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Trail blazing imprint Bad Habit Muzik drops a new beat and introduces a new artist collective to the roster with this fine skanking toasting dubwise 140 fusion with big booming ragga vocals, consider Autumn on delay as this slice of summer is currently blowing things up!!!!

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Ben Venom – The Creative Impulse EP [Top Drawer Digital ]


You can always expect fine output from Top Drawer Digital, Ben Venom is a producer who has featured on the label before with great tunes like ‘Hold Tight’ and ‘I’m A Shadow’ and his new EP keeps up with his slick production and penchant for turning out euphoric and thoroughly banging tracks!!!

‘Alchemist’ opens with a trance like intro and old skool rave stabs building up the tension before exploding into some filthy bass and breaks

‘Sky Mission’ also opens with a epic intro and tough 2 steppy breaks, the pads and melodies sit in that space between old skool rave, trance and house, uplifting and energetic while ragga style vox slip and slide in and out of the mix, all in all 2 excellent tracks from the mighty Top Drawer Digital!!!

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Warehouse Wax continue the quality output with vol 4 of ‘Ruffneck Rydims’, the trans global colab of Gold & Fleck produces a dubwise 140 roller in the shape of ‘Organic’ while Sanxion unleashes the uplifting electro bass with the excellent ‘Tears Of The Robot’, Protune’s ‘Melancholia’ lures you in with melodic chords before slapping you across the jaw with some pulverising bass, enough to go ten rounds with Floyd Mayweather!!! Lastly Traffik’s ‘Here Once Again’ fuses dark hardcore techno like sounds with some 140 amens for some assured mayhem, pure perfection from beginning to end!!!

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Prepare to be taken on a journey of imposing beats by DJ Aitch, a producer with a lofty heritage, they brother of Jungle veteran Bay B Kane and a stalwart to one of Future Jungle’s finest imprints, Boomsha Recordings.

‘Oldskool Muzik’ is an LP of dark ethereal 140bpm drumfunk featuring gems like the moody and rugged ‘Serious’, the Hip Hop influenced ‘Reday’, the mystic 94 style jungle of ‘Symbol Of Desire’, the classic 92/93 esque title track and the deliciously dark ‘Darksyde’, just a few highlights of an accomplished artist LP that has definitely earned  its place in the junglist hall of fame , if you didn’t own this LP, it would just be wrong, you MUST get this!!!

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The parameter for choice 140/Future Jungle, Top Drawer Digital introduces us to Pixel, a accomplished Liquid DnB producer with previous releases on respected labels such as Fokuz Recordings who makes his first forays into the 140 sound with the techy ‘Labelled’ featuring a sample that hints at the intent of non compliance to tempos and genres and the exquisite summery Liquid 140 of ‘Lemonade’, 2 tracks that can be appreciated by fans of Jungle, DnB & Breakbeats, undoubtedly another essential release from this pioneering imprint, get to know!!!!

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To celebrate the release, Pixel & Top Drawer Digital have dropped this exclusive freebie for Future Jungle Blog, more deep rolling vibes, go grab it!!




Benny Page – Champion Sound

benny page - champion sound

Following his debut Glastonbury Festival appearance headlining The Cave, Benny Page announces his new single Champion Sound available worldwide 23 August 2014 on his own label High Culture Recordings. A huge summer festival hit in the making, the catchy future jungle/140 roller really epitomizes the sunshine months of the UK but also draws influences from around the globe with Jamaican Dancehall artist, Assassin, on vocals.

Check out the video below and be sure to grab your copy on release.


Brock Out Crew – Hard Core Romance (King Yoof & Gold Dubs remix)

Brock Out Crew - Hard Core Romance (King Yoof & Gold Dubs remix)

King Yoof & Gold Dubs team up on this killer free download just in time for your weekend parties!


Sub Slayers –

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B-Roll’s Bassbins #1

Greetings Breakers! After a brief sojurn to spend 7 months with baby B-Roll, I am back with a new column of hearty breakbeat, bass and Ghetto Funk goodness.  I will be selecting and highlighting quality releases that any DJ and fan should have in their bag.  Let’s get to it!

Mooqee – Clubthing

Buy here from Juno

Bossman of seminal Nu/Ghettofunk label Bomb Strikes  brings us something different with this “thing-themed” release.  “Discothing” is a nice modern take on disco ideas, using some classic sounds, but with a chunky drop which brings it right into the modern age. Need to surprise a dancefloor?  Use this.  The second track “Pianothing” starts with a simple key melody, then slams into a wicked electro groove.  Not sure really what genres these fit into, but both would be nice bridging tunes as you head towards the harder end of breakbeat from Ghettofunk…  Great stuff.

Jurassik - Flame On EP

Jurassik is the promoter of the best breakbeat parties in London.  Supatronix events, Hot Cakes, Elite Force Boat Party - if it’s breaks in London, you can guarantee he is the man behind the scenes, running tings!  You can also catch him playing at the events, but also producing tasty bits and bobs here and there.  In this I reckon his best release to date, he takes future jungle, garage, breaks and whips it all up into a wicked skankin sound.  Deep bass, skipping drums and wicked ragga vocals.  If you like the future jungle/140 or whatever we are calling it, you need this.

Buy here on Juno

To get you in the mood for the EP, he has done a Hot Cakes EP Promo mix for the popular Lady Waks radio show.  Listen below or download from Jurassik’s facebook.


Nick Thayer – Dominion EP

Finally this week, I have to give it up for the man that is Nick Thayer.  Always pushing his sound and production forward, you never know quite what to expect, except that it will be big, and not like anything else!  Is this glitch hop?  Ghetto Funk?  Does it matter?   It kicks.  This is a free download, but you can donate to support Nick on his website here.  Keep doing the good work sir!

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