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Gorilla Complex Exclusive Interview & New SIngle Premiere Stream

Gorilla Complex Press Packshot

We are very pleased to share an exclusive interview with Gorilla Complex and a premiere stream of his awesome new track ‘Welcome To The Bass Jungle’, read on to learn more about his animalistic style of bass music…. 

Tell me a little about Gorilla Complex?

Gorilla Complex is a well thought out project. The dance floor has always seemed like an animalistic place to me, and as I wanted to create heavy bass music, a gorilla seemed to fit with the big, strong nature of the sound.

All my tracks contain elements based around this animalistic theme. The slightly dark and evil tone is consistent throughout and the animal theme is also represented in the artwork and track names. I call it ‘Animalistic Bass Music’.

How would you describe your production style?

I barely use synths now. Over the years, I have built up a big sample library. I mess with audio FX and automate pretty much every parameter until it sounds interesting. I also record all my own vocals and re-pitch them with Melodyne. After every tune,

I add the new sounds to my sample library to re-use in the future. So it’s an ever-growing palette to work from. I’ve played guitar for years, which helps with the melodies and chord structures as well.

Who were your major influences in terms of music production?

Noisia are probably the artist that I aspire to the most. The Prodigy are up there as well. These guys are legends, innovators and unique in many ways. You don’t get many artists with their credibility and longevity.

What does the future hold for you?

I don’t want to conform to a genre, but the next 3 or 4 releases are all Bass House. I am also working on a few Trap and Drum & Bass tunes with some great vocalists as well.

I want to create some crazy animal themed live shows as well at some point. Imagine a nightclub with everyone dressed up as animals. Could get some inflatable bananas to throw out into the crowd as well!

If you could work on a track with anyone from now or way back when, who would it be?

Loads of people come to mind. Maybe Sampha or Yukimi Nagano, the singer from Little Dragon. These two have such interesting voices and so much character. I think we could make something really unique. Or Foreign Beggars because those guys always deliver.

And if you could remix any tune of your choice, which one would you choose and why?

Jungle book or Lion King – I would do it but it wouldn’t stay on Soundcloud for long with their tight copyright laws, unfortunately.

Are there any unfulfilled goals or aspirations of yours musically?

I’m also hoping to release on Black Butter or MTA records in the future and I’m hoping to get some support from UKF. I’m a big fan of theirs so hopefully, I can make this happen.

Could you offer a bit of advice for an up and coming producer?

Define your style, your purpose and find a way to be unique. And also make sure you can summarise yourself in one sentence. Easier said than done, but if you can do this, you are on the right track.

Any final words?

Welcome to the bass jungle!

Listen to the premiere stream of ‘Welcome To The Bass Jungle’ below and download the track for free Here

Free Breaks Blog Jungle & DnB Picks #001

Free-Breaks-Blog-logo-with-black-background-and-with-name-819x1024 resized


Going forward here at the blog we will aim to curate and compile regular Soundcloud playlists of the best current Jungle & DnB with a brief rundown on why they’re awesome and you need to buy them!!!

DJ Hybrid’s new EP on the Serial Killaz label is classic Jungle and futuristic DnB at the same time. Every track on this spectacular release is pure raver’s delight. Walter’s new EP on Good Street Music features the Bass cum Jungle rinse out ‘All Day’ featured in this list and the other tracks on their EP are every bit as good.

Command Strange have a two track EP on V Recordings that skank with the brilliance that you would expect from the prestigious label and then some. Dawn Raid delights us with venomous Techstep rollers like ‘Light The Beacon’ on their latest release on Mac II Digital.

Mayan Audio have pulled out the stops for an awesome summer compilation featuring top artists spanning the globe including US DnB dons Pish Posh & Signalfista whose killer track ‘Broken Nights’ features in our list below

A Sides celebrates a quarter century in the Jungle/DnB game with an EP that includes tracks like ‘Ultimate’, a pure 90s/00’s Techstep monster tune and all the better for it. Lynx demonstrates their innovative style with the second instalment in the ‘Vaults’ series, you don’t want to miss it!

We finish with a tantalisingly glowering track from Lurk taken from the excellent Evolve: Phase One EP. The EP also includes top tunes by Terrahawk, Creatures, Subtle Element, and Safety In Numbers.

Hope you enjoyed this Jungle & DnB round up. Give it a share and spread the love!

Skeleton Army- For Always EP

Skeleton Army- For Always EP


For us here at Free Breaks Blog, Skeleton Army releases represent the highlight of the year. Because we know that they are always going to be extra special. with this in mind we eagerly awaited the preview clips of the ‘For Always EP’ and were knocked off our seat when we heard them. The EP is out 29/08/16 on Different Attitudes as an initial Traxsource exclusive.

We get two two enchanting and magical slices of Deep House. One of them ‘For Always’ has two stunning mixes. Firstly the ‘Raw Mix’ works a breathless Minnie Riperton over early morning spacial grooves and carefully weaved 4×4 kicks and shuffling breakbeats wherein lurk low-end sub bass brilliance.

The ‘Smooth Mix’ filters the vocals into a glorious drop before reintroducing the breaks and kicks combo and warm funky bassline for a super soulful excursion.

‘Morning Glory 2016′ reminds us in the most pleasing way that there will always be an element of the legendary Foul Play to Skeleton Army’s music. You could easily shed a few tears listening to the raver’s favourite ‘until the night is morning’ vocal (for those who know). Combined with the rumbling bass and spine-tingling keys  here is a track that should never leave your box, it’s that simple

This gem of an EP, easily one of the best of 2016 in any genre let alone House Music is out 29/8/16


Free Breaks Blog House Music Picks #001

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Each week we will aim to curate some of the best dance music in easily accessible Soundcloud playlists and short to the point reviews. Let’s look at some top House Music tracks out right now…..

