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Vinyl Is Better 2 [Kniteforce]

Vinyl Is Better 2 [Kniteforce]

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Kniteforce Records continue the oldskool revival with ‘Vinyl Is Better 2′. Original artists and fresh talent unite for a compilation of 1991-1998 inspired Breakbeat Hardcore, Hardcore and Jungle. These brave individuals took the banner and ran with it. In the name, and spirit of a sound that to quote the artist Q Bass “never dies”

This album is made up of 12 eminent musical offerings of the 90’s rave brand. Let’s dive into them….

Nicky Allen ‘Here Dis’

Breakbeat Hardcore stalwart, prolific producer and dedicated DJ, Nicky Allen returns to the Kniteforce fold with some 1994 style feverish breakage. ‘Here Dis’ begins with a dark intro similar to the classic ‘Some Justice’ by Urban Shakedown. As things progress, melodic pianos and mad synths enter the fray to ensure plenty of variety.

Alex Jungle ‘A Feeling You Cannot Understand’

Alex Jungle demonstrates his polished production with a tune that can aptly be described as ‘the Kniteforce sound’. The swirling, sugary synths temporarily mask a flurry of hard 91-92 era Hardcore/Jungle Tekno pads.

The Trip ‘The Snowball’ (Mannik Remix)

Mannik’s remix of original Kniteforce anthem ‘The Snowball’ brings meritable comparison to Boogie Times Tribe ‘The Dark Stranger’. A dark breach in the hull of happiness that is ‘Vinyl Is Better 2′. A torrent of angry hoovers and buzzing riffs fight for your attention on this murky reversion to 1993

Bucksta ‘Let’s Get Ill’

Bucksta probably won’t make you ill but he will make you dance!!! It’s time for some Rave Breaks fun with ‘Let’s get Ill’. Some ‘pump yo’ fist’ Hip Hop vocals should get the testosterone flowing. Along with the call to action vox, hard Belgian mentasm stabs and thumping breaks are the perfect construct for serious mayhem. Oh yes, and watch out for the speed up/slow down mid section!!!

Ant To Be ‘You Know What’

From the inception, we are in 92 era Reinforced Records territory with Ant To Be’s submission to this absolute asset of an album. Close your eyes and you could be listening to Manix!!!

Audio X ‘Echoes’

Another Rave Breaks veteran weighs in and biy do they weigh in!!! More oldskool than Rave Breaks, ‘Echoes’ bathes us in a sea of acid riffs and euphoric keys. Put this tune in the dictionary as an additional definition for ‘rush’!

Dj Luna-C ‘Technical Shmecnical’

Luna-C pops in to say ‘hello!’ with ‘Technical Shmecnical’. How do you describe this? Adjectives like ‘Rapid’, ‘Jolly’, and ‘Exhilarating’ come to mind. Melodic madness at full throttle, play it loud and dance to it like you have no inhibitions at all!!

TNO Project ‘Here Comes Da Feelin’

TNO Project has such a crisp and authentic sound you would think he is an original Kniteforce artist. Here we have the classic juxtaposition of dark and light that lies at the very heart of Rave music. This will give you goosebumps!!!

Empyreal ‘Things Like This’

We’re sure a certain Mr Matt ‘Slipmatt’ Nelson would adore this track. Pure audacious Happy Hardcore. How can you not love the slamming kick drums and super saccharine melodies of ‘Things Like This’?

Demcore ‘Summer’ (The Timespan Remix)

Now this is interesting, now you know what it would sound like if you combined 1998 style vocal Happy Hardcore with its 1992 predecessor. Nice little nod to The Prodigy on this track, see if you can spot it!!

Dj Deluxe ‘You Take My Love’

A welcome rejoin from one of Kniteforce’s latter day veterans. Fast paced Hardcore Breaks with a stand-up and smile voluminous piano hook and alternating funky stabs.

Saiyan And Cru-l-t ‘High Da Way’ (Luna-C Remix)

You know when you don’t want something to end, right? This album is tremendous. If you love your oldskool rave/hardcore, you can’t be without this grand compilation and what a way to finish!! Luna-C’s supercharged energy burst of a remix is one way of saying ‘we won’t go out quietly’. Enormous revelry in just under five minutes, phew!!!

Cakeboy- Weapons

Cakeboy Weapons Packshot V1

Buy Here (Out 13/01/17)

Cakeboy takes us back to what this blog is all about….breaks!!! The title track revives the golden age of electro breaks with a lazer shot of party funk!!!

