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Strictly NuSkool Blog’s Glowkid At Old Skool Festival 2016 (Interview)



Our good friend Glowkid DJ’ed at This year’s Old Skool Festival in Lodz, Poland. You can read the interview where he talks about the event and some of his favourite tunes and artist right now over at Strictly NuSkool Blog.

A few highlights from the interview:

Favourite Event:

Definitely that was Old Skool Festival 2016. None of us can ever forget our first gig or any other big gig that you are involved with in the past, but I’d say without any second thought that Old Skool Festival is my biggest gig and booking at the moment till the next bigger thing of course!

Favourite Oldskool Artists:

Hard to say but I’d pick without any particular order, Luna-C (crazy ideas, innovative stylee), Altern-8 (apart from the EPs & remixes they were kinda Sex Pistols in the scene. One and only official album release but their “Full on Mask Hysteria” is still a Bible to us all and showed the way to the others) and finally Moby (nothing can beat his 1990 – mid 90’s oldskool techno stuff. Genius of an artist by all means!)

Favourite Oldskool Tunes:

“Rachel Wallace – Tell Me Why”
“Jimmy J & Cru-L-T – Six Days On The Run”
“Westbam – Celebration Generation”

Current Favourite Hardcore/NuSkool Breaks Tracks:

“Paul Cronin – Kim K‘ Boobs Out [RAVESKOOL]”

“DJCRIP – Rock Me Steady”

“Insane & Mind – Open Up Your Heart [HOH]”

Read the full interview here

Agents of Rush- Double Drop LP



Agents Of Rush double drop a full LP containing 14 tracks styled in the style of proto-breakbeat hardcore, breakbeat hardcore, 88/89 acid house/techno, and proto-jungle/jungle tekno.

All of these tracks including absolute gems like ‘You Know The Score’, ‘Altered Bleep’, and ‘The Trip’ were made on analogue equipment and each of the tracks capture perfectly the rave sound from 88-92′.

You can buy this LP from Bandcamp or download and stream from the Soundcloud playlist below.

Inspector Sands- Can’t Stop Album (Breakbeat Hardcore)

Inspector Sands Cant Stop LP

Inspector Sands reports to the operation room for a massive full LP of UK/Breakbeat Hardcore that puts the entire Hardcore scene on notice. In short, you need this album!

Starting with the euphoric piano rush of ‘Motivader’ that takes in some lively guitar riffs we continue to the epic Jungle influenced ‘Superfly’, a track with a HUGE  hook which switches midway into stomping 4×4 kicks before some big ravey riffs and euphoric piano towards the end.

‘Feel The Heat’ rekindles the 90’s hardcore sound with some added house music elements. ‘What A Rush’ continues the theme of spine-tingling pianos with some phat n chunky breaks and a rip-roaring bassline.

‘Can’t Stop’ is a unique blend of 90’s 4 Beat Hardcore style riffs with the ‘firestarter’ break and Si Genaro’s Bowie esque vocals. ‘I Call Your Name’ takes us back to the days of Billy Bunter & JDS with rolling breakbeats and some great vocals supplied by Charley.

‘Rippin’ Up Showz’ is a tough 92 influenced banger that pays homage to the likes of Seduction & Sy & Unknown. ‘Lay My Beatz’ brings together the oldskool jungle sound with today’s breakbeat hardcore style and sounds awesomely fun.

Chris Ross, Luna C & Fracus & Darwin all contribute quality remixes to the album. Also featured is my favourite track on the album ‘Dance 2016′, a glorious ode to the year of 1992. For more goosebumps check out another bonus LP track ‘Did I Dream’, a modern take on ‘Temple Of Dreams’ but so much more. We finish this wonderful album with exclusive bonus track ‘Hard Daze’ which also evokes the very best of what we lovingly refer to as ‘oldskool’.

If you love rushy uplifting Breakbeat Hardcore and appreciate outstanding musical production then be sure to grab either a CD or digital copy of this excellent LP.

Buy/Stream Links:

Elektrofant ‘Monica’ Premiere Stream

elektrofant 1992


We would like to say a very special thanks to Beatservice for letting us host the exclusive first play stream of ‘Monica’ from Elektrofant’s ‘1992’ LP. We previously reviewed this excellent LP here suffice to say that it perfectly captures the spirit of one of the best years of dance music ever.

‘Monica’ is a prime example of what’s to love about this album. Prepare to be taken back to the era of groups and artists like Altern 8, SL2 & Inner City, Take in the rolling soundtrack of Detroit Techno synths and raw UK style breakbeats interspersed with Todd Terry circa 92′ 4×4 kicks and 303 acid stabs. Be sure to check out the rest of the LP too, get it from Beatport, Traxsource, iTunes & Spotify


Time Travel-Moving Points LP (Jungle)

Time Travel-Moving Points LP (Jungle)


Melbourne Jungle DJ & producer Time Travel debuts on Ruff Guidance with a full LP of those finely crafted beats that made him a stalwart to labels such as Boomsha Recordings and his own Rising Lantern imprint. A pioneer of the slower paced 140-150BPM Future Jungle sound and a master of spatial multi layered deep bass n breaks, Time Travel invites you on an expedition into his very own skilfully crafted Jungle…

Firstly we enter Time Travels’ Jungle by means of the intro track ‘Control’ full of rich late night/early morning moods and melody. Following the intro is ‘Demonstrated Force’ full of tribal drums, filtered amen breaks and a pounding forceful sound. ‘The System’ takes us deep into the darkest realms of this Jungle with 90’s Techstep like eerie chords, metallic beats and angry buzzing 808s.

