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So who’s ready for 23 tracks of fresh OldSkool Hardcore/Jungle/Rave beats by new producers? So, you’ll want to know about ‘Let It Be Told’ out now on Anonymous Records, read on and see why you have to have this compilation!!!!
Paul Cronin offers a hefty contribution of 3 tracks and 2 remixes, TV theme fuelled breakbeat hardcore heavy hitter ‘Mafia’, manic Aphex Twin/classic arcade game tribute ‘Pacman Terror’ featuring some of Paul’s trademark euphoric piano for good measure, the aptly named Euro style ‘Torpedo’ and then theres the matter of those remixes, two tracks by Mimang also featured in their original form on the LP get Paul’s tough n’ ready treatment ‘Flame On A Star’ and ‘Rock On The Spot’, the former getting a darker edge while the latter a polar opposite of hyperspeed uplifting sounds. (more…)

Radiokillaz- New Future Remixes [RKZ Recordings]

new future 2[1]


One of Radiokillaz’ most popular tracks with plays on Radio 1, ‘New Future’ gets 3 brand spanking new remixes, a 130BPM low slung House/Jungle/Breaks remix by Tony Vibe, Transitional 140-170 Jungle remix by Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion and a killer Jungle remix by Galvatron, all 3 of these new versions will do the required damage wherever and whenever played!!!!


Pressa- Mind Killa Remixed [Top Drawer Digital]


To the potential doubters out there regarding 140/Future Jungle, those that say it has died a death, this writer would urge them to take the time to listen to these remixes of a sterling EP by Pressa originally released in the summer of 2013, Radiokillaz take ‘Mind Blown’ and add emphasis to the old skool ravey stabs adding in a whole loada Ragga bass n’ 140 Jungle breaks into the equation, K Man takes ‘Rollin Out’ in a direction not dissimilar to Pressa’s own production, swirling, deep low end bass heavy and stripped back with dubby atmospherics, finally Bojcot Selecta throws down the gauntlet with a masterclass in chopped up breaks reworking ‘Killa Soundboy’ into one of the best Future Jungle productions you will hear this year. Whatever your persuasion you simply cannot deny the sheer quality of these remixes.


Ruff Guidance Records Presents Bay B Kane’s ‘The VIP Project’



Over the past year we have been treated with remastered classics from the vaults of Ruff Guidance, many moments in junglist time from Bay B Kane’s discography are now available digitally enabling us to appreciate those ground breaking pioneering gems that helped to shape and form the Jungle sound, we have in fact reviewed some of them here and on 17/07/15 a 10 track remix compilation will be released across all digital platforms and streaming sites, 8 artists representing some of the best and most upfront junglist sounds in 2015 are on remix duties, X E Dos, Sound Shifter, Cryogenics, Darkhalf, Curious, Rolling Paper, Nickynutz & Aitch. Tracks remixed include the timeless ‘Higher’ & ‘Multi Coloured Lasers’ and more recent tracks like ‘I’m Alive’ Massive props go out to everyone involved here from the legend Bay B Kane himself to the remixers and those working hard behind the scenes to bring these must have tunes into the digital realm, this LP is an absolute must!!!

DJ SY- Too Much Sense (Original 94 & DJ Jedi Remix)



Vinylists and Old Skool Hardcore fans are in for another treat in the shape of a previously unreleased 1994 Breakbeat Hardcore track by the scratchmaster DJ Sy and features on his set from Dreamscape 12 among others, Sy has always been known for his uplifting style of sound whereas this is a somewhat darker affair making it all the more collectible and there’s the added bonus of a DJ Jedi remix on the flipside, you can pre order the vinyl which is a limited run of 100 copies, be quick!!! If you’re after a digital copy, thats also available from the bandcamp link below.

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Oldskool rave/hardcore fans will be familiar with Mark Archer a.k.a one half of  Altern 8 & his post Altern 8 alias, DJ Nex

Music Mondays have made available 17 digitally remastered Mark Archer / DJ Nex productions 92-95  called “After 8″ a trip down memory lane post Altern 8 which includes all of the tracks from ’92 “DJ Nex EP” and ’93 “Pound Stretcher EP” plus 5 previously unheard tracks as featured on the recent triple vinyl collectible “Unreleased Files”. We were hoping this would get a digital release and are pleased to see it has, a genuine slice of rave history showcasing the blueprint for today’s modern bass/dance music in it’s many forms, you can stream clips and buy in either WAV, Flac or 320 Mp3s here:



To celebrate the launch of their brand new site 36 Hertz Recordings are giving away a free LP of DnB and Oldskool style ‘Flashback’ tunes from label stalwarts like SR & Digbee, ESP, Indigo Virus and more, all tried and tested by label boss DJ Vapour, grab them while they are hot!!!

DJ Seduction- Solid Bass Remixes [Stay On Target]


Originally a B Side to a 1993 DJ Seduction release, ‘Solid Bass’ will be getting a re release plus new remixes from Stormski & Nicky Allen on the 26th of June, fans of NuSkool Breakbeat Hardcore won’t want to be late to the party for these 2 esential new remixes and those looking to add some Oldskool to their digital collection will appreciate this addition thanks to Stay On Target.

Pre Order from iTunes:

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