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Wayne Dudley – Nostalgia Vol2 Back2The Warehouse

Wayne Dudley - Nostalgia Vol2 Back2The Warehouse

Get your ears around this mix of 88-92 classics mixed and blended by DJ Wayne Dudley , a nice mix of early house and oldskool hardcore to brighten up your day!!

8 Unmissable Bits Of Advice From Mike Mac

Mike Mac

DJ/Producer Mike Mac just shared some amazing advice on Facebook, with his prior permission we are republishing it here. Check out our review of his latest collab with Tristan Ingram on Sleazy Tech here, check out his soundcloud below and do take time to read some absolute pearls of wisdom for all budding DJs…

Sat going through my vinyl the other day and found the first house record I ever purchased – ‘Robert Owens’ – Bring Down The Walls. This record came out in the late 80’s but didn’t find its way into my hands until about 1991, it crackles and skips a bit now and the centre of the label is worn away – but it made me feel really nostalgic about when I first caught the music bug…
I remember getting a loan to buy my first pair of 1200’s and my dodgy Gemini mixer, such an amazing feeling…
In the years since I first played that record, I’ve seen loads change and I’ve learnt a few things (not much though)… Here are the main things I’ve discovered over time…
1. Very few DJ’s actually make the big time, by that I mean achieve great things and then maintain them, don’t be surprised or upset if you don’t become a star over night or indeed a star at all – Just love the music…
2. Have as broad a taste as possible, there is so much good music across so many genres, it’s a travesty to not love a little bit of everything, try to find something beautiful in every corner…
3. Always try to help and encourage new talent whenever you can, the more the merrier in my opinion. Let others be your inspiration in the same way you may be to them…
4. Don’t get upset by being let down, it may be with gigs that get cancelled, parties that may not live up to expectation, poor sound systems, the occasional poor performance or even with broken promises made by others. Be resilient, you need the lows to appreciate the highs…
5. Act with humility, no one likes a big head, so many before you have had small successes that have turned them into ‘one off the wrist’. None of us are special, if you think you are you will slowly but surely become lonely then irrelevant. Be grateful for every opportunity to play to people. Let others talk you up…
6. Be happy for other people’s success, jealousy is the ugliest of DJ traits and isn’t a quality that will aid your career, at the end of the day we play music and don’t save lives, it’s supposed to be a bit of fun…
7. Remember what sparked your passion for music, remember how you feel when you’re on the dance floor and the music really moves you, smile and enjoy yourself.
8. Be original, you don’t need to have a snap back and a black t-shirt to be part of the in crowd…
I’m grateful for every opportunity to share music with others, I’ll play as long as I can and I’ll keep on listening…

Lee Walker- ‘Tim Bongconga’ & ‘Ambiguity’

Lee Walker- 'Tim Bongconga' & 'Ambiguity' [Cr2 Records ]

Lee Walker release the first of two new EPs for Cr2, ‘Tim Bongconga’ & ‘Ambiguity’

‘Tim Bongconga’ is an upfront Tribal House take on African chants and percussion, a real barnstormer for the clubs that will go down massively well. We’re loving the deeper more experimental sounds of the accurately titled ‘Ambiguity’, a track that creeps in the night with eerie sounds menacing yet funky beats. Really nice work!!!

Miami 17 [Five Finger Discount]

Miami 17 [Five Finger Discount]

Five Finger Discount’s entry into the Miami Music Conference compilation market, ‘Miami 17′ is genuinely one of the best of the many MMC albums out this year. If you love high-quality Tech House, you’ll want to add this to your cart and here’s why

1. Dan Black (UK)- Do Anything- A nice deep stomper that builds to a perfect storm of breathless Spanish vocals and techy riffs

2. Josh Lee- Lorena- A moody chugger that works perfect for a warm up. ‘Lorena’ continues the Mediterranean theme with stylish vocals and tasteful yet dark basslines

3.  Christy Walder- Let’s Roll- One for fans of the likes of Rich Wakley & Low Steppa. This one’s all about the big drumbeats, minimal atmosphere and memorable samples

4.  Ben Bodle- Gotcha-Big room madness!!! If the previous track embodied that full on hedonism of the big room Tech House sound, this track takes that bar and tuns even faster with it!!

5.  Coeus- Phantom- In closing, we have this track froman artist who needs no introduction. Tough clicks and whirls at their very best!!! Nice breakbeat drop early on in the track too!!!

In summary, the label boss behind Criminal HypeFive Finger Discount has curated 5 essential tracks for consumers and DJs alike, don’t miss!!!

Different Attitudes For Miami 2017

Different Attitudes For Miami 2017

It’s Miami Music conference time and it’s time for the Different Attitudes imprint to shine once again with a classy new compilation of house music

Things start off nice and mellow in the midday sun beats of Alex Moiss, Igor Gonya & Johannes ‘Pow Pow’  B&S Concept get the disco shoes on for ‘Breakdown’  Belle & Bex get deep and tribal with the super classy ‘All Over Ma’ which will be making the journey from Miami to Ibiza for sure!!!

BiG AL warms up the poolside with ‘Woodstock Love (Dub)’  before you dive deep into the foam filled pool itself for the chilled and suave sounds of Deepkeen ‘It’s Cool (Klaus Keller Remix)’

We get freaky with some Tech beats on J.Barnum ‘Robots Don’t Feel’, Paul Najera & Jr. Quijada ‘Your Love’ and Sampul ‘Pop It’ a nice trio to finish a well-rounded compilation packed with full on DJ weapons!!!


Allen & Filix – Pumped EP

Allen & Filix - Pumped EP

Allen & Filix have got us well and truly ‘Pumped’ with their new EP on MadMonkey

‘Pumped’ and ‘Bluefox’ are the two latest house heaters to come out of the Allen & Filix studio. Both tracks lean heavily on the original analogue driven mid 80s House music sound. Big rhythmic jackin’ and shuffling beats with plenty of bass heavy leads, bleeps and bloops are the building blocks for both of these massive tracks. If you’re not ‘pumped’ listening to this EP then you might just be in a deep sleep!!!

Round Shaped Triangles-Set Me Free EP

Round Shaped Triangles-Set Me Free EP

Classic soul Disco, Oldskool acid House and a Scott Diaz remix!!! All this can be found on Round Shaped Triangles ‘Set Me Free EP’

Round Shaped Triangles ‘Set Me Free’ in original form is a sweetly sung slice of soulful house with disco flare. Scott Diaz reworks it into one of his stunning Garage/House productions and for the oldskool acid house lovers ‘Used To’ and ‘acid Chords’ you will most definitely dig!!!

Miami 2017 Compiled By Chus & Ceballos

Miami 2017 Compiled By Chus & Ceballos

Chus & Ceballos show once again why they are awesome DJs, producers and music curators with a new Tech House compilation ‘Miami 2017 ‘

‘Miami 2017 ‘ is a 26 track strong album featuring the cream of the Stereo Productions artist roster and indeed of the Tech House scene in general

When you have the likes of Dennis Cruz, Supernova alongside Tony Dee and Harvy Valencia and a whole load of other tastemakers and top artists on board, the music speaks for itself really and it speaks a diverse language from deep tribal thumpers to laser armed party anthems and everything that comes between these two polars!!! Light up your sets with the tunes that are lighting up Miami right now!!!


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