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7 sick new Bass Music Releases

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The weekend is upon us, therefore you need a hefty dose of fresh new Bass Music, we got you covered with 7 sick new releases!!


1.Jay Kay – Spirit

Jay Kay takes it back tot he classic early 90’s house sound albeit up to date with one of the best House tracks of 2016, strong oldskool vibes, nice warm bass stabs, big uplifting keys a la Gat Decor, this…is…. HUGE!!!!


2.Rhythm 4 Reason – I Thought It Was You

Wayne Dudley & Phil Maher give a 90’s funky house classic their Rhythm4Reason style rerub adding in some ravey pianos for a great cheeky free download, positively hostile!!!


3.Jay Kay & Phil Maher – Yeah, Alright

Jay Kay & Phil Maher revive the breakbeat house sound with this hand raiser of a tune check out those uplifting pianos and the big Meat Beat Manifesto break in the drop, whoooo!!! Alright!!!!


4.Twin Fingers – Want Me To Be

Twin Finger inject some of those Chicago vibes into this big club ready house jacker out now on Yoo’Nek Recs, this’ll get ‘em jumpin!!!


5.Cardiac-Get Ready Don’t Stop

Some of that good old US style House on this 3 tracker by Cardiac for Rhythm Control Recs, 3 tracks of thumping grooves and funky keys just how we like it!!!


6.The-Wolf ‘Purple Smokescreen’

Another House track of the year in the same blog post!!! The Wolf weaves something extra special, big pounding Techno bassline, sounds akin to classic 70s/80s cinema and then there is the flutes, those flutes man!!! This is the kind of track where you really get lost in the groove and not only that but there’s a ton of quality remixes for every house/techno fan’s taste. Out soon, keep your eyes on this link


7.HUD – Feel Good Tonight

And here to truly make you ‘Feel Good’ is House Of Dice radio show host, DJ & Producer HUD debuting on 18 09 Records with a thunper of a tune you won’t be forgetting any time soon. Building from a funky foundation into some squelching acid house style sounds, it’s a potent club weapon as the Graeme Vass remix also included

DJ Wislov- DAT Demos (Oldskool Hardcore)

DJ Wislov- DAT Demos (Oldskool Hardcore)


DJ Wislov shares some oldskool hardcore gems found on DAT tapes from his days of analogue production. This slammin 7 begins with the pounding acid of ‘Acid Rain’ then gets dark n nasty with some 93 dark breakbeat hardcore called ‘Brain Killer’.

‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ is a deep atmospheric trip back in time to 1992. ‘People C’Mon’ breaks out the euphoric pianos to get you rushing. ‘Kicking In The Beat’ gives a well known and much loved dance music classic some tough rave breaks treatment.

‘Technology’ slows things down for a dark and scary breaks workout and we come to an end of this EP with a melodic piano breaks number in ‘OPen Your Mind’. This is a great EP for lovers of breaks and oldskool hardcore, snap it up!!!

Stream & But the ‘DAT Demos EP’ here>>>

10 Top Notch New Bass Music Releases

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Some great Bass Music to share with you all today, check out these 10 top DnB, House and Broken Beats releases below..


1.Skorpz- Killa Cops Remixes EP

Viral Mental Recs continue to put out seriously bass weighty DnB like this follow up to Skorpz’ ‘Killa Cops’ EP with remixes incorporating enough bass wobble to level skyscrapers!!!


2.Oli Hodges – Bring Me Down

Anthemic vocal deep house from the awesome Oli Hodges who just gets better with each release, just wait til you hit play on this one, out soon!!!


3.Capone – Ja Ja Is Coming

Paul Woolford style skanking breakbeat house served up by Silverfox, rammed with funky basslines and jackin breakin beats!!!


4.Black Girl / White Girl ‘No Time’ EP 

THe top techno/tech house duo return with a slammer of a new 2 track EP on Hustler Trax, 2 tracks on very different sides of the house spectrum from pumping techno to garagey style jackin house, two must have trax!!


