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Alexbreako- I Had Too Much To Dream EP [White Tower Digital]



White Tower Digital have some great releases lined up in the coming month, this is the first of them, 2 superb tracks of deep rolling amen jungle from the incredibly talented Alexbreako, one of the best Jungle releases you will buy this year, thats a fact!!!


Salaryman- Ragga Buggin’ EP [The Bughouse]



Salaryman comes with 6 tracks of sizzlin’ Ragga Jungle, each carry the mark of his own unique production going for a roots reggae vibe utilising classic instrumentation coupled with modern production for a fresh take on the genre, in particular we’re feeling the bass on the heavyweight ‘Murderer’


Crown Duels – Forever [Saucy Records]



Out now on Saucy Records, Crown Duels along with an array of the creme de la creme of remixers from the house n bass scene push the boundaries of house, garage and bass while keeping things firmly rooted on the dancefloor and ensuring maximum speaker devastation!!!! something for everyone in this quality package!!!


Paleface – Give U That Love EP [Hostage Bass]



Out now on Hostage Bass, 2 tracks of dark edged House N Bass from the talented Paleface, the title track blends light UK Garage synths and beats with growling gnarly bass while label boss Wizard takes it more into full on bassline house territory for his remix,The Hermits Cave goes that bit darker with a speed garage/mutant bass influenced track, big!!!

You can stream and download this rather scrumptious promo mix too


Zinc – Structures EP Vol 2 [Bingo Bass]



Bona fide dance music legend, pioneer of ‘Crack House’, the man behind the legendary ‘Super Sharp Shooter’, Zinc is back with Vol 2 of his ‘Structures EP’, 6 tracks that cover all bases in the current wave of bass music, from house rollers like ‘Wonderful’ which gets a nifty remix from the don Shadow Child to 2 classic rave monsters in the shape of ‘Apples’ and ‘Vampires’, 3 decades on, Zinc is still smashing it!!!!


VA- Fat! Trax Volume 1[Fat! Records]



Fat! Records have been putting out some of the finest in House, Garage & Bass for a number of years and are seeing out 2014 with a retrospective of highlights from the label’s stellar back cat including Foamo, Maribou State & Jay Robinson plus brand new material such as Kokiri’s funky deep house ‘Flux’, Simba’s percussion led blissful ‘Bejwelled VIP’ ,  MORRT’s hypnotic classic garage groove ‘1979’ and a couple of tough offerings from GXBW & Daniel Curpen.


Fireteam – The Hit List EP [Botchit & Scarper]



Legendary imprint Botchit & Scarper returns with a new EP from Fireteam, 3 tracks that really are fiyah!!!! 808 Bass action comes in the delectable molds of Hit List & Traptastic and we LOVE the oldskool tearout breaks style ‘Who’s That Girl’, amazing!!!!!


Station Earth – Age of Reason / Myth Of ER [Nemesis Recordings Digital]



Station Earth have featured on prestigious labels such as Liquicity and have 2 tracks of punchy energetic DnB out on Nemesis Recordings, ‘Age Of Reason’ has a Drumsound & Bassline Smith vibe to it, epic intro going into some energetic squelchy bass and thumping beats, ‘Myth OF Er’ is a rich melodic peak time rollercoaster, a fine taster for what Nemesis Recordings have in store for 2015


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