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Conspire- Top 5 Mixes



In conjunction with Technique Recordings new compilation which is out now and can be purchased from iTunes & Beatport and reviewed here, Conspire whose ‘Foundations’ track features on the LP has compiled 5 of their best mixes, all of which can be streamed below for your listening pleasure!!!


DJ Justin Johnson Interview


When did you first get into DJ’ing and producing?

I first started out on my high school radio station in San Rafael, CA (20 miles north of San Francisco) back in 1985. My shows were eclectic and consisted of Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop, and of course lots of Kraftwerk. I didn’t start producing until the early 90s and was really just kind of messing around with a friend’s rig on MOTU’s Performer. Later in the 90s I started getting some of my own gear and tried to work with as many people as possible so I could learn. John Selway is a good example – we made an Acid Breaks track together called “Supernatural” for Gruv 42’s label called Don’t Panic. (more…)

Electro Swing Roundup – June ’15

DJR electro swing roundup

Happy summer!!

The suns out and the music is sounding great. We’re back with another selection of the finest beats from within the vintage and swing worlds. Lots of free music to dive into, and some big new releases including the new Parov Stelar album. Dive on in!

Free Music

Here’s some of the electro luminaries on a tasty remix of the Mary Poppins classic:

Tasty slice of house with a bluesy house courtesy of Neon Steve.

Bass heavy remix of Caro Emerald:

Rather like this. Remember how good the Fugees were before they all fell out and Lauryn Hill went a bit, ahem, crazy…? Well this is them over a swing tune:

Dutty Moonshine putting a bass heavy bounce to Satchmo’s trumpet and vocals:

Jenova Collective getting back to electro swing:

Shall we play yet more new genre naming games? Well, Balkan electro is how the Rumpsteppers describe this.

This is rather good. One to watch perhaps?

Glitchy and bluesy downtempo beats from Forrest Funk:


Mistatrick has been adding the d&b to these two favourites:

Sound Nomaden messing around with the perennial Star Wars favourite:

The ghetto funk heavyweights getting funky with some glitch n swing:

Retouch on the Glen Miller standard:

Valdragz mixing a deep techno beat with some old style bluesy vocal samples:

James Brown getting the glitchy bass treatment:

Deep, groovy with a classic french style lounge break:


The Pre Valentines Massacre – Krossbow


After the success of their first event with Titan Sound, Doctor Hooka aptly supported by the Relative Dimensions crew of Leygo, F-Block, Crash Groove and Psychotropic Frequencies have pulled out all the stops for the second. Drafting in glitch – funk – ghetto – bass wizards Krossbow as headliners you can expect some serious bassquakes and severe roadblocks in Frome on the 13th Feb.


A beautifully timed pre valentine night, bring your loved one along for a heavy night of upfront tunes from some of the freshest selectors around. At only £7 a ticket, you’d be mad to miss out , cheap night for the missus too ;) Tickets are available NOW direct from the venue, Kushi & Raves From The Grave or hit up Doctor Hooka direct.

To celebrate the upcoming event we have some seriously good freebies to wet your appetite. First off a thumping ghetto funkin’ rework of the Beastie Boys classic “Sure Shot” from Leygo. That flute loop is sooo good and now matched up with some Leygo basslines and crunchy beats you have a serious dancefloor smasher.


And secondly one of the busiest DJ’s on the circuit Doctor Hooka, lays down a pre party set featuring tracks and remixes from all of the artists playing on the night.

Crashgroove-Rip Hop (Groove Hookaz Re-Edit)
Beck-Loser (Leygo Remix)
Leygo ft. G-Get Yourself Killed (Coming soon to Relative Dimensions)
Doctor Hooka & Leygo-The Harder They Come
Doctor Hooka ft. D-Mic & Daysta-Clappaz (Leygo Unreleased Remix)
Psychotropic Frequencies-Fudge Pudge
Wilkinson-Take You Higher (F-Block Remix)
Crashgroove-Rotten Dancer
Psychotropic Frequencies-Pump Your Fist
Melonie Gillet-Snap Shot (F-Block Remix)
Olux & Teknizm-Modern Stalking (Krossbow Remix)
Opiuo-Robo Booty (Krossbow Remix)
Leygo-Organ Donor
B-Side vs SKETI-Superstylin’ (F-Block Mash)

