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Drum & Bass Roundup 23.10.16

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In need of some fiyah DnB? Our roundup features new releases by Chopstick Dubplate, Fleck, Pull Up Collective, Samurai Breaks, INKPHET, Voltage, Soulscience, BR Ft Feyder, Ablaze, DREDILLAH,  Sweet N Sikka, Gold Dubs, The Scarecrow & Dan Guidance…..

The Chopstick Dubplate collective have a brand new release out, filled with tasty toasting and feelgood ragga junglistic heaters fresh out of the lab of some of the scene’s top talents

Part of a free compilation from Breaks/DnB label BKoast, Fleck smashes it with this sick Ragga Jungle roller

Out now on Deep In The Jungle, Pull Up Collective’s new EP is yet another essential addition to the junglists collection. A purist foray into the sounds of 94′, lighters at the ready!!

Next up, not one but two futuristic Jungle/DnB/Footwork steppas from Samurai Breaks, these ones are for the true ravers!!!


Macabre darkness from Inkphet on Viral Mental, a new EP  and a free download loaded with fierce growling basslines and thumping beats for the darker dance floors


Accomplished producer Voltage always brings his A-Game when it comes to new beats. No exceptions here, this new EP on Low Down Deep is the stuff raves and clubs are made for

Soulscience returns after a hiatus from tune making. He returns with this gem of a warm rolling liquid DnB tune which is free to download

This track by BR Ft Feyder is taken from the newest multi-tempo EP on Russia’s Future Jungle Music showcasing some of the finest emerging talent and veterans to the scene all in one

This beaut of a tune is from Ablaze’s new EP on Unified Audio. We are very pleased to host the premiere to this classy track that kicks off with tasty sax licks and evolves into a summery roller that sounds like the beaches of California in mid July!!!

Back to the darkness and by darkness we mean darkness done nicely!!! Fast, frantic pounding beats and rib splitting synths are what Dredillah has to offer. Only if you’re strong enough to handle them!!

This is one of two DnB slammers from Sweet N Sikka, part of their new time themed EP on Formation. A couple of raw energetic stripped back kick n’ snare call & response snap attackers designed to bring out the freak in you!!!

Gold Dubs gets deep, tribal; and rootsy on this flavourable contribution to the new Tru Thoughts album

if you haven’t got this follow up to Asbo Records’ Joker Recs remix series, one more reason (as if you needed it) to go buy is a free remix of The Scarecrow ‘Tutti Fruitti’ by Dialect & Kosine

And we conclude with something nice n’ smooth from Dan Guidance, a producer you really should get to know. This free track should be a great starter

Xenophobia feat. GL0WKiD – Glow To The Rush (Official Video)



Our good friend, DJ, radio host and blogger Glowkid teamed up with oldskool hardcore legends Xenophobia and the results? Well you can listen below, safe to say if you love the 91/92 ‘ardcore sound then this one’s for your ears!! You may feel inclined to jump out of your seat and bust some moves when you hear ‘Glow To The Rush’, just make sure the boss doesn’t catch you raving at work!!! :D

Sound Shifter- Spectrum Ends EP [Ruff Guidance]


Buy This EP Here

Sound Shifter’s new EP out now on Ruff Guidance features 5 incredible excursions into the realms of Jungle/DnB. Combining precision production with knowledge and passion for the global phenomena that is Jungle music.

All the hallmarks for a Junglistic essential grab are here, those sounds you know, love and crave from the countless variations on the infamous Winston brothers ‘amen’ break to the textured layers of bass and atmosphere.

We especially love track 5 ‘I Want Your Love’, the pianos and rolling amens take us right back to 94/95!!!

Toronto Is Broken Ft Cianna Blaze- The Antidote /Deep Freeze [Sub Slayers]




Toronto Is broken treats our ears to some fresh cuts from his meticulous production. ‘Deep Freeze’ is a powerful bassy excursion with added vocal spice from Maxim (Prodigy)’s vocalist/MC Cianna Blaze.

On the flip, ‘The Antidote’ with Anodyne Industries is a thing of sonic beauty that could cave walls in, TIB is on the money again with another top release for Sub Slayers


DJ RAP x Eat Glitter & Shine – Lets Go Out / Drop It [Propa Talent]




DJ RAP x Eat Glitter & Shine present two new tracks on the Propa Talent label. Both ‘Let’s Go Out’ & ‘Drop It’ are titanium plated festival/rave DnB anthems filled with melodic madness!!

Erb N Dub & Malux Ft Tony Anthem & Navigator- Drummer VIP/Dubplate Killer [Technique Recordings]




Erb & Dub collab with Malux aka Skope for ‘Dubplate Killer’ Ft Tony anthem & Navigator, and ‘Drummer VIP’. Both tracks are signature complex hard hitters that will have the DnB lovers in a frenzy!. Out now on Technique Recordings.


VA-Alchemy 2 [Liquicity Records]


Digital pre-order:
CD / Shop:

Liquicity Vol 2 furthers the uplifting DnB sound with top tracks by Fox Stevenson, Feint,  NCT & Rameses B plus fresh talent like Flowidus, Dan Dakota, & T & Sugah

Alchemy 2 is out 14/10/16 on CD and all good download stores

2 Bad Mice- Gone To Soon [Sneaker Social Club]


Pre-Order This EP Here

Forgive this writer for being excited at the return of oldskool heroes 2 Bad Mice! The duo responsible for some of the biggest Hardcore & Jungle tracks of the 90s who now return with a 4 track EP that stays true to the roots of their sound

The title track first surfaced online via a video of it being played at Raindance 2016, the track features scratching from DJ Faydz and piano by Davos and it’s a heart melter of a tune!!

You can watch this video of Faydz mixing up all 4 tunes on the EP

From 92 style euphoric Hardcore to deep Jungle, the unmistakable stamp of quality is all over this quality release, we’ll let the timeless beats do the real talking…

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