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Bass, 140 & DnB Round Up 11.4.14



Brace yourselves for a BIG round up of tunage!!!!, From Canada, we have Pinto with a new EP of Chicago/Detroit influenced DnB beats, a great blend of modern bass sounds, title track ‘One Vibe’ is a buzzing energetic track with lazer like bass while ‘East Row’ is a slick slice of half step DnB, go get this!!!!

Next up, we have a new release on the legendary Renegade Hardware imprint from Chroma, 2 grizzling beasties known as ‘Territories’ & ‘Brain Strain’, these Geordie lads know how to make some pretty menacing DnB, hints of Dom & Roland can be heard, the production is ultra slick too, this is pretty damn BIG!!!

Boomsha Recording’s latest release sees the return of Visible Sound with some finely crafted 140/Future Jungle beats, weighing in with a whopping 6 tracks that vary from lush deep jungle riddims to some dark bass heavy tearout, this writer can’t get enough of just how good this is

Radio 1 don Crissy cris has a thundering 2 tracker out on Technique Recordings ‘The Trinity EP’, 2 absolutely slamming DnB toons with a filthy dubstep remix to boot from alter ego, Dead Exit, favourite for this writer is the epic ‘Rinsin’ Selection’ BOOOOM!!!!

For the next release on Sub Slayers, something pretty special from King Yoof Ft Rony Blue & Mr Williamz, this is an absolute anthem, 140/Future Jungle at its very finest, King Yoof’s next level production, Rony Blue’s sweet vocals which remind me of Lindy Layton (remember her?), some sick toasting from Mr Williamz, this is as good as it gets, the boys at Slayers have thrown down the gauntlet and set a mighty challenge, this writer is completely genuinely enamored by this classy piece of music, hear it for yourself, don’t take my word for it, you’ll hear just how good it is for yourself and you wil be reaching for your wallet, trust me!!!!

Along with the original, we also get a great package of remixes from House to DnB to Dancehall Reggae from Oscar Luweez, Capitol 1212, Toronto Is Broken, Gold Dubs & King Yoof himself, all first class but the original is just the one!!!!

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Bass,140 & DnB Round Up 3.4.14



To paraphrase The Whispers from all the way back in 1979, and the bass goes on!!!! each day brings a fresh array of bangers, so much so its hard to keep up but hey, thats what we’re here for right? So, without further ado, lets get started with 2 tracks from the mighty Top Drawer Digital, the first one is free, Strange Rollers’ back to 91 Shades Of Rhythm stylee remix of DJ L.A.B’s ‘Touch’, it just doesn’t get better than this…..

And the 2nd TDD offering is the latest label release, a sick future jungle workout from Odeed & Wish with shades of 00′s Nu Skool Breaks and a really cool vox sample too….


Sub Slayers have a massive new compliation out, Series 02 ‘Jungle’ curated and mixed by Birmingham badmon, Gold Dubs featuring a truly Sub Slaying selection from 140-174bpm featuring heavy hitters including RackNRuin, Gold Dubs, 601, King Yoof, Rhythm Riders and many more, an absolutely essential selection of jungle….


Ben & Lex drop a classy EP under a new alias of Simian Frenzy featuring the vocals of U.K Hip Hop legend Rodney EP and a superb package of remixes from Deekline, Skitz & The Sea & Bazil. Quality Dub, Breaks & 140 Jungle…


With Australian Jungle imprint Rising Lantern due to make a comeback soon, here’s a timely free download by Melbourne’s Mshcode in his awesome dubbed out future jungle style, some deadly subs on this bad boy!!!!


Out now on Passenger Records is the new EP by Ellis Dee & DJ Twista featuring Marie Louise on vocals ‘Next To Me/Be The One’ sees this duo return after previous releases on Sub Slayers with 2 prime cuts of quality uptempo string driven and vocal led breaks and 140 jungle/bass…..





