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Free Breaks Blog Best Breaks Picks #002

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Some current Breaks releases in a variety of styles. A few purchasable tunes and some free downloads too

DJ Rave In Peace has another of his great pure 92/93 breakbeat hardcore tracks up for a free download

Also keepin’ it on the seminal gone too soon oldskool tip are Duff Lung on Raveskool Recordings, Sparki Dee with two tracks, one free, one you can buy; and there’s 4 more oldskool themed breaks bangers courtesy of Gareth Monks, Captain Cobalt/Paranoid Recordings, Keezee, and finally United States Beats Squad. A strong 90’s rave vibe to today’s playlist, enjoy the beats!!!

Dee- Takeshi + My Selecta remix [Menu Music]

Dee - Takeshi + My Selecta remix [Menu Music]


From Russia with bass!! Dee lands on Menu Music with the great hybrid Garage/Bass/breaks sound of ‘Takeshi’. On the flipside, My Selecta provides a slick remix fusing Grime & Jungle stylings into a Mak & Pasteman style techno/House bomb ready to ignite the rave!!!!

VA-The Faceless Exchange Of Beats [Boomsha Recordings]



I’m a huge fan of Boomsha, I’ve followed the label since it started back in 2012, and this latest compilation does the unthinkable. It manages to raise the bar once again for a label with one of the best Jungle back cats of the last 5-6 years.

Curated by Daz Breaks & Si 2 Bad Mice, ‘The Faceless Exchange Of Beats’ is living proof that Jungle in the digital realm can be every bit as good as the Jungle sound of the 90’s. With tracks ranging in tempo from 130-170BPM, and by artists old, new, and truly legendary, not a second goes by listening to this LP where you don’t enjoy it. This is Jungle unfettered and at it’s finest creatively.

Buy ‘The Faceless Exchange Of Beats’ on Beatport


Agents of Rush- Double Drop LP



Agents Of Rush double drop a full LP containing 14 tracks styled in the style of proto-breakbeat hardcore, breakbeat hardcore, 88/89 acid house/techno, and proto-jungle/jungle tekno.

All of these tracks including absolute gems like ‘You Know The Score’, ‘Altered Bleep’, and ‘The Trip’ were made on analogue equipment and each of the tracks capture perfectly the rave sound from 88-92′.

You can buy this LP from Bandcamp or download and stream from the Soundcloud playlist below.

Inspector Sands- Can’t Stop Album (Breakbeat Hardcore)

Inspector Sands Cant Stop LP

Inspector Sands reports to the operation room for a massive full LP of UK/Breakbeat Hardcore that puts the entire Hardcore scene on notice. In short, you need this album!

Starting with the euphoric piano rush of ‘Motivader’ that takes in some lively guitar riffs we continue to the epic Jungle influenced ‘Superfly’, a track with a HUGE  hook which switches midway into stomping 4×4 kicks before some big ravey riffs and euphoric piano towards the end.

‘Feel The Heat’ rekindles the 90’s hardcore sound with some added house music elements. ‘What A Rush’ continues the theme of spine-tingling pianos with some phat n chunky breaks and a rip-roaring bassline.

‘Can’t Stop’ is a unique blend of 90’s 4 Beat Hardcore style riffs with the ‘firestarter’ break and Si Genaro’s Bowie esque vocals. ‘I Call Your Name’ takes us back to the days of Billy Bunter & JDS with rolling breakbeats and some great vocals supplied by Charley.

‘Rippin’ Up Showz’ is a tough 92 influenced banger that pays homage to the likes of Seduction & Sy & Unknown. ‘Lay My Beatz’ brings together the oldskool jungle sound with today’s breakbeat hardcore style and sounds awesomely fun.

Chris Ross, Luna C & Fracus & Darwin all contribute quality remixes to the album. Also featured is my favourite track on the album ‘Dance 2016′, a glorious ode to the year of 1992. For more goosebumps check out another bonus LP track ‘Did I Dream’, a modern take on ‘Temple Of Dreams’ but so much more. We finish this wonderful album with exclusive bonus track ‘Hard Daze’ which also evokes the very best of what we lovingly refer to as ‘oldskool’.

If you love rushy uplifting Breakbeat Hardcore and appreciate outstanding musical production then be sure to grab either a CD or digital copy of this excellent LP.

Buy/Stream Links:

Elektrofant ‘Monica’ Premiere Stream

elektrofant 1992


We would like to say a very special thanks to Beatservice for letting us host the exclusive first play stream of ‘Monica’ from Elektrofant’s ‘1992’ LP. We previously reviewed this excellent LP here suffice to say that it perfectly captures the spirit of one of the best years of dance music ever.

‘Monica’ is a prime example of what’s to love about this album. Prepare to be taken back to the era of groups and artists like Altern 8, SL2 & Inner City, Take in the rolling soundtrack of Detroit Techno synths and raw UK style breakbeats interspersed with Todd Terry circa 92′ 4×4 kicks and 303 acid stabs. Be sure to check out the rest of the LP too, get it from Beatport, Traxsource, iTunes & Spotify


The Planet Rave Podcast Summer Special

Planet Rave Podcast Summer 2016


The Planet Rave Podcast Summer Special on Mixcloud features a selection of Deep/Tech House, Techno, and UK Garage old and new. Some of the artists included are Lee Pearce, Skeleton Army, Wayne Dudley, and a track by Phil Maher out soon on charity album ‘Help Ben Walk Without Pain’. More info on that charity LP can be found here.

There’s even some seminal oldskool rave from way back when tucked away in there, can you spot the track? If you like the show give this post a share.

Elektrofant – 1992 (Beatservice Records)

elektrofant 1992


Elektrofant offers a unique take on the sound of 1992. From Streets Of Rage style retro techno to twisted disco through to Detroit inspired post-breakbeat rave this is one of those absolute gems that come often on the Beatservice imprint.

Enjoy a nostalgic trip to yesteryear with the Beatservice imprint’s signature quirky twist, brilliant!!!  Out 27/08/16

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