To download please click the button above. When the item is added to your cart you can checkout or continue adding music. When you checkout please enter your e-mail address, first and last name and click purchase. No money will be asked for this is a FREE DOWNLOAD. You will be added to the Free Breaks Blog mailing list to keep you informed of any future mixes, tracks or features we think you’ll be interested in.  You can download direct from the PURCHASE CONFIRMATION page or via the link sent to your e-mail.


So make sure if you are anywhere near the area to get your asses down. In fact even if you’re nowhere near, make the effort, it’s gonna be a sick night!

Check out all the artists playing at the links below.

DJR @ Boomtown Festival 2014

DJR @ Boomtown Festival 2014
I had the privilege of rocking the Ballroom from 3.00 until 4am at the end of a glorious Saturday night lineup at this years Boomtown Fair. I had the closing set and so I took the opportunity to rock out harder and heavier than normal, less swing and more ghetto funk, soul & funk remixes, and drum & bass was the order of the day. Big shout out to Bass6 for incredible beatboxing & introduction and to Mike from Dutty Moonshine for serious crowd hype at the end. Much fun!


DJR @ Boomtown 2014

DJR @ Boomtown 2014

DJR @ Boomtown 2014








Jukebox Champions – Celebrate
Sammy Senior – Goin’ Crazy
Father Funk & Howla – Got Swing
Dutty Moonshine – InTuYa
Illectrix – IDYMLN
McMash Clan – Swing Break (Opiuo Remix)
Toots & Maytals – Hard To Handle (Stickybuds Remix)
Sam & Dave – Hold On I’m Coming (Phat Tony Ghetto Funk Remix)
Etta James – Tell Mama (Copycat’s Remix)
James Brown – Get Up Off That Thing (Featurecast Edit)
Francis Red – Le Mozeltov (The Motherland Funk)
Swing Bot feat MSP – Saz Me Up (Johnny Lectro Remix)
Dutty Moonshine – Rum Runners
Slamboree – Zorba The Greek
Skeewiff Vs Wilson Picket – Land Of 1000 Dances (I Got Soul Re-wiff)
DJ Dunya – Rock a Beat
Slamboree – Prokofiev
Slamboree – Big Bada Boomtown (loop)

Justin Johnson – Free Breaks Mix 2014

Justin Johnson


Exclusive FREE BREAKS BLOG mix from stateside breaker Justin Johnson.

Check out the latest release on his label, Barely Legal Records. Wardian gives Justins house track, Sustainability, a wicked Breaks remix. Retaining some of the original elements whilst giving this a nod to proper Electro. It’s funky, Electro, with a foot firmly in the classic breaks sound.

Grab it here —

Track listing:
1. Flatmate “Restless”
2. Wardian “Calavera”
3. Conte Crux “Freak Money”
4. Andy Mcallister “Boooshka!”
5. DJ Self “Pump That”
6. Stanton Warriors “Jerk That(Feat. Eboi) (Original Mix)”
7. Kyla, Kemtrails “Up in Here (BreaksMafia Remix)”
8. Wardian “OK Low”
9. EAC DJ’s “High Volume”
10. B-Phreak “armand van helden vs kill the noise vs torro torro_monster world_ b-phreak mashup”
11. Conte Crux “That’s the Way”
12. DJ Justin Johnson “Slow Ride”
13. 3PO “Rock That”
14. DJ Fen “Across the moon (The Weekenders Remix)”
15. DJ Justin Johnson “Sustainability (Wardian Remix)”


KRYMES – Noisily Promo Mix + Interview



This years Noisily Festival is now less than 60 days away (get your tickets) and the countdown to mayhem has officially started. Today we have an exclusive Noisily Promo mix from one of the main players in the UK Glitch Hop scenes, Mike Wallis whose new project Krymes will be playing on the Noisily stage this year.

