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STK – Uncompromising Groundwork (OLGA)

STK - Uncompromising Groundwork (OLGA)

STK ‘Uncompromising Groundwork’ is the latest release on D-Edge sub-label, OLGA.  STK takes us on a dark trek through glacial ponds of minimal intricacy over 2 tracks, ‘ Boosty’, ‘ High Tech Soul’ and a remix of the latter by Gari Romalis. This is the kind of musical swim to joyously dwell upon, best consumed in the early intimate hours. Music with brains and two dancing feet.

Cryptochrome Interview + New Hip Hop LP

CRYPTO band photo 2017 copy


If you’re gonna release an album nowadays, you have to make something really damn special to let it stand out.

Cryptochrome, a three-member electro soul-rap band from Reykjavík, Iceland, have done exactly that, and then some. Eleven tracks, eleven music videos, with sonic and visual quality to drop the jaws of the most demanding targets, and all done in their spare time on next to zero budget. It really does leave you wondering, ‘what kind of sorcery are these guys using!?’

Now, with nominations, awards, and Iceland music export funding to their name, Cryptochrome are finally ready to release their album ‘more human’ to an unexpecting world. Melodic but heavy, light-hearted but powerful, relaxing and equally danceable, this is an album that transcends boundaries and welcomes the listener in with open

Melodic but heavy, light-hearted but powerful, relaxing and equally danceable, this is an album that transcends boundaries and welcomes the listener in with open arms and sends them away with an enriched experience. Cryptochrome are clearly here to make a serious impression.

Read on for an interview with Cryptochrome c/o Alex Beats

1. Whats your name and where are you from?

We are called Cryptochrome and we operate from Iceland, we all have our independent reasons for living here I (Una) am from Reykjavik. I also lived in Germany where s.o.n is from. Anik is the craziest European New Zealander mix and is born in England and also spent some years close to Hamburg, so we speak a mix of these three languages between the three of us and our music does that too, a play around on borders and mixing things up a bit. not intentionally but because that is who we are.  (more…)

VA- Weapons of Disruption [Futurepast Zine]

VA- Weapons of Disruption [Futurepast Zine]

Futurepast Zine’s mixed artist album ‘Weapons of Disruption’ showcases cutting edge bass music sounds at a variety of moods and tempos, all sounding cutting edge and essential

With contributions from Hollow, Rawtrachs, Krytikal & Rondema, ‘Weapons of Disruption’  is a deep glance into the window of the future bass music. Treat your ears and your mind to a new musical viewpoint, one that sounds amazing

Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan- Bass=Win Sound System Remixes

Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan- Bass=Win Sound System Remixes

For your listening and raving pleasure, badman don dada Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan present ‘Bass=Win Sound System Remixes’ with remixes from K-orse, Ryuken, John Randle, Mutantbreakz & Future Wildstyle

On the remix of ‘One & Only’ is Mutantbreakz with the bouncing Garage Breaks, Ryuken on the Bass House/Speed Garage flex and Future Wildstyle with a DnB/Footwork style flip

Remixing ‘Horns’ is John Randle giving it some Todd Terry/CLS style beats and an absolutely mental and totaly ace Mutant Bass/Bassline remix by K-orse!!!

Monoman – Cross The Void EP

Monoman - Cross The Void

Chilled and lush Future Bass from Monoman on their ‘Cross The Void EP’ for Horizon Recordings

Title track ‘Cross The Void’ revisits and redifines the Dubstep sound for a future generation. ‘Whoah!’ plays all kinds of clever technical tricks and resonates firmly in its kicks. ‘Sunny’ Ft Alex Moura is a smouldering heatwave of brilliant bluesy vocals, Pink Floydian eclectism and space age soul.

Sabo – Earth & Sun EP

Sabo - Earth & Sun EP

Sol Selectas Records hit the 50th release milestone with Sabo ‘Earth & Sun EP’

We open with ‘Young Wisdom’ featuring an ancient form of Indian instrumentation played by Eiljah Sage at the tender age of 20. This is the gentle opener to an EP of progressive moving sounds, unrivalled in originality.

‘Obatala’ has an earthern beat, steeped in mysticism and perfect for the outdoor festival season. Ecuadorian Nicola Cruz remixes ‘Obatala’ in a way that brings out the South American flavours of his roots.

Blond:ish invites us on a multi coloured mind expanding trek with a memorable fine art rethink of ‘Young Wisdom’ while Parisian Birds of Mind take hold of the mind map and escort us even further into the deep enclaves of our inner thoughts. Sol Selectas redefine Deep House once again with another tasteful release.

Stevie R – Penelope EP

Stevie R - Penelope EP

A lush serving from Spanish Electronica/Dance imprint Parallel Label- Stevie R’s ‘Penelope EP’ is a delicate and tasteful trip into the velvet curtains of the mind’s eye

The original ‘Penelope’ unfolds into a rich Mediterranean psychedelic swim of submerged and sun dried beats and mercurial melodies plus vocal samples of Twin Peaks character ‘The Giant’

The Monkey Brothers take a more conventional but no less enjoyable route with their mixture of Progressive/Tech House sounds used in remixing ‘Penelope’

‘Afolabi’ is a tech-fueled dance into the early hours with strange Gypsy-like vocals.  A further dub mix removes the vocals for some Diggers style pumping tribalism. Agent Cooper would definitely brand this ‘Damn fine dance music’

Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol 1

Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol 1


There’s no sound quite like the sound of Luke Vibert and we are very excited about his new LP ‘Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol 1′ Get your ravin’ shoes on for this one!!!

Luke Vibert has featured on labels such as Planet Mu and Warp back in the 90’s and 00’s. His music production is legendary and so is his eclectic DJ sets.

For Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol 1, we explore Luke’s ravin roots with the analogue thrills of Future Detroit style ‘The Future’, a track filled with Inner City style stabs that punctuate a twisted riff and Sheffield circa 1990 bleeps.

‘U Can’t Touch Dat’ offers a view into a genius mind, Disco loops merge with Techno synths and Jungle Tekno overtones at a house music tempo.

‘Back With Me’ is one of the purest odes to oldskool ‘ardcore. Plenty of off-kilter keys, rolling amens and pitched up female vox

‘Heard It All B4′ will bring joy to your heart, a riotous dance through 91/92′ with some 808 State esque warm melody backdrops, a classic crunchy amen break and more of that trippy Jungle Tekno styling.

‘Everybody’ makes it a hat trick for the ‘ardcore inspired sounds, loads of familiar vocal samples, more spacey House/Techno/Rave synth work and a break that screams oldskool

‘Feel The Melody’ runs Garage, Electro, Jungle & House through the hardware along with a giddily pleasing array of vocal refrains that will make 90s heads like this blogger lose their proverbial

Like LoFi/Deep House? Well you’ll love Luke’s sped up and snappy rejigging of the sound

How about ‘Clap Sing’? The Prodigy’s ‘Android’ meets a dreamy disco sample and crispy Techno drums, mmmmmmm!!!

‘Feel The Riddim’ gets hold of some chunky kicks from 90s US House music, speeds them up, throws in some reverse bubblin’ bass, jungle sirens/bloops, Nebula II ‘Seance’ pads and a bit of Soul II Soul, the results are mindblowing and a whole lotta fun!!!

‘Pump’ closes out  UK Garave Vol 1, leaving this writer gagging for more. More dreamy house sounds at a quickened tempo. Luke Vibert fuses the seemingly incompatible, he doesn’t just achieve this task, he makes it sound awesome!!!


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