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3 Questions For Digital + New EP On NexGen Music

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According to Discogs, you have been producing since the mid 90s, what was your calling to the studio way back when?

As a kid in the mid 80’s I never thought about producing because all I wanted to do was play records, records aka vinyl. The eureka moment struck while out raving to DJ/Producers like Doc Scott and Simon Bassline Smith. I knew them through their amazing music on Reinforced Records and Absolute 2 so I figured they were getting mad love because of their work. It was a good feeling because I knew then I had something to aspire too.

My first release was back in 1994, a collab with Danny C under the name ‘Authorised Riddim’ on the legendary Certificate 18 Records. I got a huge buzz out of it because Dj’s I raved to like Storm, Bukem, Simon Bassline Smith were playing it. So my thoughts were, making beats push you as Dj, I get kicks out of it because when I’m raving my own track might get played (What a buzz!!) and furthermore, this could be my job! It sounded like a WIN, WIN, WIN situation.

You have featured on some of the biggest labels, Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware & Creative Wax to name just a few. Your sound is distinct from a very large pool of DnB all over the globe. Is it something you aspire to to be so different and have such a stand alone sound?

No I don’t aspire to that, I make music with the musical influences I’m armed with, while others might let their new bit of equipment shape their sound.

Lastly, can you tell us a bit about the ideas that went into this new EP Of yours for Nexgen music.

 ‘Brain Damage’ was born in the middle of a 2 day bender with the big man, Drum Cypha. I won’t tell you any details about it but you can imagine what is was like because of the resulting track name.

‘Let Them Live’ was me getting my alien on. I don’t really use  huge amount of synths in my tracks but this track has heaps throughout. I have loads of tracks like this as I’m doing a different kind of project at the moment…..

The ‘Brain Damage EP’ with Cypha on NexGen Music is out now. Buy It Here>>>


Fat Men At The Disco Interview



We Caught Up With House Producer Fat Men At The Disco For A Chat, Here’s What He Had To Say……….

Tell Us A Bit About Yourself

Hello, My Names Adrian Powell And I Am Fat Men At The Disco And Yes I Can Do The Truffle Shuffle
For Those Who Don’t Know, Tell Us A Bit About Fat Men At The Disco And How It Began.

It Began 3 Years Ago, I Was Playing Locally From The Mid 90s On And Off But Never Wrote Any Music. I Got An Urge To Start Making My Own Music And Decided A New Project Was In Order And Decided To Start To Learn Music Production. I Have Previously Been Accused Of Being Too Fat And Too Old For Clubbing And Djing So This Is Where Fat Men At The Disco Came From.

How Did You Get Into Music Production? What Were The Initial Steps?

Studio Sessions With Experienced Producers Was The Route For Me. I’ve Been Lucky Enough To Have A Talented Pool Of Producer Friends And Family. Initially I Started Learning With Alex Powell Of The Squatters And What’s Your Status Records As Well As Ian Bland Of Dream Frequency And Maison Records. Both Highly Experienced And Highly Talented Producers. I Spent Many Hours With Both. But I Don’t Actually Think You Learn Properly Until You Sit There On Your Own In Front Of The Screen Writing Tracks.

How Would You Describe Your Production Style?

A Little Bit Of A Mix Of Genres. I Think I’m In The Ghetto House And House Genre But I Have Been Described As Uk Garage And Uk Bass By Others.

Was There A Moment Or A Tune Or A Dj Set That Made You Decide You Were Going To Produce And Was It Always Going To Be?

Leeds Dj Graham Dixon, What A Guy. His Djing Skills Where Out There. Always A Joy To Watch. There’s Rumours That He Was The One Who Taught Sasha To Scratch In The Leeds House Music Revolution Of The Late 80s & 90s. His Music Production Was Dirty And Earned Him The Name Dirty Dixon. He Was Definitely My Inspiration.
Which Events From Over The Years In Your Illustrious Career Really Stick In Your Mind And Why?

There’s Been A Few Of Them. I’ve Been Lucky Enough To Dj For Passion In Sutton Coalfield With Paul Van Dyke Or There’s Playing With Marshall Jefferson In Leeds, Rob Tissera For Kissdafunk, Glasshouse, Brandon Block …… There’s Loads But These Stick Out.
What Was Your First Experience Of House Music And How Did You Get Into The Sound?

