinyl release ‘Hands In The Air, on Mertwax (big up Mert!). I also been lucky enough to work with other amazing producers like King Yoof (Sunz Of Mecha), Hattrixx, D’Silva and Sparky who have all helped me to develop my sound, and I released on Junki Munki Records, Firewall Records, Uplifting Rhythm, Tornado Records, Uppacutz Records, Can You Feel It Media and Downbeat Productions. DJs Slipmatt and Billy Daniel Bunter helped me a great deal in the early years signing my first 2 tracks Love Commandments and Ease The Pressure, the latter being then licensed to their with platinum selling ‘Rave Nation’ album, released on Ministry Of Sound Recordings. Also, I was very lucky to have the support and encouragement of the legendary DJ Kutski (BBC Radio 1), as well as a whole host of other DJs and radio stations who helped me immeasurably with support and airplay. I set up my own label Propaganda Music in 2013 and along with releasing my own music I try to discover and push emerging talent as much as I can. To date we’ve had 12 releases on the label, the latest being the brand new FLASH CATS album – GROOVIN

In general, the breaks sound is very popular over in Spain, what do you think is the appeal of that particular sound over there?

There is definitely a growing demand for breaks, and the Spanish have been at the forefront for at least 15 years. The appeal is undoubtedly the razor sharp production combined with huge basslines and catchy riffs optimised over the years by the likes of DJ Quest, The Freestylers, The Breakfastaz, Plump DJs, Ed 209, Deekline, Wizard…to name just a few!

The sound that you and others make has its roots in the 90s rave sound. Do you think the new wave of rave-inspired music has suffered a bit from excessive labelling?

No, I don’t think so. There will always be labelling in music – genres, sub genres etc. The crucial thing is the music gets out to the market – how people want to categorise it is up to them

What are the perfect ingredients for a tune in your opinion? What elements of a track get the hairs standing on end?

Crisp beats, heavy basslines, catchy riffs. Easy you’d think…

Where have been your favourite places to DJ over the years?

I’ve been very lucky over the years and have played at some amazing parties all over the UK and Europe, but the one place that was the most special was playing at The Sanctuary in Milton Keynes in the UK – now sadly gone The Sanctuary held so many special memories for me over the last 25 years so having the opportunity to play there before it was closed was very special and something that I won’t forget!

If you could assemble a line up of 5 DJs for an event, any DJ of your choice, who would you pick?

Ha ha, great question….Well for me it would be a mixture of Drum N Bass, Electro House and Old Skool – what a night that would be…

DJ Randall
Camo & Krooked
Far Too Loud
DJ Tango B2B DJ Ratty

What’s coming up in 2017 for Flash Cats and your label, Propaganda Music?

Lots of things are happening at the moment! As I mentioned earlier we’ve just released PROPS012: FLASH CATS – GROOVIN. I’ve also been busy in the studio and have a brand new bass and breaks mix to put out including lots of new Propaganda Music exclusives! Also, I’m in the process of having most of my back catalogue re-mastered and I plan to release a 100+ track album of all my work over the years. All proceeds from sales of that album will be donated to charity as a mark of gratitude and respect to family and dear friends that I have tragically lost over recent years, so please watch this space for news on that.

Shouts to Jackski, Mark, Allan and everyone worldwide supporting the sounds! x

We Take Polaroids interview


With a brand new We Take Polaroids single releasing this month, Mark Zowie talks about JULA. His latest incarnation. A record label for like-minded artists and unashamedly, for his own We Take Polaroids, Mark Zowie and Monzza output.

Check out the new We Take Polaroids single ‘RADIO’ out now on Traxsource and read on for a deep and insightful interview below… (more…)

Exclusive Jem One Interview & Mix


Jem One gave us an exclusive mix and interview, have a read and a listen below and be sure to check out his massive new LP ‘The Infinite Circle’ which can be purchased here 

Tell us a bit about yourself

I make Jungle/ Drum and bass under the alias of Jem-One and I live in Stourbridge, West Midlands.