You can WIN two FREE TICKETS just by entering our competition.

Check the new directors cut of the 2014 promo vid, read our interview and check out the mix at the bottom of the page.

1. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. For those that don’t know, who are you and what do you do?

I’m called Mike Wallis and I run Colony Productions with Sam Ashwell. I Dj under the name Krymes with Ben Parker.

2. So you’re playing at this years Noisily Festival right? What are you most looking forward too?

I’m really looking forward to opening the Noisily stage on friday alongside the rest of the UK Glitch Hop family, the funktion one system and seeing Joe Ford and Skope play myself and just having the chance to spend a bit of time listening to wicked tunes in such a beautiful setting. I’m counting down the days..

3. Noisily is a fairly new festival to the scene, whats so appealing to the UK’s underground DJ’s and musicians and festival goers alike?

I think that the festival scene has changed quite a bit over the years, it’s not just a way of seeing bands play like it was when I was a kid and electronic music has really got a stronghold now but there are some really big festivals and some very commercial dance acts playing them. Noisily is fresh, the people running it are passionate about what they are doing and they seem to have seen a gap in the market with the situation with Glade Festival. We played on The Meteor stage at Glade in 2012 and it was one of the best gigs I’ve played to date, I believe that weekend was a turning point for what has now become widely know as Glitch Hop or mid tempo in the Uk and massive props to Andy Ellis and Lowri for curating that and getting us involved. I’d also like to thank James at Liquid/Noisily for getting us involved at Noisily this year!!

4. Mike you have been a part of the Glitch Hop scene from the start really. How have you seen things progress since the early days?

It’s come a long long way. Dave (Tipper) and I were writing beats at this tempo back in 2000 and so were a lot of other artists. Danny Breaks, Harmonic 33, Tipper, Luke Vibert, Push Button Objects, the list is extensive if you go back to where I believe it all came from. Others would say it started with the Glitch Mob, Opiuo, Bassnectar abroad but I think it is widely acknowledged that the Uk has always had a thriving bass and breaks scene. I came in to production back in the days of Hardcore and early drum and bass along side a whole heap of electronica and found sounds often referred to as Trip Hop, all the Mo Wax stuff, Ninja Tune. For me it is a combination of all of that and the more abstract sounds that Warp artists like Autechre, Plaid, Boards of Canada, Prefuse 73 were producing, I also have to big up Aphex Twin just purely on the basis he’s a living legend in my mind. There are no real rules in glitch hop and that is what makes for good music in my opinion, the freedom to do what you want.

5. And out of the new breed of artists that are emerging, who are your favourites?

There are a lot.. my favourites at the moment are Mouldy Soul and Skope if I had to pick two out of a hat but there is a real feeling that a lot of producers are pushing into this genre, certainly that mid tempo 95-115bpm window.

22684_377363625675816_1672172564_n6. You run the long standing Glitch label Colony, alongside Vent, whats coming up?

I wouldn’t say we were necessarily a Glitch Hop label exclusively. We like to think of ourselves as artist based rather than genre based. Saying that however we have released a lot of music in that vein from Vent, Opiuo, Schema, Bran Richards, Mouldy Soul, Krossbow, Earegular, Tryptich, Dephicit, Crunch, Crush (one half of DC Breaks) but we’ve also put out stuff from Bit_Meddler, Kelpe, Point B, Sevenark, Cane aka Funckarma, Funkstorung, Loden, Lone Drum both remixes and original material along the way. Coming up this year we have some really good music we are very proud to be releasing from Nimbus, Kursa & Duskky, Skope, a new Earegular EP, a long awaited Mouldy Soul album, the next Vent EP, a sweet release from a chap called R2EQ and two wicked tracks from Fybe:One. I put out a cheeky free d/l as Psi Spy last year and we just had a Kursa & Shamanic Technology track come out as a free d/l as a warm up to their tour of Canada which kicks off in June. We are always on the lookout for what we like to hear and always hoping we can get it signed up to the label. Sam and I work on the basis that if either of us would want to play it out we’d also like to release it whether it be mid tempo, down tempo or even straight up drum and bass or techno.