Youth Club In The Mid 90s, I Was A Dj There, My 1st Gigs Ever Playing Acid House And Hard House. Stuff Like La Style – James Brown Is Dead, The Prodigy, Altern8 And Utah Saints
Who Were Your Major Influences In Terms Of Music Production?

I’m Loving Demarzo At The Moment. His Music Is Amazing. I’m Also Liking Sol Brothers, Vanilla Ace, Sirus Hood And Rob Made. I Also Like Some Of The Local Talent Round Here. The Likes Of Steve Haley And Craig Dickson.
When Would You Say Was Your Breakout Moment When Heads Turned To You Music?

Ha Ha!, Think I’m Still Waiting For That Moment. Though I Am Looking Forward To An EP I’m Releasing On Drenched Records. Drenched Are Going To Be A Major Label And Have Some Serious Backing With Releases From The Likes Of Vanilla Ace And Support From Annie Mac.

What Made You Choose House As A Genre?

I Don’t Think I Chose The Genre. I Just Make It And It Finds Its Own Genre.
If You Could Work On A Track With Anyone From Now Or Way Back When, Who Would It Be?

From Back In The Day It Would Have To Be Toni De Vit. He Was One Of My Favourite 90s DJs, Today I Think Sirus Hood Or Demarzo.
And If You Could Remix Any Tune Of Your Choice, Which One Would You Choose And Why?

Show Me Love By Robin S…. Joking, Don’t Really Know Really. Stumped Me That One.
Tell Us About Any Other Music Related Stuff You’re Involved In

Currently Working On My Own Record Label Fmatd Recordings Which I Am Hoping To Make Live At The Back End Of The Year.
Could You Offer A Bit Of Advice For A Up And Coming Producer?

Yeah, Don’t Pay Anyone For Anything Musically, There’s Lots Of People Out There That Will Take Your Money For Services That You Don’t Need. It All Happens Automatically. You Don’t Need An Agency Until Your Reputable, Don’t Pay For Likes And Followers Either. I Mean Why Would You? You Paying For Someone To Add Followers From Fake Accounts That Actually Never Listen To Your Music. I’d Rather Have Just 100 Listeners That Listened Then 10,000 Play Clicks To Make You Look Popular.
Describe To Us Your Approach To A Dj Set, Do You Like To Gently Warm Up The Crowd Or Go For The Bangers Or More Of A Journey Approach?

I Never Plan A Set. I Pick A Load Of Tracks I Like With Varying Tunes And Try Feel What The Crowd Want. Then Give Them It. If Its Funk Or “bangers” I Try Read The Crowd. I Never Try Force Music Into A Crowd. Id Rather Play To A Full Room Then Empty One.
As A Producer, You Keep An Open Mind And An Open Palette Producing In Various Styles, Who Do You Draw Influences From?

I Like To Take Bits From Varying Genres, If I Like It Or It Fits It Gets Written In. I Like Adding Subliminal Sound Changes That As A Music Fan You Wouldn’t Notice But As A Producer It Makes The Track. Take A Kick Out Or Add A Kick There Can Make The Difference. I Love The Musical Build Ups Before The Drops From Late 90’S And 2000’S Tracks And I Do Try Transfer That Into My Music. I Try To Make It Uplifting Funky With Dirty Basslines
What Are The Vital Elements To Making A Tune That Come Into Play When You’re In The Studio?

Easy, 8 Bars, A Kick Ass Kick Drum And Rocking Bassline. Start There And Feel The Groove.
Who Have You Enjoyed Making Music With The Most And Who Would You Still Like To Colab With?

Ian Bland Is The Craziest Mother Of All. Try Making Beats In A Studio Whilst Wearing A Roman Soldiers Helmet Whilst His Dog Sits And Stairs At You With Shades On! Colab Wise Would Be Any Of My Favourite Producers. Though Deadmaus Looks Like He Would Be Fun To Be In The Studio With. Would Love To Get On His Twitter Account When He’s Not Looking And Stir Some Shit Up Ha Ha!
Any Final Words And Shout Outs?

Just Thank You To Everyone Who’s Supported My Music Including You Guys For This Opportunity. Drenched Records, Maison Records, Lw Recordings, 13 Records, Mccloy Artist Management, The Squatters, Ian Bland And Most Of All My Very Understanding Misses. She Understands What Music Means To Me And She Has Supported More Than Any

My Selecta Interview

Press-Shot-My-Selecta-01 cropped

My Selecta has his first release out on Sub Nation this Friday, you can stream it here, buy it here and check it this interview with the man below, gwaaannnnn!!!

