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Ultra Bass’s second offering is a 8 track compilation showcasing some great talent and a diverse range of styles within the garage genre from the melodic groove of Style Of Tigers ‘Back Talker’ to the booming and rumbling speed garage of Lamont Dex ‘Subversive’ through to futuristic vibes of ASMR & YDID ‘I got You’, 8 tracks of audio excellence!!!




Ultra Bass Records first release is a must have for all house/garage heads, the 3 mixes of Rare Candy’s ‘Somewhere’ touch all bases in the garage spectrum, The Rare Roots mix is classic 2 step UKG with a nowties touch, organs, soulful vocals, jungle style warp bass and pitched down vox, the club mix is a full on euphoric affair with huge pianos and then there is the massive ‘Back to 98 Speed Garage Mix’ with it’s huge rumbling bassline harking back to when jungle crossed over into garage to create a brand new sub genre that tore things up, essential for all house/garage lovers!!!


Festival Breaks-Mixed By Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion [Music Mondays]


Vinyl Junkie & sanxion bring their festival rocking sound to Music Mondays with a mix LP featuring 2 mixes by the dons themselves and 50 full length tracks all for a tenner!!!! The finest Future/140 Jungle, Bass & breaks mixed to perfection, bring the festival rocking sound into your living room, your car stereo, wherever takes your fancy but don’t miss out!!!! Clips and buy links below

Skeleton Army – Bottleneck EP [Different Attitudes]


The term ‘Deep House’ gets used a lot these days much to the chagrin of purists, this new release from Skeleton Army is undoubtedly true Deep House but you don’t need to be a purist to enjoy these 2 tracks rich in melodys and captivating sounds, this is after all John Morrow, former member of the seminal production trio known as Foul Play and you can still hear elements of that ethereal sound in both ‘Bottleneck’ which incorporates breakbeat sections into a 4×4 beat and bleepy pads that pull you in to the groove. ‘Morning Glory’ kicks off with a warm reese bass and percussion building into a driving late night roller, this is music that transcends genres, timeless sounds that can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates quality sounds



The Rumblist – Is This Cool? EP



Free Ep from the always on point Rumblist. Given away to celebrate him hitting 1500 followers on Soundcloud, the EP delves into tearout breakbeat, future jungle and eclectic bass frequencies!

Keep ‘em peeled for some huge forthcoming releases from The Rumblist on Bad Habit Musik, Kut Off Records and Ph Recordings and more!





Fans of Garage, UKG & Breakbeat garage are in for a treat with this brand new EP from Riddler Records, for the soul/R&B infused smooth rolling UKG heads there’s Phonetix ‘Ain’t Right’, for fans of classic 4×4 garage, Craig Scott’s ‘I Need Your Love’ is THE ONE!!! We get some old skool Spooney/Matt Lamont stlye dubby vibes with the excellent Carpainter ‘Say The Word’ and then my personal pick from a must have EP is the tongue in cheek bass heavy Jean Claude Van Damme sampling ‘DaMMe Cold’ by Impact Productions recalling my favourite sub genre of the UKG scene harking back to the 90s, the days of ‘Dooms Night’, ‘I Don’t Smoke’ & ’138 Trek’  Classy stuff from Riddler Records!!!


Phonetix ft. Harsh & MC Cobra- Losing My Mind [Riddler Records]


The first of 2 release to be posted here today on Riddler Records, this is soulful UKG at its very best, taking you back to the days of the late 90′s when Spooney, Matt ‘Tuff Jam’ Lamont & Grant Nelson would spin anthems the like of this must have tune, the original being a classy slice of Garage, the remixes are equally good, there’s a contemporary Deep House mix, a summery skipping UKG mix by Final Cutt Collective, my favourite, the ‘RiPped Up’ speed garage mix and even a Liquid DnB version, you just can’t go wrong with this!!!!! Undoubtedly one of the best releases of the current UKG revival, absolutely essential!!!




SLAYER033-Rekall-600   The second taster for Toronto Is Broken’s imminent ‘Section Nine’ LP flips the switch with a superbly constructed and utterly filthy slice of Glitch Hop, baton down those hatches, head for the nearest bunker because this is a bass explosion of 50 megaton proportions!!!! On remix duties, 601 serve up a murderous beast of a 140 remix while Naaive & INF1N1TE bring the DnB & Drumstep vibes that punch like Mike Tyson!!!!  Roughmath round things up with a brutal dubstep re rub, Also included in the soundcloud set below is a bonus free track, a tasty colab between TIB & Seereal, this’ll knock your socks off!!!

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