How did you get involved in 36 Hertz Records for this album release?

I’ve known Mike Vapour for many years now, I think we met in about 2007. Mike has always got behind my music and has always pushed me to keep experimenting (not that I always listen lol). I’ve been consistently releasing on 36 Hertz since the label first began and as I had a massive amount of new material, we thought the time was right for a new album from myself.

For those who don’t know, tell us a bit about how you got into music production? What were the initial steps?

I used to DJ jungle back in 93 at a few local nights in Birmingham, but I never had the knowledge or means to make my own music. I left the scene for a while, but always kept my ear to the ground, keeping myself up to date with the scene. This was until I heard Goldie’s ‘Timeless’ and I was blown away. Fast forward to the 2000’s and the ease of getting hold of production software etc, I began to have a crack at making my own tracks. As I said before, I met Vapour during this time and he helped me to get my head around producing.

How would you describe your production style?
My production style is rough and ready. I had a hardware studio a while ago but I stupidly decided to sell it all when I had my last break from music in 2009. Nowadays I produce on a laptop and headphones, which is not ideal, but I utilise what I have to the best of my ability. Style wise, You’ll always hear big crunchy breaks, distortion, huge subs and bags of vibes. It’s been said that I have an old school sound to my music although that’s not something that I strive for intentionally, it’s just that my head is stuck in the 90’s and to me, that early Headz Bluenote era is the epitome of vibe and execution.


When would you say was your breakout moment when heads turned to your music?

In the late part of 2007 I began to find my feet more in the studio. I made a few steppers, one being ‘redemption of man’. Goldie heard these beats and got hold of them; called me as I was driving to work to sign them to Metalheadz off shoot label, Ruffige and the rest was history. Rider and Fabio, Bailey and Flight all got behind my music in the early days and gave me plenty of radio play, as did many others on the circuit.


What is it about the current wave of Jungle that appeals to you?

The deeper darker side of jungle/ drumfunk is just incredible right now. The breaks are insane, the subs are huge and the vibe is just perfect. I hear so many tracks from so many talented producers that just blow my mind. I love the fact that people are looking back to the past and bringing those vibes with new production skills.


Tell us a few of your all time and current fave producers?

All-time favourites have to be Dillinja, Source Direct, Photek, Doc Scott etc, currently I rate Double 00, Overlook, Djinn, Antidote, Skitty, Gremlinz, Tim reaper, Vapour, SR, to many to mention to be honest.


Could you offer a bit of advice for an up and coming producer?

Remove any ideas of earning any money from your music. Just enjoy making music because you have to express something that’s within you, that can be expressed in no other way. Don’t be limited by your equipment and utilise a small number of plug ins that work for your sound. Don’t focus all your energy on getting anal over eq’ing your snare within an inch of its life and spend your time laying down a good vibe. Oh, and make sure you make drums and bass, not drums and screechy whine.

And if you could remix any tune of your choice, what would it be?

Commix ‘Talk to Frank’.

So before we hit play on this new forthcoming release of yours on 36 Hertz, can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it?

To be honest this release is like a sketch book of new ideas I was playing around with leading up to my latest material. As always the focus was on seeking the vibe within the music and creating a blend between the light and the shade. Its not a journey type album, but both me and Vapour feel the tracks work on the dancefloor and also as a set to listen to at home.

Any final words and shout outs?

Shouts to all the 36 Hertz crew, The boys at Repertoire, Monita, Stretch, Rupture family, Overlook, Nick Ruffhouse, all the other people that have supported my music over the years and last but not least my Mrs, Sarah for pushing me ever onwards and believing in me when I doubt myself.

Physmatics Interview + New LP



We catch up with Physmatics and chat about music, life, influences… oh yes and a massive new forthcoming album!! Read on…

Hey John, so the big question is, why get back into production after such a hiatus? Why now?