5.Mark Cava – Deep Down

Mark Cava gets funky and you will get down when you hear ‘Deep Down’, first class production, impeccable sound and a big meaty main rif make for a total dancefloor smasher!!!


6.Skapes- Feel The Beat / Feel The Vibe

A rand new 2 tracker from Skapes, 2 beastly tunes including ‘Feel The Beat’ (below), a track that combines signature Skapes beats n bass mastery with oldskool rave and big room vibes aplenty!!!


7.3000 Bass Presents: Low Pitched – Free Download Volume 005

3000 Bass and Low Pitched Recs time up for No5 in their series of free fiyah EPs. Featuring bass n breaks weightiness from Spekktrum & Spookz, CLEXX, Noble & Habouchi, BIG!!!


8.Man Loves Machine – Waiting For You EP

A couple of floor filling big Techno/Tech House Trax with massive back to the 90s hooks and riffs a la beltram et al, hoovers at the ready, get your heads down and have a good old stomp to these bangers!!!!


9.My Neighbour Is – Moon’s Reflection On A Quiet Lake

Super chilled funky beats from My Neighbour Is on this truly delectable ‘Back To Mine’ style LP of silky smooth super tight Hip Hop joints, we implore you to hit play on this!!!


10.Unique 3 – Daddy Ain’t Around

House music legend Unique 3 flips the script for a DnB track that has all the soul, life and emotion that so many tracks in this genre just don’t have. The original is a duby shuffling Hip Hop style skanker and the remixes come from Rolaz and Benny L. Get this now!!!

Retrozone EP Vol One (Oldskool Hardcore)

Retrozone EP Vol One


Oldskool Hardcore crew!!! Ozone Recordings have just dropped the first in their series of ‘Retrozone’ EPs sourcing oldskool gems from the 91/92 era.

Retrozone Vol One’ features 4 tracks from Nebula II, Trak 1, Bass Generator & Rush PIrates.

Hit The Funklabs url below to buy a copy and check out our premiere stream of ‘Rush Pirates- Vol One’, a pure 92 tribute track with tons of great chord progression and switches–retrozone–volume-1.php

Glowkid ‘Generation X’ Show w Xenophobia Tomorrow 19 07 16


Be sure to tune in to Planet Rave Radio tomorrow as Glowkid will be doing an album showcase of Xenophobia’s remastered and re released classic oldskool hardcore LP ‘Bring On The Rush’

Along with the album showcase will be an exclusive interview with Xenophobia frontman DJ Terminator aka Sid Truelove. Expect some great tales from the early to mid 90s, the infamous Spiral Tribe raves and more

Be sure to listen live as free copies of the ‘Bring On The Rush’ LP plus a brand new album of fresh material will be given away during the broadcast

“Go to the flow with an ooooooh rush me eeeeeeee rush me!!!”

Generation X [RadioShow] pres.
XENOPHOBIA ‘Bring On The Rush’ Special
Tuesday 19th July 2016
17:30-19:30 (UK TIME)




5 Of The Finest Bass Music Releases

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5 mighty fine Bass Music releases, all brand new coming right up!!!


1.Producer Convention – The Beat/Technology [Hostage Bass]

2 new tracks from Producer Convention. ‘The Beat’ is experimental Trap/Ghetto Bass done nicely. ‘Technology’ takes it back to the Hip House days of 89 for a great bit of new skool nostalgia

2.Dan Dakota – Stood In The Dark / We Let Em Go [Liquicity Records]

Top quality euphoric and uplifiting DnB rollers from Dan Dakota on one of the scene’s very best liquid oreintated imprints, rolin like Fred Durst!!!