Delta Heavy- Apollo EP- Ram Records



Delta Heavy need no introduction for DnB heads and lovers of bass music in general, this duo is one of the biggest names in the scene and they make a heartily welcomed return with the ‘Apollo EP’, the title track has been an opener of Andy C’s sets for a considerable time, one listen of it’s electrifying Neurofunk sounds tells you why while ‘The World Is Yours’ is positive and uptempo with multi layered bass stylings, now its no secret that this writer is an old skool hardcore head at heart so when I turned my attention to the final of the 3 tracks ‘Badboy Style’, I was more than pleasantly surprised, the distinctive dark mentasm riffs reminiscent of Doc Scott under his Nasty Habitz alias circa 92 are strapped onto a contemporary bass pattern making for one of the freshest takes on the rave sound I have heard in a long long time, in short, this is an EP that needs and deserves to be in your collection….

‘Pre Order The Apollo EP On iTunes’

Bass, 140 & DnB Round Up 31.3.14



Sumer is here!!!!! Well, the clocks have gone forward anyway so what better time to curate a selection of Bass, 140 & DnB Bangers?

Kode 5 drop another huge on a King Kong kinda scale release with Prime Attack’s ‘The Feeling’, a little history on Prime Attack is appropriate here, if ‘where were you in 92′ applies to you (see what I did there?) then you may recall ‘How Many Ravers’ by Prime Attack

This writer remembers it from a compilation ‘Red Hot & White Labels Vol 2′ featuring a nice picture of a troll on the front, a compilation I bought at the tender age of 13yrs old……


So whats the connection you may ask? ‘The Feeling’ was the B Side to ‘How Many Ravers’ and can be found on the current release along with a brand new remix bringing it up to date for 2014, its worth having for both though as that 92 original will have tingles running down your spine even if you weren’t around back then!!!!


And now on to some dreamy string laden footwork jungle by the aptly named Beach Club on Dred Collective, pick up this lush string laden amen tastic EP for a quid from their bandcamp….


On the bass tip, Son Of Kick has a new release due out on the 28th April, 2014 on Midification Records, a truly different production which starts by slowly winding up the tempo of a nice grimey beat featuring Lady Leshurr’s bars and a nice Jazzy/Soulful drop completely off kilter with a sweet chorus from Paigey Cakey, has to be heard to be believed, all conventions are thrown off and it works so well, genre defining forward thinking bass music at its very finest

You can pre order ‘Hours’ by Son Of Kick Ft Lady Leshurr & Paigy Cakey from iTunes

One half of Shed Edz, James Breakthru has put together a remix of rave classic ‘Narra Mine’ b Genaside II in a 140/electro breaks crossover stylee which this writer is feeling, a great uptempo remix with plenty of squelchy bass…

Strange Rollers take it back to 1994 with a rinse out jungle reworking of Buju Banton’s ‘Operation Ardent’ for the brock out crew, horns and lighters at the ready!!!!

To round things up, we welcome back seminal 90′s imprint, Impact Records, founded by DJ Seduction, home to many a much loved rave anthem, 2 of which are brought up to date for 2014 by Stormski & DJ Nicky Allen….


Bass, 140 & DnB Round Up 26.3.14



Well, it seems its time I round up some bangers for you and believe me, bangers they are!!! We welcome back one of this writer’s favourite DnB imprints, the mighty Asbo Audio who have a huge release in the shape of Birmingham producer, Jinx with his ‘O.G Call EP’, 4 tracks where the beats literally slam, trust me, the beats sound incredibly phat and the theme of the tracks is a 90′s Gangsta Hip Hop style featuring some amazingly warped/mutated bass with P Funk overtones, makes me think of Tru Playaz/Urban Takeover/V Recordings in the late 90′s/early 00′s. These bad boys won’t just smash the dance floor, they will annihilate the dance floor, seriously heavy!!!!!


Theres no shortage of quality DnB around at the moment, add into the mix a free compilation by Formation Records ‘World Of Drum N Bass Miami’ put together as a free showcase for the upcoming Miami Music Week, this compilation features a heavy weight line up of artists, highlights include a speaker booming slice of raw DnB Energy by Tribe Steppaz & Chuck B-’Klash Army’ and plenty of other hitters by the likes of Teddy Killerz, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, DJ SS & more…


Silent Code turn a classic into a modern classic, namely, the timeless jungle anthem ‘Spiritual Aura’ by DJ Rap/Engineers Without Fears bought slap bang up to date with this duo’s first class production, get raw!!!!