Well without sounding too bold & egotistical, (that’s just not me). I founded Physmatics in early 2011 after giving up on production. I was at a stage in my life where the technology seemed to be evolving faster than I could keep up with, especially having young children. With that, I bowed out & began the label. Killer is my Debut LP as an artist; almost a decade in the making & the platform is my own. (more…)

Lamont Dex Interview + New Free Track



Lamont Dex has a new tune up for free download on 3000 Bass. A dark ‘Neurotech’ track that will go down well with fans of Breaks, DnB & Jungle. he also did this great insightful interview for us. You can read the interview below and cop the dl here  

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Ok, so my name is “Lamont Dex”….. or “Dex” to my inner circle of musical friends!…. I’ve been producing for around 9, nearly 10 years now all together, (although I’d say only about 4 of those years have been concentrated and focused on actual progression), as for most of the time I was just plonking beats together and wondering around not knowing a thing ha.
I started out making jungle & dnb tunes back in around 07 and have just messed around with all sorts since, from dubstep to breakbeat and bassline etc.
How did you get involved in Ultra Bass Records?

I had moved through a bunch of projects through 2012 and 2013 trying to get serious and make some effort, figuring out what my next move and sound was; I’ve always been a big fan of UKG so I thought I’d give it a whack…

Anyway, to cut a long story short, when I emigrated to Toronto, Canada from England, I had plenty of time to start building my new “Lamont Dex” project, So I started working away…… DJ Wisk came across a few of my songs that I had put out for free and put me in contact with Josh Millett (AKA DJ KOR)….which was surreal as I’d been listening to KOR’s speed garage tunes for time!…

Josh got a hold of me, he liked what I was doing and got me onboard. I did plenty of remixes and just kept working away and getting my name on the releases. Fast forward to around mid 2015; Josh was unable to continue with the label, so I took over…..and here we are!
How would you describe your production style?

Until recently, I would say….amateur! Haha…. Erm… nah it’s a constant battle between self-drive and self-criticism really (as I’m sure every producer would tell you). I’m really trying to push things into different and new areas at the moment; I had become a little too complacent recently, so I decided it was time for a kick up the proverbial arse and start getting creative again. I’m still doing things with a bit of a garage kick, but I’ve started working on some jungle, a bit of grime, breaks, all sorts really.

Was there a moment or a tune or a DJ set that made you decide you were going to produce?

Absolutely, If I could narrow it down, I think there is two songs; Qemists – Stompbox (Spor Remix) & Black Sun Empire – The Sun


Which events from over the years in your career, so far really stick in your mind and why?

I think I’d obviously have to say the ones that I’m currently involved in to be honest, the people and crews that I’m associated with are great people. (Shouts the BUMP/SKENG/Night Shift crews!)
I’ve always been more into the producing side of music to be honest though so I don’t DJ very often, don’t get me wrong… I absolutely love to DJ…. But my focus is more on the production side so I’m no DJ EZ haha, but I’d like to think I have my place here and I get to show my performing side occasionally.

The Toronto scene for UK music is tight-knit and it’s full of extreme talent right now too, and the scene is growing for sure, it’s fantastic. There’s lots going on in Toronto, you got Last Planet throwing mad parties every other week and Night Shift doing the midweek thing, we have BUMP like every month doing the UKG & Funky, Grime etc.

I unfortunately miss a lot of them due to other things I have going on that clash with a lot of the events, but I know they’ll be there when I can eventually get there; because these guys are so consistent, it’s great to see the British music that I love so much, being represented so well and with such passion in this great city.
What was your first experience of garage music and how did you get into the sound?

Haha, I don’t even know, it’s just always been there, I’m a typical lad from middle England, music has always been a big part of my life, there are so many genres that it’s hard to figure out when I first noticed it really.
Who are your major influences in terms of music production?

