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Future Wildstyle- Once Again EP

Future Wildstyle - Once Again EP



Once Again, Future Wildstyle are back on Bass=Win to wreak musical havoc with the Once Again EP, a firey melting pot of Jungle, Breaks, Bass, Footwork, even a bit of Acid House!!!

‘Original Big Up’ continues on the path of Jungle Breaks devestation. The Jungle bleeps, stepping beats, snatches of Hip Hop are all present with a bassline that can and will reshape walls!!!

‘Turn It Up’ blends Ragga vox with floating 303s, heavy blasts of bass and a kind of 4×4 meets breakbeat fusion. Things get even more deep and house music like as the tune shuffles along.

Title track ‘Once Again’ bounces from left to right, loaded with great oldskool samples, a fast paced DnB/Jungle tempo and the cut up style of Juke/Footwork complete with half step interludes

‘Hotter Than Hot’ brings us back around to that funky intertwining of Jungle, breakbeat and a bit of oldskool dubstep. Another great showing from Future Wildstyle, doing it differently, doing it deadly!!!

Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol 1

Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol 1


There’s no sound quite like the sound of Luke Vibert and we are very excited about his new LP ‘Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol 1′ Get your ravin’ shoes on for this one!!!

Luke Vibert has featured on labels such as Planet Mu and Warp back in the 90’s and 00’s. His music production is legendary and so is his eclectic DJ sets.

For Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol 1, we explore Luke’s ravin roots with the analogue thrills of Future Detroit style ‘The Future’, a track filled with Inner City style stabs that punctuate a twisted riff and Sheffield circa 1990 bleeps.

‘U Can’t Touch Dat’ offers a view into a genius mind, Disco loops merge with Techno synths and Jungle Tekno overtones at a house music tempo.

‘Back With Me’ is one of the purest odes to oldskool ‘ardcore. Plenty of off-kilter keys, rolling amens and pitched up female vox

‘Heard It All B4′ will bring joy to your heart, a riotous dance through 91/92′ with some 808 State esque warm melody backdrops, a classic crunchy amen break and more of that trippy Jungle Tekno styling.

‘Everybody’ makes it a hat trick for the ‘ardcore inspired sounds, loads of familiar vocal samples, more spacey House/Techno/Rave synth work and a break that screams oldskool

‘Feel The Melody’ runs Garage, Electro, Jungle & House through the hardware along with a giddily pleasing array of vocal refrains that will make 90s heads like this blogger lose their proverbial

Like LoFi/Deep House? Well you’ll love Luke’s sped up and snappy rejigging of the sound

How about ‘Clap Sing’? The Prodigy’s ‘Android’ meets a dreamy disco sample and crispy Techno drums, mmmmmmm!!!

‘Feel The Riddim’ gets hold of some chunky kicks from 90s US House music, speeds them up, throws in some reverse bubblin’ bass, jungle sirens/bloops, Nebula II ‘Seance’ pads and a bit of Soul II Soul, the results are mindblowing and a whole lotta fun!!!

‘Pump’ closes out  UK Garave Vol 1, leaving this writer gagging for more. More dreamy house sounds at a quickened tempo. Luke Vibert fuses the seemingly incompatible, he doesn’t just achieve this task, he makes it sound awesome!!!


Lee Total- LoFo Remixes

LoFo Chart Image

Lee Total’s ‘LoFo’ gets a shiny bleepy set of new remixes on Bad Habit Muzik

‘LoFo’ in original form received huge support from the likes of Slipmatt. Paying Tech House homage to a Sheffield warehouse bleep n’ bass classic, ‘LoFo’  fits nicely into an upfront House/Deep/Tech DJ set. Now with remixes from Sweet LA, Wainscott, Seizure, Dweller & StefanoB, expect a second wave of bleep fueled hysteria on the dancefloor!!!

