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All Things Bass Round Up 16.11.14


First up on todays round up is DJ Hybrid’s new EP DJ hybrid has been on fire this year with a stack of big releases and this new EP consisting of 6 tracks including a remix by Callide of the epic ‘Toxic Jungle’ sets the standard once again for finely crafted electrifying beats!!!


Pyramid debut on Ground Level Records with ‘Steal Tonight’ electro vibes for the big room


Asbo launches it’s sister imprint, Anti Social records with a 3 track EP of essential DnB, you better be quick though, each of these bangers are limited to 100 downloads, hurry!!!

‘Euphoria’ is the right track title for United States Beat Squad’s newie on Kode 5, if this doesn’t send a shiver down your spine…well, IT WILL send a shiver down your spine!!! Epic piano rave and not your average epic piano rave either, truly EPIC!!!


And now for a couple of new mixes from our friends over at Future Jungle Blog first, the awesome Beat Breaker who has had featured mixes on the likes of Funk N Filth drops his first monthly podcast for the dedicated 140/Future Jungle blog and of course, its an essential mix from the man!!!

FJB have also restarted their flagship podcast crammed with fresh 140/Hardcore/Rave Breaks up for stream and download

Catch you for the next round up!!!




Abyss has been on a roll lately with tracks on Paranoid Recordings, featuring on the recent Blog To The Old Skool Darkside 2014 Compilation plus a vinyl release, he returns to his own label with a slice of frenetic 92/93 style Hardcore Jungle built around a sample from seminal Sci Fi TV show Star Trek that opens the track in a suitably eerie manner with a gradual progression of layered breaks leading into the main drop, T99 style synths, rolling amens and classic old skool style low end sub bass, another killer tune from the man like Abyss!!!!


Spamm Kidd- 1996 EP


Check out this free EP from Spamm Kidd, blending Footwork, Ghetto Bass, Breakbeat and Rave influenced sounds all together into a unique and fresh sounding melting pot of beats, impossible to pigeonhole but great on the ears!!!

Free Download

Blog To The Oldskool Darkside Compilation 2014


Those in the know will have regularly viewed the internet’s No1 oldskool blog run by Devnull, a source of knowledge for years to many diehard oldskool fans. Well, today, this essential blog has made a whole album of brand new material by underground producers available completely free, professionally mastered too. Featured on this awesome LP of 93/94 style darkcore tracks are the likes of FX (Demonic Possession), Abyss (Switchblade Digital), Champa B (Green Bay Wax), DJ Fav (Hardcore Will Never Die), R Core a.k.a Sonar’s Ghost, Sully, Tim Reaper, Devnull himself and many more. If you went raving back in the day or like us, you love a bit of fresh oldskool inspired sounds then this is for you, Big ups to BTOS!!!

Free Download

All Things Bass Round Up 27.10.14


We kick off this round up with some multi genre essential freebies like this booty breaks/trap remix by Otter

And a couple of freebies from Future Jungle Blog including a remix comp, details below

WHAT put a bit of new shine on a classic vocal house anthem

Dave Remix drops a 140 remix of Chase & Status’ ‘Eastern Jam’ with plenty of amens and and squelchy bass, filthy!!!

And if you like a bit of Old Skool ‘Ardcore, then Chiqui & Strictly Nuskool Blog have a fresh free EP out that will take you way back in the day!!!

Origin House pay tribute to the late Mark Bell with a remix of of the timeless bleep n bass classic ‘LFO’

Remix master Nicky Allen turns in a blinding remix of Swift & Zinc’s ”A Musical Box’

Plus more original Oldskool Hardcore style goodness from Firefox Demon

Support a great cause and get some great beats by buying this massive deep bass compilation from Unified Audio, an essential album that takes in deep dubstep, DnB and Future Jungle from the likes of RUFUS! Hybrid Logic and many more

And fresh on Kode 5 is Galvatron’s ‘Bring It Back EP’, rolling Future Jungle/140 Bass and epic Rave Breaks!!!





36Hertz is known for quality DnB and since 2012 and the release of DJ Vapour’s ‘1992’, it has become a home for NuSkool Hardcore & jungle with a string of great releases from label boss Vapour, Gem One, Skink, ESP, Indigo Virus & SR & Digbee. The boys are back with a 100% NuSkool EP totalling 4 tracks, the 130BPM 91 style Body Swerve’ which this writer has had on repeat play along with epic 92 style ‘Contagious’ which will bring a big smile to old skool heads, more on the Jungle/Jungle Tekno tip is the dark opus ‘Special Dedication’ and old skool jungle style ‘Zoom Zoom’, get your fix!!!


Strange Rollers Interview

2014-09-07 16.16.09


This is your first full EP for Warehouse Wax after having featured on the Ruffneck Riddims’ series of Eps and remixng Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion’s ‘Talk Too Much’ along with featuring on ‘We’re Not Dead: the 3rd Chapter’, for over a decade and a half you have been producing in various different styles and have had releases on numerous imprints such as Top Drawer Digital, Definition Breaks and Future Followers to name just a few, So, lets talk about this EP entitled ‘Outrageous’ which over 8 tracks, takes the listener through a variety of diverse styles, does this represent where you’re at musically right now?

