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Cianna Blaze top 5 rappers of all time.

Cianna Blaze 'On Fire'

Cianna Blaze shares her top 5 rappers of all time with Free Breaks Blog. You can check out her latest release ‘On Fire’ including a Mob Tactics remix below and buy it here


1. Busta Rhymes – I love Busta because lyrically and flow wise he is just crazy. I saw him live recently in London and he absolutely smashed it. Always brings the fire flow.

2. Eminem – Eminem for me is such a unique rapper, He just murders every song effortlessly. I love how extensive his vocabulary is and his conviction and emotion is raw.

3. Andre 3000 – Andre is the ultimate storyteller with lyrics. I love how he takes you on a journey with his lyrics and his flow is really different.

4. Missy Elliott – Missy just has so much swag and style both physically and with her lyrics. She really stands out to me especially as a female rapper she has so much presence.

5. Immortal technique – he is such a powerful lyricist,
amazing storyteller and really makes you think with what he talks about. The Bush Administration was a sick album.

Himalia Interview

Himalia Interview

Thanks to Himalia for sharing this great interview with us (you can read it below). His Situations EP is out now on Pegdoll Records. Buy it here  (more…)

New Twisted Tech House From Mark Zowie & An Acid Party Remix By Chris Prole!

Mark Zowie & Chris Prole Team Up For 'Motion & Movement' [Interview + New Music]

Mark Zowie drops new twisted tech house release and brings in his buddy from Acid606-61, Chris Prole, to bring the Acid party!  We were gifted with the chance to chat with Chris, you can read that below after checking out ‘Motion & Movement’ and buying a copy!!!  (more…)

Dub FX Interview July 2017


We caught up with Dub FX on the release of his new track ‘Listening’ and he kindly took the time to talk about music and life, read on….

‘Listening’ Buy Link:

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m obsessed with music. I write produce and perform my music live by myself or with other musicians. I started this project as a street performer. I lived in a van for six years and built up my following from selling cd’s in the street and via social media.


How would you describe your production style?

I try to create soulful, conscious, nostalgic music in the most original way I know how.

Are there any major influencers production wise that inspire you?
These days I listen to a lot of Dub, Reggae, Drum n Bass, Jungle, Garage, Neo Soul, Cuban Jazz, Bossa Nova… Anything soulful and groovy. But back in the day I also listened to heavier music like Rage Against the Machine or Tool etc… When I record my studio albums I try to make music that sounds good on hifi or in cars not necessarily for djs to play in a club.. But when I play live, I’m usually having to compete with djs so I go for a heavier sound.

So before we hit play on this new forthcoming release of yours Listening on CONVOY UNLTD / Membran, can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it?

I’ve recently discovered a lot about my privilege as a white male being born in Australia which is such a rich country. I realised that I had woken up one day and decided I wanted to make music my career and I didn’t have much stopping me from doing that. Except for myself of course. But all the music that inspired me was created by people who suffered to create that art.. Especially reggae and Cuban jazz.. Or any type of black music really.. So this song is my way of showing respect and love for reggae music and how it affected the way I view the world. 

When would you say was your breakout moment? When heads turned to your music?

I had been playing in a lot of different bands from the age of 17 to 23 around my hometown Melbourne. I didn’t seem to turn many heads in that time but I did cut my teeth on a lot of different genres such as hip hop, metal, reggae, jazz, acoustic and electronic music. As soon as I left Australia and started street performing around the streets of Europe I blended all those different genres together and heads started turning pretty much instantly.. 

Of all the tunes you’ve made, which is your favourite?
Each song represents a small part of who I am so I don’t have a favorite.

If you could work on a track with anyone from now or way back when, who would it be?
Bob Marley, Frank sinatra, Nina Simone, Herbie Hancock, Erykah Badu, Anderson Paak, Damian Marley… The list doesn’t really end…

Tell us about any other music related stuff you’re involved in.

I’ve just finished working on 8 tunes with my incredibly talented wife Sahida Apsara. I’m so proud of these new tunes. I would go as far as saying this is probably the best music I’ve ever made. I love producing other people. Also I’m currently on tour in Europe. 

Which events from over the years in your illustrious career really stick in your mind and why?

I’ve been to over 45 countries and I play about 30 festivals per year.. So It’s much easier to remember the dull moments which are so far and few between.

Are there any unfulfilled goals or aspirations of you musically?

I just want to keep learning how to produce music live and in the studio. I want to start writing literature also.

Could you offer a bit of advice for an up and coming producer?

My advice would be to listen to as much music as possible and work out what it is about that music that you love and hate.. Read as many forums and magazines about production and challenge yourself when making music.. Try and do as many genres as you can.. That’s the only way you will find your own sound.

Any final words and shout outs?