Datacode – Wraithmachine & Remixes (METHLAB)

Datacode - Wraithmachine & Remixes (METHLAB)

Datacode & the Methlab imprint share a truly immersive audio-visual experience for the very first time in their history. It’s something quite different that truly needs to be seen and heard, read what they have to say below and check out the video and audio.

Datacode’s cyberpunk operetta Wraithmachine unfurls the poignant story of life born within the virtual machinery of our own creation, the emergence of a conscious entity within the confinement of a limited system, an expression of the horror of that entrapment.

A journey through immaculately terrifying and artfully balanced sonics, created from the circuit-bent handcrafted devices of Datacode for the visceral experience of the Wraithmachine AV live show. Interpretations of the experimental audio technology by MethLab artists and guests feature, with the reworks crafting beat-driven structures that demonstrate the pure imagination and creativity of the remixing artists.

The full 35 minute AV feature of Wraithmachine is available exclusively on the physical USB or can be enjoyed in a live context as part of the MethLab AV tour. Contact us to enquire about the physical copies. Each of the Rework tracks sees the visuals also reinterpreted, with 7 videos that will soon be available online.

Strange Rollers- The Sweet & Sour EP

Strange Rollers- The Sweet & Sour EP


Pre-Order From Beatport>>>

Due Date 15/5/17

Strange Rollers makes an emphatic return to Top Drawer Digital with ‘The Sweet & Sour EP’ Also making a return is Barry Blades, a new alias for the 601 member who really impresses with a stunning remix contribution to the EP

The title track-‘Set Me Free’ is an incredible blend of lush 90’s House music piano riffs, jagged rave/techno synth sweeps and 2 step Garage beats

‘Set Me Free’ is a smooth and seamless fusion of Techno, Bass Music and rushy pianos. Strange Rollers has made great tracks for decades but his game is exceptionally strong on this guaranteed repeat play banger!!!

As previously mentioned, Barry Blades, part of the 601 team embarks on a new musical venture with his remix of ‘Set Me Free’ and it will truly take you somewhere special. Euphoric oldskool rave meets chunky cut up breaks but this isn’t a good enough description of how good this is. Depending on your angle, you might like this writer, detect a strong sense of the early 90s sound of Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era or Krome & Time in a modern setting. However you chose to interpret, you will be blown away by this roller coaster of brilliance.


VA- Chip Shop Vol 2

Chip Butty Records - Chip Shop Vol 2

Chip Butty Records present ‘Chip Shop Vol 2′, a mixed artist compilation of underground and upfront bass music with some of the scene’s biggest and brightest names on board

We start with Dr. Oscillator ‘Cocaine VIP’, a fast paced 4×4 bassline track with booming subs and sustained blasts of wall shaking wubs. Shaun Dean – Stop The Bullet VIP propels us on a happy collision course with the original Sheffield sound or the ‘Niche Sound’. Garage style vocals find room in the high-octane kicks and throbs of this Shaun Dean banger with the explosive properties of a Mentos trapped in a coke bottle.

Dr Cryptic – Murphy opens in scary Sci-Fi fashion with USS Enterprise bleeps and Starfleet communicator sounds before an ominous voice (Robocop) precedes a murky invasion of Tech/Neuro stabs and crackly kicks. Rowdy chipmunk vocals and Funky/Hard House style keys are how Sekt-87 – Bop The Bass begins just before this get seriously squelchy while staying super funky!!!

A bit of tongue in cheek fun it is then for Sammy Virji – Norton, a track that goes in via the oldskool garage route with a quirky vocal, at least for the first minute or so. After that, it flips into a hard as nails banger with striking stabs. Staying on that 2 step tip is Ussy – Rolls Royce, the chopped up girly vocals and stepping beats are soon met with a high-pitched bassline making for a nice contrast of classic soul and hardy hardware!!!

It appears the jungle came alive and took Deadbeat UK who returned with ‘Luv’, jungle sirens and atmospheric chords meet roaring lions in musical form for the oldskool meets nuskool stomper-watch out for some more R&B diva vocals making an appearance towards the middle!!! Its time to get griiimeyyyy for Little Mesters & Fiyahman –  Bun Dem, time to crank up the tempo, strap on the sinister strings and go heavy with the duelling bass!!!

