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Force Mass Motion- The Stone of the 5th Sun 1992 LP



Feel The Panic!!!! Force Mass Motions’ Groundbreaking Oldskool LP Is Available Digitally And You Got To Have It!!!!

Oldskool ravers will fondly remember the absolutely massive anthem ‘Feel The Panic’ by Force Mass Motion. Everyone played it, it had a huge influence on the mid 90’s UK Hardcore sound where kickdrums replaced the breakbeats. However we certainly weren’t aware (until now) that Force Mass Motion released an album back in 92. Good news!!! That very album is now in remastered digital format, you can get it from the major dancefloor stores. Lets go through the tracks


The kind of stompy hardcore that Carl Cox used to play. Busy, loaded with synths and samples. Was this the influence for a certain UltraSonic track? Could be

2. Collision Course

The main riff of ‘Collision Course’ will be familiar to happy hardcore heads and for a 92 track, it sounds like it was made in 95. Uplifting bouncy techno brilliance.


More stomping action with Belgian & Detroit Techno stabs & Hip Hop vox. A nice crossover between the contrasting styles of Rave/Hardcore from daaan sarrrrf and ooop noorf!!!

4.Force Format

Gabber/Hardcore Techno circa 92′. Starting with pounding Kickdrums, Hoovers and acid 303s, the track once again switches into English Breakbeat Hardcore midway before returning to the kickdrum fueled action.

5.I Dream Of You

Bleepy dreamy Italo Piano rave perfect for kicking back to on a summer day

6.Jack Of Diamonds

A hugely popular track that epitomises Force Mass Motion and the Rabbit City imprint. Completely manic and full of energy

7.Feel The Panic

Massive ravers’ anthem that still gets the rewind at oldskool events to this day. Feel the panic!!!! Gotta have it!!!!

8.Reach Up

Another manic Rabbit City style hardcore tune with more of a 91/early 92 feel. Featuring similar pads to Razor Boy & Mirror Man ‘Beyond Control’ and the beats used in SL2 ‘DJs Take Control’ and many other hardcore classics

9.Take Me Higher

Pure 92′ ardcore a la 2 Bad Mice, Sonz Of A Loop Da’ Loop Era et al. From the distinctly signature oldskool breaks to the ravey trippy keys. This is 92 in a bottle. a tune that rocked the Fantazias and Dreamscapes across the UK and still sounds awesome


Some very early Tech Trance with a bit of House & Hardcore thrown in for good measure, a track way ahead of it’s time

11.Vanishing Point

In a similar vein to V.N.E, Vanishing Point is a very unique track of it’s time. A melting pot of many genres leaning towards bangin’ techno but with so much more in there for good measure

In summary, oh forget the summary!!! This is an essential album which digital fans like myself can now own. Love your oldskool? Grab this from the links below. Oh and word is there may be a vinyl re release too, head over to the Force Mass Motion official facebook page for more info

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Stream On Spotify:


Flash Cats- Back By Dope Demand E.P [Propaganda Music]



Bass N Breaks That Will Get You Throwing Shapes From The Flash Cats

Finally!!!!!!! The Flash Cats are back………. by dope demand!!!!


The Flash Cats return with oldskool/rave flava’d bass n breaks in the form of the funky (and bassy!!!) title track, ‘Hurt You So’, ‘Chime’ & ‘Total Extasy’ Our stripey whiskered friends know how to rock a crowd anytime, any place, anwhere with the unbeatable formula of:

1.Hands In The Air Pianos

2.Ravey keys, chors, pads and stabs

3.Rolling crunching made for speakers breakbeats

4.Bass so dirty you will need some industrial strength cleaner to mop up the floor

But seriously, it’s great to hear the Flash Cats back in the studio and these four bangers most certainly remind us why we love them so much, cop some of this right meeeooooowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buy Link

Earth Leakage Trip- Earth Leakage Trip (Remastered Compilation) [Rising High]



Classic 90’s Experimental Breakbeat Hardcore Remastered For 2016

Fresh from the vaults of pioneering Hardcore/techno/House imprint Rising High Records is this 11 track remastered collection of tracks by Earth Leakage Trip.

