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Hypho & Squane- Way Beyond Boundaries

Hypho & Squane- Way Beyond Boundaries

Hypho & Squane go ‘Way Beyond Boundaries’ with a new EP of collabs and remixes on 877.

The tracks on this EP should have a sub-genre named after them, is this bass? is it breaks? is it techno or jungle/DnB? We’re not sure but what we do know is the sounds here are truly unique and will most certainly rock your rave, house party or club night with ferocity!!!

Rainforest- Life On Earth LP

Rainforest- Life On Earth LP


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Rainforest- Life On Earth LP [Movementinsound] out 31/03/17

Rainforest is known  primarily for his DnB productions. This time, the Mexican beatsmith offers up a full LP of DnB, Downtempo Breaks and Dub influenced soundscapes. Its a case of which pearl to pick first from this ocean of tranquil beats. Maybe you could try on the stripped back aquatic grooves of ‘Arrivals’ full of swirling flamenco guitar licks and gentle percussion. From tranquil water we move to warmer deeper parts of the sea with the dubby ethereal jungle fusion ‘Bay Tempo’  (more…)

Eddvin – Remember EP

Eddvin - Remember EP

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Ultra mellow trip out and tune in beats from Eddvin. The ‘Remember EP’ features two tracks and further remixes. The title track itself saunters along in a delightfully brumous fashion. Vocals float in and out of this patchwork of blissful dreams coated in oneiric synth patterns. Dwson remixes the title track into a whirling break of dawn Deep House shuffler. ‘Sand Trip’ advances the theme of sensory experimentation as do the respective remixes by Shervaan Bergsteedt and Sand Isle’s two astral interpretations. Deeper than deep is!!!

Aethek – 1991 VG (RENRAKU)

Aethek - 1991 VG (RENRAKU)

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Aethek is Billain’s alter ego.  On the 1991 VG EP on RENRAKU, Aethek pushes the boundaries of Neurofunk way out into the Delta quadrant. 3 tracks of ambient slo-mo beauty versus glitchy gut wrench bass n’ beats. Looking for something different to really test your speakers? You can stop looking now, Aethek  has you taken care of!!!

Clemens K. – Reverie EP



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If you like your beats chilled, eclectic, and refined then Clemens K. ‘Reverie EP’ needs to be served on ice, next to your poolside deck chair. The 6 tracks on this EP  switch between mellifluous 4×4 renditions and blithe broken beats. This work is more than worthy of your ears and your heart.

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