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Agents of Rush - Rough & Ready Rewind - cover


These 8 tracks of raw bleepy oldskool hardcore from Agents Of Rush have got us here at the blog doing all kinds of funny raver dances, recorded on on analogue equipment to give that truly authentic spinning on vinyl sound, each track on this LP has the 91/92′ sound down to a tee, spliced up samples and breakbeats, atmospheric swirly techno synths, bleeps n’ bloops aplenty, in total everything that we loved and still love about that timeless pioneering sound and its free to download on their soundcloud or a name your price on Bandcamp. Tempos vary from 1990/1 proto hardcore to around the 130-140BPM mark with many tracks adding in elements of Jungle such as the Sesame Street break making an appearance here and there, put it this way, we’re gushing over this with good reason, take a listen and get lost in those halcyon sounds!!!

Navigator – Junglist Sound EP

navigator junglist


Navigator is back on Liondub ODT Muzik with another taster from his forthcoming LP ‘Alignment’, the ‘Junglist Sound EP’ features tracks like ‘Chatty Mouth’ which incorporates classic reggae lyrics into a junglist riddim produced by Liondub & Marcus Visionary and with additional vocals from David Boomah, the rest of the EP plays out in likewise fashion assembling a who’s who of the Jungle scene, we particularly favour the Potential Bad Boy remix of ‘Bass Nacho’ and after hearing this, our appetites have further been wetted in anticipation of the LP




Mob Tactics Ft Joell Fender – Neon God / Return Of The Snitch [Viper Recordings]



Mob Tactics unsheathe the sword for two razor sharp cuts of DnB for this new Viper release, we particularly favour the heads down banger ‘Return Of The Snitch’ OOOooooh thats heavy!!!

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VA- 15 Years of Technique Summer Selection Album [Technique Recordings]



This latest compilation from Technique Recordings offers the same outstanding productions and rich diversity that have become synonymous with one of DnB’s very best imprints, from big stadium/festival anthems to dark 00’s style techstep, jungle & liquid DnB, its all here and provided by an envious array of musical talent, a standout compilation loaded with classy tunes for all persuasions

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Dropping The Boom Stick with Galvatron

galva gdb

‘Ghetto Dub’, the hot, all new, forward thinking underground bass music label from Vinyl Junkie and Rachel EC are putting another solid gold bar in their yellow brick road this week by dropping an all new banger from newly signed label mate Galvatron.

Not only is the forthcoming digital single a fine addition to the ‘Ghetto Dub’ roster, it is also completely free to download, in an effort to showcase a taste of things to come from some of the supremely talented people involved.

That being said, just who is Galvatron?
I went to find out just what it is about this breakthrough artist that has got ‘Ghetto Dub’ so excited about both his future and the future of the label…

Galvatron – how are you Sir? Good weekend?

“Easy Jon. I’m very well thanks mate and had a top weekend gigging and chilling with the family.”

Excellent, glad to hear it. Let us get down to business. How would you describe yourself and what you do to a complete stranger that didn’t know you? Also, love the name, did it happen to be inspired by a certain band of infamous ‘Robots In Disguise’?

“(Laughs) You guessed it, I’m a massive fan of the original ‘Transformers’ TV series and toys from the 80’s and 90’s and the name actually comes from the original animated movie when Unicron transforms the dying Megatron into Galvatron, I will stop there before I go all geek boy on you with former-facts!” (more…)

Paranoid Recordings Presents- The Coreflakes EP – FREE DOWNLOAD

Coreflakes Cover


Paranoid Recordings continue their excellent series of free EPs with 4 tracks by a producer known as ‘Tha Liquid’, 4 tracks that vary in tempo and style, the title track being a slice of stripped back 91/92 Breakbeat Hardcore/Jungle Tekno resembling the Doc Scott/Nasty Habitz tracks of that era, some frantic Ragga Breakcore in ‘Hire Me, Fire Me’, some epic piano rave on ‘Smooth But Hazardous’ and uptempo Piano breakbeat Hardcore number ‘Without You’ seeing things out nicely, let me see those hands!!!

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Cyantific- Colour In The Shadows EP [Viper Recordings]



Cyantific are back with a new release on Viper, the masive crossover vocal DnB anthem ‘Colour In The Shadows’ and bassy festival/rave/club rabble rouser ‘No More Heroes’ 2 quite different tracks, both absolute bangers!!!

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Prime Attack has been going strong since 92, sadly he makes his final encore with this EP on Liquid Boppers but what a way to go, 3 amazing tracks that will keep reminding us what a unique sound the sound of Prime Attack was, the roots of euphoric rave, house music and trance can all be detected in these 3 gorgeous DnB rollers that really do stand out from the rest, listen for yourself, amazing stuff


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