Out in 2 days time and available to pre order, Titan Records present Callide with an epic 2 tracker ‘Drop Bombs’ & ‘Pulse Wave’, 2 slices of banging, laser shooting bad ass DnB in Callide’s inimitable style, punching beats, razor esque stabs and tons and tons of energy and vibe, after a great 2013, this talent is still on fire and on point in 2014 as amply displayed by this must have EP!!!


The latest release on Future Followers is Cotti’s ‘Wheres Tony Gone EP’, a vibrant and bubbling journey through bass music from Glitch Hop to some crazily catchy Hybrid Trap/Dubstep featuring quality remixes by Savage Roots and Gawtbass


Fresh from Kut Off Records, Manion’s ‘The Truth EP’ takes in breaks, 140 Jungle & DnB with elements of Trap & Dubstep and lashings, I mean lashing of dutty dutty bass!!!!! ‘Tell Me The Truth’ is a great uptempo vocal roller while ‘Thought You Were Doing It’ gets gangsta on yo’ ass with some tribal riddims and trap infused pads and vox, ‘Beast Walk’ & ‘Killahs’ shows Manion in DnB mode with some rinsing bizznizz, watch yer bassbins!!!!


Radiokillaz remix the Iconic Daddy Freddy & Asher D-’Rough And Rugged’, originally released way back in 1988 on Music Of Life, its a free download and a nice little taster for their forthcoming official release with Daddy Freddy due out on Passenger Records…



Daddy Freddy & Asher D – Rough & Rugged (RadioKillaZ remix)



With a fresh release on the horizon for Radiokillaz ft Daddy Freddy the bass heavy duo thought it was time to set free this exclusive free download of their future jungle, version of “Rough & Rugged”. Big, bad basslines, slamming beats and the unmistakable, ragga flows of Daddy Freddy and Asher D.

Ryo-Arcadia EP-Boomsha Recordings

arcadia 2


Ryo drops a future junglistic throwback to the Nu Skool Breaks sound of the 00′s with ‘Arcadia’, a deep, hypnotic groove with psychedelic overtones thats sees this talented multi genre artist at his very finest, Resonant Status goes for a full on Perfecto style prog breaks re rub thats every bit as good as the original, Boomsha just keeps delivering quality sounds and has become one of this writer’s favourite labels and ‘Arcadia’ is an ample example of why I rate Boosha so much….


Imperial Brothers – Choon (100Me Remix)-Bad Habit Muzik



U.S Electro/Hip Hop legends, The Imperial Brothers return to Bad Habit Muzik for the 3rd in a series of incredibly successful releases for the label, 100Me steps up to the remix desk and delivers a sweet sounding fusion of house/garage and breaks that will equally appeal to 140/Future Jungle heads, loads of energy and lots of fun, a perfect party anthem for igniting the dancefloor!!



Schema Ft Cheshire Cat- ‘Fumin’-Sub Slayers



One of the original and earliest artists to feature on Sub Slayers, the Schema boys are back and along with them, quite a few other label stalwarts plus the addition of the awesome Atomic Drop!!! ‘Fumin’ featuring the vocals of Chesire Cat is a sleek fusion of trap/midtempo bass style sounds with half step DnB, things get epic for Toronto Is Broken’s remix who ups the ante for some firing DnB, Gella up next, another artist to have featured very early on  Slayers’ back cat delivers some steppin’ NuJungle vibes, Jinx In Dub goes in with a roots reggae junglistic relick and to complete a very fine package, Atomic Drop makes their debut here with a beast of a remix that proves unequivocally that theres plenty of life left in dubstep, phat beats and old skool rave sounds abound, my personal fave of all the mixes too, a seriously strong release from the label that never fails to deliver…


Unknown Ft Gemma Dunleavy-I Cry (Sonic Fixation remix)


Sonic Fixation has produced some real gems such as the amazing ‘Bad Magic’ with Disrupta, ‘Drowning’, ‘All We Wanna Do Is Dance’ and remixes for the likes of Avro. This remix of Future Garage anthem, Unknown Ft Gemma Dunleavy’s ‘I Cry’ is just to die for, Sonic Fixation gives the original a 140BPM Jungle Breaks injection while keeping the main elements that makes ‘I Cry’ such a great tune, the vocals, that rolling bass and those melancholy pads. One for the deep 140 crew….


