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Lucas- Touch Me [Free Download]

Lucas Touch Me Free Download Top Drawer Digital

Free Download>>>

To coincide with his latest release, Lucas has put this amazing oldskool style breaks track up for a free download. We’ve been listening to this tune all day here at the blog. If you love Pirate Jams & Freestylers- you’ll love this warm and uplifting track with a 91/92′ era tempo, big strings and loved up vibes!!!

Orlando Voorn – I Know Remixes

Orlando Voorn - I Know Remixes

A true Techno pioneer, Orlando Voorn joins the Snail Juice imprint with remixes of his own track  ‘I Know’

Orlando Voorn’s ‘I Know’ gets remixes from Bit Float & Lucien Foort plus two of his own reworkings. The Techno mix is Techno in it’s purest emotion driven form. The UK mix switches the 4×4 beats for breaks in homage to the 90s UK rave scene. Bit Float steers ‘I Know’ into Deep House music waters with a rich array of keys and straight to the soul synths. Lucien Foort lays down a remix to drop right in the middle of your set for maximum fever pitch!!! I know you’re gonna dig this!!!

Alt-A ‘Encore’ w Wavewhore Remix [VIM]

Alt-A 'Encore' w Wavewhore Remix [VIM]

Buy Here

Alt-A’s new Breaks stomper ‘Encore’ is out now on VIM with a classy Wavewhore Remix!!!

‘Encore’ is what you will be exclaiming when the bass hits you on Alt-A’s bright n’ bangin new tune!!!  Wavewhore turns in a stunning remix that many have rightfully described as asuperb new construct of the original Nu Skool Breaks sound of the noughties. Crisp sound design, crunchy finger lickin’ basslines and clubbin’ beats/breaks make this a remix the DJs will be spinning for millennia!!!

Made To Move- House Tracks with The 90s Rave Vibes

Made To Move- House Tracks with The 90s Rave Vibes

Made To Move takes it back to the oldskool with a House music twist!!! We first heard this artist on Spira Music. Since then he has featured on some of the scene’s top labels like the two Simmas (Black & Red), Hustler Trax & Nurvous. Some of his latest releases are here for review below, check them out!!!

Made To Move- Hardcore Feel EP

Both ‘Hardcore Days’ and ‘Feel The Beat’ conjure up the early 90s rave vibe perfectly with excitement laced synths and rolling beats a la Low Steppa, Dennis Quin & co


Made To Move- You Had It

We really love this one, for the keen spotters out there, this is a homage to Bass Ballistics ‘Blow Out’, the kick drums get swapped for some rolling breaks and if this doesn’t make your skin go all goosebumpy then quickly check your pulse!!!


Made To Move- Classic But More EP

The title track takes a teeny weeny snippet of Baby D ‘Let Me Be Your Fantasy’ and blends it in the percolator for a  rushy garage/breaks hybrid that practically forces you to hit replay. ‘Radi Call’ features a really cool vocal sample and hits the dubstep tempo for a slammin’ breaks banger of a tune!!!

Tom Clyde – Driving Me Crazy / Black Lodge

Tom Clyde - Driving Me Crazy-Black Lodge

Tom Clyde brings some tasty tech breaks sounds to Census Sound with ‘Driving Me Crazy’ & ‘Black Lodge’

Starting with ‘Driving Me Crazy’, Russian beatmaster, Tom Clyde brings a level of detail to his production that is always appreciated and a source of thrills and highs for the listener. The dark textures on this track will have you thinking of the early 00’s Nu Skool Breaks sound pioneered by Rennie Pilgrim, Freq Nasty and others.  ‘Black Lodge’ certainly has a David Lynchian feel to it, is the title a direct reference to the esoterical realm of Twin Peaks where Laura Palmer dances with the little red man? Perhaps so, its a great tune, that much we do know!!!

Hypho & Squane- Way Beyond Boundaries

Hypho & Squane- Way Beyond Boundaries

Hypho & Squane go ‘Way Beyond Boundaries’ with a new EP of collabs and remixes on 877.

The tracks on this EP should have a sub-genre named after them, is this bass? is it breaks? is it techno or jungle/DnB? We’re not sure but what we do know is the sounds here are truly unique and will most certainly rock your rave, house party or club night with ferocity!!!



Gentleman Bastard holds out an invitation to dance that we just can’t refuse!!! For the oldskool ravers!!! No, you’re not listening to some bangin’ oldskool ‘ardcore’ or ‘jungle tekno’ from back in the day. No, these tunes just came out on Ravenoyz Recordings, they’re brand new but pure 1992.  Two tracks of pure breakbeat hardcore in the style of classic labels like strictly Underground and artists like Red Alert & Mike Slammer. The best description we can give is put your headphones on!!! If you’re a mentalist raver and love those sounds of the early 90s, you will most definitely be caning these new badboys along with your dusty vinyl collection!!!

Lucas- Keep It Movin

Lucas- Keep It Movin

Lucas returns on Top Drawer Digital to ‘Keep It Movin’ with sirens, jungle breaks and deep ambience harking back to the original Top Drawer Digital sound. Sci-Fi style chords create a powerful feeling when listening, a sense of gliding into the beyond set to a rumbling bassline line akin to a wormhole. Strange Rollers stay close to the original ‘Keep It Movin’ while injecting a dose of bass that most certainly will not sedate you!!!! Another Top Drawer release on Top Drawer!!!

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