There’s a few, I like to draw from many axis, it also depends on what I’m feeling at the time too. My biggest influences have always been the artists that hold a unique sound, recently I’ve been drawing my inspiration back from the dark DnB I used to listen to back in the day…..Noisia, Black Sun Empire etc … and then just applying it to my own thing, I would say that technically speaking they’re the most skilled out there. But then on the musical side, you can’t beat a Tuff-Jam

I would say that technically speaking they’re the most skilled out there. But then on the musical side, you can’t beat a Tuff-Jam record, or an old Artful Dodger anthem.
Tell us a few of your all time and current favourite producers?

Great question….ok…..All time… I’m gonna say…. Jon Gooch (Spor), Black Sun Empire, Armand Van Helden, Daft Punk, Grant Nelson, Chase & Status, Pendulum.
Current; I would easily say Cellardore, Hypho, Black Sun Empire (Still), Hybrid Theory, Adam Hyjek, DJD/LedaStray.
When would you say was the moment when heads started to turn to your music, or people started to pay attention?

I’m still waiting for it ain’t I? Ha, nah…..erm, I dunno really…I try not to pay too much attention to the fuzz, but it’s always nice when you get support, especially from people you look up to… I mean, when DJ Q messages you to tell you that your tunes are “sick”… and he’s playing them on Kiss nearly every week for about 4 months solid…I mean I can’t be doing too bad there?
I love the fact that there are people back in Blighty that are listening to my music and enjoying it though, as a producer it’s the best gift, especially when people occasionally go out of their way to message me about it, I’d say that’s the ultimate pleasure really. Because I’m not there to be physically involved in the scene, it’s harder for me to judge, but I love it, especially the DJ’s who are pushing me right now, I appreciate every play on any station.

Because I’m not there to be physically involved in the scene, it’s harder for me to judge, but I love it, especially the DJ’s who are pushing me right now, I appreciate every play on any station.
What is it about the current wave of garage music that appeals to you?

I think it’s the diversity now….. there’s a lot of bass orientated sounds getting involved….and I absolutely love that, it gives garage more options, because it’s starting to get a little repetitive and predictable now, too much cookie cutter stuff going on. I love garage music to death but there are only so many Korg M1 organ stabs I can listen to! I love

I love garage music to death but there are only so many Korg M1 organ stabs I can listen to! I love that things are changing and melting together right now though, because when we regurgitate the same sounds constantly, we’re not moving forward! But there are some really exciting producers in the scene, like Cellardore, M.O.A.D, DJD/Leda Stray etc.
What made you choose garage as a genre?

I don’t know really, it’s always been a part of my life in some way, garage music is a British music staple I think haha. I’m starting to move into other fields again though, still keeping a bit of a garage vibe, but experimenting, that’s what it’s all about. So I wouldn’t say I “chose” garage music but it’s certainly a part of my creative spectrum!
If you could work on a track with anyone from now or way back when, who would it be?

I think the “No Roots” album by Faithless and “Mezzanine” by Massive Attack, that would have been a dream come true haha, although I was too young for either, but both albums are exemplary models of what electronic music needs to strive towards in this age if I’m honest, both musically and technically.

And if you could remix any tune of your choice, which one would you choose and why?

Hard question to be honest, if you mean commercially then definitely a Major Lazer song, they are really crushing it right now, upsettingly most people think they’re some random pop production crew, but those guys have been slaying it for time, love their stuff, Diplo is a super talented producer.
Do you like to tell stories with your music? If so give us a few examples

Yeah absolutely, well..I TRY to anyway. I’ve not actually released many solo EPs as Lamont Dex so far though, so I haven’t really been able to show that. I’ve been doing so many remixes over the last couple of years that my name has gotten around on the backs of other artists’ releases. Other than that it’s been compilation releases too, so I’ve actually knocked that on the head for the time being, it was a great way for me to get my name around but I’m focusing on my own thing right now and trying to be as creative as possible.
Tell us about any other music related stuff you’re involved in

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s solely “Music” related but I’m currently studying Audio Engineering at a college in Toronto. I absolutely love it! I’m a bit of a geek so it’s right up my street! In terms of musical projects; I’m broadening the horizons for Lamont Dex, I’m also in the works for a collaborative project with a super talented musician/vocalist/songwriter called Sebastian V, which is going to be

I’m also in the works for a collaborative project with a super talented musician/vocalist/songwriter called Sebastian V, which is going to be interesting to say the least, we haven’t nailed down a specific sound yet but that’s the beauty of it, we’ll see what happens! Variety is the spice of life!
Could you offer a bit of advice for an up and coming producer?