How did you get involved in Sub Nation for this new release?

I got involved with Sub Nation through Jay Cunningham who runs the label, I Initially met Jay through using On The Rise Music which he co runs with Terry and after using On The Rise for a few releases on my own label Drum Wrks Jay asked me to do a couple of tracks for his label which became this release.


Interview With JC Unique of Unique2Rhythm



You won’t find a house imprint the calibre of Unique2Rhythm either side of the Atlantic, the label is undoubtedly one of the best with a back cat that speaks for itself with an ethos that champions pristine production and melodic goodness first and foremost. We are very pleased to share this exclusive interview with label boss and producer JC Unique, read on for some pearls of wisdom for aspiring label owners and artists…

For those who don’t know, tell us a bit about Unique 2 Rhythm Records and how it began. How did you get into music production? What were the initial steps?

As a teenager in the late 80’s I was drawn into sound technology starting out with a mates Sequential Circuits Pro One synthesizer, a Tascam cassette portastudio and a Boss hand clapper stomp box. Probably the first tracks that blew me away and made me want to produce were driven by drum machines such as Cameo, the SOS Band, Prince, Chaka Khan in fact just about anything that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were involved with. I must have spent years trying to get record deals meeting up with A&R people and taking their ‘position of power’ attitude on the chin. None of it was particularly constructive and we all went through it, but in one such meeting, an A&R guy trying to sound clever actually provided a moment of clarity. He said “if you think your music is so effin’ good, why don’t you go and see your bank manager and put it out yourself?” – at the time I replied “You ARE the bank manager you smart-arse !” but it did make me explore the possibilities and by the late 90’s I was releasing white-labels on P&D deals and making the regular trips to Brick Lane. (more…)

Chatting On The Sofa With Jago


This is your first album but how long have you been involved in the music industry and what inspired you to get in?

I’ve been doing music for years now. The early jungle scene in London is what got me interested in the first place.

What made you chose the title “Microphones And Sofas?”

I was sleeping on sofas in the studios I recorded at, so it makes sense. I only really picked it after writing it in my thanks section on the album. It’s an accident really.

Can You Take Us through The Process Of Hooking Up With legends like DJ Vadim, fresh new talent like Ghost Writerz and all the great artists and singers/rappers you collaborated with on this album?

I’m part of a sound system called unit 137. It’s also a studio and label. Most of the people I collaborated with were either friends or people that were naturally around the studio

Tell us a bit about the group you are part of, onlyjoe

Onlyjoe is a reggae band from London. We’ve played together for a few years and toured over the place. Most of us are also involved in other music projects also but I think what makes onlyjoe really work for me is that the project is always quite politically aware.

There’s somewhat of an oldskool vibe to the album, was this an intentional thing I.e were you looking to revive some of those classic 80s/90s sounds?

Yeah I was doing an Ep with Ed West and that grew into becoming the album. I think it’s the sounds I’m drawn to really. I wanted to have a few styles on the album. I had some jungle I’d recorded before that I was considering putting on there too but that’ll maybe be something else in the future.

Any final words or shout outs?

Big up anyone contributing good energy to the world. Big up the sun and big up yourselves


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North Base’s Top 3 Viper Tracks of 2015



1. B-Motion – Bear Hugs
The reece on this cuts like a knife keep children out of reach! This means business!

2. Brookes Brothers – Climb High
Love the summer vibes on this one it’s a real break from the norm right now with all the dark music being made! More tunes like this please!

3. North Base Vs ISVK (feat) Ragga Twins – What R U Doing – Trei Remix
Our boy TREI has murdered this remix to bits. That swinging reece just sets the dance floor alight! One of our favourites on the label this year even tho it’s one of ours!


Viper Recordings Annual 2016 is out now

InsideInfo Album Mix:

Harri Georgio Talks Ultra Bass


Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m an artist, producer & DJ from Stoke-on-Trent, now based in Leicester due to going to Uni here and sticking around when I graduated to start work at a local recording studio, ‘HQ’. I started out as a Garage and Grime MC around 15, began producing not long after that, from then until now, pushed the MCing for a couple of years, got to support some of the bigger names in the scene, until moving on to making electronic music. Went to Uni at 18 and became inspired by the diverse range of music going on there, met and joined a band, we released an EP and did some shows in London, then I left early 2014 to focus on my true passion of being a producer, and I’m still finding my way, as they say!

