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Necrotype/KeeZee- Rollerz Vol 3 [Jungle Rollerz]

Jungle Rollerz Vol 3


Some darkside goodness for the vinylists, Keezee’s ‘Renegade Junglist’ is comprised of skillfully edited breakbeats and roaring amens set to a backdrop of dark ambience in classic 94-96 era Jungle style, Necrotype’s ‘The Stranger’ has the old skool Metalheadz sound down to a tee, stripped back breaks, menacing hoovers and bone chilling atmospherics, essential wax!!!

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For release No2 on Ghetto Dub, Kazan gives us 6 tracks of bass from the future, dubstep, 140BPM Jungle Breaks, DnB & some 130BPM breaks all loaded with bass dust from the Gamma Quadrant, beats perfected on a Klingon Bird Of Prey and melodies that are simply out of this world, a classy affair from this mysterious and oh so talented producer, all tastes covered and covered with an aptitude for the most sophisticated and most danceable rhythms!!!


Indigo Virus- Machine Language EP [36Hertz Recordings]

36HTZ 051
One of this writer’s current fave producers returns to 36Hertz with 4 more tracks of ‘Flashback’ a varied but 100% oldskool style excursion into breakbeats and when I say ‘oldskool’ I am of course talking oldskool ‘ardcore/jungle tekno, check out the intros and drops on these badboys!!!!


DJ Yankee- Future Jungle D&B September 2015 DJ Set

yankee sept 15 fj mix


You can always count on a great set of Future Jungle from DJ Yankee, a veteran DJ and long time supporter going back to the J Tek era, check out this fine blend of deep euphoric Future Jungle rollers!!!


Open Your Mind – Schoco
Ringing In My Ear – Rocksted-E
Move (Original Mix) – Schema
Minimal Skank – Gav Ley (Otter’s Re-Fix)
Matter (Original Mix) – Morf & Roll Authority
Mind Prison – Cavil
Stratosphere (Master) – Radioactive Watermelon
Sinister – EQ & Mastersafe
Creature Of War (VIP) – Technical Itch
Crystal Bitch (Original Mix) – Bay B Kane
Abbys – Unknown
Painted Sky – Seba & DJ Aitch
SocioLogic – Bay B Kane
Jungle VIP – Bay B Kane

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Future Jungle D&B by Yankee on Mixcloud




The duo of Silverfox & Cronin have topped the charts on JUno Download and held high positions in the other major download stores with previous releases on Anonymous Record, now see’s their debut EP on new label Music Rascals out tomorrow on a beatport exclusive, manic is the operative term, Prodigy esque uptempo breakbeat hardcore that will no doubt dominate the download stores once again!!!


Kitt Whale- Vibrant EP [Kode 5 Recordings]

KODE 103

Close your eyes and imagine its 1991, the beginnings of the ‘rave’ sound that would peak between 91-93, tunes by the likes of Dream Frequency, Love Decade, Hardcore Uproar, Liquid and Bizarre Inc, now open your eyes, you’ve been listening to two brand new tracks by KItt Whale out now on Kode 5 Recordings that perfectly capture the moment, vibe and sound of that golden era!!!





Boomsha Recordings continues to showcase incredibly talented producers such as Morf & Roll Authority who debut on the label with 3 tracks that will make you think of’Timeless’ era Goldie, classic Metalheadz and the golden era of DnB within the framework of 2015 140/Future JUngle, prepare to be blown away by sweping orchestral drops and finished off by Reeese bass bigger than yo mama, junglists and future junglists alike absolutely MUST bag a copy of this outstanding EP

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Fringe- Feel The Power Remixes [Ninja Cutz]

ninjacutz002 fixed

Out now on Ninja Cutz, Fringe ‘Feel The Power’ gets a VIP and a plethora of fresh new remixes from Mystery & Kosine, X Nation, DJ HYbrid, Vital Links, Keezee plus Ikon B & Crisis. From 93 darkside jungle tekno to firing Jungle & DnB, theres a great selection of mixes here and Fringe who is an incredibly talented producer reworks the original into a VIP which is totally on par, in fact for this writer, the darker strains make this version a personal favourite of the 3 version of this track. Go and cop this while its red hot!!!

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