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Golden Girls – Kinetic (Pirate Jams Remix)


Jalapeno Records has just released bonafide classic Golden Girls – Kinetic the Remixes, bringing back that iconic rave riff with remixes from AOTOA, Pirate Jams and Lindoman.

We’re bringing you the premiere of the Pirate Jams interpretation which has seen massive early support from all corners of the dance scene including rave pioneers Slipmatt and Graeme Park. The mysterious duo take the classic sounds of the Orbital and Mike Haell collaborative track and under pin with a hefty breakbeat / 4 x 4 crossover whilst keeping all the rawness of the original in tact. Adding subtle edits and delicate synths they perfectly update one of the most well known tunes of the rave era for the 2015 crowds.


Junior UK & Martin Carr- Take Me Away [Ultra Bass]



Following up on the amazing ‘Break Me Down’, Junior UK & Martin Carr are back with ‘Take Me Away’, boy do these guys know how to make a belter of a tune, garage anthem 101, listen and learn, check out those slickly produced sounds from Junior UK and Martin’s amazing vocals and as always with Ultra Bass, theres great remixes too from Thorn, Final Dj’s, Mr Spring, Rare Candy and the Ultra awesome Underheadz, allow yourself to be taken away with this must have Garage/House track!!!





Oldskool rave/hardcore fans will be familiar with Mark Archer a.k.a one half of  Altern 8 & his post Altern 8 alias, DJ Nex

Music Mondays have made available 17 digitally remastered Mark Archer / DJ Nex productions 92-95  called “After 8″ a trip down memory lane post Altern 8 which includes all of the tracks from ’92 “DJ Nex EP” and ’93 “Pound Stretcher EP” plus 5 previously unheard tracks as featured on the recent triple vinyl collectible “Unreleased Files”. We were hoping this would get a digital release and are pleased to see it has, a genuine slice of rave history showcasing the blueprint for today’s modern bass/dance music in it’s many forms, you can stream clips and buy in either WAV, Flac or 320 Mp3s here:

Alison Limerick – Where Love Lives (Jason Laidback Remix)

Alison Limerick - Jason Laidback

Regulars to this blog will now we’re big fans of Jason Laidback and his NightProwl imprint which since it’s inception just a few months has been host to some quality crossover Garage/Breaks/Deep House, we’re also fans of his bootlegs which have included a remake of The Stone Roses ‘Fools Gold’ and we’re diggin’ this latest bootleg of 90’s house classic ‘Where Love Lives’ dope!!!

CoiTy & RyKennon- Lover [Ultra Bass]


Making their debut on Ultra Bass, CoiTy & RyKennon bring a timeless 90’s esque vibe with the bumping house/garage of ‘Lover’ plus the ruffneck speed garage VIP mix which amps up the gritty bass and heavy beats, also featuring with their own remix is Thorn who moves into breakbeat garage/2 step territory, 3 excellent takes on a summer anthem for the ages


Kazumi Anzai- Kazumi Anza (II) [Bass Elements]


For their second outing on Bass Elements, Kazumi Anzai offers a glimpse into the future, listening to the melting pot of Techno, House and shades of breakbeat on the pristine tracks on this EP you could be transported to the Dystopian Tokyo of ‘Akira’ or the Los Angeles of Blade Runner, euphoric and ethereal, Kazumi anzai has a sound all of their own and we love it!!!



Otter- Sub Culture [Bad Habit Muzik]


DJ Mag approved, Otter brings the deep Garage/Jungle inspired breaks of ‘Sub Culture’ very much akin to the sound favoured by labels like Punks Music, driving basslines and rolling beats that will heat the dancefloor to melting point!!!



Tantrum Desire- Diversified LP [Technique Records]


Get ready for the fruits of a decade or so of hard work, dedication and superbly crafted DnB. Both as DJs and as a production duo, Tantrum Desire have carved out a niche in Bass music with a sound perfectly suited to epic DnB raves and festivals,’Diversified’ features colabs with MC Coppa,Drumsound & Bassline Smith & Matrix & Futurebound among others, if you know their sound you’ll know that this LP is 16 tracks bass gold, if you are yet to be aquainted, now is the time!!!!

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