Shout out to my beautiful wife Sahida Apsara and our little princess Sahara.. And to my homie and manager Cade aka killafaux aka plan C aka deadly every day…

Interview with the legendary RatPack

Interview with the legendary RatPack

Buy RatPack – The (co)LabRats LP:

It’s an honour to be able to interview rave legends, The Ratpack. We chat about the history of The Ratpack, their current LP and more below….

1.Perhaps an obvious question or indeed one you guys will have been asked before but how did you get into the early rave scene?

I’m going to be cheeky on this one and tell you to click the link:

2.Where did you first DJ’ing and MC’ing?

We both started with a sound system call Locomotion Sound System back in the early 80’s. But our first set as a team in the rave scene was at our own Trip City parties back in 88/89

3.This new album is packed with collabs that will make old ravers get misty eyed, how did this all come together? Was it an easy process to link up with everyone involved?

It just made sense really. We’re all friends and everyone on the album has their own diverse sound to bring to the album as well as the massive contributions they made to the UK rave scene. When you bring a huge line up of legends together like this, you know it’s great for the whole scene.

4.’Rave Music’ was on a meteoric rise back in 1992 and has ultimately survived albeit in a more niche fashion, what in your opinion killed it off? Did it get too fast and inaccessible to the masses? Or was it a case of being way ahead of it’s time?

It (Rave Music) was always ahead of its time as you can hear in the influence of many big tunes in the charts these days, it has never been killed off in my opinion, people still love to listen to the music and all of the hybrids that were born from it. The main difference these days is that people have a much broader spectrum of music to pull from with such easy access today, so they may not listen to the same style of music every day. But out in the clubs and festivals all around the world, it’s pretty obvious that Rave Music is still here and will be for years to come.

5.When you’re not rockin’ the crowds, what do you guys like to chill with? Bit of Game Of Thrones? Some X Box?

I love my music sooo much that when I get time to chill I’ll probably be on my keyboard playing (or learning) something classical or a legendary tune from the past. I do watch G.O.T and Power and Narcos but they finish too quickly, so I have to keep occupied for the rest of the year haha!

6.There is something of a surge in oldskool interest, you guys have a new album, Liquid just did one, Bunter & Sanxion did one, Vibes is working on a subscription-based one-off LP a la DJ Ham/Hamilton and Kniteforce is back putting out amazing content. Can this rise be sustained and if so, how?

Like I said, it never went away in my opinion. If there wasn’t a demand for it, we all wouldn’t be making it. Can you imagine if the whole Oldskool sound ceased to exist? …….No? Me neither.

7.’CoLab Rats’ is very much a multi-genre LP in the spirit of the original early 90s scene, was this an intentional thing on your part?

No, nothing was planned, it was all totally organic and spontaneous, every time we got into the studio with another artist.

8.What’s next after ‘CoLab Rats?’

Maybe more collabs, who knows. There’s also a few interviews and small movies we’re doing for TV about the Rave scene, so stay posted for that too.

9.Any final shouts and/or words of advice to the newbies?

To all the up and comings: Just love what you do and do what you love. Always remember, It’s nice to be important but it’s Important to be nice. Aaaaaannnnd, if you haven’t got haters on your back then you’re not worth talking about so don’t let those mofos get you down, jab back and fight for what you believe in.

Big up to Dan and Lewis and ALL the crew at for all the help and advise. Big up to Andre Jacobs (D-Zone) for cracking our heads together and making us do this album. Big Big Big up Freestylers, Wideboys, Baby D, Slipmatt, Ragga Twins, King Yoof, Billy Daniel Bunter, Shut Up And Dance, Stephanie Smart, 2Hype & Secret Agent, 28Hurtz, Skibabdee and Lady Chann, Papa G, Chewey Beats and The Sound Collective for their influence over the years and their massive contribution to this album. Big up OnTheRise for the promo work, Big up Free Breaks for this interview. But the biggest of all big ups has to be to each and everyone of you who has supported us over the years. Without you guys we a nothing!! Stay Blessed!!

Johnnypluse & The Storm Troopers of love interview.

Johnnypluse & The Storm Troopers of love interview.

Buy The New LP

Soooo, we’re chattin’ with Johnnypluse & The Storm Troopers of love and lovin’ their new album, listen and read on below…

Whats your name and where are you from?

Johnny Pluse & The Stormtroopers of Love from Meath, Ireland
Whats the name of your album? Whens it released and where can people buy it from?
Album; Dos Tonas, out now and available from iTunes, Juno Download, Deezer & Spotify
Whats the best food to eat in the studio?

Ham, Cheese & Chilli Jam sandwich. Savage
If you were a food, what would it be and why?

Pineapple, sweet tasty and painful when thrown
Do you think big name DJ’s take themselves to seriously? (David Guetta, Tiesto etc..)