Tracks like ‘Levitate’ & ‘Man And Machine’ keep with the intricate darkness and scientific breakology. We get an interlude of sorts with the dubby off kilter ‘Enter Dub’ before some stripped to the bone bass heavy atmospheric intensity in ‘Lost In Space’

The last 3 tracks on the LP ‘Balance’, ‘Break In The Rain’ and ‘Absent Two’ channel some of the mid 90s Moving Shadow era mystical magic, it’s all about the haunting sweeps of ethereal sound floating around the edges of low end sub thump and slickly constructed breakbeats.

‘Moving Points ‘ offers a glimpse into the mind of a true junglist, someone who understands the very essence of the sound. Time Travel has put together some of his best work here. All that’s left to do is press play, indulge your ears and marvel at his sound!!!

Time Travel ‘Moving Points LP’ will be available to purchase and download from 19/08/16



Jungle Drone – Encodings EP (Jungle)

Jungle Drone - Encodings EP (Jungle)

Prepare to be fully immersed into a world of dark trippy late night Jungle. Australian junglist producer par excellence Jungle Drone shares the first of a series of EPs for Boomsha Recordings and he starts with a Tiger’s roar of a  3 track release!!

‘Shuffle Crew’ appears in two versions, the original and alternative version both featuring a prominent jagged riff that floats over a sea of disturbed ambience, rolling beats and techstep esque subs.

‘Vanilla Plate’ sounds like David Lynch making Jungle/DnB with dreamy off kilter beach music style guitar riffs pitched against classic amen breakology.

‘Branch Point’ is the one for the Future Jungle crew and for those in the know will be instantly recognisable as the signature sound of Jungle Drone under his Mshcode alias.

Deep, dubby and trippy, there’s no sound quite like the sound of Jungle Drone and this is a great EP,go get it!!!

Buy From Beatport

The Big 10 Bass Music Releases 02 08 16

Free-Breaks-Blog-logo-with-black-background-and-with-name-819x1024 resized

Big Bass Music from Fat Men At The Disco, Lupe Fuentes, M:Pathy and more!!!!


1.Fat Men At The Disco – Rollin’ With The G-House EP

A unique fusion of Bass House, tech House and UK Garage with subtle hints of 90’s rave, that’s this truly excellent EP by Fat Men At The Disco. 4 tracks of twisted funky beats out now on DRNCD!!!


2. Lupe Fuentes- Keep It Together EP

The house juggernaut Lupe Fuentes continues her awesome takeover of the tech house scene with an EP for Younan Music that epitomises dope and funky!!!! ‘Keep It Together’ and ‘My Crown’ are as fresh as it gets. Ghetto/tech house excellence with top remixes from Electronic Youth & Donnie Lowe/Dan


3.M:Pathy-Isolation EP

Cinematic dark DnB done to exceptional standards by M;Pathy. The Isolation EP out now on Terabyte records offers a 5 track journey of sheer trepidation. Deliciously dark and we love it!!!


4.Malachi – Stronger EP

Soulful, Tribal and epic. That’s Malachi’s new 2 track release on Simma Black. Driving synths and beats lead into melodic big room drops for the maximum effect, class!!!


5.Breaka – Parallels & Breaks

3 tracks of lively hybrid Jungle/Rave/Footwork by Breaka out now on Good Street Records. We love the elasticated synths, big rumbling bass and next level drum programming on this futuristic delight of a release


6.Acid AJ – I Don’t Know

Is it Green Velvet? No, it’s Acid AJ with a slice of pure Chicago House. wonderfully twisted from the dark acidic keys to the robot like vox. On remix duties Matt McLarrie commutes from the windy city to the big apple for some NY House vibes. A truly landmark release for the excellent 18 09 Records


7.Jean Jacques Smoothie feat Tara Busch – 2 people Remixes

Carneo Beats remixes disco/funky house classic ‘Two People’ keeping the vibe of the original while adding in some 206 house music flourish. A top release out right now on D Vine Sounds!!


8.Silverfox- Rude Boy Returns

The rudeboy don dada silverfox smashes through your speakers with some slammin’ Jackin House. Stripped back, thumping laser loaded house action, Get at this jnow!!!!


9.Silverfox – LDN BADMAN

Our second pick from Silverfox cos’ he’s a great producer. A fact proven by this funky blend of US Jackin House, Old Skool Hardcore/Jungle and shades of Garage. A real dreamy pounder of a tune


10.XplodMusiq- Secrets of the Synth

As the title suggests this absolute beaut of a track out now on afrika motion explores the world of the synth. Marching drums, classic house aesthetics and shimmering melodic synth mystical magic. XplodMusiq has crafted a work of art that you can dance to, genius




Those Flash cats are at it again!! They will have you purring with delight over these four fresh breaks n bass reimaginations of golden era rave classics such as the glorious anthemic title track that nods it’s whiskers to a Ce Ce Rogers sampling Micky Finn & Aphrodite chart topper from bitd ;-)

Also featured are insanely good tributes to Friends Of Matthew, Rhythm Quest and X Project. A combo of big punchy DnB style synths, rolling tight breaks and tons of fun all round. Flash Cat show their stripes once again with some purr fect bassy bangers for the summer!!!

Buy From Juno Download

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