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Them&Us – free downloads and RuN RiOT remix…

Them&Us Press Shot 1


Killa Kela and former Basement Jaxx singer Ami Carmine make up Them&Us, here they offer a taster of a forthcoming EP with Run Riot’s tasty breaks re rub of their own ‘Happy Never After’ up for stream on’s breakbeat channel plus 2 free downloads taken from a recent remix comp, a taste of great things in store!!!


Vinyl Junkie & Kickback Ft Peter Culture- Rat Race [Ghetto Dub]



New label Ghetto Dub launches with a massive inaugural release, Bristol Dons Vinyl Junkie & Kickback link up Peter Culture for ‘Rat Race’, a socially conscious slice of vocal breakage that combines Reggae, Old Skool Hardcore, Jungle and DnB elements into one stunning 140 roller, then theres the remixes, Yorkshire badmen 601 go for a contemporary breaks re rub with strong elements of House music, Durban cuts things up for a bass heavy 2015 Jungle rendition and Traced cranks it up for some DnB action. Great track, great remixes, thats a solid first release in the bag!!!!


Track It Down:

VA- AJNA [Ekstre Records]



This latest compilation from forward thinking Bass imprint, Ekstre is a tribute to the AJNA after hours event that ran weekly from Jan 12-Sep 13 hosted by DJ Arkon in San Diego, California, the LP is a global representation of multi genre beats including Trap, Footwork, Breaks, Glitch & Tech House and featuring artists such as Otter, Glen Feasey, Arkon & Sonido Bezerk to name just a few on this 12 track sonic blueprint for musical diversity and quality. Keeping with the label’s impeccable standards, each track is an opus of deep, rich beats and will sound great at home or in the club, currently a name your price release available from Ekstre’s bandcamp, do avail yourself of some high grade bass!!!





So who’s ready for 23 tracks of fresh OldSkool Hardcore/Jungle/Rave beats by new producers? So, you’ll want to know about ‘Let It Be Told’ out now on Anonymous Records, read on and see why you have to have this compilation!!!!
Paul Cronin offers a hefty contribution of 3 tracks and 2 remixes, TV theme fuelled breakbeat hardcore heavy hitter ‘Mafia’, manic Aphex Twin/classic arcade game tribute ‘Pacman Terror’ featuring some of Paul’s trademark euphoric piano for good measure, the aptly named Euro style ‘Torpedo’ and then theres the matter of those remixes, two tracks by Mimang also featured in their original form on the LP get Paul’s tough n’ ready treatment ‘Flame On A Star’ and ‘Rock On The Spot’, the former getting a darker edge while the latter a polar opposite of hyperspeed uplifting sounds. (more…)

Radiokillaz- New Future Remixes [RKZ Recordings]

new future 2[1]


One of Radiokillaz’ most popular tracks with plays on Radio 1, ‘New Future’ gets 3 brand spanking new remixes, a 130BPM low slung House/Jungle/Breaks remix by Tony Vibe, Transitional 140-170 Jungle remix by Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion and a killer Jungle remix by Galvatron, all 3 of these new versions will do the required damage wherever and whenever played!!!!


Deekline/Bad Zuke – Cash For Gold EP [Gutter Gutter]



4 absolutely slammin’ tracks from Deekline & Bad Zuke, the huge UKG/Breaks ‘My Desire’, plus a Trappy Ravey Remix from Deekline, the dark grimey ‘Pull That Back’ and by no means last but least, techy house/garage groover ‘Sticky Fingers’ absolute devastation!!!




This is one big bad n bassy Wolf, not even Liam Neeson could take this bad boy on, out now on Saucy Recs from Pelikann, dark grimey and crunchy bass house with heavy remixes from Distro, Grande and Hywel’s breakbest infused banger of a remix plus two more tracks in the same vein ‘Hear Me’ & ‘Fak Off’ to really bring home the beats!!!!


Nina Wilde – Stoopid / Take It Off [Bass=Win]



Nina Wilde debuts on Bass=Win with two low slung jackin’ slices of Garage/House/Bass/Breaks fusion, as far as House N Bass goes you couldn’t get more now, fans of producers like Hypho, Spookz, Spekktrum and other similar artists will appreciate these two premium skankers!!!

Buy: check out the DJ mix below…

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