(Kursa and Shamanic Technology :: Power Animal)

7. And UK Glitch Hop is your baby too? Tell us about that. It’s a label but you’ve also got a radio show and recently held the uk glitch hop awards?

It’s not a label as such more of a collective although we did put out a free compilation at the end of last year and intend on putting out more. I am certainly a part of it and do consider it like another child if we are talking in terms of babies but props need to go to the one and only Morbidly Obese Midget aka Chris who really was the founder of UK Glitch Hop. Chris pulled myself, William Breakspear who runs Skanky Panky Records, Your Niece aka Rhys in early on alongside Mouldy Soul aka Rich and Harley Davies who runs Beta Test Records and Beta Birmingham and together we’ve been pushing the scene along as much as we can alongside the many other people who are making it what it is and is becoming and we’ve had a heap of support and mixes and guest dj’s from people like Wonkay Records, Omni Temple, Automaton, Krossbow just to namecheck a few. Koan Sound have really helped bring the scene in to a wider audience in the UK too as an example so we consider ourselves a part of something bigger really and are just pleased to be a part of it.

The idea behind UK Glitch Hop was to create an open platform to showcase the sound by way of a regular weekly show on and via our soundcloud archive and with the help of the facebook page a way for people to hear about new releases and events going on. Since the conception we have ended up all pooling our contacts and have hooked each other up to the point where we now really are beginning to play as a collective and have been lucky enough to host rooms at Carousel Festival a couple of times with the next one on 13th June, at Liberated Empire where we played alongside Griz who played in the main room last Friday whilst we hosted the other room, at Sub Audio Festival later this month you can catch me and ben playing as Krymes alongside William Breakspear, Noisily Festival is a big one for us though!! We’ve roped Vent into playing with us too for that one. Really looking forward to it.

We are hoping to get a regular UK Glitch Hop residency sorted out later this year too but we need to find the right venue and we’d rather wait and get it right than to just do it for the sake of doing it. We’ve been doing the awards for 2 years now and we do a little tour to celebrate that anyway but a regular night will be wicked when we get there. The awards are our way of letting the people who actually listen to Glitch Hop give back a bit of a thank you for all the effort the promoters, producers and labels are making themselves really. Come check us out here.. and you can listen to some of the shows archived here..


8. So the UK scene is really thriving? Why do you think that is?

The UK is a funny place for music, we have some of the best music on the planet originating here. Drum and Bass, Breaks the list is long (I’ve seen a flow chart online a few times) all the way back to the heyday of the Beatles, the Stones, the Happy Mondays, the Cure and all the music that has come in between that and now. It’s just something we seem to do well. Truth is though we make great music but we don’t party like they do abroad really, there is a different vibe partying somewhere that isn’t cold and wet most of the year and there are less people chin stroking and contemplating production methods but right from when I used to go to Speed on a thursday to see Bukem and Fabio to now there is nowhere else like the UK. I like to think that in 50 or a 100 years time people are going to look back and see what we’ve done for music and sub culture in the UK but what we are also good at is taking sounds and scenes from all over the world and making them ours, or our own take on them and I think we’ll always see fresh ideas coming from this little island we call home.

9. Who else from overseas is doing it right in the Glitch Hop scene?

Opiuo is wicked, Gramatik although he’s his own monster, Stickybuds who played at our awards this year, I’m partial to a bit of JPod and some Gruff, far too many to mention them all really but Mr Bill needs a big ups, his Collaborative Endeavors was something else with my favourite track on there being Rmyth.. Go and d/l this right now if you haven’t got it, you need this in your life!!

10. Krymes is the new project? What can we expect?

Ben and I are in the studio and we put up a free track a little while ago but we’re slow, lots started and just left as we move on to the next thing, it’s a learning curve and we are really focusing on getting out sets right at the moment primarily but we plan on getting a single out later this year. Ben is working on another project with a friend of ours Q called Shake N Herb which is coming together really nicely and Sam and me have been back in the studio writing together as Basik and just had a track out on a 12″ that Beta Test Records pressed up earlier this year. As far as what to expect from Krymes though, a rocking party set of solid mid tempo, glitchy goodness with some unreleased edits from us and anyone else we are digging at that point in time too and a single later this year and a follow up EP and a couple of remixes we’re working on somewhere in between. Links below..

