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Tyke- They Must Come

Tyke- They Must Come


One of the DnB scene’s most innovative artists, Tyke returns to the Playaz imprint with 4 new tracks. It’s all about the 50’s Sci-Fi and twisted bass on ‘They Must Come’

Tyke fires up the Tardis for title track ‘They Must Come’, a skanking blend of B-Movie Sci-Fi samples and basslines unlike any other.

‘Cosmos’ begins with a crazy conspiracy theory before carving into the skull with a buzz saw like lead synth.

‘Galvanised’ kicks off with a ravey intro and some Gangsta vocals before launching into some beatz from the hood and serious sub frequency mischief and mayhem.

‘Planet Merk’ is where everything goes off into the deep end of insanity. Banana man samples anyone? This is music for face contorting, genius madness with kicks, snares and basslines that disfigure speakers!!!

Dj Dirty One – Jazz Sound/That Lane Of Lovers VIP

Dj Dirty One - Jazz Sound-That Lane Of Lovers VIP
Dj Dirty One revisits 1997 with two choice cuts of Jazzy DnB/Jungle on the Wicked Jungle imprint.

‘Jazz Sound’ goes all in on a Roni Size style instrumental with overlapping beats, percussion, vamping amens with a large and lively dose of Miles Davis style mellow jazz straight from the smoke-filled clubs. A nice phat double slap bass and sax licks add to the ‘Brown Paper Bag’ feel of this super cool riddim.

‘That Lane Of Love VIP’ is a trippy excursion that passes through the rainforest en route to Detroit. DJ Dirty One show his exceptional drum editing skills on this brilliant track. This is real ‘mutant jazz’ for 2017 straight outta the Jungle!!!

Try Unity- Stand Up & Fight For Love

Try Unity- Stand Up & Fight For Love

Try Unity are a brand new trio who produce in the oldskool hardcore style among others. ‘Stand Up’ & ‘Fight For Love’ are the two huge tracks that make up potentially the first of many oldskool hardcore themed releases. If you love pure 1992 Breakbeat Hardcore then you definitely need this!!!

Try Unity are RadioSam, pirate radio DJ for 17 years playing oldskool hardcore & hardcore breaks  (or having played on) on stations including Hyper FM, Origin FM and currently on Brighton’s only FM pirate Code South 105.6 FM. Jimmy Ewins previously released some nuskool breaks tracks on Aquasky’s 777 label 10-15 years ago under the alias Jim Shimmer. Try Unity’s vocalist is Francesca Purcell. ‘Stand Up’ & ‘Fight For Love’  is No1 of a series of upcoming vinyl releases on Try Unity’s label RAVE RADIO RECORDS.

‘Stand Up’ is 2017’s ‘People Hold On’, a raver’s ode to the ethos of Peace, Love, Respect & Unity. In the turbulent and hate filled times we live in, this tune is a message of hope that reminds us what the rave scene was about back in the days of warehouse parties and open field sound systems. Crisp Jungle Breaks, uplifting vocals and Francesca Purcell’s positive vocals ring true, love is indeed the only way. What a great track, pure 92′ rave right down to the rushy mid section.

‘Fight For Love’ has the feel of a Suburban Base release circa 92′. Rolling breaks, Julee Cruise esque other wordly vocals from Francesca , scratches and a Rap vocal once again emphasising the need for PLUR. The synths keep up that Son’z Of A Loop Da’ Loop Era/Run Tings vibe with extra bouncing breaks and a super cool extended scratch. The production is excellent on both tracks, a fine introduction to Try Unity, a production who clearly know, love, live and breath oldskool hardcore. This is limited edition white label 12″ release of 100 copies priced at £8.99 with digital download so get those pre-orders in quick!!!


Beatport Picks 09 07 17

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Check our Beatport picks including tracks/EPs from Signal Noize, Freejack, Joshwa (UK), Ki Creighton/Tolstoi/Andsan and more…

Spline, Dextems- Rock EP

Innovative Neurofunk with elements of UK Jungle and a fearsome industrial sound.

Spline, Dextems- Rock EP

Signal Noize- Get Low

Night Shift Sound is a label that excels in high quality bass music like this 2 track releases that blends Electro, Breaks and Bass music

Signal Noize- Get Low

Severino & Faber- Do The Rest

Bass Tech with 90s rave style synths and off-kilter vocals, this is a fiery banger that will definitely tear the house down

Severino & Faber- Do The Rest

Freejack- Jamaica

Freejack mixes uo the bass house and tech house and adds in a well known and much-loved sample. The drop on this badboy is huge!!!