Ah, were serious about having the best time we can but it can be hard so maybe a little.
If you could have 1 super power what would it be?

Lasers! Definitely Lasers.
Whens the last time you did a handstand?

Intentionally? Naked? 3 days ago.
Back to music. Who are your biggest musical influences and why?

For ethos, it’s gotta be punk. DIY scene getting nasty and enjoying ourselves. Make music like e don’t give a f*ck
If you could work with any artist dead or alive who would be be and why?

Johnny Rotten? Punk icon who jammed with Leftfield.
If one of you had to arm wrestle Sylvester Stalone to win your freedom, which one of you would stand the best chance and why?

Mmmm, Pluse by a mile. Sly would be charmed into submission.
Ok, back to music again, whats your studio process like? Do you all work together in one room or do you email the music to each other?

It all starts with Johnnys idea, beats first and then into the heavy stuff. Normally we meet in the studio, were lucky to live real close so it’s easy. Johnny has the studio setup for adding drums, vocals and keys.
Which one is better? Star wars or Star trek and why?

As Stormtroopers of Love, gotta be Wars.
Can you tell us a crazy story about a show you have played?

Hahaha, suppose one of our shows at Bennicassim 2015. Last night of the festival and we’re over with the guys from Trenchtown. The heat was killer but we were having great fun. Were on about 2am and blasting it out. Boss man for the place comes towards us midset, all our hands are full so he’s pouring a bottle of Malibu into our mouths. Fills us up and heads off.
Finally, why should everyone go out and buy your album?

Well, if you want to hear some cracking but different tunes and party, buy the album

Glowkid Unity In The Sun special

Glowkid Unity In The Sun

Our good friend Glowkid shares exclusive interviews with Billy ‘Daniel Bunter’, Ratpack, DJ Vibes & Fat Controller recorded at ‘Unity In The Sun’, Corfu, 2017

Interview With Alex Doorman + New Track ‘Spirits Of The Past’

Axel Doorman

Axel Doorman has a new track out on Jula Music, you can buy/listen via the Traxsource link below and while you’re there, why not read this short interview with Axel

Hi Axel

1. Can you take us through a VERY brief history of your music production work?

The briefest I can do is telling I’ve been producing music since 1997. Had a “couple” of releases since then and never lost my love for it.

2. When musical inspiration is needed, where and to whom, do you turn?

I think it’s not about whom or where. It’s about how I feel at the moment. Music is the purest reflection of my soul and a way of expressing myself. So, the music I create is often a reflection on what my mood is at that moment

3. If you could work with any producer at the moment, who do you think you would pick?

There are a couple of people I would love to work with, but one in particular and that would be Timbaland. It’s far from the music people know I’m doing, but there is a lot of magic in every track he produced!

4. If you could categorise or pigeonhole your sound, what would it be?

In two words: House Music.

5. You’ve been dropped onto a desert island and you’re allowed to take 3 vinyl records and a turntable with you. Which do you pick and why?

“Coldplay – Parachutes” – It’s my ultimate “relax, everything will be fine!” soundtrack.

“The Prodigy – Music For The Jilted Generation” – Because nothing motivates being pumped up more than this

“2 Many DJ’s – As Heard On Radio Soulwax (if part 1 is on vinyl it is) – To what else I need to sip my coconut cocktails on?

6. How do you feel about this business we call music at the moment?

I feel good about it, because there is a lot happening. Not only Musically speaking, but also on the sidelines. There’s a lot happening on making it fairer to the lesser established artists again. That is a motivator!

7. So you’ve signed to Mark Zowie’s JULA imprint, how so?

I’ve been in contact with Mark, the head honcho, for a while and like his “out of the box” approach on music. No specific genre, just music that has that certain factor of beauty and niceness. I loved the music released on the label and kept following the releases. When he asked me to remix his track “Need Your Love”, things got on the roll. A few months later, I sent him “Spirits Of The Past” and it was an instant match.

8. What is your must have piece of studio equipment and why?

I’m fortunate to have my dream piece: The original Roland Alpha Juno 1, owned- and used by Human Resource for the track “Dominator”. As a kid already I was fascinated by the world famous hoover sounds. A couple of years back I got it and it will NEVER leave!!

9. Any Live performance commitments or DJing to note coming up?

Unfortunately not. As I’m not the greatest in selling myself to the promoters is probably my weakest point. Still, I hope that one day I just get noticed by what I do if it comes to DJ’ing. Just as producing music, playing it is a huge passion.

10. What do you see the future holding for Axel Doorman?

The future is always a great question to think about. My greatest wish, as for many, is to make a full living out of the thing I love to do most of all. I’m not that much of a dreamer anymore but still, I’m driven to make that wish come true.

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