Famous for the dark bleep n bass track ‘No Idea’ on Moving shadow, a track cited by Vinyl Junkie as a game changer; Earth Leakage Trip released a number of tracks on Rising High back in the early 90’s and here they are, remastered and available in digital format for the first time. Lets run through a few of our favourite tracks on the album:

1. Bad Trip (Too Much Acid)

The title says it all, the mood is dark, the fast moving breaks double up on each other in a very trippy fashion, there’s a spooked out spoken sample and sweeping techno sounds


Pure mentalist breakbeat hardcore with what sounds like an Arnold Schwarzenegger sample, a blend of uplifting flute sounds, hard hoover riffs and rolling breaks plus a mad rhyme, you will have heard this one on mixtapes from back in the day

3. I Wish I Knew

Uplifting and euphoric, we have never heard this one before, pure Fantazia style sounds with elements of progressive house, trance and techno but absolutely 100% ‘ardcore!!!

4. The Doors

This is an alternative version of the famous ‘No Idea’ featuring the same freaky samples plus T99 style rave riffs and proggy pads, the windows are where the doors should be!!!

5. The Ice Cream Van From Hell

This used to frighten me back in 92, in fact it still does, many know this one from compilation album ‘Kaos Theory 3′, the slo mo ice cream van sample, bleeps and horror music effects make this one stand out even now. Just don’t let your kids listen to it!!!!

You can buy the whole album via this link

Radioactive Watermelon – Equidistant EP [Ruff Guidance]



Brand New Multi Tempo Jungle Beats On Legendary Imprint Ruff Guidance

Radioactive Watermelons’ new EP ‘Equidistant’ out on Bay B Kanes’ legendary imprint Ruff Guidance takes us on a 5 track journey of deep, mellow, atmospheric and polished Jungle in a range of tempos. If you love properly cut up breaks and shimmering keys and pads you will love tracks like ‘Polar Winds’, ‘Shadows’, ‘No Return’ and all the other gems on this deep delight of a release

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Motivbreaks- Out Of My Head [Fantomas Records]



Oldskool Hardcore Meets Bouncing Booty Breaks On This New Track By Motivbreaks

Motivbreaks ‘Out Of My Head’ out on Fantomas Records will uplift you to the maximum with happy ravey pads and bouncing 808s and beats, you will be going out of your head raving to this one!!!

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United States Beat Squad- Rewind Vol 3 [Free Download]

usbs fixed


Euphoric Rave Breaks From United States Beat Squad

United States Beats Squad reworks the 1994 Breakbeat Hardcore anthem ‘Six Days’ into uplifting  euphoric Rave Breaks with punchy epic synths and drums and some spine tingling piano, it’s a free download too so reeewiiiiind!!!

Free Download Link

Bay B Kane- Future Destination Exit 5 [Boomsha Recordings]


When the destination is as great as this, you won’t want to go back, the legend that is Bay B Kane returns to Boomsha Recordings with No5 in the ‘Future Destination’ series spanning 5 years, providing classic Future Jungle/Jungle tracks like ‘No Solar’ and ‘Diamonds In The Sky’ among countless others.

For this fifth instalment we are treated to some multi tempo jungle gems, the transcendental future soul of ‘Care For Me’ Ft Kyra, the fantastic voyage of ‘Fly With Me’, certified Future Jungle anthem ‘On Your Mind’ Ft Sam Serenader, dark and bassy party starter ‘Ghetto Yout’ and the timeless melodic jungle  of ‘F.Society’, file under Future Jungle classic, long may this journey continue

Buy Here

Deadly Nightshade- Alien [Switchblade Digital]



Deadly Nightshades’ latest track out now on Switchblade Digital will remind you of those 80’s sci fi horrors with some cool samples, a nice array of alternating old skool breaks and stabs and some fierce and dark hoover riffs, all this intense rave action is swiftly followed by soaring epic pianos another winner!!! Game over man, game ooovvveeerrrrrr!!!!

Buy Here

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