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Caspa – The Nothing

Caspa - The Nothing

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Bass warrior, Caspa lures us into ‘The Nothing’, a desolate landscape of crunching beats and powerful resonance!

So you’ve heard of The Black Lodge, The Upside Down and The Further-but you’re not ready for the dark reverberating bass dimension that Caspa wants to lead you into!

Is there a motif or a metaphorical meaning hidden in the artwork with its bunches of £20 notes? One things for sure, this is a dark steppa that would have Sith lords running for cover. To listen to this, you need perfect courage, a healthy addiction for dank bass music and a nice powerful set of speakers!

Walker & Royce & Green Velvet- Rub Anotha Dub

Walker & Royce & Green Velvet- Rub Anotha Dub

Just when you think Walker & Royce couldn’t get any better, they team up with the legend, Green Velvet for a gargantuan slice of Bass/Tech House.

The Dirtybird imprint has to be one of the best purveyors of Bass House music. The emphasis is on style rather than loudness and that’s a key thing. Dirtybird releases blur the lines between pure House Music, Tech House and what we call ‘Bass’- and Walker & Royce are responsible for some of the best tracks on this label.

So just when you think this duo has reached the peak of hype musical excellence, they prove us all wrong again and deal us a pleasurable chest thump with the freakily funky ‘Rub Anotha Dub’

The blend of the subtle yet sizzlin’ style of this duo, the vocals of House/Techno legend, Green Velvet push up the heat level from bubbling to absolutely boiling!


Etch- Chemotaxis

Etch- Chemotaxis

Sneaker Social Club welcome back Etch for a four track feast of dreamy 90’s inspired but so 2017 broken beat mastery.

The fun begins with title track ‘Chemotaxis’, a dreamy hazy 136BPM Jungle joint that sounds like the soundtrack for the little man in red dancing across the Chevron floor of the red room in Twin Peaks.

‘What Lies Beyond’ is the dark mysterious twin of ‘Chemotaxis’ where the dream becomes a tense nightmare of searing 808s and horrorcore.

‘Green Park’ is our pick here, another 136BPM excursion with mentasm riffs, bleeps and a chilled backdrop pierced and prodded by a pervase sesame street break.

The EP finished on a bit of experimentation with ‘Prismatic (Etch Revision)’, a nice bit of freeform breakbeat jazzy psychedelia.


Beats Without Borders Top 5 07 09 17


It’s time for a new streamable Beats Without Borders Top 5 full of House, techno & breaks bangers!

Time for a new streamable Beats Without Borders Top 5! Some tasty House, techno & breaks bangers c/o Wax Worx (Swerve Digital), Detlef on the remix for Tennan (Moon Harbour), ONYVA, I.N remixing CurlyJam’s forthcoming track for Drum Records and a 140 heater from the super talented Pressa f/c Top Drawer Digital

You can stream the five tracks below, all mixed and blended together in a slightly lower bitrate than the standard to avoid ripping. Click through to the Facebook fan page links above to learn more, stay updated and find out when and where to buy these tracks

1.Wax Worx-Party People [Swerve Digital]

2.Tennan-Everyday (Detlef Remix) Moon Harbour

3.ONYVAReason For Dawn

4.CurlyJam-Stabber (I.N Remix) [Drum Records]

5.Pressa-Perdu Dans Paris Top [Drawer Digital]

Highly Anticipated Vol 2 Exclusive Pre Release Review

Highly Anticipated Vol 2 Exclusive Pre Release Review

One label that has been bringing it with quality fresh Garage across the spectrum is Highly Swung. Having already set a milestone with Highly Anticipated Vol One, Vol two sets to raise the bar even higher with a packed roster of talent and a selection of tracks to suit a wide range of Garage, House and Bass Music tastes. Lets unpack this excellent album and talk through what to anticipate on the second installment of Highly Anticipated!!!

1Point5 ‘Bullet’

Big carnival vibes on this one! Off to an ultra lively start with grimey keys and a repeated vocal refrain ‘bullet.’ The beats bounce and rebound in fierce fashion. 1Point5 finds the meeting point between bashment, grime, bassline and UKG.

8th Note & Marlon Williams ‘Different Place’

Who doesn’t love a bit of Tuff Jam style 4×4 chugginess? ‘Different Place’ is a loving tribute to the sophisticated and shuffling sound championed by industry standards and Garage legends to this day. Chopped up vocals galore, swinging kicks and a bassline smoother than silk!!!!

99dB ‘Down South’

If you haven’t heard the brilliant 99dB until now, you’ve been missing out. ‘Down South’ works some crisp filtered 2 step beats and sweet sweet sub bass vibrations into the mix for a ragga tinged excursion into the deeper side of garage.