Freejack- Jamaica

Troy Gunner, Silas, Snare, Agrippa, Yak- Percussive Parameters Vol 2

Four thought leaders and musical mavericks contribute to an EP that is hard to pigeonhole but very easy on the ears

Troy Gunner, Silas, Snare, Agrippa, Yak- Percussive Parameters Vol 2

DJ The Fox- Somewhere

Big room Techno at it’s most momentous. With a remix from Patrick Hero included, this is an essential Techno buy from a leading Techno imprint.

DJ The Fox- Somewhere

Joshwa (UK)- Shake That Thing EP

Next up on Jump Digital, Joshwa (UK) has a couple of spicy and saucy Tech House heaters ready to cause mayhem!!!

Joshwa (UK)- Shake That Thing EP

Ki Creighton, Tolstoi, Andsan- Portage

Tough drum loaded Tech House bangers with African chants and more from Ki Creighton, Tolstoi & Andsan on Underground Audio!!!

Ki Creighton, Tolstoi, Andsan- Portage

Luna C- Project Zero EP

Luna-C- Project Zero EP

Luna C takes us on a journey back to where it began with the ‘Project Zero EP’ This a journey back to 1992 using the hardware that fuelled those happy and hedonistic sounds. It’s like the man who once reached No2 in the UK top 40 hasn’t missed a beat

Going off on a slight tangent here but one of the first records (vinyl) I ever bought was co produced by Chris Howell aka Luna C. I was a spotty 13yr old who loved ‘rave music’ much to the disdain of my Guns N’ Roses loving peers at school. I lived in Andover, Hants and the only record store nearby was an Our Price. I remember my ears pricking up when I heard Smart e’s ‘Sesame’s Treet’ played on Pete Tong’s ‘Mad Music Sweep’, part of his Radio 1 Essential selection show. My Nan bought me three records, The XL 4 Play EP, Urban Hype ‘A Trip To Trumpton’ and the aforementioned ‘Sesame’s Treet’

Without any real access to radio stations and record stores, I relied on nameless mixtapes to get my fix of ‘rave’ or ‘hardcore’ and it wasn’t until around 97′ or 98 that I learned of the legendary Kniteforce imprint. I first heard Luna C’s ‘Piano Progression’ on a Low Price Music 4 CD compilation titled ‘The Best Of Happy Hardcore’  and now, 20 or so years later I am glad to review the amazing ‘Project Zero EP’

‘Into Insanity’ is 1992 personified, a track that takes a vocal snippet from Oceanic ‘Insanity’ and slams down on the pedal before hurtling down Hardcore Lane in a raving ‘Road Rash’ fashion (now there’s a reference for you oldies like me) stopping off at a Ragga party and passing through the Jungle of Tekno for good measure.

And then there is ‘ Back To Cause Mayhem’, Wow, Bob, Wow said the little man in the red suit. He proceeded to do his little dance around the red curtains across the mosaic floor while the man in black spilt his coffee. Uplifting vocals? Check, mental mentasm riffs and hoovers? You betcha Bob!!! Is this the future or is the past? OK, that’s enough of my obsessive Twin Peaks references but Damn, this a fine tune!!! Some of that Luna C piano magic and fast slammin’ breaks top off a wonderful piece of musical mayhem.

‘Black Static’ channels the energy of the Black Panthers, Malcom X and Samuel L Jackson into Ragga Rave slammer Mk II  for ‘Project Zero.’ This has me thinking of some of the late 92/early 93 Suburban Base/Moving Shadow material in a soundclash with early Kniteforce. It’s like an alternative Tarantino movie soundtrack breakbeat hardcore style. Picture those fight scenes from Kill Bill and replace the Japanese 50’s rock with this badboy, way better I’m sure you will agree!!!!

We close out with some more hoovers n’ spray cans by the name of ‘Alice’. There’s a really cool speed up slow down vocal in ‘Alice’, a dash of Zero B ‘Lock Up’ style stabbage and a whole lotta interesting things going on in general. There is also a massive happy drop with more trippy vocals. The thing that stands out about this EP so much is the wonderfully authentic sound. I would say that is down to the hardware but more importantly its down to Luna C’s knowledge and history of producing countless anthems on that very hardware. In very simple terms- if you’re a true lover of the oldskool, you cannot miss out on this latest chapter in the history of hardcore!!!!

