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Interface – Toytown EP [2017 Remasters]

Interface - Toytown EP


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Mike Ash a.k.a Interface’s legendary ‘Toytown EP’ gets freshly remastered for 2017 on Rising High Records.

All the way back in 1991, this EP of manic breakbeat hardcore bangers got caned by the likes of DJ Hype. Until now, copies of the original vinyl would cost up to £14 on Discogs but these new remasters are available for half that in lossless format but thats, not the real reason to grab them and we’re not here to shill.

For this writer, it seems a no-brainer to support oldskool hardcore on digital formats. You can get digital versions of music going back to the classical era but oldskool hardcore has almost been lost into obscurity meaning that a whole new generation that listens to Spotify won’t ever hear classics like ‘Return Of Godzilla’ and ‘Out Yer Face’. They might miss out on the genre that influences everything from contemporary House to Techno in 2017.

I can still remember hearing tracks like these on the radio back in 91/92′ and being blown away. A melting pot of Belgian Techno, Hip Hop and countless other genres fueled by an underground revolution that stood tall in the face of Tory Britain. Oldskool Hardcore still sounds as unconventional and innovative as it did in its era, I for one am glad its finally making it onto digital platforms.

Justin Martin- Hello Clouds Remixes

Justin Martin- Hello Clouds Remixes


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Dirtybird present a fresh remix album of Justin Martin ‘Hello Clouds’ A crack team of artist get hold of the massive tracks on this LP. Walker & Royce put a squelchy stamp on ‘The Feels’ while Brummie badman Low Steppa puts his signature Bass/House/Grage shine on it. Ardalan manipulates the 303 box into exciting new shapes for his remix of ‘Hello Clouds’ whereas Jakwob goes for a UK Bass House take with touches of Future R&B and even a bit of Techno with his rework. Redlight gives ‘Wet Cat’ a dark edged bubbling rinse out before we move on to Kyle Watson’s deep n’ durty refix of ‘Odyssey.’

‘Midnight’ gets the quirky treatment from Doorly and a busy and uplifting going over by Soul Clap. Lenny Kiser delivers a bass rich weapon of remix for ‘Rabbit Hole’ veering into breaks territory. Little By Little go for a bit of Defected style House stylings on their ‘Rabbit Hole’ remix. This leaves us with two remixes of ‘Back To The Jungle’, one, a DnB reworking of exceptional classiness by DJ Marky with a little nod to Gat Decor ‘Passion’ and Chris Lorenzo’s hybrid Breaks/Bass/House monster of a remix. Need to have tunes right here!!!

STAXIA- Decompromiser


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STAXIA flys over the top rope with Lucha Libre inspired electro/Funky Breaks power slammer ‘DEcompromiser’, a tune that kicks hard from bell to bell!!! Motivbreaks dons a ravers cape to monkey flip the original into an energetic 90’s fueled monster with Jungle breaks and point to the laser uplifting synths.

Dee Cypher-Close To You EP

Dee Cypher-Close To You EP [Hush Digital]


Dee Cypher and Hush Digital take us back into the late 90s/early 00s with 2 underground 2 steppers ready to pepper your speakers with an avalanche of analogue bass!!! You’ll be reaching for your Dolce & Gabbana clobber when you hear these badboys straight from the London Pirate radio days!!!

Master Mash – Future Hardcore EP

Master Mash - Future Hardcore EP


Paranoid Recordings continue their run of free releases with Master Mash’s ‘Future Hardcore EP’, 4 tracks of fast n’ furious Breakbeat Hardcore that put mid 90’s Jungle, 92′ Rave and Belgian Techno. Definitely for the headstrong!!!


Motivbreaks – I Know It[thank You For The Support Mix

Motivbreaks - I Know It[thank You For The Support Mix

Motivbreaks uploaded this rushy breaks tune ‘I Know It’ for free to say thanks for the support. Its us who should be thanking, a good dose of ravey uplifting pianos and house influenced beats is the perfect medicine for any occasion!!!

Flash Cats Interview + New ‘Groovin’ LP

Flash Cats Groovin

We caught up with DJ Flashback a.k.a The Flash Cats about his new LP ‘Groovin’ and other bits. The LP is out now. Buy it here

Thanks for sharing some time with the blog! So, you’ve just released a full LP ‘Groovin’. Tell us abit about the creative process, time and labour that went into this LP

The new album ‘Groovin’ took about a year to complete, and was a project that my studio partner Sparky and I had been talking about doing for a few years. We have both always been heavily influenced by the house and rave sounds that came out of the North of the UK in the late ’80s, early ’90s so it seemed like a good idea to produce an album showcasing this sound. After selecting lots of our favourite tracks from that era, we got together what vocal samples we could and Sparky got everything down in the studio including re-writing all the drums and music. After much listening, tweaking, replacing tracks etc we settled on the 15 tracks that are on the album.

Previously, you produced other different aliases like The Flashback Project, you played a huge role in the NuRave/Rave Breaks/Future Jungle scene of the mid 00’s up to now. How did you get into this sound and start making tracks?

