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Just a few days back we reviewed this great free LP by Agents Of Rush made on oldskool equipment and with a true oldskool rave sound, well Agents Of Rush have a new EP out, also free and my gosh its a beauty!!! 4 fresh productions that range from the almost downtempo early rave of ‘Up Above’ to 93 esque ‘One More Tune’ with its rolling breaks, snippets of Eon ‘Spice’ and gunshots, the uptempo piano breaks of ‘Entrance’ and bleepy 91/92′ era Suburban Base style ‘Spread Love’, my goodness!!! These 4 tunes are guaranteed to put a HUGE  smile on your face!!!!




Agents of Rush - Rough & Ready Rewind - cover


These 8 tracks of raw bleepy oldskool hardcore from Agents Of Rush have got us here at the blog doing all kinds of funny raver dances, recorded on on analogue equipment to give that truly authentic spinning on vinyl sound, each track on this LP has the 91/92′ sound down to a tee, spliced up samples and breakbeats, atmospheric swirly techno synths, bleeps n’ bloops aplenty, in total everything that we loved and still love about that timeless pioneering sound and its free to download on their soundcloud or a name your price on Bandcamp. Tempos vary from 1990/1 proto hardcore to around the 130-140BPM mark with many tracks adding in elements of Jungle such as the Sesame Street break making an appearance here and there, put it this way, we’re gushing over this with good reason, take a listen and get lost in those halcyon sounds!!!


DiGiTroLL logo


DiGiTroLL takes it back to 1991 with this Shades Of Rhythm style remix of Dots Per Inch ‘Take It Slow’, a real summer 91′ vibe to this with housey pianos, a great vocal and rolling amen breaks, its also a free download and we’ve got it on repeat play on soundcloud because its just so good!!! This will go nicely in a House or Breaks set or even as a nice NuSkool interlude to an OldSkool set, time to bust out that High Viz jacket and slip on some white gloves and a whistle then have a good old rave to this great track!!!

Paranoid Recordings Presents- The Coreflakes EP – FREE DOWNLOAD

Coreflakes Cover


Paranoid Recordings continue their excellent series of free EPs with 4 tracks by a producer known as ‘Tha Liquid’, 4 tracks that vary in tempo and style, the title track being a slice of stripped back 91/92 Breakbeat Hardcore/Jungle Tekno resembling the Doc Scott/Nasty Habitz tracks of that era, some frantic Ragga Breakcore in ‘Hire Me, Fire Me’, some epic piano rave on ‘Smooth But Hazardous’ and uptempo Piano breakbeat Hardcore number ‘Without You’ seeing things out nicely, let me see those hands!!!

Free Zip Folder Download:




Following up on the brilliant ‘Mind Of A Serial Killer’ Deadly Nightshade returns to one of our favourite labels, Switchblade Digital with a deliciously dark and fun Dark/Horrorcore anthem ‘Now You Die’ sampling the comedy horror movie series ‘Scream’, this is a ton of fun and a great tune to rock the raves with, another absolute belter from Switchblade Digital!!!

Sanxion- Axiomatic Technology EP [Propaganda Music]



One of the best producers of many styles from Breaks to 140 Jungle to House, DnB, U.K Hardcore and a plethora of other styles, Sanxion has a new EP on Propaganda Music, whats great about Sanxion’s sound is his way of combining trending concepts from a multitude of genres and making something instantly addictive such as the Deep House influenced 140 roller ‘Hold Me Endless’ while you could get lost in the ethereal tranciness of ‘Exposed’ that leads into some trademark epic bassiness, ‘Anode5′ does in fact lean into House/Garage territory with spacey pads and a swinging 2 step beat, finally the bona fide legend NEFTI gives ‘Hold Me Endless’ the make you melt Hardcore Piano Breaks makeover, already a Trackitdown Breaks chart No1 and we here at FBB are lovin’ it!!!


Also check out this fresh mix of Propaganda dubplates:

2 Rotten Scoundrels- State Of Mind [Kode 5/Endor Recordings]


Massive release out today on Kode 5, 2 Rotten Scoundrels ‘State Of Mind’ is a  Vocal Nuskool/Hardcore/Rave Breaks tune that is going rock the raves from Dreamscape to Fantazia with all the classic ingredients of an uplifting rave anthem and a great song in its own right, then there is host of remixes to suit all tastes, breathtaking 2015 Jungle from Soundshifter, pumping 808 Footwork Jungle from Staccatissimo, booming 97/98 style Speed Garage from Fyre productions, a slick UKG remix from Moony and a remix from Dave Skywalker that will make you not just like but love U.K Hardcore all over again, Kode 5 have teamed up with Endor Recordings to bring a CD copy of this EP which can be bought here for digital purchase see below the streaming links


Ed West/Daddy Nature feat Bahia – Morgans Rain [Born On Road]


Somewhere between Future Garage and Dubwise Future Jungle ‘Morgans Rain’ by Ed West & Daddy Nature Ft Bahia on Born On Road is sung with soul and to perfection over futuristic soundscapes riding a Junglistic beat, for the remixes, we get none other than Bladerunner for a trademark heavy rolling Jungle/DnB re Rub and Max Powa with some Reggae Bass, this label simply can do no wrong!!!


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