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3 Years Of Ultra Bass Records


Celebrate 3 Years Of Ultra Bass Records with this bumper compilation of quality UKG, Breakstep, Garage & Bass plus fresh material from McVicker, Lamont Dex & Digital Pilgrimz

The 26 tracks on this celebratory mixed artist album hark all the way back to 2014 (some do) right up to the present. You will hard pressed to find such variety on an album this ilk. The multiple strands of a dance music genre with its roots stretching back to 1992 is impressive. Featured on this 3-year milestone LP are Rico Tubbs, Sol Brothers, Rare Candy, Cellardore and a host of other top talents. Among the classics, we get four brand new tracks, all a testament to the Ultra Bass commitment to quality. McVicker, Lamont Dex & Digital Pilgrimz all contribute new tunes as a bonus to the premium content. All in all, a good chance to restock on some certified heaters and if by any strange coincedence, you hadn’t heard of this label yet, now’s a perfect chance to get acquainted!!!!


U@T- So In Love (Mike Millrain Remix)

U@T- So In Love (Mike Millrain Remix)

Mike Millrain remixes U@T’s ‘So In Love’ for Soul Revolution Records bringing the 2015 Garage gem into 2017 with prestige and excellence.

U@T’s ‘So In Love’, originally released on the Soul Revolution imprint in 2015, is a gem of a tune for those who know. Of course, when the boss gets a  hold of it, you can be 100% assured of a classy rework. Mr Millrain  brings the lofty piano melody to the forefront and lets it simmer and float with resonance in the awe inspiring drops of his remix.

The original elements of this beaut of a tune are perfectly tweaked for a bumping and skipping cruise through sweeping chords, filters and some essential pure garage keys. Another production for the real garage lovers that holds up with the distinction of the golden era. We wouldn’t expect anything less!!! Refined and mighty fine!!

Highly Anticipated Vol 2 Exclusive Pre Release Review

Highly Anticipated Vol 2 Exclusive Pre Release Review

One label that has been bringing it with quality fresh Garage across the spectrum is Highly Swung. Having already set a milestone with Highly Anticipated Vol One, Vol two sets to raise the bar even higher with a packed roster of talent and a selection of tracks to suit a wide range of Garage, House and Bass Music tastes. Lets unpack this excellent album and talk through what to anticipate on the second installment of Highly Anticipated!!!

1Point5 ‘Bullet’

Big carnival vibes on this one! Off to an ultra lively start with grimey keys and a repeated vocal refrain ‘bullet.’ The beats bounce and rebound in fierce fashion. 1Point5 finds the meeting point between bashment, grime, bassline and UKG.

8th Note & Marlon Williams ‘Different Place’

Who doesn’t love a bit of Tuff Jam style 4×4 chugginess? ‘Different Place’ is a loving tribute to the sophisticated and shuffling sound championed by industry standards and Garage legends to this day. Chopped up vocals galore, swinging kicks and a bassline smoother than silk!!!!

99dB ‘Down South’

If you haven’t heard the brilliant 99dB until now, you’ve been missing out. ‘Down South’ works some crisp filtered 2 step beats and sweet sweet sub bass vibrations into the mix for a ragga tinged excursion into the deeper side of garage.

Anonymous People feat Manny G ‘One More Time’

‘One More Time’ is the soul shaker of Highly Anticipated Vol 2, a pure slice of R&B style Garage cut from the D&G cloth of circa 2000. Manny G has an amazing voice and the ladies will love this one but it’s absolutely fine for the lads to love it too!!!

B1G PR0J3CT ‘Make It Hot’

B1G PR0J3CT, the dons of today’s Garage scene lock n’ load the sweet strings for a weighty dancehall stepper with oldskool New Jack Swing vocals a la Mary Jane/Janet Jackson.

Christian Jules & Matt Vinyl ‘Keep It Real’

Christian Jules & Matt Vinyl take it back to the 90s House music sound, all about the warm pianos, bouncing beats and sun kissed feel real good vibes. These guys bring it in bucket loads with a timeless formula and high class production.

Guezz Who ‘Man Ah Badman’

No garage compilation is complete without a good old moody skanker and Guezz Who makes sure ‘Highly Anticipated Vol 2′ has it’s own percy skanker!!! ‘Man Ah Badman’ is a playful stepper with electro bass synths woven into the bouncing beats, a pure party igniter!!

James Lavonz ‘Till the Morning’

We’re back in vocal 4×4 territory for this Jazzy bumper from James Lavonz. The swinging beats blend brilliantly with dub reggae and classic soul funk influences and a superb vocal.

