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Haus Side – Fyah Dance EP

Haus Side - Fyah Dance EP


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Haus Side busts some ‘Fiyah Dance’ Tech House slammers on Five Finger Discount. The title track welds African chants to mega chunks of slappin’ bass n synths. ‘Emergency Exit’ takes a little trip back to 89′ with Jungle brothers vocals and bubblin’ acid. ‘F**k Yeah’ takes the rallying cry of ‘murica patriots and gets stomping with a heavy drum rollout. ‘Never Again’ picks the 303 action and rolls even further with it riding into an open plain of  Techno stabbage and pounding kicks. Serious Dance Fiyah!!!

We Take Polaroids – Simplify

We Take Polaroids - Simplify


Pre-Order From Beatport, Juno, iTunes Out 03/03/17

We Take Polaroids are already turning heads with ‘Simplify’ even whilst on Pre-Order. The subtle emotive production on ‘Simply’ (Out on Jula Music 03/03/17) sounds like New Order or Human League in Deep House mode. Delicate vocals wind around a gentle haze of synths and instrumentation. Ash Carr speeds things right up keeping the warm spirit of the original while transposing it into a thumping peak time tech House stomper. Simply brilliant!!!

Steven Lee – Just Can’t

Steven Lee - Just Can't


Free Download Here

Steven Lee makes a distinctive debut on Swerve Digital with free House track ‘Just Can’t’

Disco like funky keys transitions nicely into a highly danceable slice of ear candy that utilises snippets of classic house tracks from the golden era in a nice subtle way. We’re very keen to hear more from this DJ/producer!!

I.N- Woman

I.N- Woman


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I.N makes a tasteful appearance on DRUM Records with ‘Woman’ plus a top class remix by Tropical Ground.

‘Woman’ will please all with a penchant for deep, tough tribal House tracks with a Techno proclivity. Pounding drums, percussion and emphatic piano leads drive ‘Woman’ in the direction of your nearest dancefloor.

Tropical Ground, an artist that has featured on top House imprint Whartone directs ‘Woman’ into Funky Tech House traffic with level red weather warnings or might we say tropical heat? Either way this is another bow to the impressive arrow that is the DRUM Records back cat, take note!!

Interface – Toytown EP [2017 Remasters]

Interface - Toytown EP


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Mike Ash a.k.a Interface’s legendary ‘Toytown EP’ gets freshly remastered for 2017 on Rising High Records.

All the way back in 1991, this EP of manic breakbeat hardcore bangers got caned by the likes of DJ Hype. Until now, copies of the original vinyl would cost up to £14 on Discogs but these new remasters are available for half that in lossless format but thats, not the real reason to grab them and we’re not here to shill.

For this writer, it seems a no-brainer to support oldskool hardcore on digital formats. You can get digital versions of music going back to the classical era but oldskool hardcore has almost been lost into obscurity meaning that a whole new generation that listens to Spotify won’t ever hear classics like ‘Return Of Godzilla’ and ‘Out Yer Face’. They might miss out on the genre that influences everything from contemporary House to Techno in 2017.

I can still remember hearing tracks like these on the radio back in 91/92′ and being blown away. A melting pot of Belgian Techno, Hip Hop and countless other genres fueled by an underground revolution that stood tall in the face of Tory Britain. Oldskool Hardcore still sounds as unconventional and innovative as it did in its era, I for one am glad its finally making it onto digital platforms.

JC Unique- 100 Percent

JC Unique- 100 Percent


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JC Unique doesn’t do quality House music by halves, he always gives it ‘100 Percent’ and that’s exactly what you’re getting on this fantastic new single for Unique2Rhythm.

If you love the 80’s Soul Funk sound of Cameo, Zapp and the late Prince then JC Unique’s ‘100 Percent’ will get you well and truly in the zone with funkadelic phat synth stabs and sassy diva vocals. JC applies these groovy elements to that instantly appealing and indefatigable classic US House sound. 100 percent excellence evident to the ears!!!

Groove Salvation ‘Don’t Play This Song’

Groove Salvation 'Don't Play This Song'


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Groove Salvation titled their new track on Paraiso ‘Don’t Play This Song’ but you most definitely should listen!!! If you didn’t, you’d miss out on a wonderfully chunky groove on the Cajual Recs/Nervous tip, Deep, groovin’ and big on the drums!!! Do play this song!!!

Swankout – Back To 91′ / In My Mind

Swankout - Back To 91' / In My Mind


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Swankout returns to Top Drawer Digital to claim his top ten spot for the end of 2017 with ‘Back To 91′ and ‘In My Mind’

‘Back To 91′ points your ears in the direction of the birth of rave music. Think Love Decade, think N-Joi or The Prodigy. lap up the rushy keys and oldskool beats that fit perfectly into a 2017 House or Breaks set. And then we turn to ‘In My MInd’ and you may notice the infamous ‘Twin Peaks’ 8 bar melody set to the pitched down jungle breaks and ‘raving days of glory’ vocal. That’s 2017 done and done, Swankout went and won it in the very first month with these two massive tunes

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