Absolutely! …. 1) Be Humble! Nobody likes a bigheaded “know-it-all”. 2) Pay attention to your peers! Sometimes your mixes are dogsh*t… you need to be able to accept the honest feedback in order to fix up and progress. 3) Stop thinking you’ve made it when you’ve released one single! Too often, I see young lads thinking they’re the best thing since sliced bread because their tune was played in the local snooker hall…..calm down mate,

Too often, I see young lads thinking they’re the best thing since sliced bread because their tune was played in the local snooker hall…..calm down mate, there’s over 23,000 songs uploaded to Juno’s dance charts every 4 days….. This leads me to point 4) Respect the next man…. You’re not the only one trying to do your thing, don’t disrespect other’s efforts. 5) Stay positive and work hard; the music industry and music production in general is a marathon, not a sprint. 6) Don’t worry about what other people are doing, focus on your own thing, it’s hard sometimes, but you can’t do your best when you’re focusing on someone else’s stuff!

Who’s supporting Lamont Dex on the DJ circuit?

I’m proud to say there’s quite a few actually, I’m gonna feel bad when I read this back down the line and realise I’ve left people out (If I have then I’m sorry, it’s not intentional!) erm…definitely gotta shout to DJ Wisk, Adam Hyjek, Sir Real, DJ Si, James Lee, Mikey Smith, Hazee, Cartier, Freeza Chin, Lush, Marcus Visionary, Maya Stone, ahh man I know I’ve probably forgotten people, but bigup to all of them, playing my stuff whether it be on radio or at live events!
Out of all the tunes you’ve made, which is your favourite?

Ahh I’d say my remix of “Step Aside” by Marcus Visionary and Steppa Style. I was so humbled and grateful to have been offered that remix, I just loved the vibe from the onset, it was one of those songs that just flowed from the start. If I could change anything I would just change a few technical aspects that I wasn’t really aware of at that point but I wouldn’t change the song really, however I don’t really believe in going back to alter your own work, I did it once, but it’s out there now and it’s part of my growth, I’m still really proud of that one.
What would you say is the Ultra Bass label ethos?

Pride in individuality.
Which tunes are essentials in your DJ sets right now?

Oh yes, there’s a few; Thorn’s remix of “Take Me Away” by Junior UK & Martin Carr, “Take The Block” by Everyman, “Shut T F Up” by ATTOS, Cellardore’s bootleg of Hobson’s choice, Adam Hyjek’s “Basements in Xuhui”, there’s a few actually, it depends on the gig though of course.
What are the vital elements to making a tune that come into play when you’re in the studio?

Without pointing out the obvious…the beat….if the beat is no good then I’m not into it. The bassline has to move for me too, if I’m not feeling some sort of groove or movement then I’m not moving forward.

Of course the melodic and music content is just as important, but I generally make club-type music so you can be as musical as you like but if the beat is pants then no-one will dance to it. But music is more about feelings than “musical rules” though, I think. (It really depends on the song too, no 2 songs are made the same, unless you’re “cookie cutting”)
When receiving demos for the label, what do you look for in a track?

Something different! I can’t tell you how many tunes I’ve been sent; where it’s just a generic house beat and a donk melody! If you want to stand out, then be creative, don’t be lazy and stop following the perceived “fashion!”

When is your next record release?

I’ve got a single called “Sniper” (Collaboration with ‘MC Plain English’) coming out real soon on Ultra Bass… been waiting to get it out for time!…We’re still waiting on some remixes so we’re gonna make 2 releases out of it, the original will come out as a single then the remixes will come out with the VIP.

