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2016 ADE Samplers Roundup



The annual Amsterdam Dance Event presents great opportunities for independent House & Techno artists & labels to showcase their tracks. Here’s some that we have come across and really enjoyed

This one’s out on Minar Records and features some excellent Deep/Tech House tracks including M.I.T.A’s remix of ‘Siseta’ by Cyberx & DJ The Fox

Black Habitat is the sister label of Habitat. Based in Mexico, we predict big things from this Techno focused label. Their ADE sampler is a tantalising taster of what’s to come with fine contributions from the likes of Wayne Madiedo and others

LTF’s ADE Sampler features upfront Tech House/Techno offerings from Franky Rizardo, Strike & Streek & Tierap

One label guaranteed to provide awesome content is Onefold Digital. This year’s Onefold ADE sampler delves into a US influenced House sound taking in many elements of the many branches of House & Bass music along the way. The compilation also welcomes on board a collective of rising talent including Bobby Harvey, Ben Read & Dirty Mango. Our favourite track? all of them although we do love Blu Leopard ‘The Intro’


Rawsome Recordings provides an ADE Sampler totally free!! There’s some serious talent here too. How about Greco, DJOKO, Thijs Haal, Jack Swaffer & Richey Profond plus more?

If you’re looking for a nice blend of established and fresh new talent, Amplified’s ADE sampler has tracks by the likes of DJOKO & Thalo Santanaa along with contributions from some awesome new artists like Basement UK. The vibe is dark techy bangers and we love them!!

Swerve Digital’s ADE sampler comes out tomorrow. Keeping in form with the label’s excellent carefully curated back cat this comp is a real treat for lovers of underground House Music. Featuring sterling contributions from Lee Pearce, Ben Read and Gruvem/Avesie plus ACB & Incorporation. This si the sound of a meticulously picked album with a mind for classy production and what the DJ needs to please the crowd.

Liquid Alliance EP RNV001 Limited Edition Vinyl



Pre-Order Vinyl Here

Liquid Alliance bring the dark ethereal Hardcore/Jungle vibes on a must have LTD edition vinyl release.

Ravenoyz Recordings, owned by DJ Wislov has been putting out quality NuSkool Hardcore & Jungle for some time. Regulars to the blog will have read our previous review.

Liquid Alliance is the duo of Dj Wislov & Alexbreako and they make superbly dark experimental 93 era style sounds influenced by classic labels like Production House & Formation. Take a listen to this must have EP below and get your pre-orders in!!

VA- Northern Power House Vol 1 [Night Shift Sound]


Buy Here

Night Shift Sound bring together some of the label’s finest releases with fresh new content in the form of tracks and remixes by the likes of  Aniff Akinola, DRS, & Fallacy.

As with previous Night shift output, the tracks vary between upfront Bass House and the deeper darker shades of UK Garage even crossing over into Grime & DnB

There’s a whole lotta top bass tunage right here so grab your copy via this link 

Glowkid 2 Bad Mice 25Yr anniversary Tribute Show (Planet Rave Radio) 8.11.16


Glowkid’s radio shows on Planet Rave are always full of energy and liveliness and this particular upcoming show is not to be missed!!! The ambassador of all things oldskool and nuskool hardcore & jungle is celebrating 25yrs of legendary duo 2 Bad Mice who coincidentally have just released a new EP

Anyways, details are below in this SoundCloud teaser, be there 8.11.16 17:30-19:00pm Uk time for a trip down memory lane. Expect plenty of Kaotic Chemistry and Bombscares!!! And make sure you @Hold It Down’ for the duration of the show!!

Reza & Barry Obzee- Who’s The Badman [Instereo Recordings]



Buy Here

Reza & Barry Obzee pay tribute to the 1992 classic ‘Who’s The Badman’ by Dee Patten. The original was a massive crossover track played in House Music and Oldskool Hardcore circles. Reza & Obzee are themselves veterans from that very early rave scene. Their new take on ‘Who’s The Badman’ brings it nicely up to date in a dark Tech House style fitting with the Instereo Recordings style.

Those familiar vocals are nicely blended in with a huge building drop, layered drums and dark bubbling keys. All ingredients for a massive tune for oldskool and nuskool heads alike!!!

House & Techno Roundup 24.10.16

Free-Breaks-Blog-logo-with-black-background-and-with-name-819x1024 resized

Our House & Techno Roundup features Hollis Parker, Jax Jones, Essess Ft Malika, Nervo, Joey Fehrenbach, Hamzah, Standard&Push, Landings, Holt Blackheath, White Label & Jordan Joyce….