Snazzy Trax is a great artist who produces in the classic 90’s Garage/House style and also runs a label under the same name. Check ou this gorgeous groove by them free from the Spira Music channel.

Rising star Ash Lay joins Swerve Digital for a slammer of a techno track free to download. Gawp & Gymbo have a 3 track release out on Cheap Thrills. The three tracks combine Tech and Bass House styles for devastating dance floor effects

From the US, DJ M3 has three awesome House tracks with a tough 90’s rave twist. Tom Luka has a 3 track EP currently on pre-order and coming soon on the MVMT imprint. Deep and enchanting, all 3 tracks truly stand out from vast pool of House Music right now

Skapes has another certified weapon up for a free download on the House N’ House channel. Conducta warms us up for his next release with a pure slice of oldskool UKG up for free download

Pablo Del Monte shines some sun on our Ray Bans with a tropical themed slice of deep vocal house, it’s lovely! Apollo 84 pounds the drums for a tough refix of Krankbrother ‘One Eyed Jack’ on limited free download

YADE & Glen Coombs team up for the super chugger ‘Rock Like That’ also up for free. Lovra ‘No One Knows’ is taken from the latest Get Twisted compilation and it’s truly wonderful! Hilton Caswell has a tasty new release on Simma Red filled with deep growling basslines, cowbells and 303s.

Cal Johnstone goes to town with a drum machine and produces the excellent ‘Chronic Beat EP’ out now on Simma Black.

Tough Love light up the summer with a fresh new vocal house heater ‘Like I Can’, get your singing voice on for this one!! Armada Music remaster and re-release Fatboy Slim fave and classic house track ‘Happy People’ by Static Revenger

DJ PP & Jack Mood unleash a piano weapon called ‘Has To Be Done’. Unorthodox ‘Thunderbolt’ is one of the four fire beats on Nothing Else Matter EP ‘Fire Beats!’

J Worra’s ‘Wonderful’ is quirky, bass weighty and well, wonderful! Bezem ‘What I Want’ is a super chunky House stomper free on the Spira Music channel (check out all the other free tracks on Spira Music, it’s the best house music channel on Soundcloud)

And we finish with some gnarly mid 00’s style Niche/Bassline from DJ Q, check out the drop halfway through, awesome!!!

Pythius-Heresy EP [Blackout]

Pythius Heresy EP Blackout

Blackout, a label known for the highest quality Drum & Bass content welcome Pythius into the fold with his new ‘Heresy EP’.

Both ‘Tarkin’ and title track ‘Heresy’ received play from BBC Radio 1’s Friction and the EP has been a mainstay in the sets of DnB’s top DJs.

The EP itself is a diverse affair ranging from digital opus to straight up banger!!! A single play through the tracks below will feed your conviction, snap this up!!!

Buy/Streaming Links




VA-The Ultra Underground Vol 3

VA- The Ultra Underground Vol Three [Ultra Bass Records]

The third in Ultra Bass Record’s critically acclaimed compilation series ‘The Ultra Underground’ could be summed up in a two-word review ‘absolutely essential’. But we won’t just do that, let’s talk a bit about the mouth-watering tracks on this classy comp.

For 2 Step Garage and grime lovers, check out the awesome tunes by Erban Fox, Lamont Dex, Celladore, Bitr8 & Thorn, Digital Pilgrimz, On1, and Harri Georgio & Scrivs. Listening to said tracks makes you realise how much depth there is in a sub-genre. You get everything from timeless oldskool UKG to cutting edge Bass cum Techno cum Grime

If like this writer, you’re partial to a bit of quality Deep/Tech House then Adam Hyjek, Mr.Spring, Terror Tone,  and 99db;s contributions to ‘Ultra Underground Vol 3′  are House Music at it’s finest

Love Bass House? Stravan, Renaud Genton and Bitr8 & Thorn have got that more than adequately covered for you

And you love a bit of firing 98′ style Speed Garage you say? Well, you might be forgiven for thinking DJ Parallax and Xales’ offerings on this fantastic album are straight off a dusty vinyl from back in the day, super authentic!!!!

Get The Ultra Underground Vol Three here, like we said, two words, absolutely essential!

Nicolas Meyer – Devil Cell [Closer To Truth]

Nicolas Meyer - Devil Cell

Love your House Music Funky, Jazzy, and Psychedelic? Then Nicolas Meyer has four perfect jams to fill that void for you. His ‘Devil Cell’ EP is filled with sunshine soaked hazy grooves like the title track and tracks like the off-kilter ‘Always Drunk People’

‘Pornonaut’ sounds like Miles Davis jamming with a Digital Audio workstation and ‘The Folding Man’ transports us to a smoke-filled Jazz club with it’s spaced out swirls and deep bassline. This is a very fine EP indeed. Get it from the Closer To Truth imprint from Beatport 29/08/16 and 12/09/16 on all good download stores


The Planet Rave Podcast Summer Special

Planet Rave Podcast Summer 2016


The Planet Rave Podcast Summer Special on Mixcloud features a selection of Deep/Tech House, Techno, and UK Garage old and new. Some of the artists included are Lee Pearce, Skeleton Army, Wayne Dudley, and a track by Phil Maher out soon on charity album ‘Help Ben Walk Without Pain’. More info on that charity LP can be found here.

There’s even some seminal oldskool rave from way back when tucked away in there, can you spot the track? If you like the show give this post a share.

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