‘Rockin’ The Retro’ does much more than it says on the tin, lively synths,  classic mid 00’s dirty electro bass, cowbells and crunchy bouncy beats. Cakeboys got your ‘weapons’ at the ready…Lock…load….aim….Fiyaaaaahhhhh!!!!




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Retropolis’ latest track is a slice of hyper euphoric and uplifting breaks. The classic vocal tells us to ‘Let it feel alright’ while ‘shining in the extasy’ and the ravey pianos lift you from the seated position to a place where you can dance and be carefree!!! Joyous sounds to brighten up your day (or night) any place, any time!!!

VA- Sub Slayers 50

King Yoof - Back 2 Hackney (2017 VIP)


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Since 2009, Sub Slayers have helped define the UK/Global Bass music scene with countless classics from the likes of King Yoof, Toronto Is Broken and many other top artists

Sub Slayers 50 celebrates a momentous milestone with fresh VIP of 5 of the best tracks from the Slayers back cat. Fresh 2017 VIPs of King Yoof ‘Back To Hackney’, Toronto Is Broken ‘Spirit Song’, Wizard ‘Phenomenon One’ Featuring Rebel MC/Lady Chann, SKMA ‘Chesire Cat’ Featuring Fumin’, and US Bass/Jungle/DnB legend Skanx a.k.a 6Blocc ‘Afrika’ all tell a bass loaded story of the label’s journey and what the future holds. To quote David Boomah ‘Forward Ever, Backwards Never’, clearly the ethos of Jay Cunning’s premiere bass music imprint for 2017 and beyond….

Marvellous Cain – The HitMan EP 2016 Sampler #4

marvellous-cain-the-hitman-ep-2016-sampler-4Buy Here

Jungle anthem and classic ‘The Hitman’ by Marvelous Cain Ft Cutty Ranks gets the House & Garage rerub treatment for  The HitMan EP 2016 Sampler #4

CoiTy & RyKennon give Marvellous Cain ‘The HitMan’ a pure 187 Lockdown circa 98 style rumbling speed garage refix with gunshots and warp bass aplenty!!!

For the UKG & Breaks fans, Scott & Nick add in the full ‘Limb By Limb’ vocal on their uplifting 2 stepper remix

2 Rotten Scoundrels give ‘The HitMan’ a cutting edge remix blurring the lines between Grime, Breaks & Jungle with speaker burning 808s and rumbling amen breaks

Scott Garcia goes for a 4×4 Garage refix straight from the heady days of the late 90’s

all artists involved do themselves proud with more than worthy House/Garage versions of this seminal Jungle classic

XJ- Banana Breaks [Free Breaks Blog Premiere]

XJ- Banana Breaks [Free Breaks Blog Premiere]

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We are pleased to Premiere XJ ‘Banana Breaks’ acid breaks with a touch of 90’s rave. Buy it from Bandcamp 

XJ is a very talented and diverse producer, head over to his Soundcloud page to hear clips of his tracks ranging from 4-Beat/Uk Hardcore to Jungle & DnB. We’re certain XJ is going to do big things in 2017!!!

Top Ten Tunes of 2016

Free-Breaks-Blog-logo-with-black-background-and-with-name-819x1024 resized


My (Tariq) Top Ten Tunes of 2016 are:

1. Enrico Sangiuliano- Moon Rocks

2. Rhythm 4 Reason- Make Some Noise For The Dj’s (Sound Of The ’92 Cru Mix) 

3. Rhythm 4 Reason – Rock The Beat (Maura’s Sweet Dreams Mix)

4. Vertical Drop & Bobby Tee- All In Vain

5. Spektre & Chicago Loop – Shoot From The Hip

6. 2 Bad Mice- Gone Too Soon

7. House Of Virus & Jimi Polo- Better Days

8. Skeleton Army- Shaw

9. Skeleton Army- Morning Glory 2016

10. Swankout-Original Bad Boy



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Borka FM & Motivbreaks feature on an essential double header of Breaks brilliance out now on the V.I.M Breaks Bronze imprint

Borka FM applys the Breaks to House music style pianos and sounds while Motivbreaks goes for a tearout 2 Stepper with beastly basslines, Jungle style vox and a touch of the Punks Music/Stanton Warriors vibes. Two excellent breaks tracks, essential additions to your buy cart

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