Jawjii ‘Safe Bet’

You’ll want to prime your speakers for this one! Jawjii gets dark, brutal and piles on the sub bass like a stockpile of explosives. Here is a tune that slots nicely between UKG and Bass Music sets, be warned, those subs are deadly!!!

PDV ‘Trust Issues’

Trust Issues’ opens with the kind of tension and dread usually reserved for a Metalheadz Techstep tearout tune. The lurking riffs and minimal beats and bleeps gradually and cleverly morph into a more soulful sound. The term ‘Future Garage’ gets used rather a lot but here the glove fits perfectly, this a futuristic sound that will grab your attention.

Pressure & JC ‘Bad Dreams’

Pressure & JC take us back to the sound of the legendary Niche venue in Sheffield for a Duggan et al style bassline slammer full of grimey wobs, urgent vox and big, bad n’ heavy drops!!!!

Tigs ‘Push Em Up’

Mutant Bass native and renowned production don, Tigs sees that this second volume of Highly Anticipated goes out with a resounding bang!!! A large dose of fist pumpin Hip Hop inspired swagger drives this badboy along with feet firmly on the gas! A riotous party anthem that may start riots!!!

Highly Swung ensures the final quarter of 2017 moves along to the sound of superior grade garage n’ bass beats from some of the scene’s finest proponents so put down those rehashed comps full of the same old anthems and get some fresh tunes on your speakers with ‘Highly Anticipated Vol 2′

Kickin’ Up A brainstorm!! [Mixtape]


A new mixtape to wrap your ears around, Kickin’ Up A brainstorm!! features tracks from Luke Davidson & Cleary, Wheats, Motion Sky, Prok & Fitch x PAWSA, K & K, Bicep, Special Request and more…


Something From The Future 4

Something From The Future 4

Future Follower Records present ‘Something From The Future 4′ with tracks/remixes by Strange Rollers, Baduga, Strong4Life, Digital Pilgrimz and more…

After a long hiatus, the Future Follower imprint releases another showcase of the diverse tracks that have featured on the label plus some brand new tracks and remixes.

Included in the new content is remixes of Endaf ‘Make It Through’ by Dephex & Nekst, a new rave/electro breaks bumper from Strange Rollers, Lamont Dex’s Neuro Bass re-rub of  Strange Rollers ‘The Streets’ and a heap of other great productions from the talent packed Future Follower roster, the sounds of the future!!!

Snazzy Trax 90’s Garage Reworks

Snazzy Trax 90's Garage Reworks

Get them here

Snazzy Trax’s 90’s Garage Reworks will get you jackin’ to those golden grooves from the golden era all over again!!!

Snazzy Trax puts a whole lotta love and bundles of skill into some tasty reworks of 90s Garage classics from the like of Jaydee, 24 Hour Experience, Danny J Lewis and plenty more. 16 exclusive remixes that you can purchase from the Snazzy Trax bandcamp page, all solid DJ weapons that will get both you and your crowd behind the booth jackin’ and werkin!’

Mike Millrain- Don’t Make Me Wait

Mike Millrain- Don't Make Me Wait

You will find yourself impatiently and eagerly awaiting Mike Millrain’s new Garage groove by the name of ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’

We look forward to anything new from House & Garage bona fide legend, Mike Millrain and you will be glad to know you can pre order his new track on Soul Revolution via the Traxsource link below. We wouldn’t blame you if you initially imagined the infamous Altern 8 ‘Come With Me’ (I know that’s not the original source) vocal would be a major part of this tune. However, we get a totally different vocal, a really good one and what a tune!!!

‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ is Mike’s signature sound in full effect, a lush progression of organ keys and oldskool Garage beats that simply can’t be beaten. add in some sweetly sung vocals and you have a pure garage groove that you should add to your buy cart without delay, don’t wait, don’t even hesitate!!!

Steve Brooke – Tragic Dream EP

Steve Brooke - Tragic Dream EP

Steve Brooke presents a tasty menu of Bassline House/UK Garage Bangers for Bass=Win. 3 hearty servings of on point bangers to get yer’lugholes around, oh yes!!!

Feelin’ the bass? You will be when this 3 tracker slaps you around the chops! While a lot of what passes as ‘Bass House’ can be overwhelming and overly/unnecessarily loud, Steve Brooke focuses on quality production and a somewhat UK centric style. The title track channels the rowdy Sheffield ‘Niche’ Bassline sound in a moody and energetic EP opener. ‘I Realized’ adds in a cool male vocal for a bit industrialised UK Garage action, a dark warehouse filler of a tune. ‘Get Excited’ edges a bit more towards the late 00’s ‘Jackin Electro’ style with R&B vocals and fuzzy rumbles of synth action. Get some bass in ya!!!!

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