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Bumpin’ Soul- Delusion

Bumpin' Soul- Delusion

According to Wikipedia, delusion means

A belief that is held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.

Now, while Bumpin’ Soul’s new track is entitled ‘Delusion’ there is nothing deluded about it whatsoever. This the Unique2Rhythm stalwart, Bumpin’ Soul delivering a funktified slice of jackin’ house for the label and you would be deluded to miss out on it!!!

This baby rolls, oh how it rolls, it bumps too. The disco orchestra is playing a great tune, the beats are pumpin’ while an authoritative voice warns us of the dangers of delusion, how can we not heed this warning?

We know for a fact that JC Unique takes great care to ensure Unique2Rhythm content is the very best it can be. The artists also play a huge role in this and we have to pay respects to Bumpin’ Soul for this truly classy tune!!!

Loulou Players & Fran Bortolossi – I Told Ya EP

Loulou Players & Fran Bortolossi - I Told Ya EP [Warung Recordings]

More extreme high-quality House music content from Warung Recordings. Loulou Players & Fran Bortolossi ‘I Told Ya’ manages to sound like Gangster House, Tech House and 89′ Era oldskool House at the same time. A provocative vocal delivered in slinky tones shuffles with punchy keys and light almost synth-pop melodies. How can you top a vocal that goes ‘Tired of your blah blah blah’?

‘Jim’s Vision’ really is pure acid house with a liberal dose of the 80s to it, nothing wrong with that. Kolombo puts the bounce into ‘Jim’s Vision’ with some good ol’ riffage and trancey touches. ‘MTFCKR’ packs plenty of Latino heat into the second acid house excursion of this EP, the toughest cut on this fine release.

Camilo Franco Ft Alexandra Prince-World Hold On

Camilo Franco Ft Alexandra Prince-World Hold On

Camilo Franco exhibits real House music class with ‘World Hold On’, bolstered by the lovely vocals of Alexandra Prince we have a classy song rooted in the tradition of pure house and a subtle nod to Farley & Heller. We wouldn’t recommend holding on to get this one, rather grab it now!!!

VA- Chip Shop Vol 2

Chip Butty Records - Chip Shop Vol 2

Chip Butty Records present ‘Chip Shop Vol 2′, a mixed artist compilation of underground and upfront bass music with some of the scene’s biggest and brightest names on board

We start with Dr. Oscillator ‘Cocaine VIP’, a fast paced 4×4 bassline track with booming subs and sustained blasts of wall shaking wubs. Shaun Dean – Stop The Bullet VIP propels us on a happy collision course with the original Sheffield sound or the ‘Niche Sound’. Garage style vocals find room in the high-octane kicks and throbs of this Shaun Dean banger with the explosive properties of a Mentos trapped in a coke bottle.

Dr Cryptic – Murphy opens in scary Sci-Fi fashion with USS Enterprise bleeps and Starfleet communicator sounds before an ominous voice (Robocop) precedes a murky invasion of Tech/Neuro stabs and crackly kicks. Rowdy chipmunk vocals and Funky/Hard House style keys are how Sekt-87 – Bop The Bass begins just before this get seriously squelchy while staying super funky!!!

A bit of tongue in cheek fun it is then for Sammy Virji – Norton, a track that goes in via the oldskool garage route with a quirky vocal, at least for the first minute or so. After that, it flips into a hard as nails banger with striking stabs. Staying on that 2 step tip is Ussy – Rolls Royce, the chopped up girly vocals and stepping beats are soon met with a high-pitched bassline making for a nice contrast of classic soul and hardy hardware!!!

It appears the jungle came alive and took Deadbeat UK who returned with ‘Luv’, jungle sirens and atmospheric chords meet roaring lions in musical form for the oldskool meets nuskool stomper-watch out for some more R&B diva vocals making an appearance towards the middle!!! Its time to get griiimeyyyy for Little Mesters & Fiyahman –  Bun Dem, time to crank up the tempo, strap on the sinister strings and go heavy with the duelling bass!!!

Next up, the badman don dada Rico Tubbs shows us why he is the boss!!! Ravey pianos and a skanker of a lead riff, that’s a ‘Warning’ that must be heeded!!! We stay on full steam with Liam B – Law Breaker, a ragga style ravin’ rocket!!!

The familiar sounds of the horns made famous by Tim Taylor back in 92 act as the battle call that opens AudioGutter – Yakisoba, perhaps the raviest track on this comp after Rico Tubbs with Korg Pianos and hectic beats with drumrolls aplenty. And we see things out with the comedic samples and grungey synths of Judge Chucky – Customer Service (Klassic Remix), a tune that rather like the angry phone call recipient featured within should not be messed with!!!

Chip Shop Vol 2 needs to be on your menu, it’s the vital fix for your taste for bass!!!


Baron Massilia – Real Angels

Baron Massilia - Real Angels

Baron Massilia – Real Angels on 432 Hertz Recordings is an icy blast of morning fresh deep house with mountain dew like keys, a heartfelt melody and proud, powerful percussion. The Baron goes deep and aims straight for the soul with this enchanting track!!!

Alan Cross- Back In The Day

Alan Cross - Back In The Day {Census Sound]

Back in the days when I was young I’m not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again

Those were the words of a rapper named Ahmad back in 94′ but this is Alan Cross taking us ‘Back In The Day’ to a different sound, not Hip Hop but definitely House music with that original vibe and sound making you wish you were a young un’ all over again!!!

‘Back In The Day’ centres around a big uplifting piano lead with some vocals to pump you up in 90s oldskool fashion, that with bouncing funky bass and rolling percussion and some cool reverse pattern sections is surely all you need to lose it late into the night!!!

If breaks is yo’ bad then kWeRK’s remix of ‘Back In The Day’ is spring loaded with jumpin’ breakbeats and handclaps with a filtered disco feel that gets infiltrated with some shaggy UK bass!!!

Huff’s Funky House remix says ‘white isle’ in big bold letters, its electrifying and energetic to the max. Close your eyes while listening and you can see people dancing on the sand its so good!!!

Ettica – Pianissimo EP

Ettica - Pianissimo EP

Not since Eric Prydz ‘Pjanoo’ has there been a full on piano house track quite like ‘Pianissimo’, one of two tracks on Ettica’s must have EP on Deja Vu Traxx.

As you listen to this track build and as the pianos make their way in you will understand the comparison with Eric Prydz. With ‘Pianissimo’ Ettica reclaims that room filling powerful sound that overtakes the senses

‘Groovalution’ is a twisty number that recalls the mid 00’s sound with a M.A.N.D.Y/Defected style lead hook that puts it hands on your waist and forces you to shake, the sweet stuff from Ettica and Deja Vu Traxx, the kind you cannot and should not refuse!!!


Angelo Ferreri – Rock It

Angelo Ferreri - Rock It [Myriad Black]

One of the Jackin’ House scene’s top artists Angelo Ferreri comes to Myriad Black with ‘Rock It’

Coming in at just six and a half minutes of disco loops and tough techy drums, ‘Rock It’ personifies everything that makes us love this Sicilian’s musical productions

Alek Soltirov provides a great alternative version to the original with a deeper vibe aimed at the terraces, All in all, a Jackin’ House release to get in the buy cart!!!

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