Bass, 140 & DnB Round Up 11.3.14



Time for another round up of the freshest sounds from the ravier side of the broken beats spectrum, Kode 5 have 2 new releases out, DJ Abyss’ ‘Destined For Destruction EP’ which features the amazing ‘Predator’ a back to 92 Jungle Tekno style roller wih sick drum edits and rumbling bass along the lines of the classic ‘Johnny’ by Johnny Jungle, a must have for fans of the darkside!!!


The 2nd of the 2 new releases on Kode 5 is by DJ Remixx ‘Paradise’, Remixx takes the energy of mid 90s Hardcore/4 Beat and bolts it onto a slick 174BPM amen break with banging and uplifting results, this writer loves the energy in this track, it will make you go wild!!!


Abyss features for the second time here and rightly so with another darkside monster, this time on his own label, Bizzy B style hard as nails amen tearout bizzniz with some nasty mentasm hoovers to bring out the dark raver in you!!!!


Top Drawer Digital returns with one of the earliest artists to appear on the label and a stalwart of TDD, Electrux is back with ‘The Abyss EP’, 6 tracks of futuristic dubstep & breaks. Deep, Progressive but banging at the same time, Electrux joins the dots between multiple sub genres on each track to produce a very unique and very enjoyable sound, we know you’ll love it!!!


Pressa hit 1k likes on his facebook recently and celebrates it with a free 3 track EP of that deep strain of 140 that we have grown to love from him hosted by Fat Kid On Fire

He also has put together a very fine mix indeed for UK Bass Music

Also celebrating 1k likes on facebook is Future Jungle Blog with 16 free tracks and still more to come from the likes of Madcap, Galvatron, Gold Dubs, 2Brainz, Radioactive Watermelon, Generic Bass, Kinetic Eon, Ben Venom, Curious, Eddie Voyager, Andy Wilson & Grimey Rob, a diverse selection going across the spectrum of Future Jungle & NuRave

Plus exclusive free mixes by Radiokillaz & Back2Nite

For DnB Heads, the legendary MC Fats Collective ‘We Gotcha EP’ is out now featuring a varied selection of DnB remixes from D.Bridge, Serum & Bladerunner & Makoto plus a dope House N Bass remix by DJ Zinc, sweet sounds!!!




Vinyl Junkie & Austin feat. Rachel Wallace – Can’t Go Back (VIP Mix)

Vinyl Junkie & Austin feat. Rachel Wallace - Can't Go Back (VIP Mix)


Vinyl Junkie is letting loose this exclusive VIP version of his and Austins future jungle slammer,  ” Can’t Go Back”, in celebration of hitting 6000 on Facebook.

Kinetic Eon-Time Traveler EP-Kut Off Records



Kut Off Records is a label that is truly deserving of the term ‘bass music’, rather than rigidly sticking to one popular or preferred genre, a cursory glance at the labels back cat will show the diversity Kut Off has to offer from hedonistic old skool rave/hardcore infused future jungle from the likes of DJ Flow to Acid Breaks from Champion Breaks and the deeper strains of bass from the likes of artists like Provoke and Kinetic Eon whose ‘Old Skool Flava’ from last year on this very imprint was, and is a firm favourite of this writer. The Time Traveler EP comprises of three opuses each representing the deep recesses of the mind, combining the artistry of ambient or IDM with a dancefloor ethos, ‘Mockingbird’ is a dark and epic hybrid future jungle roller that indeed sounds like a sci fi voyage through the annuls of time   while parts 1 & 2 of ‘Where We’re From’ are hypnotic and cinematic with cleverly chopped up breaks. Kinetic Eon’s new release is a journey we highly recommend you embark upon….



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