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Justin Martin- Hello Clouds Remixes

Justin Martin- Hello Clouds Remixes


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Dirtybird present a fresh remix album of Justin Martin ‘Hello Clouds’ A crack team of artist get hold of the massive tracks on this LP. Walker & Royce put a squelchy stamp on ‘The Feels’ while Brummie badman Low Steppa puts his signature Bass/House/Grage shine on it. Ardalan manipulates the 303 box into exciting new shapes for his remix of ‘Hello Clouds’ whereas Jakwob goes for a UK Bass House take with touches of Future R&B and even a bit of Techno with his rework. Redlight gives ‘Wet Cat’ a dark edged bubbling rinse out before we move on to Kyle Watson’s deep n’ durty refix of ‘Odyssey.’

‘Midnight’ gets the quirky treatment from Doorly and a busy and uplifting going over by Soul Clap. Lenny Kiser delivers a bass rich weapon of remix for ‘Rabbit Hole’ veering into breaks territory. Little By Little go for a bit of Defected style House stylings on their ‘Rabbit Hole’ remix. This leaves us with two remixes of ‘Back To The Jungle’, one, a DnB reworking of exceptional classiness by DJ Marky with a little nod to Gat Decor ‘Passion’ and Chris Lorenzo’s hybrid Breaks/Bass/House monster of a remix. Need to have tunes right here!!!

INPHEKT – Something Sinister

INPHEKT - Something Sinister


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From the darkest ugliest shadows comes INPHEKT with ‘Something Sinister’ on Viral Mental, an LP of unbridled rage at 170+BPM. Tracks like ‘The Beast’ and ‘In The Shadows’ take on the aesthetic of Rotterdam terrorcore meets DnB in the style of PRSPCT Recordings. Skull busting kick drums get morphed into stepping DnB beats, the backdrop for the harshest imaginable yet musical synths. Beauty comes in many forms, sometimes it’s not so pretty on the outside but the ears can’t say no!!!

Self Aware- The Stargate Experiment

Self Aware- The Stargate Experiment


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If you love the early 00’s DnB sound of Ed Rush & Optical, you’re gonna love Stargate Experiment, Ocularis & Shed My Skin. Self Aware’s new 3 track EP on Wicked Jungle Recs. The EP heralds a return to the full bodied analogue sound that made the 00’s Techstep sound so great back then. Self Aware demonstrates great diversity over the trio of tunes ranging from crunchy Neuro injected steppers to murky amen slammers!!!

USD – Intensity

USD - Intensity

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USD slips into their Neuro/Tech destroyer suit. They aim and prep their laser cannons ready to level buildings with the sheer thundering ‘Intensity’ of their EP (also called Intensity) on Viral Mental. Things are going to get grizzly we warn you but if like us, you love your DnB dark and venomous then this is just the ticket!!!

Raket – Kush Bomb / Ionization

Raket - Kush Bomb & Ionization

Raket drops a junglistic ‘Kush Bomb’ and positively charges some amen break atoms with ‘Ionization’ on wicked Jungle Records. If you love your Jungle stripped back, low slung and super hazy then these two joints will definitely rock or float your boat. The tripped out tribal sounds of ‘Ionization’ are particularly captivating. Seriously wicked jungle!!!

Creatures- Alchemical EP

Creatures Alchemical EP


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Creatures let loose 4 dark DnB steppas on the unsuspecting dancefloor. Collectively they make the ‘Alchemical EP’ on Infidelity Records. This start from a dark place with the paranoid beats of ‘Eclipse’. From there we move into snarling Neuro territory with ‘The Crucible’, a tune that lashes out with venomous synths and hard beats. Next, it’s time to check in at Techstep central with a precision cut in the style of legends like Audio. The beatdown ends with ‘Archive’, a mean grizzly way to end the EP heavy on the knockdown synths and swinging drums that will rock the jaws of anyone who gets in the way!!!

D-audi-Vibes Like This

D-Audi Vibes Like This RGRLP009


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D-audi’s Vibes Like This LP represents a huge milestone. A release on the Ruff Guidance imprint and a place next to some of the biggest pioneers of Jungle & DnB. D-audi has featured on labels like Boomsha Recordings and Audio Addict Records among others previously and produces in a number of tempos and styles. ‘Vibes Like This’ is all about smooth rolling DnB with a contemporary Bass music edge and classic Hip Hop ethos. Tunes like ‘Wash Them & Cleanse Them’ leave an instant impact as do the oldskool intelligent era Jungle sounds of ‘A Little Piece’.

This album brims with class from the twisted funk of the title track to the space age lasers of ‘Nice n’ Deep’ and Ed Rush style Techstep of ‘The Light’. Dip in and discover a modern classic from the Ruff Guidance camp. You will not be disapointed!!!

Master Mash – Future Hardcore EP

Master Mash - Future Hardcore EP


Paranoid Recordings continue their run of free releases with Master Mash’s ‘Future Hardcore EP’, 4 tracks of fast n’ furious Breakbeat Hardcore that put mid 90’s Jungle, 92′ Rave and Belgian Techno. Definitely for the headstrong!!!


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