Anonymous People feat Manny G ‘One More Time’

‘One More Time’ is the soul shaker of Highly Anticipated Vol 2, a pure slice of R&B style Garage cut from the D&G cloth of circa 2000. Manny G has an amazing voice and the ladies will love this one but it’s absolutely fine for the lads to love it too!!!

B1G PR0J3CT ‘Make It Hot’

B1G PR0J3CT, the dons of today’s Garage scene lock n’ load the sweet strings for a weighty dancehall stepper with oldskool New Jack Swing vocals a la Mary Jane/Janet Jackson.

Christian Jules & Matt Vinyl ‘Keep It Real’

Christian Jules & Matt Vinyl take it back to the 90s House music sound, all about the warm pianos, bouncing beats and sun kissed feel real good vibes. These guys bring it in bucket loads with a timeless formula and high class production.

Guezz Who ‘Man Ah Badman’

No garage compilation is complete without a good old moody skanker and Guezz Who makes sure ‘Highly Anticipated Vol 2′ has it’s own percy skanker!!! ‘Man Ah Badman’ is a playful stepper with electro bass synths woven into the bouncing beats, a pure party igniter!!

James Lavonz ‘Till the Morning’

We’re back in vocal 4×4 territory for this Jazzy bumper from James Lavonz. The swinging beats blend brilliantly with dub reggae and classic soul funk influences and a superb vocal.

Jawjii ‘Safe Bet’

You’ll want to prime your speakers for this one! Jawjii gets dark, brutal and piles on the sub bass like a stockpile of explosives. Here is a tune that slots nicely between UKG and Bass Music sets, be warned, those subs are deadly!!!

PDV ‘Trust Issues’

Trust Issues’ opens with the kind of tension and dread usually reserved for a Metalheadz Techstep tearout tune. The lurking riffs and minimal beats and bleeps gradually and cleverly morph into a more soulful sound. The term ‘Future Garage’ gets used rather a lot but here the glove fits perfectly, this a futuristic sound that will grab your attention.

Pressure & JC ‘Bad Dreams’

Pressure & JC take us back to the sound of the legendary Niche venue in Sheffield for a Duggan et al style bassline slammer full of grimey wobs, urgent vox and big, bad n’ heavy drops!!!!

Tigs ‘Push Em Up’

Mutant Bass native and renowned production don, Tigs sees that this second volume of Highly Anticipated goes out with a resounding bang!!! A large dose of fist pumpin Hip Hop inspired swagger drives this badboy along with feet firmly on the gas! A riotous party anthem that may start riots!!!

Highly Swung ensures the final quarter of 2017 moves along to the sound of superior grade garage n’ bass beats from some of the scene’s finest proponents so put down those rehashed comps full of the same old anthems and get some fresh tunes on your speakers with ‘Highly Anticipated Vol 2′

Beats without Borders Top 5 25 8 17


The Beats without Borders Top 5 for 25 8 17 featuring 5 current fave tracks in the House, Techno & Breaks genres.

Adam Hyjek remixes Sampul ‘Pop It’ for the forthcoming Different Attitudes Ibiza 2017 compilation, a BIG slice of Techno from Luca M & Electrik Cat on the In The Loop label, Stefan Groove’s kickin’ Tech House tribute to 91′ rave ‘Champion Sound 2017′, D Force sampling ‘Original’ by Mineo Ft Audio Bullys and Insane & Mind’s NuRave slammer ‘Taking A Chance’

Stream a short mix of the tracks below, bitrate a bit lower than standard to support the artists/labels and discourage ‘ripping’

Kickin’ Up A brainstorm!! [Mixtape]


A new mixtape to wrap your ears around, Kickin’ Up A brainstorm!! features tracks from Luke Davidson & Cleary, Wheats, Motion Sky, Prok & Fitch x PAWSA, K & K, Bicep, Special Request and more…


Insane & Mind – Taking A Chance

Insane & Mind - Taking A Chance

NuRave just the way we love it from Insane & Mind on their HOH Recordings imprint. Let’s go back to 92′ with new track ‘Taking A Chance’

Following a string of excellent releases on their own label and remix work for the likes of Digital Pilgrimz, rave warriors, Insane & Mind gift us with a big rushy blast of 91/92 era inspired NuRave called ‘Taking A Chance’

An electrifying vocal intro starts the dance of oldskool breaks, a tantalising tease into pianos that pay homage to X Ray Experiments ‘Take No Chance’ In fact, we get all kinds of cut up callbacks to the ravin’ days from Mariah Carey vox to the infamous ‘Can’t beat the system’ refrain and a subtle not to Terrorize ‘It’s Just A Feeling’

If you even needed further proof that the sound that filled fields and large venues back in the early 90s truly never dies, this ready for the reload NuRave banger is that proof! Hardcore never dies, when the old warriors lay down their synthesisers, a new group is always ready to take the flag and Insane & Mind are flying it high!!! You can’t beat the system so go with the flow!!!

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