How did you get involved in Ultra Bass Records for their milestone 20th release?

I’d actually had the track for a while, but finding the right label for it I found a bit overwhelming to say the least, I asked a friend of mine Jake Twell, who also did a great job on one of the remixes, if he knew of anyone and he suggested Ultra Bass. I checked them out and was feeling the House & Garage sound they were pushing, sent them the demo and Joshua from UB got straight back to me, said they were really feeling it and they wanted to sign it, and things went from there..

As a producer, you keep an open mind and an open palette producing in various styles, who do you draw influences from?

Well I’ve always loved all genres, and I’m constantly looking for new things, but when it comes to my foundations growing up, I still look back and massively idolise Dr Dre, aside from his immaculate productions, timeless classics and unmistakeable raw sound, the way he’s been able to bring the best out of every artist he’s worked with, get inside there head and create something completely new with each of them is massively inspiring to me, even if its not the kind of music I make, I still love to listen to it, and a lot of 90’s Hip Hop in general. Closer to home, on the UK House & Garage tip, Grant Nelson’s a big one, and has been an inspiration to the music I make. The Prodigy, largely for the way they’ve been able to blend different genres and live instrumentation in to Dance music. The early Grime scene was pretty impactful when I was growing up too, Sidewinder CD packs.. Wiley, Dizzee, Slimzee.. I used to love Speed Garage and listen to a lot of my Dads tapes from Niche in Sheffield in my school days as well
What’s it like DJ’ing at Ministry of Sound?
Wicked sound system, and if people are feeling the vibe then you’ve got them


Which tunes are essentials in your DJ sets right now?
Ben Mono – Mood Swing, D. Ramirez – Shake


Any final words and shout outs?
Massive thanks to Lamont Dex from Ultra Bass for seeing the release through, getting behind it and pushing to get the features and blog support, and being there whenever I had any questions, not to mention the wicked remix, & big ups to anyone that’s supported so far!

Buy Harri Georgio “Feel It” Out Now On Ultra Bass Records

Trolla Interview



How did you get involved in Trolla?
Myself (Tom Turner) & (Craig Bird) have known each other for years. Craig has Dj’d for years as we live 5 mins away from each other and had some experience in producing in the past and I’d done some Dj’ing before. Neither of us were doing anything music-wise and we’d spoken about it a few times and decided to get ourselves in the studio. That’s where it started.

For those who don’t know, tell us a bit about Trolla and how it began. How did you get into music production? What were the initial steps?
Being from Sheffield both our roots were bassline but we were getting into house music more and more and decided that’s what we wanted to make. We sat down and looked through vocal packs that we had and started looking at the sound we wanted, put some beats down, chopped up the vocal and got ourselves down to the studio to finish our first track.

Was there a moment or a tune or a DJ set that made you decide you were going to produce and was it always going to be House music?
Not necessarily, but some of the artists and sounds that have emerged over the last couple of years in house music have definitely made it exciting though

What is it about the current wave of House music that appeals to you?
There’s more and more new sub genres coming through and there’s a much dirtier side to house music and bass music these days

If you could work on a track with anyone from now or way back when, who would it be?

And if you could remix any tune of your choice, which one would you choose and why?
Faithless – Insomnia

Tell us a few of your all time and current fave producers?
There’s so many good producers and DJ’s out there at the minute, a couple that seem to be doing all the right things are Jauz, low Steppa, Chris Lake, Chris Lorenzo, Hybrid Theory and Joyryde.

Are there any unfulfilled goals or aspirations of yours musically?
It’s still early days for Trolla so we’ve got so much we want to do!

Describe to us your approach to a DJ set, do you like to gently warm up the crowd or go for the bangers or more of a journey approach?
It all depends on how long we’ve got, but it’s all about taking the crowd on a journey

Of all the tunes you’ve made, which is your favourite?

Hold You

What are the vital elements to making a tune that come into play when you’re in the studio?
It’s all bout key and chord progression for us, we want to make sure we’ve got a good solid sound that translates well.

Check out this free “Apache” bootleg by Trolla

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