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FRINGE- He’s Nuts [Switchblade Digital]


If I was to nominate a best new label of 2014, it would be Switchblade Digital, all 12 releases from the label including this one here are essentials for your collection, the label ethos is old skool darkside hardcore and jungle often touching on more experimental and deep sounds too. Fringe makes his label debut after a couple of masterpieces on Kode 5, ‘He’s Nuts’ is the Canadian junglist and producer par excellence at his very darkest and finest, if you’re an old skooler and fondly remember the early works of producers like Trace, Ed Rush, Doc Scott & other darkside legends, you will fully appreciate the menacing atmosphere of ‘He’s Nuts’, ghoulish pads and spliced  rolling amens that would have Darth Vader himself one foot skanking, essential jungle!!!


Nufunk Round Up

Nufunk Spaghetti



Festival Breaks-Mixed By Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion [Music Mondays]


Vinyl Junkie & sanxion bring their festival rocking sound to Music Mondays with a mix LP featuring 2 mixes by the dons themselves and 50 full length tracks all for a tenner!!!! The finest Future/140 Jungle, Bass & breaks mixed to perfection, bring the festival rocking sound into your living room, your car stereo, wherever takes your fancy but don’t miss out!!!! Clips and buy links below



Over the years, Beagle’s tracks have featured on labels such as legendary old skool imprint, Bogwoppa Records, Hardcore Lives, Definition Breaks, Paranoid Recordings and previous outings for Top Drawer Digital, this latest outing comprises of 2 macabre tunes that bring together elements of oldskool from 1993 with hardcore breaks and future jungle, in fact it wouldn’t be wrong to consider this an update on the late 00′s J Tek sound that was pioneered by Top Drawer Digital and artists like Tango & Ratty, ‘Makkathran’ is epic future rave with classic breaks and vox and a clever combo of 92 esque pads with a dark cinematic melody, ‘Step Into The Light’ is a full on trip to the darkside with ominous vocals and hard hitting pads, there is also a remix, Minimal DnB style and as a bonus, check the link below for Lucas’ remix of Beagle’s ‘Positronic’, watch out for a big release to follow from Top Drawer Digital in celebration of this, their 50th release


SLAYER033-Rekall-600   The second taster for Toronto Is Broken’s imminent ‘Section Nine’ LP flips the switch with a superbly constructed and utterly filthy slice of Glitch Hop, baton down those hatches, head for the nearest bunker because this is a bass explosion of 50 megaton proportions!!!! On remix duties, 601 serve up a murderous beast of a 140 remix while Naaive & INF1N1TE bring the DnB & Drumstep vibes that punch like Mike Tyson!!!!  Roughmath round things up with a brutal dubstep re rub, Also included in the soundcloud set below is a bonus free track, a tasty colab between TIB & Seereal, this’ll knock your socks off!!!




Trail blazing imprint Bad Habit Muzik drops a new beat and introduces a new artist collective to the roster with this fine skanking toasting dubwise 140 fusion with big booming ragga vocals, consider Autumn on delay as this slice of summer is currently blowing things up!!!!

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Ben Venom – The Creative Impulse EP [Top Drawer Digital ]


You can always expect fine output from Top Drawer Digital, Ben Venom is a producer who has featured on the label before with great tunes like ‘Hold Tight’ and ‘I’m A Shadow’ and his new EP keeps up with his slick production and penchant for turning out euphoric and thoroughly banging tracks!!!

‘Alchemist’ opens with a trance like intro and old skool rave stabs building up the tension before exploding into some filthy bass and breaks

‘Sky Mission’ also opens with a epic intro and tough 2 steppy breaks, the pads and melodies sit in that space between old skool rave, trance and house, uplifting and energetic while ragga style vox slip and slide in and out of the mix, all in all 2 excellent tracks from the mighty Top Drawer Digital!!!

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Warehouse Wax continue the quality output with vol 4 of ‘Ruffneck Rydims’, the trans global colab of Gold & Fleck produces a dubwise 140 roller in the shape of ‘Organic’ while Sanxion unleashes the uplifting electro bass with the excellent ‘Tears Of The Robot’, Protune’s ‘Melancholia’ lures you in with melodic chords before slapping you across the jaw with some pulverising bass, enough to go ten rounds with Floyd Mayweather!!! Lastly Traffik’s ‘Here Once Again’ fuses dark hardcore techno like sounds with some 140 amens for some assured mayhem, pure perfection from beginning to end!!!

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