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VA- Weapons of Disruption [Futurepast Zine]

VA- Weapons of Disruption [Futurepast Zine]

Futurepast Zine’s mixed artist album ‘Weapons of Disruption’ showcases cutting edge bass music sounds at a variety of moods and tempos, all sounding cutting edge and essential

With contributions from Hollow, Rawtrachs, Krytikal & Rondema, ‘Weapons of Disruption’  is a deep glance into the window of the future bass music. Treat your ears and your mind to a new musical viewpoint, one that sounds amazing

Beat Assassins – Crazy ft Alex Holmes

Beat Assassins - Crazy ft Alex Holmes

Beat Assassins have got us going ‘Crazy’ with their latest DnB banger ft Alex Holmes on vocals and a remix by SKMA!!!

Beat Assassins ‘Crazy’ ft Alex Holmes is a vocal DnB track that puts the pretenders to shame or in other words, shows them how it’s done. On the remix, SKMA cook up a warm recipe for summer festival raving. Don’t be crazy!!! get this tune right now!!!

Rassterlin- 808s & Jungle Breaks

Rassterlin- 808s & Jungle Breaks

Rassterlin’s ‘808s & Jungle Breaks’ out on Asbo Records combines warm urban soul with crisply dancefloor designated DnB

Over the 4 tracks on this EP, we embark on a diverse journey around the raves, festivals and underground radio stations. We live vicariously through the seamless union of sweet female vocals and attack patterns of raw bass, the fierce ragga chatter of Daddy Freddy and a barrage of commanding kicks and snares.

So be sure to pick up Rassterlin’s ‘808s & Jungle Breaks EP’ and while you’re there, don’t miss out on the free track below in celebration of the EP


Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan- Bass=Win Sound System Remixes

Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan- Bass=Win Sound System Remixes

For your listening and raving pleasure, badman don dada Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan present ‘Bass=Win Sound System Remixes’ with remixes from K-orse, Ryuken, John Randle, Mutantbreakz & Future Wildstyle

On the remix of ‘One & Only’ is Mutantbreakz with the bouncing Garage Breaks, Ryuken on the Bass House/Speed Garage flex and Future Wildstyle with a DnB/Footwork style flip

Remixing ‘Horns’ is John Randle giving it some Todd Terry/CLS style beats and an absolutely mental and totaly ace Mutant Bass/Bassline remix by K-orse!!!

Audio Addict Mix Vol. 1-DJ Hybrid

Audio Addict Mix Vol. 1-DJ Hybrid

DJ Hybrid mixes and blends a full selection of the excellent label content on Audio Addict Records. Along with DJ Hybrid’s dancehall smashing mix, you get 33 unmixed tracks including new exclusives. As always, you can expect a great range of styles of DnB and Jungle thanks to contributions from Kumarachi, RMS, Too Greezy, Agro and a who’s who of some of the best this current scene has to offer

XTM – Redemption EP

12 Insert [GD30V2]

Flex continues to reach into the future with the finest DnB. This time it’s XTM with the ‘Redemption EP’

XTM makes DnB their own way and it’s a great style as demonstrated by the 4 tracks on the ‘Redemption EP’, a forward thinking from Chicago to Detroit with ha;f time beats and claps, ambient mysticism and enthralling brilliance. Clearly influenced by the great haymakers of the techstep boom circa 200o, XTM takes the sound forward for 2017 in exemplary fashion

DJ Flashback- Party Time LP-100 Tracks!!!

DJ Flashback- Party Time LP-100 Tracks!!!

DJ Flashback has released a 100 track LP of his productions spanning nearly two decades on labels like Uppacutz, Junki Munki and Flash’s own Propaganda Music imprint. Proceeds from sales will go to Diabetes UK, Macmillian Nurses and Cancer Research UK. In His own words:

Over the last decade Flashback has delivered his own brand of party rocking beats and basslines on Junki Munki Records, Mertwax, Tornado Records, Uplifting Rhythm, Firewall Records, Uppacutz, Can You Feel It Media, Propaganda Music, Downbeat Productions and Ministry Of Sound Recordings, showcasing the sounds of UK breakbeat and bass music to fans across the world.

The Party Time LP is quite literally packed with classic after classic in DJ Flashback’s signature style of oldskool meets nuskool. Plenty of bangin’ breaks and a bit of House & DnB too. Just a few of the absolutely essential tunes on here include the spine-tingling ‘Back To Da Nuskool’, ‘Unfinished Sympathy’, ‘Shake That Body’ and ‘The Masterplan’ There is also 96 more absolute gems on this album. Grab it, support a great cause, get the fantastic back catalogue of DJ Flashback, can’t go wrong!!!

Future Wildstyle- Once Again EP

Future Wildstyle - Once Again EP



Once Again, Future Wildstyle are back on Bass=Win to wreak musical havoc with the Once Again EP, a firey melting pot of Jungle, Breaks, Bass, Footwork, even a bit of Acid House!!!

‘Original Big Up’ continues on the path of Jungle Breaks devestation. The Jungle bleeps, stepping beats, snatches of Hip Hop are all present with a bassline that can and will reshape walls!!!

‘Turn It Up’ blends Ragga vox with floating 303s, heavy blasts of bass and a kind of 4×4 meets breakbeat fusion. Things get even more deep and house music like as the tune shuffles along.

Title track ‘Once Again’ bounces from left to right, loaded with great oldskool samples, a fast paced DnB/Jungle tempo and the cut up style of Juke/Footwork complete with half step interludes

‘Hotter Than Hot’ brings us back around to that funky intertwining of Jungle, breakbeat and a bit of oldskool dubstep. Another great showing from Future Wildstyle, doing it differently, doing it deadly!!!

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