I’ve got a couple of new things in the works too, working on some really interesting dark neurotech and garage stuff for Future Follower Records, I’ve been making some Jungle & drum n bass as well, so yeah….lots to come in the new year!

Tsunami Bass Weight Interview


We caught up with Samurai Breaks & Vyking who have just launched their new label ‘Tsunami Bass Weight’ with a free compilation plus an exclusive interview which you can read below

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Sam: Sam aka Samurai Breaks, I am a 23-year-old production addict, been making beats for nearly 3 years now, currently residing in Czech republic for a change of scene (and weather) and I love powerful and unique music that makes you flail your arms around and sweat buckets!

Jake: Jake aka Vyking! Also a 3rd of the DnB trio called Creatures. 22 years of age right now, plugin geek/addict extraordinaire. Living in a caravan on the edge of Bath in southwest England with a cat. I enjoy beatboxing, researching plugins and drinking tea.

For those who don’t know, tell us a bit about Tsunami Bass Weight.

Both: Tsunami Bassweight is our new label aiming to deliver unique and interesting music and create a platform for all the amazing artists we know, to release their music professionally with high-quality mastering (Jake: from yours truly!) and good industry contact so it gets the attention it really deserves.
The name aims to describe the aesthetic we want in our music, raw and powerful sound but more curvy, weird and natural than just an all out sound war of smashed super loud nonsense that you hear a lot of lately in the dnb scene.

How would you describe your production style?

Sam: Raw and unrelenting assault of bass, beats and breaks, got to be heard to believe it! Fusing and melting genre boundaries into my own unique and weird sound.

Jake: The search for a varied and rich sound, I’m always looking to create unique textures and get “that” feeling in a track which simply makes you move. Though I’m definitely guilty of participating in the loudness war!

Was there a moment or a tune or a DJ set that made you decide you were going to produce?

Sam: I supported Ital Tek in Glasgow about 3 and a half years ago, I had only been DJing for about 6 months by then, and his set was totally amazing and unique. I had never heard anything like it and after talking to him it turns out it was his interpretation of Chicago footwork combined with his unique post-dubstep weirdo sound design and intense production skill. He played his whole new album as a live set and it blew me away. One day I hope to share a stage with him, buy him a drink and thank him wholeheartedly for converting me to footwork style.
I really love it because it combines so many things I love, heavy rhythmic drum patterning similar to jungle but more precise and crazy with the layers, Roland 808 sounds, frantic energy and crazy vocal editing. I took what I liked about the genre and mixed it with everything else I like to create my sound.

Jake: Nothing in particular to be honest! I’ve been messing around with computer music for quite a few years since my dad had Reason on his laptop when I was 13 or something, maybe earlier than that. I have been around bass music from a very young age (about the age of 6?), being taken to festivals and such, so it’s in my blood.
I started a vocational college course for music production in 2011 when I realised that I literally could not put myself through another year of sixth form college (For anyone unfamiliar with the term, it’s just like secondary school, but with more essays and is generally more difficult. No thanks!)
Since then I’ve been honing my skills and this past year I’ve been getting into mastering. It’s all I’m focused on in life so it’s all about finding my true sound.

Which events from over the years in your illustrious career really stick in your mind and why?

Sam: Every time I play at Eden Festival it gets better and better, the crowd there are lovely people who are so enthusiastic about the music and every year I pack out the dance tent and have a really really good time! The year I supported Bez was hilarious because it went from 128bpm acid house straight to 165bpm juke jungle, people didn’t know what was going on but when that huge 808 baseline kicked in every person in the tent was bouncing! And getting handed a bottle of champagne from Bez’s rider that he didn’t drink when I finished my set was the cherry on top of the cake hahah!

Jake: Gotta share the love for Eden Festival! One of the best moments this year, also my first year there, was when Sam dropped a track we started when he came over mine beforehand. He dropped it near the end of his set and as it got into the first switch up the crowd starting screaming! The only track in the whole set for which this happened and what a feeling! That energy transferred directly into the audience. Super cool.

