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OSRT Recordings Volume 1 – Forthcoming on Vinyl & Digital

OSRT Recordings Volume 1 - Forthcoming on Vinyl & Digital


Dj Flow launches a brand new label with this non profit/for charity release featuring tracks by Flow, Beardy, DJ Fav & Worldwide Epidemic. DJ Flow has received support on his tracks by Aquasky and has featured on top Nuskool labels such as Paranoid Recordings. Beardy is an oldskool veteran and bona fide legend with many an underground Hardcore/Jungle classic  to his name. Fav is a pioneer from the early days of the oldskool revival  that began on sites like bv2os. Worldwide  Epidemic has featured on prestigious vinyl imprints like 7th storey.

The theme for this 4 track EP is top drawer dark side hardcore and jungle with a truly authentic sound. Read the official blurb below and be sure to support this great causeOSRT Recordings

I’m proud to present the tunes that make up the first 4 track EP on OSRT Recordings.

The idea behind OSRT Recordings is to provide quality tunes from up & coming and established artists who all buy into the OSRT ethos. Every release will be made with a charity aspect – basically any money made after costs will be donated to a charity chosen specifically for each release.

The first instalment features Beardy, DJ Fav, Worldwide Epidemic and myself (DJ Flow), and the charity we will be supporting is MIND.

Keep an eye out for this first release, expected to be available to buy around May 2017!

Rainforest- Life On Earth LP

Rainforest- Life On Earth LP


Pre-Order CD Here and get digital LP free

Rainforest- Life On Earth LP [Movementinsound] out 31/03/17

Rainforest is known  primarily for his DnB productions. This time, the Mexican beatsmith offers up a full LP of DnB, Downtempo Breaks and Dub influenced soundscapes. Its a case of which pearl to pick first from this ocean of tranquil beats. Maybe you could try on the stripped back aquatic grooves of ‘Arrivals’ full of swirling flamenco guitar licks and gentle percussion. From tranquil water we move to warmer deeper parts of the sea with the dubby ethereal jungle fusion ‘Bay Tempo’  (more…)

Strange Rollers- The Dark

Strange Rollers The Dark Hot Cakes Bass


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Strange Rollers debuts on Hot Cakes Bass with a duo of razor-sharp breaks n bass slammers. Gents n’ Ladies, feast your eardrums on ‘The Dark EP’

Proof that hard work pays off can be heard in abundance on the crisp drums and Ridley Scott esque orchestral sweeps of the amazing title track. After this we wind it back to Strange Rollers’ early influences for the tight bouncing breaks, pitched down rave vox and extreme rush inducing pianos that make up ‘Fog Machine’. Here at the blog we’re incredibly pleased that one of our favourite artists and a long time supporter and contributor to FBB has earned this milestone release. Now is as good a time as any to go back and check the prolific back cat of Strange Rollers on Soundcloud

Drum Wrks 008

Drum Wrks 008


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Drum Wrks 008 blows the warehouse doors open with a mighty shot of dark jungle breaks dished out by Figures Of Eighty and My Selecta. Dark rolling breaks from the very heart of the jungle meet orchestral sweeps and intense melodic darkness on Figures Of Eighty ‘The Delicate’. Ominous chords snarl from the subwoofers ready to rip up your eardrums bolstered by gruesomely mutated 303s and thumping amen breaks on My Selecta ‘Acid Blip’. Make sure you have the stomach because your ears deserve this!!!

Interface – Toytown EP [2017 Remasters]

Interface - Toytown EP


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Mike Ash a.k.a Interface’s legendary ‘Toytown EP’ gets freshly remastered for 2017 on Rising High Records.

All the way back in 1991, this EP of manic breakbeat hardcore bangers got caned by the likes of DJ Hype. Until now, copies of the original vinyl would cost up to £14 on Discogs but these new remasters are available for half that in lossless format but thats, not the real reason to grab them and we’re not here to shill.

For this writer, it seems a no-brainer to support oldskool hardcore on digital formats. You can get digital versions of music going back to the classical era but oldskool hardcore has almost been lost into obscurity meaning that a whole new generation that listens to Spotify won’t ever hear classics like ‘Return Of Godzilla’ and ‘Out Yer Face’. They might miss out on the genre that influences everything from contemporary House to Techno in 2017.

I can still remember hearing tracks like these on the radio back in 91/92′ and being blown away. A melting pot of Belgian Techno, Hip Hop and countless other genres fueled by an underground revolution that stood tall in the face of Tory Britain. Oldskool Hardcore still sounds as unconventional and innovative as it did in its era, I for one am glad its finally making it onto digital platforms.

Justin Martin- Hello Clouds Remixes

Justin Martin- Hello Clouds Remixes


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Dirtybird present a fresh remix album of Justin Martin ‘Hello Clouds’ A crack team of artist get hold of the massive tracks on this LP. Walker & Royce put a squelchy stamp on ‘The Feels’ while Brummie badman Low Steppa puts his signature Bass/House/Grage shine on it. Ardalan manipulates the 303 box into exciting new shapes for his remix of ‘Hello Clouds’ whereas Jakwob goes for a UK Bass House take with touches of Future R&B and even a bit of Techno with his rework. Redlight gives ‘Wet Cat’ a dark edged bubbling rinse out before we move on to Kyle Watson’s deep n’ durty refix of ‘Odyssey.’

‘Midnight’ gets the quirky treatment from Doorly and a busy and uplifting going over by Soul Clap. Lenny Kiser delivers a bass rich weapon of remix for ‘Rabbit Hole’ veering into breaks territory. Little By Little go for a bit of Defected style House stylings on their ‘Rabbit Hole’ remix. This leaves us with two remixes of ‘Back To The Jungle’, one, a DnB reworking of exceptional classiness by DJ Marky with a little nod to Gat Decor ‘Passion’ and Chris Lorenzo’s hybrid Breaks/Bass/House monster of a remix. Need to have tunes right here!!!

STAXIA- Decompromiser


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STAXIA flys over the top rope with Lucha Libre inspired electro/Funky Breaks power slammer ‘DEcompromiser’, a tune that kicks hard from bell to bell!!! Motivbreaks dons a ravers cape to monkey flip the original into an energetic 90’s fueled monster with Jungle breaks and point to the laser uplifting synths.

Dee Cypher-Close To You EP

Dee Cypher-Close To You EP [Hush Digital]


Dee Cypher and Hush Digital take us back into the late 90s/early 00s with 2 underground 2 steppers ready to pepper your speakers with an avalanche of analogue bass!!! You’ll be reaching for your Dolce & Gabbana clobber when you hear these badboys straight from the London Pirate radio days!!!

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