11. Any possibility of some new collaboration material with Tipper?

Haha.. Well we’ve been talking about it for the past two years on and off but I don’t want to be in a situation where we are sending each other stems whilst he’s in Hawaii and I’m over here so when I get round to going there or when I can get him in to a room here and lock the door and hide the key you may just see something else emerge from us. We put our whole discography up for free d/l over a year ago and it has had quite a few d/l’s and fundamentally we are both still very much into what we were back then and in a similar headspace still so let’s see. Luckily his surgery went well last year so we’ve got time on our sides I hope. I’ve been listening to his latest work a lot recently as he just released Forward Escape and it’s next level as always.. Again if you haven’t got that in your life get over to now and purchase it immediately!! You won’t regret it, I guarantee you that or I’ll personally refund your money!!  If you’ve never heard any of the Crunch material you can check us out here too..

12. Anything else you’d like to add?

Yeah, thank you for giving me the opportunity to spout off about what I love most, glitchy goodness. Hope you like the Noisily promo mix and look forward to seeing some of you at Sub Audio Festival, Carousel Festival or Noisily Festival over the next couple of months!! Gonna be a good summer..


So big thanks to Mike for his answers and now onto the mix. A pumping, fast paced riotous mix of all things Glitchy, taking in Funk, Swing, Ghetto, House and many other influences all Glitched up and whomped out! This needs to be played at high volume!

Don’t forget you can still grab your Noisily Tickets HERE.

1) Kursa & Duskky – Crypsis – Colony Productions
2) Steely Dan – Peg – Dj Twister Edit
3) TC – Burning Starlight – Stickybuds Remix
4) Hit it Maestro – Listen to Jpod
5) Skope – Roll Em – Caliber
6) Love & Light – Monster
7) Vent – Monkey Chew – Hardcore Beats
8) Dephicit & Don Johnston – Babushka Remix
9) Vent – Jump – Skope Remix – Colony Productions
10) Tipper – Off Kilter VIP – Tipper Music
11) Kill Paris – Catch You – Owsla
12) Slynk – Fried Chicken Remix – Rufus Thomas
13) Slynk & Crazy Daylight – She’s Got That
14) Cheshire – One More Dance – Adapted Recs
15) Tipper – Bubble Control VIP – Tipper Music
16) Romor – Kicking Auld Styles
17) My Love – WBBL Remix
18) Tryptich – Eucalyptus – Colony Productions
19) Basik – End of Days – Beta Test Records
20) Krymes – La Dubiously
21) Sammy Senior – Goin’ Crazy

Rennie Pilgrem Presents – Nu Skool Breakz

Rennie Pilgrem Presents - Nu Skool Breakz

Time for some truly classic breakbeats from the man known to many as the godfather of breaks, Rennie Pilgrem.

This mix was originally released on CD only, way back in 1998 and is one of the first Nu Skool tagged breaks mixes. Featuring some well known names and many not so well known, Rennie crafts a distinctive mix full of the energy of a burgeoning genre with some absolute monster tracks alongside some more subtle flavours.

I have the seal of approval from Rennie himself to provide this mix to you in full digital 320 kbps goodness for the first time ever.

Uptown Connection – LA
D.A.T. – Last Great Frontier
Desert Trip – Kwicksand
Tipper – Get Up Off Your Feet
Silicon Valley Def Stars – Lizard
Tsunami One – Number 43 With Steamed Rice Please
Dark Globe – Sprintrian Posture
Danny Rose – Living In A Box
Vandalism – Folded
Alienage – Have Your Love
Thursday Club – Pray
Bushwacka! – My First Big Fish

Taking a small sabbatical from music, Rennie has now turned his talented hand to art. Check out all his work HERE


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