Hollis Parker ‘What You’ve Done’ taken from his two track EP of jazz influenced soulful house music combining great musical composition with  a 4×4 House music beat

Darius Syrossian gets to ‘work’ on Jax Jones’ ‘House Work’ reworking it for the tech house lovin’ dance floors

Essess Ft Malika ‘Trust In Me’ gets some absolutely fabulous remixes including 2 garage reworkings from Mat Jam Lamont & Scott Diaz

Jolyon Petch gives NERVO ‘People Grinnin’ a top class club house re rub, expect plenty of good times on the floor with this tasty refix

Some deep driving Progressive House from Joey Fehrenbach. Some very fine remixes add to the exceptional quality of this one, think Diggers & Oakey and sunsets in exotic locations across the globe where people converge to dance!!

Hamzah’s back on Wind Horse Recs with a new EP that’s got support from many of the top DJ’s within the prog/tech house scene. Swirling, deep and magnificent

Standard & Push copmbine all kinds of bass music with a house beat for this EP of speaker bursting tunage suitable for a variety of DJ sets

Exquisite musical deep house/electronica from Landings

The first of 3 featured Audio rehab releases in this post. Holt Blackheath has a style of his own somewhere between House & Techno. The beats thump and the melodies are rich

Bass House meets UKG/UK Funky with a future perspective on this new EP by White Label

And yet more Garagey goodness blending Jungle, Oldskool Rave & Classic House from Jordan Joyce, waych out for this artist, they have serious talent, you’ll be hearing them on many a top label soon, Audio Rehab being one of them

DJ Halloween- House of Horror [East Recordings]



Buy From Traxsource  on 31/10/16

East Recordings boss Pablo Del Monte becomes DJ Halloween for this one of a kind release. ‘House Of Horror’ is the first ever House track themed on the night and comes in two versions. There’s the dark funky Tech House roller that constitutes the original and then there’s an additional version that includes a cheeky wee snippet of Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’. Plenty of fun to be had and a DJ weapon all in one!!

Drum & Bass Roundup 23.10.16

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In need of some fiyah DnB? Our roundup features new releases by Chopstick Dubplate, Fleck, Pull Up Collective, Samurai Breaks, INKPHET, Voltage, Soulscience, BR Ft Feyder, Ablaze, DREDILLAH,  Sweet N Sikka, Gold Dubs, The Scarecrow & Dan Guidance…..

The Chopstick Dubplate collective have a brand new release out, filled with tasty toasting and feelgood ragga junglistic heaters fresh out of the lab of some of the scene’s top talents

Part of a free compilation from Breaks/DnB label BKoast, Fleck smashes it with this sick Ragga Jungle roller

Out now on Deep In The Jungle, Pull Up Collective’s new EP is yet another essential addition to the junglists collection. A purist foray into the sounds of 94′, lighters at the ready!!

Next up, not one but two futuristic Jungle/DnB/Footwork steppas from Samurai Breaks, these ones are for the true ravers!!!


Macabre darkness from Inkphet on Viral Mental, a new EP  and a free download loaded with fierce growling basslines and thumping beats for the darker dance floors


Accomplished producer Voltage always brings his A-Game when it comes to new beats. No exceptions here, this new EP on Low Down Deep is the stuff raves and clubs are made for

Soulscience returns after a hiatus from tune making. He returns with this gem of a warm rolling liquid DnB tune which is free to download

This track by BR Ft Feyder is taken from the newest multi-tempo EP on Russia’s Future Jungle Music showcasing some of the finest emerging talent and veterans to the scene all in one

This beaut of a tune is from Ablaze’s new EP on Unified Audio. We are very pleased to host the premiere to this classy track that kicks off with tasty sax licks and evolves into a summery roller that sounds like the beaches of California in mid July!!!

Back to the darkness and by darkness we mean darkness done nicely!!! Fast, frantic pounding beats and rib splitting synths are what Dredillah has to offer. Only if you’re strong enough to handle them!!

This is one of two DnB slammers from Sweet N Sikka, part of their new time themed EP on Formation. A couple of raw energetic stripped back kick n’ snare call & response snap attackers designed to bring out the freak in you!!!

Gold Dubs gets deep, tribal; and rootsy on this flavourable contribution to the new Tru Thoughts album

if you haven’t got this follow up to Asbo Records’ Joker Recs remix series, one more reason (as if you needed it) to go buy is a free remix of The Scarecrow ‘Tutti Fruitti’ by Dialect & Kosine

And we conclude with something nice n’ smooth from Dan Guidance, a producer you really should get to know. This free track should be a great starter

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