3.Rico Tubbs – Ghost Rider [Bass=Win]

When the badman don dada Rico Tubbs drops a new tune, butchers go out of business cos’ the bass is too meaty!!! A gritty firing Bass House banger from the don dada plus classy Bass and House Music remixes from Dr Cryptic and Thijs Haal

4.Dub FX – So Are You

Deep lyrics and equally deep and delightful sounds from Dub FX, a fine taster for their ‘Thinking Clear’ LP due out 26/07/16

5.T>1- Circuits EP – Part 2 [Serial Killaz Recordings]

The second of two EPs where T>1 takes DnB back to it’s roots with deep dark subby undergrounds style beats, Don’t mistake this excellent EP for ‘oldskool’ though, it’s loaded with innovation and great new boundary pushing but still dancefloor friendly fiyah!!!


Neveready- Rejections: (The Remixes EP2) (Bass Music)

Neveready- Rejections (The Remixes EP2) (Bass Music)


NexGen Music release a fresh set of multi flavoured Bass Music remix of Finnish DJ/Producer, promoter and vocalist Neveready’s ‘Rejections’ LP originally released in 2012

It’s vibes all the way from Earth Leakage Trip dubby  treatment of ‘One Eyed Empress’ to D.A’s lush liquid DnB refashioning of  ‘Auringonlasku Sunset’ to Totrox chilled downbeat take on ‘Smokers Delay’.

Those vibes continue with Kachina’s sparkling and breezy remix of ‘Consumption & Lies’ , off kilter funkiness in the shape of C.O.U.G.H.’s remix of ‘Rejections’, Physics’ luvdup remix of ‘Deep Listening’. Bluesy c/o Juho from Narva Falls Remix of ‘Haarlem Joint’ then finally Rob Sparx’ old skool dubstep of ‘Trouble Bubbles’

There’s more than plenty to delight hearts and ears right here

Buy Neveready- Rejections: (The Remixes EP2)

9 Essential Bass Music Releases 13/07/16

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You’ve heard of ‘7 Ways To Love’ well here’s 9 essential doses of Bass Music out this week from electronica to uplifting house and some DnB!!!!

1.Cut La Roc – ‘The Preacher’

Cut La Roc’s huge piano house anthem ‘The Preacher’ is out 15/07/16 on motion rcs. A sunny blend of uplifting Italo style piano and Latin flavoured beats, an absolute gem of a track for the real house lovers


2.Richey Profound – Last Record EP (Simma Black)

Richey Profound gives ‘bumpin’ a whole new definition with this chunky 2 tracker of deep tech house on Simma Black


3.LHK – Chicago (Chunk Remix) [Free Download]

Nice US house chugger from Chunk up for the free download featuring cool vox and great synths


4.Timmy P – Tip Top

Timmy P drops this sweet free dl on the House N House channel, big bumpy beats and Korg M1 pianos to lose yourself into


5.Dots Per Inch ft. Ella Croucher – Hold You Close EP

Dots Per Inch delight us once again with the super crisp production and garagey goodness of ‘Hold You Close’ with Ella Croucher on vocals and top remixes from Tre Smith & Niels Solberg/Ben Muetsch


6.NY SkyKore – Flight Lines

Atmospheric deep jungle sounds from NY SkyKore on Dark Til Dawn Recs. Great oldskool themed tracks with a nod to PFM, LTJ Bukem and other pioneers of the intelligent jungle sound. Listening to this feels like being back in the good old days

7.Amplified Records Ibiza Sampler 2016

Amplified Records unveil this excellent compilation featuring everything from uplifting summery deep house to hypnotic techno featuring artists like K & K, Latecomer, Wheats & Josh Gregg, Havana Dub and more, a must!!!


8.Gaffe of a Lifetime-GAFFE SEASON 1…

20yr Brooklyn resident Gaffe blends music, poetry and visual art on this great conceptual album of glitchy techno influenced beats. Looking for something that breaks the mould and sounds amazing? Bit of Hip Hop? All present on this classy release

Buy –


9.Swerve – Demons (Agro Remix) / VIP Mix

Swerve’s ‘Demons’ gets a new VIP and a slammer of a remix from the man like Agro, lock up your daughters and get those speakers armed and ready, out now on Audio Addict Records

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