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Oldskool rave/hardcore fans will be familiar with Mark Archer a.k.a one half of  Altern 8 & his post Altern 8 alias, DJ Nex

Music Mondays have made available 17 digitally remastered Mark Archer / DJ Nex productions 92-95  called “After 8″ a trip down memory lane post Altern 8 which includes all of the tracks from ’92 “DJ Nex EP” and ’93 “Pound Stretcher EP” plus 5 previously unheard tracks as featured on the recent triple vinyl collectible “Unreleased Files”. We were hoping this would get a digital release and are pleased to see it has, a genuine slice of rave history showcasing the blueprint for today’s modern bass/dance music in it’s many forms, you can stream clips and buy in either WAV, Flac or 320 Mp3s here:



To celebrate the launch of their brand new site 36 Hertz Recordings are giving away a free LP of DnB and Oldskool style ‘Flashback’ tunes from label stalwarts like SR & Digbee, ESP, Indigo Virus and more, all tried and tested by label boss DJ Vapour, grab them while they are hot!!!

DJ Seduction- Solid Bass Remixes [Stay On Target]


Originally a B Side to a 1993 DJ Seduction release, ‘Solid Bass’ will be getting a re release plus new remixes from Stormski & Nicky Allen on the 26th of June, fans of NuSkool Breakbeat Hardcore won’t want to be late to the party for these 2 esential new remixes and those looking to add some Oldskool to their digital collection will appreciate this addition thanks to Stay On Target.

Pre Order from iTunes:

Cronin- Mentalism [Raveskool Recordings]



Fresh out today from the hardcore captain, the aptly titled ‘Mentalism’ a tune that bangs from beginning to the end in a melodic stomping ravey fashion, forget throwback Thursdays, lets take it back to 92 with this thumper from Cronin!!!


VA- The Perception EP [36 Hertz]



Since label owner DJ Vapour released his ‘1992’ track in 2012, he has been taking his label 36 Hertz in a direction he refers to as ‘Flashback’ 130-145BPM tempo music built around the 91-93 Breakbeat Hardcore/Jungle Tekno sound. Since then there have been a string of releases on 36 Hertz in this style from the likes of Vapour, SR & Digbee & others and theres still a lot more in the pipeline including several artist albums. The Perception EP features DJ Vapour taking it way back to the 91′ Nasty Habitz/Doc Scott style ‘Beat Root Juice’, ESP’s ravey revist to Chic’s disco classic ‘Good Times’ and two darker Jungle Tekno style offerings from Suspect Chin & Indigo Virus, you can grab a copy and stream the tracks from their bandcamp linked below:

Curious- Hustlin’ 101 [Bad Habit Muzik]


Curious is back on Bad Habit Muzik with some cosmic funk meets Jungle Breaks, opening with a psychedelic groove ‘Hustlin’ 101′ bounces along nicely and makes great use of the break used in Cloud 9 (Nookie)’s ‘You Got Me Burnin’, this one’s a real grower, listen to it in full a good few times and you will really appreciate this unique take on 140 Jungle


ScanOne- I’ll Be Your Eyes [Modified Magic]



This is the second release on Modified Magic, 3 tracks by label owner ScanOne showcasing his incredible sound that evokes the very best of the Jungle Tekno era circa 92/93, cleverly layered and crisp sounding breaks, intricate techno style bleeps and bass, dark and intelligent in equal measure and so funky at the same time, if you’ve had the good fortune to catch his fortnightly radio shows Monday’s (2-4pm) on OriginUk or know of his releases on his Yellow Machine imprint or know of his multi genre releases stretching back to the late 90’s on  INK recs, M.I.B, Blase, Combat Recs, Digital Distortions, Dirty Needles & Outside Recs then you will appreciate the quality here, there is plenty of OldSkool style music out there but not to this standard, this is Basement Records level awesome and if you’re a serious OldSkool/NuSkool head, don’t miss out on this!!!

The ScanOne ‘I’ll Be Your Eyes’ EP will be out mid July on 12″ Vinyl, you can pre order it here

Liam Taylor- Watch My Heart [Raveskool Recordings]



Rising star from Russia, Liam Taylor makes his debut on the hardcore captain Cronin’s Raveskool Recordings with some piano magic to uplift you and get you throwing shapes old skool style, proving that age ain’t nuthin’ but a number Liam crafts a really authentic rave anthem right here!!!


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