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Bass For The Weekend: New Tunes Round Up 30 04 16

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With so many great tunes out there, it’s hard keeping up sometimes, here is a whole heap of new tracks to add to your buy cart


Silverfox- Twisted House [Smokin Joe Records] 

2 dark jackin’ house trax from Silverfox that take in Electro, Techno, Acid House & Jungle, have to be heard!!!!

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eSQUIRE & PETCH featuring Sian Evans ‘Losing My Mind’ [MWR Records]

Huge vocal house anthem with a big infectious bassline, you’ll lose your mind to this great track!!!

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Matthew Charles- Sideways [KONNEQT] 

Heavy duty acidic tech house from Matthew Charles for those inclined towards expertly produced tough house beats

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YAX. X & Delivio- Reavon [D Vine Sounds]

Taken from D Vine Sounds Vol 4, YAX.X & Delivio have fashioned a warm funky bassline to go mad for on ‘Reavon’ check out the rest of the album here

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Damon Hess & Josh Coakley- Do It Too [Candypants Music]

Combining thundering reese bass, big vocals, uplifting pianos and big synth action, Damon Hess & Josh Coakley have crafted an electrifying house anthem right here

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Mark Zowie- Squelch [MVMT]

The enigmatic Mark Zowie gifts our ears with the melodic strings of ‘Squelch’, a deep delight perfect for the warm up or for late into the night

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Erki Ohmann- That’s What Pushes Life [Heart Of House]

A house music voyage into the deep and wonderful with stunning remixes, that’s what pushes life!!!

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PowerDress- Play Dead (Kenny Hectyc Remix) [New State Music]

Kenny Hectyc brings the absolute bass to this classy remix of Powerdress ‘Play Dead’, a nice pounding melodic reworking

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Man Without A Clue- Get Twisted [Get Twisted]

Man of the moment, Man Without A Clue drops a twisted thumping tribal groove as part of a solid 2 track release on…Get Twisted!!!

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Ben R Saunders Ft Nicola Thoms- I Won’t Back Down [Freakin909]

BIG bouncing Garage/House crossover track with super sweet vocals and Italo pianos galore

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Saytek- Bobs The Boss [Detone Records]

A lovely techno drum workout with deep powerful synths and heavy bass, part of a top 2 tracker out on Detone Recs

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Hypho- True Money [Boss Mode]

More dark bass driven finery from the man like Hypho, comes with some seriously sick remixes like this one by Murder He Wrote below

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Peter Brown & Wayne Dudley- Got To Have You [Hedonistic]

Peter Brown teams up with the master of the bouncing bassline Wayne Dudley for some tough and highly catchy Tech house business out now on Hedonistic

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Darkhalf- Savage Funkery EP

4 tracks of multi tempo broken beat genius from Darkhalf, ‘Anyone’ below in this writers’ opinion is one of the best tracks of 2016 in any genre, dark rolling breaks juxtaposed by Bristol style trip hop vocals and melodies, genius

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Yell-O-Phase- Full Phasers On Effect! [Raveskool Recordings]

No one does oldskool Breakbeat Hardcore & Techno quite like Yell O Phase, his latest offering for Raveskool Recs is a masterful excursion into the 92/93 sound with sliced and chopped breaks, acid riffs and oldskool stabbage aplenty

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Paul Cronin- Tokyo Metropolis [Raveskool Recordings]

The hardcore captain loads up the DAW with tough crunching amens, a ton of samples and a bit of J Pop with stomping kicks

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Bassraver- Bump [Raveskool Recordings]

Bassraver takes a trip down Rave Breaks lane with some 92 style breaks and ruff riffage, a tune to truly make you want bump to!!!!

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Period The End- Maybe (Symetry EP) [Ekstre Records]

One of four jaw dropping slices of superior Psy Breaks out as a free release on forward thinking imprint Ekstre Records. ‘Maybe’ is a rave in a box with epic chords, big rolling sweeps and drops, intelligent music that totally rocks the dancefloor

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Drum N Bass/Jungle

Bassraver- The Machine [Music Rascals]

A fun and firing slice of tearout DnB/Jungle from Bassraver with a sample that will make listeners grin with glee, remix action from multi genre dons Silverfox & Cronin

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Presice  Ft Kay Lee-Protecion [Back2You]

Summery vocal DnB from Presice with happy ravey pianos, ‘Protection’ really gets going with a burst of energetic bass, all proceeds go help build a school in Gambia

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UZI- Dark/Subless [Viral Mental]

Veteran DJ UZI makes his debut on Viral Mental with two dubby stepping DnB skankers, there’s a nice contrast between the chamber like ‘Dark’ and roots style ‘Subless’

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BANK LAND- Take Me Down [Artillery Recordings]

Chilled bass vibes from New Zealands’ Bank Land, ‘Take Me Down’ is a a classily produced downtempo/post pop track with enchanting vocals

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Charlotte Moss- It’s An Old Skool!!!! [DJ Mix]



Mix of the day goes to this absolute gem from DJ Charlotte Moss, a glorious trip down memory lane from the late 80s/early 90s, so many classic soul, house and garage classics here, give your day a perfect boost with this essential mix!!!

