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DJ Wislov- The Sound Of My Silence

DJ Wislov- The Sound Of My Silence

You really couldn’t get more authentically oldskool hardcore than DJ Wislov’s 5 track EP ‘The Sound Of My Silence’ on Ravenoyz

Over the 5 tracks including title track ‘The Sound Of My Silence’, ’31 Seconds’ and ‘Psychedelic Sex’ we are placed in the transporter where are molecules reassemble on an M-Class planet where bleeps, epic strings, 140-150BPM breaks and dark techno stabs inhabit. If you loved the early Jungle Tekno sound of Reinforced, Ibiza and Labello Blanco, this unmissable EP from DJ Wislov is a continuation of that journey, we thought it ended too soon but we’re pleased to say Hardcore is alive and well!!!

DJ Flashback- Party Time LP-100 Tracks!!!

DJ Flashback- Party Time LP-100 Tracks!!!

DJ Flashback has released a 100 track LP of his productions spanning nearly two decades on labels like Uppacutz, Junki Munki and Flash’s own Propaganda Music imprint. Proceeds from sales will go to Diabetes UK, Macmillian Nurses and Cancer Research UK. In His own words:

Over the last decade Flashback has delivered his own brand of party rocking beats and basslines on Junki Munki Records, Mertwax, Tornado Records, Uplifting Rhythm, Firewall Records, Uppacutz, Can You Feel It Media, Propaganda Music, Downbeat Productions and Ministry Of Sound Recordings, showcasing the sounds of UK breakbeat and bass music to fans across the world.

The Party Time LP is quite literally packed with classic after classic in DJ Flashback’s signature style of oldskool meets nuskool. Plenty of bangin’ breaks and a bit of House & DnB too. Just a few of the absolutely essential tunes on here include the spine-tingling ‘Back To Da Nuskool’, ‘Unfinished Sympathy’, ‘Shake That Body’ and ‘The Masterplan’ There is also 96 more absolute gems on this album. Grab it, support a great cause, get the fantastic back catalogue of DJ Flashback, can’t go wrong!!!

Future Wildstyle- Once Again EP

Future Wildstyle - Once Again EP



Once Again, Future Wildstyle are back on Bass=Win to wreak musical havoc with the Once Again EP, a firey melting pot of Jungle, Breaks, Bass, Footwork, even a bit of Acid House!!!

‘Original Big Up’ continues on the path of Jungle Breaks devestation. The Jungle bleeps, stepping beats, snatches of Hip Hop are all present with a bassline that can and will reshape walls!!!

‘Turn It Up’ blends Ragga vox with floating 303s, heavy blasts of bass and a kind of 4×4 meets breakbeat fusion. Things get even more deep and house music like as the tune shuffles along.

Title track ‘Once Again’ bounces from left to right, loaded with great oldskool samples, a fast paced DnB/Jungle tempo and the cut up style of Juke/Footwork complete with half step interludes

‘Hotter Than Hot’ brings us back around to that funky intertwining of Jungle, breakbeat and a bit of oldskool dubstep. Another great showing from Future Wildstyle, doing it differently, doing it deadly!!!

THE WISE GUYS- Better That Sound E.P

THE WISE GUYS- Better That Sound E.P

Ooooh, some ‘Wise Guys’ huh? Making quality Jungle Tekno in 2017 on Kambo Records Huh? Why we oughta write a blog and tell you to pick up this (name your price) release from Bandcamp and add these four pure 93 style oldskool bangers to your collection, nyuk nyuk nyuk!!!!

Monks & Mort – Kit Kat EP [Strictly NuSkool Blog]

Monks & Mort - Kit Kat EP [Strictly NuSkool Blog]


Download This EP for free…-+Kit+Kat+EP.rar

Strictly NuSkool Blog present a brand new free release from Monks & Mort, the ‘Kit Kat EP’

The ‘Kit Kat EP’ recreates the sound of three seminal years that marked the early rave scene and sound. First we have the Belgian techno influenced 91′ style then some Reinforced Records circa 92 style sounds before finishing with some frantic proto Happy Hardcore 93 style. It’s free, bangin’ and thoroughly authentic, have a breakbeat, have a kit kat!!!

Amiga Breaks- 16 Bit Memories

Amiga Breaks- 16 Bit Memories


Buy Here

Amiga Breaks goes for a different vibe to the oldskool rave sounds with ’16 Bit Memories’, an LP dedicated to the 16bit era of video gaming and the much-loved sounds of those classic games.

If you loved the music of the likes of Yuzo Koshiro then you are in for a real treat here. ‘Inter-Dimensional Sliding’ eases us in with a warm wash of pure 90s sunshine. ‘Deep Constellation’ fuses electro basslines with percolating keys and elated backdrops.

‘Digital Vistas’ is indeed panoramic and soaring, reminiscent of the early work of Hybrid (Unfinished Symphony). ‘Execute Command’ gets closer and closer to that computer game soundtrack style with brooding chords and deep sweeps.

‘Titan Rise’ takes it back to the early 90s with 808 State style beats and riffs. ‘Liquid Flow’ is quite simply classic Amiga Breaks, pure blissful rolling excellence. ‘Mind Science’ takes us through the wormholes and far off galaxies of deep space with a euphoric interplanetary style.

‘Mr Sax’ revisits the Hi-NRG Disco sound of the late 80s with lush sax licks and tons of unbridled energy.

‘Nu Kazz Kind’ touches down on a sunny day in Chicago with mellow vibes and busy breakbeats. ‘Positive Vibes’ is our pick from this great LP, a pure slice of full on rave breaks. ‘U Turn Round Jupiter’ brings together the power of Reese bass, deep synths and the Apache break and finally we come to a glorious climax with the Mr Fingers style ‘Binary Dreams’

DJ Fav/HWND Exclusive Mix For Free Breaks Blog

DJ Fav HWND Exclusive Mix For Free Breaks Blog

Hardcore Breaks pioneer, DJ and host of one of the longest-running and most popular online oldskool hardcore/jungle archives-DJ Fav has put together an exclusive mix for the blog packed with forthcoming tracks like his contribution to OSRT Records non-profit/charity release and unreleased dubplates. Enjoy this trip to the darkside of breakbeat hardcore, may the force be with you!!!

DJ Fav – Highlander (Unreleased)
DJ Fav – Sunrise (Unreleased)
DJ Fav – No Surrender (Unreleased)
Intense – Paradox (HWND Remix)
The Invisible Man – Twisted (HWND Remix)
DJ Fav – I’m So Scared – Switchblade Digital
DJ Fav – Take Shelter (Unreleased)
DJ Fav – Headhunter – Paranoid Recordings
DJ Fav – Hear Darkness (Unreleased)
DJ Fav – Music For The Future (Unreleased)
DJ Fav – Nightfall (Born Into Darkness Mix) (OSRT)
DJ Fav – Badfellas (Unreleased)
DJ Fav – Trailer Wars (Unreleased)

Lucas- Touch Me [Free Download]

Lucas Touch Me Free Download Top Drawer Digital

Free Download>>>

To coincide with his latest release, Lucas has put this amazing oldskool style breaks track up for a free download. We’ve been listening to this tune all day here at the blog. If you love Pirate Jams & Freestylers- you’ll love this warm and uplifting track with a 91/92′ era tempo, big strings and loved up vibes!!!

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