Yes i think it does, I enjoy creating music in various styles mainly because I listen to such a diverse cross section of music, one min I want to dig out a House banger followed by a high tempo Drum & Bass track. The only style this EP doesn’t cover I’m currently loving is the UK Garage Revival I’m loving. But you’ll find I’ve been dabbling in the UKG Scene recently.

In the last few years, people who follow your music might have pigeonholed what you do a bit as a lot of what came out from 2010 onwards was 140/Future Jungle but here we have tracks like ‘The Big Throwback’ and ‘Broken Glass’ along the more ravey ‘Dance With Me’ and dubby 140 of ‘Sweet Reggae Music’, is it fair to say you were looking push the envelope and showcase a bit of diversity with this new EP?

I’m always looking to push the envelope and learn new skills but more so to evolve my music, I think most people would recognise a Strange Rollers track as i seem to have a approach I stick to in most tracks but I love what comes from that little extra spice you add to a track that doesn’t necessarily fit that Genre. The 140 tracks will always be my passion but i love dropping down to the low BPM’s and experimenting.

You’ve had a few tracks out on Warehouse Wax prior to this EP, how did you meet up with Vinyl Junkie and what led to those first few releases on the label?

I think I first knew John through the original Hardcore Breaks scene in the mid/late 2000’s, kept badgering him with tracks. Even though they weren’t up to scratch I think he saw something in what I made and from that date really kept in contact. I think my levels have improved so its been great to get involved with the Warehouse Wax label. We also hooked up way back to start the 140 Youtube channel with Lucas Morris from Top Drawer Digital

Out of the massive back catalogue of tracks you’ve made over the years, which ones are you personal favourites?

That’s a hard one as never really thought about that but one track that stands out as a track that got me noticed was my ‘Dark Love’ track that Definition Breaks released as there first release and got featured by Jay Cunning on his now legendary Breaks show on Kiss.

Recently had the chance to remix a Victor Simonelli track officially with Chris Bad Habit and tbh i really like our resulting remix, should be out later this year on a big anniversary release on his Label

I also really like the Shabba Ranks re-rub I did ‘Pirates’

Tell us a few of your all time and current fave producers?

Frankie Bones, Rheji Burrell for my early picks in House

Rick Rubin for Hip Hop

Goldie for D&B

Stanton Warriors for Breaks

KANT (Denmark) for current house

And which tunes are on rotation right now on the Strange Rollers playlist?

Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants KANT Remake

Sanxion – Interzone (Downbeat)

S.P.Y. – Frozen (Hospital)

Lunate – Pawn Shop Romance (100% Silk)

The Magician – Sunlight

Lights – Muscle Memory

DJ Shadow – Six Days (Machinedrum Remix)

These are the ones that come to mind that are really doing it for me on all levels and styles ;)

It always amazes me how much of a prolific producer you are, how do you draw inspiration for all these beats?

I put it down to the love of music and the constant crazing to make something better

If you could work on a track with anyone from now or way back when, who would it be?

KRS1 – Who wouldn’t want to work on a track with him

And if you could remix any tune of your choice, which one would you choose and why?

Ooo this is a tuff one, im sure after this interview I’ll think of something else but off the top of my head I’d say Orbital – Belfast

Are there any unfulfilled goals or aspirations of yours musically?

100’s i just don’t know what they are!

Could you offer a bit of advice for a up and coming producer?

Practice Practice Practice and just jam, make what you like

And finally, any shout outs & big ups?

Big shouts to Eddie Voyager, John Vinyl Junkie, Lucas, Tony & Skin (Radiokillaz), Chris Bad Habit, Naza, Digital Pilgrimz, Jay Cunning & Terry Hooligan (On-The Rise) Digitally Mashed, Rich & Deller & Jimmy Dineen, Alex (100Me)The Nasty Squad, Beats without Boarders (Tariq), Lika Marques, Anne Allison, Sanxion, , DJ Demo, Nefti, George CRS, Gaz P , Kenny Ivey, Pete Walton, Bassbird, Brewster Bee, Manion, Bennie D, Flashback, Retropolis, Jon Doe, Dani & Gerard Burton, Paul BassRock, The Imperial Brothers, Bassbird, Mellow Theory, Ann D, Grant Waller, Nick Debanke and Glowkid for all their musical support & inspiration

You can stream a minimix of the ‘Outrageous EP’ forthcoming on Warehouse Wax here:

Pre Order Here:

Buy From Beatport:

PAUL CRONIN- FUTURE EP [San Francisco Nights Records]



The nuskool rave master is back with a brand new EP of full on hardcore rave in a variety of tempos. ‘Piano Tune’ is a rousing piano rave number with shades of old skool Prodigy to it, the title track transports the listener back to 1992 with big old skool pads and a monumental drop, ‘Bring It Back’ continues on the oldskool tip with a pounding assortment of pads/melodies and crunching drums. ‘I Rip Ya Torso’ ups the tempo for a Slammin Vinyl style ‘ardcore banger, ‘Yo Drum Again’ goes for the Prodigy style vibes for a quirky drum laden opus, love yer ‘ardcore? get this EP!!!



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