7 New DJ Sets You Need To Listen To



Coity & RyKennon Easter Mix Pt 1

Coity & RyKennon Easter Mix Pt2

Fresh House N Bass from the boys, a double dose of goodness

DJ Impact Sunday Service Show 20 03 16

All the best UKG, Garage and Bassline bangers from Highly Swung Records’ DJ Impact

Strange Rollers NSB Radio Bass Show March 2016

Check out which choons the Strange Rollers are feeling in this months’ edition of their show for NSB Radio

Hardcore Will Never Die Podcast Episode 149

Happy Hardcore, Rave/Hardcore Breaks and more from the one like HWND!!!!

K Jah Worldwide Epidemic Radio Show 17 03 16

Upfront Jungle & DnB in the mix from K Jah

Sparki Dee Unsigned Show- London Pirate Radio 23 03 16

Sparki Dee mixing and blending multi genre brand new beats n bass galore

My Selecta Interview

Press-Shot-My-Selecta-01 cropped

My Selecta has his first release out on Sub Nation this Friday, you can stream it here, buy it here and check it this interview with the man below, gwaaannnnn!!!

How did you get involved in Sub Nation for this new release?

I got involved with Sub Nation through Jay Cunningham who runs the label, I Initially met Jay through using On The Rise Music which he co runs with Terry and after using On The Rise for a few releases on my own label Drum Wrks Jay asked me to do a couple of tracks for his label which became this release.


Interview With JC Unique of Unique2Rhythm



You won’t find a house imprint the calibre of Unique2Rhythm either side of the Atlantic, the label is undoubtedly one of the best with a back cat that speaks for itself with an ethos that champions pristine production and melodic goodness first and foremost. We are very pleased to share this exclusive interview with label boss and producer JC Unique, read on for some pearls of wisdom for aspiring label owners and artists…

For those who don’t know, tell us a bit about Unique 2 Rhythm Records and how it began. How did you get into music production? What were the initial steps?

As a teenager in the late 80’s I was drawn into sound technology starting out with a mates Sequential Circuits Pro One synthesizer, a Tascam cassette portastudio and a Boss hand clapper stomp box. Probably the first tracks that blew me away and made me want to produce were driven by drum machines such as Cameo, the SOS Band, Prince, Chaka Khan in fact just about anything that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were involved with. I must have spent years trying to get record deals meeting up with A&R people and taking their ‘position of power’ attitude on the chin. None of it was particularly constructive and we all went through it, but in one such meeting, an A&R guy trying to sound clever actually provided a moment of clarity. He said “if you think your music is so effin’ good, why don’t you go and see your bank manager and put it out yourself?” – at the time I replied “You ARE the bank manager you smart-arse !” but it did make me explore the possibilities and by the late 90’s I was releasing white-labels on P&D deals and making the regular trips to Brick Lane. (more…)

Chatting On The Sofa With Jago


This is your first album but how long have you been involved in the music industry and what inspired you to get in?

I’ve been doing music for years now. The early jungle scene in London is what got me interested in the first place.

What made you chose the title “Microphones And Sofas?”

I was sleeping on sofas in the studios I recorded at, so it makes sense. I only really picked it after writing it in my thanks section on the album. It’s an accident really.

Can You Take Us through The Process Of Hooking Up With legends like DJ Vadim, fresh new talent like Ghost Writerz and all the great artists and singers/rappers you collaborated with on this album?

I’m part of a sound system called unit 137. It’s also a studio and label. Most of the people I collaborated with were either friends or people that were naturally around the studio

Tell us a bit about the group you are part of, onlyjoe

Onlyjoe is a reggae band from London. We’ve played together for a few years and toured over the place. Most of us are also involved in other music projects also but I think what makes onlyjoe really work for me is that the project is always quite politically aware.

There’s somewhat of an oldskool vibe to the album, was this an intentional thing I.e were you looking to revive some of those classic 80s/90s sounds?

Yeah I was doing an Ep with Ed West and that grew into becoming the album. I think it’s the sounds I’m drawn to really. I wanted to have a few styles on the album. I had some jungle I’d recorded before that I was considering putting on there too but that’ll maybe be something else in the future.

Any final words or shout outs?

Big up anyone contributing good energy to the world. Big up the sun and big up yourselves


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Callide System Shock Mix Series Vol 11

volume 11


After a years break, Callide has uploaded a brand new mix, vol 11 in his System Shock Mix Series, a set weighing at at 1hr 8min approx packed with exclusive tracks including several of his own unreleased productions, taking in Neuro, Tech, Jump Up and Jungle, to quote the man himself  (more…)

Aksium UKG Mix Jan 2016

mba ukg

As a taster of his gig at St8 Vibez, Huddersfield 06/02/16 Aksium has dropped this must hear UKG set

Stream The Mix

Free Download

Event Page

Aksium Facebook Page

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