When would you say was your breakout moment when heads turned to your music?

Sam: Recently getting support from Noisia has brought more limelight to what I am doing!

Jake: I guess when myself and my 2 mates in Creatures had an EP signed to Infidelity Records. That got our music out into the scene and got some good feedback. I don’t know if it’s really turning any heads but all in good time.

If you could work on a track with anyone from now or way back when, who would it be?

Sam: Alix Perez because he has got the widest square wave bass’s ever and they just sound great!

Jake: Current Value, just love his sound. Machine music at it’s best! I do like my straight up, no nonsense DnB. Sam definitely doesn’t share this passion though, haha!

Sam: I do like the sound design and I like some dnb but just not the boring stuff!!! If it has some variation, I am all ears

Tell us about any other music related stuff you’re involved in.

Sam: Got a lot of very exciting forthcoming releases on Halogen Music Group and Groundmass to name a few, also me and Jake have almost finished our debut EP together which will cause major seismic activity

Jake: Creatures DnB is my Drum and Bass project, I’m making some super funky glitch hoppy, breaky tuna with some mates, and general musical fun is a’happenin’!

Are there any major influences, production wise, that inspire you?

Sam: The Chicago footwork movement has had a huge effect on the sound I go for, also my love of tribal music, jungle, grime and trap is all very evident in my sound. I try to combine everything I love from any genre with the production and pace of DnB.

Jake: DnB is a constant. I’ve long been into dubstep of most varieties, particularly the jazzy and deep side of it with artists like Phaeleh and Congi and all the Deep Heads lot. I’m also really into achieving an “analogue” sound in my productions and I’ve recently started investing in Acustica Audio plugins with their Acquas and Nebula products. Incredible stuff, used properly it gives the digital ITB sound a “realness” and depth you simply can’t get from algorithmic plugins. The supreme In The Box sound in my opinion!

Sam: I did a sly DNA test on Jake and it turns out he is actually a plug in!

Tell us a few of your favourite producers.

Sam: Rockwell , Ivy Lab , Junglord , Alix Perez, Lakeway, Moresounds, Fracture, Dub Phizix, Danny Scrilla, Fixate, Mark Kloud, Depth Range Crew, DJ Hybrid and Moralz

Jake: Current Value(!), Noisia, Alix Perez, Hybris, HYQXYZ, Subtension, Boards of Canada, Gorillaz (looking forward to the upcoming album!), Kursa, Haywyre, Skeptical… Many more of course.

Are there any unfulfilled goals or aspirations of yours musically?

Sam: Vinyl Release and US tour

Jake: I don’t really think of the future much so I can’t say! I’ll see what happens ;)

Could you offer a bit of advice for an up and coming producer?


1. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
2. Always use WAV samples (this one will tickle you Jake after our chaos sorting that .mp3 break disaster on that track)
3. Don’t feel trapped by genre boundaries, every genre was born from someone experimenting and cutting a new sound for themselves.


• Music is your life, how you express yourself and your emotional life. Make the music you feel! Don’t have an ulterior motive to making it.
• Put the time in and you’ll get a lot out of it.
• Take your time as well, don’t feel like you need to get somewhere before you’re actually ready. All will come to you if you’re patient with yourself.

Where have you DJ’d?

Sam: Glastonbury Festival, Boomtown Festival, Cross Club (CZ) , Eden Festival, Beaverworks, The black swan, Lakota , The Mill, Mint Warehouse, Audio Soup Festival and quite a few windy rainy hillsides and dodgy warehouses

Jake: The Black Swan, Timbuk2 and a few free parties in Bristol, Club Ice Westbury, Beatherder Festival, few other places!

Who’s supporting You on the DJ circuit?

Sam: Noisia, Sam Binga, Greazus, TMSV, Johnathan Thomas, Moralz, Depth Range Crew, Mark Kloud, Dj Hybrid.

