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Skeleton Army- The Hips EP [Alive Recordings]

SAaliverecs cropped


Its always a pleasure to hear fresh finely crafted beats from Skeleton Army, the title track to the Hips EP on Alive Recordings is hypnotic rhythmic goodness with a hook that compels you to answer the call, rolling punchy beats and vox and a great build up through out.

‘Freedumb’ explores deeper breakbeat infused territories with sweeping majestic chords, gradually subtle organs are introduced into the mix with the ‘I’ll never be free’ vocal refrain, if I were to describe this track two words, I would choose ‘ethereal soul’ (more…)

Raw Vision- Friday Night Out EP [Gents & Dandys]



This label just gets better with each new release, showcasing more artists firmly rooted in the rich history and lineage of House music, ‘Friday Night Groove’ is a stripped back 80’s soul/funk workout, ‘All Night Long’ is a trip to Chicago encapsulated in the most captivating grooves, ‘Annabell Is Crying’ is as deep as you like, full of those magical sounds from way back when, the heart and soul of house music.


Dista- The Bouncer (Hats N Hoodz Mix)

dista bouncer fixed


Another quality Speed Garage track up for free download by Urban Sprawl’s Dista, a tounge in cheek reference to being thrown out of the club can be heard throught this tune and it goes without saying its a bassline laden banger!!!!

Rare Candy Ft Gemma-Louise – Live For The Night [Major League Hustlaz]



Rare Candy ‘Live For The Night’ draws upon the rich tradition of musical and soulful Garage along the lines of MJ Cole, Artful Dodger and other greats, a great song sung fantastically by Gemma Louise with super tight production from Rare Candy  who bring the timeless Garage vibes, melodic soulful keys and shuffling beats, the remixes are excellent too, (more…)

Doxx Rampers- Feel The Bass EP [Ultra Bass]



Introducing Doxx Rampers for release No11 on Ultra Bass Recs, theres an unmistakable 90’s feel to ‘Bounce’ which does indeed bounce very nicely with looped vocals, detuned pianos and organs, the title track sits between Tech House & Garage, a deep bass and percussion workout with a floor pleasing bassline, ‘Warp’ moves even further into Garage territory with a hook that could be techno, could be house made up of ethereal sounding organs leading into all kinds of subtle pads and FX for a heads down stomper, a great debut from Poland’s Doxx Rampers and more fiyah from Ultra Bass!!!


Skeleton Army- Djinni EP [Different Attitudes]



This new EP from Skeleton Army has already picked up support from some of the biggest and most discerning names in House music and one listen will tell you why, check out the gorgeous summery organs of ‘Djinni’ and you could be transported to a sandy beach in the warm glow of the sun, we then get the deep driving melodic groove of ‘Pistols At Dawn’ with a instantly appealing bassline underpinning the richness of the track, there’s no two ways about it, you have to own a copy of this fantastic EP


DJ Wislov- Hardcore School EP [Ravenoyz]



Prepare to get schooled in the NuSkool by DJ Wislove with his new ‘Hardcore School EP’ on his Ravenoyz imprint, the title track is a pumping rhythm in old skool DJ Seduction style, ‘XTC’ is a darker drum workout with hard beats and techno style pads, ‘Your Love’ is a huge epic piano anthem with hyperspeed breaks 93/94 style, this is one school we don’t mind attending any time!!!!


SkinzMann- Blacked Out (Hypho Remix) [SBTV Free Download]



The bass juggernaut, Hypho unleashes another remix, this time its for SkinzMann’s ‘Blacked Out’ and the tempo is upped to 140BPM for a funky fusion of Grime, Jungle Breaks and detuned rave synths, we’re lovin’ it!!!!

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