I mainly release as ‘The Flashback Project, also I’ve used ‘Scientists’ (for DNB), ‘Dub Heroes’ with Sparky (for Fidget House) and more recently ‘Flash Cats’. I got into the sound initially through DJ’ing hardcore since around 1990, but didn’t get into a studio with any serious intentions until I hooked up with the extremely talented production duo Stu and Nee, resulting in my first vinyl release ‘Hands In The Air, on Mertwax (big up Mert!). I also been lucky enough to work with other amazing producers like King Yoof (Sunz Of Mecha), Hattrixx, D’Silva and Sparky who have all helped me to develop my sound, and I released on Junki Munki Records, Firewall Records, Uplifting Rhythm, Tornado Records, Uppacutz Records, Can You Feel It Media and Downbeat Productions. DJs Slipmatt and Billy Daniel Bunter helped me a great deal in the early years signing my first 2 tracks Love Commandments and Ease The Pressure, the latter being then licensed to their with platinum selling ‘Rave Nation’ album, released on Ministry Of Sound Recordings. Also, I was very lucky to have the support and encouragement of the legendary DJ Kutski (BBC Radio 1), as well as a whole host of other DJs and radio stations who helped me immeasurably with support and airplay. I set up my own label Propaganda Music in 2013 and along with releasing my own music I try to discover and push emerging talent as much as I can. To date we’ve had 12 releases on the label, the latest being the brand new FLASH CATS album – GROOVIN

In general, the breaks sound is very popular over in Spain, what do you think is the appeal of that particular sound over there?

There is definitely a growing demand for breaks, and the Spanish have been at the forefront for at least 15 years. The appeal is undoubtedly the razor sharp production combined with huge basslines and catchy riffs optimised over the years by the likes of DJ Quest, The Freestylers, The Breakfastaz, Plump DJs, Ed 209, Deekline, Wizard…to name just a few!

The sound that you and others make has its roots in the 90s rave sound. Do you think the new wave of rave-inspired music has suffered a bit from excessive labelling?

No, I don’t think so. There will always be labelling in music – genres, sub genres etc. The crucial thing is the music gets out to the market – how people want to categorise it is up to them

What are the perfect ingredients for a tune in your opinion? What elements of a track get the hairs standing on end?

Crisp beats, heavy basslines, catchy riffs. Easy you’d think…

Where have been your favourite places to DJ over the years?

I’ve been very lucky over the years and have played at some amazing parties all over the UK and Europe, but the one place that was the most special was playing at The Sanctuary in Milton Keynes in the UK – now sadly gone The Sanctuary held so many special memories for me over the last 25 years so having the opportunity to play there before it was closed was very special and something that I won’t forget!

If you could assemble a line up of 5 DJs for an event, any DJ of your choice, who would you pick?

Ha ha, great question….Well for me it would be a mixture of Drum N Bass, Electro House and Old Skool – what a night that would be…

DJ Randall
Camo & Krooked
Far Too Loud
DJ Tango B2B DJ Ratty

What’s coming up in 2017 for Flash Cats and your label, Propaganda Music?

Lots of things are happening at the moment! As I mentioned earlier we’ve just released PROPS012: FLASH CATS – GROOVIN. I’ve also been busy in the studio and have a brand new bass and breaks mix to put out including lots of new Propaganda Music exclusives! Also, I’m in the process of having most of my back catalogue re-mastered and I plan to release a 100+ track album of all my work over the years. All proceeds from sales of that album will be donated to charity as a mark of gratitude and respect to family and dear friends that I have tragically lost over recent years, so please watch this space for news on that.

Shouts to Jackski, Mark, Allan and everyone worldwide supporting the sounds! x

Sunday’s Beats 29 01 17

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It’s Sunday, yo’ aint got sheet to do, so why not check out this tune round up

Strange Loving get hold of one of the biggest hits of late and give it an atmospheric rerub

Lucas Alexander drops this Tech House bomb of a Beastie Boys tribute for free on Criminal Hype

Fancy some elegant House Music with a powerful driving bassline? Luca Guerrieri fits the bill with this latest offering

Humans & Machines have a new 2 track release out. ‘Push’ is one of those two tracks and we’re sure you’ll concur that the bassline on this track is ‘take your head off’ good!!!

Lessovsky‘s new EP on Audio Rehab includes this track ‘Never Knew’, a track that cleverly transitions from Garage style sounds into a more Techno esque style all in the space of one tune!!

The Breakbeat Hardcore  captain from Leeds, Monsieur Paul Cronin is currently expanding his rave empire with two new labels. In the meantime be content with this insane track straight out of a Vicks bottle from a 92 outdoor rave!!!

Fresh outta Don Dada Rico Tubb‘s Bass=Win imprint is this new EP from Ralston. We especially love this nod to the Jungle era in a thumping Tech House style..Choose One!!

We love Turntable Actor Chloroform and this latest addition to their ‘Flashback’ series has to be one of TAC’s finest hours!!! A tough snarling take on the sound of 88/80 House a la Armando

KONNEQT is a bastion of Techno excellence. The label consistently showcases great talent both establish and brand new. Her’s another predictably brilliant release supplied by DjaimZ. ‘Dark Matter’ is a breath-snatching warp 10 nosedive into a wormhole!!!

MonkeyFish is a label that rightly prides itself on unique sounding House & Techno content. Christos Papadogias is clearly the perfect fit for this label’s ethos as proven by this fantastic tribal sounding track. We’re reminded of the innovative sounds of early 90’s labels like Guerilla Recs listening to this tune which you can hear right below here

Now, if it’s straight up crisp and peerless House music productions you’re after, Everyday Hustlers is racking up an admirable back cat of just those!!! TwentyFifteen joins the ranks with a spot on piano anthem that ought to be this years’ SecondCity

Rhythm Staircase bless us with another dose of quirky Latin style House on motion recs. You can almost feel the Mediterranean sun on your face as you soak up these beats!!

Pinky drops some lyrical swagger on his latest track ‘Lucy’ which includes this bass monster remix by Kruez below (free to download) and further remixes from the likes of Mafia Kiss!!

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