New Music Round Up 07/07/2017

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We get sent a LOT of new music!!! And we do our best to cover it all so here is a round-up of some fine new releases across the dance music spectrum new out to purchase and download

Dave Skywalker- Life & Crimes of a Raver EP

Its always nice to hear new music from Dave Skywalker who puts his unique hybrid Jungle/Hardcore/Techno stamp on a fun and bouncey selection of brand new tunes


Lex & Wood – Like This EP

DJ SKT launches his new House Music label with a massive EP from Lex & Woods. You know this duo from the numerous Data Transmission features they have had and you will know before even pressing play that the three tracks on this EP are high quality productions played by the best DJs and danced to by the best crowds!!


zinc- Slippy Boots (FREE DOWNLOAD)

DJ Zinc drops a bass booty of ‘Born Slippy’ for free, it goes without saying its a B.A.N.G.E.R

Jay Tripwire – Filament Burst (Viva Recordings)

Trippy Deep House from Jay Tripwire plus Omotani remix among the fine selection of musical treats. Our pick is the blissful title track, the whole EP is a winner of course!!!

Ivaylo – Manga (Bogota Records)

The latest release on the ever tasteful Bogota label comes via Ivaylo with dreamy synths and mellow kicks aplenty on ‘Magnotronic’ and ‘Nectar’ and the lovely remixes supplied by Arildo & Danny Kotz

Rawsome Ibiza 2017

Rawesome Recordings bring gifts of thumpin’ n’ bumpin’ House heaters for the white isle. Featured artists include Yade, Fraser Whalen, Jack Swaffer/Rich Pinder and more on this 10 track album of essential upfront House & Tech House

DJ Hybrid – Addicted To Audio EP

DJ Hybrid is unstoppable right now, we can’t begin to count the sheer volume of excellent tracks he has put out over the years and yet here is six more, each with their own style, all outstanding examples of DnB at it’s best. We’re addicted to listening to ‘Addicted To Audio’

Anonymous People- On Fire

The latest release on Highly Swung is by Anonumous People. ‘On Fire’ takes its cue from the golden era of vocal UKG and if you like a bit of House and/or Bass, the Ayrton Hood, Sunship and Zemon remixes have what you need!!!

FLeCK- You Got Me/When We Used To Chill

FLeCK- You Got Me & When We Used To Chill-Sub Slayers


Fleck is back on Sub Slayers with two truly breathtaking slices of DnB ‘You Got Me’ & ‘When We Used To Chill’

‘You Got Me’ begins with a picturesque ocean glide that pays reverence to the roots of Jungle/DnB. The Debbie Malone vocals hark back to the 90s rave era, a prelude to the beautiful storm of 808s and amens. For the rest of this year and beyond, you will be hard pressed to find a DnB or Jungle track as good as ‘You Got Me’

‘When We Used To Chill’ is Fleck’s modern take on Chuck’E’s ‘Smokin’ A Blunt’ that maintains the raw junglist aesthetic while injecting tranquillity and grace into the mix. The ‘smokin’ a blunt vocals are stunningly resung, the addition of melancholic keys and horns give the track a rich and powerful pathos further enhanced by classic late 90’s subs a la Ganja Kru/Zinc. Fleck’s last EP for Sub Slayers was amazing, this is on a level of it’s own and has to be heard.

Bass, Breaks & DnB Release Round Up 02 07 17

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We’re rounding up an essential and extensive selection of releases in the breaks, bass & DnB. Everything below is either available to buy, pre-order or download for free.

We’ve got NuSkool Hardcore from Indigo Virus via Strictly NuSkool Blog and a must have oldskool themed mult artist EP for the vinylists via Peace On Wax. We have firing DnB from Beat Breaker, Sweet N Sikka, Konz, Agro, FOTH, X E Dos, DJ Dirty One, Kinetic Eon,  Synthforce & DJ Ransome, Section, Jinx, Cabinet Of Millionaires, Abyss, Conrad Subs, T>1 & L side.

All essential Breaks, Bass & DnB content from some of the finest new and established imprints from Tearout to Techstep, Amen Breakage to Liquid Lushness, enigmatic late night bass to ravey breakage and in between. So take a bit of time to hit play on the curated list below, hit thouse buy buttons, share and spread the word while you empty your wallet on some quality beats!!!!



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