Next up, the badman don dada Rico Tubbs shows us why he is the boss!!! Ravey pianos and a skanker of a lead riff, that’s a ‘Warning’ that must be heeded!!! We stay on full steam with Liam B – Law Breaker, a ragga style ravin’ rocket!!!

The familiar sounds of the horns made famous by Tim Taylor back in 92 act as the battle call that opens AudioGutter – Yakisoba, perhaps the raviest track on this comp after Rico Tubbs with Korg Pianos and hectic beats with drumrolls aplenty. And we see things out with the comedic samples and grungey synths of Judge Chucky – Customer Service (Klassic Remix), a tune that rather like the angry phone call recipient featured within should not be messed with!!!

Chip Shop Vol 2 needs to be on your menu, it’s the vital fix for your taste for bass!!!


Alan Cross- Back In The Day

Alan Cross - Back In The Day {Census Sound]

Back in the days when I was young I’m not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again

Those were the words of a rapper named Ahmad back in 94′ but this is Alan Cross taking us ‘Back In The Day’ to a different sound, not Hip Hop but definitely House music with that original vibe and sound making you wish you were a young un’ all over again!!!

‘Back In The Day’ centres around a big uplifting piano lead with some vocals to pump you up in 90s oldskool fashion, that with bouncing funky bass and rolling percussion and some cool reverse pattern sections is surely all you need to lose it late into the night!!!

If breaks is yo’ bad then kWeRK’s remix of ‘Back In The Day’ is spring loaded with jumpin’ breakbeats and handclaps with a filtered disco feel that gets infiltrated with some shaggy UK bass!!!

Huff’s Funky House remix says ‘white isle’ in big bold letters, its electrifying and energetic to the max. Close your eyes while listening and you can see people dancing on the sand its so good!!!

Father Funk – Heavy Rotation (OUT NOW!)

Father Funk - Swagger Ft. Too Many Ts

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Ghetto Funk DJ and producer Father Funk has today released his long-awaited debut album ‘Heavy Rotation’ on his favourite day of the year – 420 day! Not only is it his first full record but it is also the first release on his brand new label ‘Funk Therapy’. The new album is available now in all major digital stores across 270 countries.

After signing with legendary agency and former label Finger Lickin’, Father Funk quickly became one of the biggest names in Breakbeat and Ghetto Funk. Fresh off the back of two Canada tours earlier this year and the 1st anniversary of his own successful Bristol based night ‘Church of Love’, the father has cemented himself as one of the freshest tastemakers in the UK right now.
Taking huge inspiration from the disco and funk sounds of the 70’s and 80’s he has been writing music for over 10 years having released 5 EP’s and numerous singles across Sunday Best, Ghetto Funk, Adapted Records and Scour Records to name a few. His back catalogue includes remixes for the likes of Dub Pistols and Fort Knox Five including many bootleg remixes that have also amassed huge numbers on Soundcloud.
This debut record is the first full release that is completely original and free from his best-known sampling work. It captures the energy of the funk and soul golden years whilst combining it with modern dance music and disco culture, not sticking to one particular genre. With over 3 years in the making the father has been able to collaborate with some of the freshest names in the UK on this project; including London rap duo Too Many T’s, Ghetto Funk legends WBBL and Slynk, Canadian rap group Illvis Freshly and neo-soul singer Hilary Beckett.
Speaking on the new release Will Williamson aka Father Funk said:

I think the album is a bit of a lost art these days, and as someone who still very much enjoys listening to them, I wanted to bring back this mentality of writing songs as a collective artwork, not just as floor fillers or money makers. ‘Heavy Rotation’ is not just for dance floors but for front rooms, backyards and long journeys. I hope you enjoy it is as much as I enjoyed making it.

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