Jake: Mostly support for Creatures from DJ Aphrodite, Rene LaVice, Villem, S.P.Y. I haven’t released any music as Vyking just yet so we’ll have to wait and see what comes of that!

Sam: Jake!!! Loads of the people I mentioned are supporting Champagne Club + How We Roll so that’s a lie!!!

Jake: Oh yeah! You’re so right Sam, I totally forgot! Derp, I’m a bit forgetful eh. :P

Describe to us your approach to a DJ set, do you like to gently warm up the crowd or go for the bangers or more of a journey approach?

Sam: I just pick a tune and go from there, that way it’s more raw and no-one knows what’s coming till the moment. I keep my USB’s loaded with all my favourite dance floor destroyers and top up with all the dubs from mates and personal productions that are ready before every gig.

Jake: Generally I DJ with Harvey as Creatures (Ben hasn’t been around the past few years we’ve been DJing.) and we go 3 tunes each. So each gig I like to get together my triplets of tracks which go together like gold and put them in order on CDs for easy mixing.

Of all the tunes you’ve made, which is your favourite?

Sam: Probably abattoir, it’s the title track of the DnB EP I am currently trying to get signed. It’s really unique, it has great drums all layered with lots of foley and great switch ups and progression, the vibe of the track is extremely haunting and scary! I really love it.

Jake: It would have to be a super funky breakbeat track called Hypnotized, I made a couple of years ago. All kinds of sweet breaks and dirty basses with lots of ravey sounds and funky switches. I’m going to do a fresh mix of it sometime soon so I’ll be sure to fire it over to you when it’s done!

What would you say is the label ethos?

Both: Supporting and mentoring awesome and talented musicians to their full potential and giving them a professional platform to release their music on.

You’ve collaborated with a lot of different artists who did you enjoy working with the most?

Sam: I like working with Jake aka Vyking the most because we have so much fun together and make the craziest tunes, he is such a talented engineer so I learn so much when working with him. One track we made we spent 2 hours messing around with his Kaosspad and Kaossillator making all the crazy sounds we could, we were falling off our chairs with laughter when we somehow made a meow meow bass sound… the track we finally made with all of our recordings is called Stellar Drift and it’s really amazing, spacious and powerful. I also really love working with HØST because he is literally insane so you never know what will happen when you pass him some stems!

Jake: Likewise, I love working with Sam as he’s super driven and that helps me to feel inspired. That session for Stellar Drift was epic!

Which tunes are essentials in your DJ sets right now?

2.Junglord – 1000 Junglists
3.Breaka – Foot Forward
4.Mark Kloud – Angels Arc
5.Moralz + Johnathan Thomas – Tread On Me

Jake: Totally in love with Alix Perez – Elephant Dreams (ft. Skeptical)
HYQXYZ – Monad
Prime Perception – Moss Side (Forthcoming TBW!)

What are the vital elements to making a tune that come into play when you’re in the studio?

Sam: Roland TR-808 drum sounds, old school funk breaks and foley recordings. I try to break out of any habits or boundaries if I notice they are forming so nothing is ever a staple or vital element in my sound… I don’t want to become stale and samey like a lot of producers who keep rehashing the same formula because it was successful.

Jake: A big library of samples of all kinds, wacky effect plugins and Xfer Serum for making dirty bass!

When receiving demos for the label, what do you look for in a track?

Both: Unique ideas, high production standard and a good coherent vibe (and that special something that makes you pull a funny face and fire imaginary shots in the air!)

Any final words and shout outs?

Sam: Big up to everyone who has supported me over the years and helped me get to were I am now. Hugest of respect to anyone who sat down and helped me learn or has listened to the millions of crazy ideas I have, blessings and love to you all! Also to all you producers, if you like what you hear on this compilation and feel like your sound would work well with us please get in touch with a demo!

Jake: Don’t live life, you’re life itself! Respect and love each other, and yourself! Blessings, Enjoy ;)

Tsunami Bass Weight Vol 1 is out and a free download, stream the tracks below

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