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Silverfox – Jack Da Planet

Silverfox - Jack Da Planet

Silverfox’s newest addition to FOX Pukka Kutz Records ‘Jack Da’ Planet’ pays homage to an 80’s Electro classic in furious funky Jackin’ House style!!!

‘Planet Rock’ has had it’s fair share of tributes in a multitude of genres but ‘Jack Da’ Planet’ brings a new dimension to this B Boy anthem for the ages. Heavy bouncing beats, scratch samples, a bit of Flava Flav and an overall funky thumpin’ vibe makes this tune hugely playable and no doubt hugely crowd pleasing. Get some of that funk!!!!

Torrfisk- The Remnant

Torrfisk- The Remnant

Next up on Apollo Music is the freaky delights of Torrfisk ‘The Remnant’, 3 tracks of twisted tech house plus a remix from Jason Hodges.

Torrfisk’s ‘PTSB’, ‘Jack Phreak’ & ‘Flash’ are fashioned in the lovable mould of Green Velvet and other off the wall luminaries pf House music. Expect pleasingly off kilter keys, bumpin’ drums aplenty and vibes that make you wanna jack!!! Jason Hodges appears for a remix of ‘Flash’ that floats somewhere between House, Garage, techno and the sound of dreams. Simply irresistible sounds!!!

Clouded Judgement – Countdown EP

Clouded Judgement - Countdown EP

Swerve Digital weaponises your Friday with Clouded Judgement’s new ‘Countdown EP’ The London duo bring their A game with three versatile and highly appealing Tech House productions.

The duo that brought you the massive ‘Give Us An E’ back in 2014 have been riding a wave of notoriety that has taken them to labels like Simma Red, Data Transmission’s Shanghaied, Freakin909 and countless more.Near 40 somethings like this blogger will recognise elements of a 91′ hardcore tune in ‘Give Us An E’, namely Skin Up’s ‘Blockbuster’ This strain of 90’s rave, Hip Hop, House & techno is a mainstay of the countless fierce and up-tempo productions in Clouded Judgement’s back cat.

The Countdown EP displays the diversity in this duo’s repertoire starting with the title track, a kind of ‘Klubhopping’ for 2017 with an intense and complex set of keys that dance across the slamming drums. ‘Maverick’ has a deep allure, a mysterious interplay of rumbling chords, spoken words and subtle single key stabs. ‘Small Step’ is the big euphoric climax of the EP with soaring chords and an oldskool feel accentuated by the 303s and timeless synths employed through out.

While many labels like to churn out the bangers but Swerve Digital releases are always exceptional. Here is another fine example of that adherence to high quality. One to add to the buy cart without delay.

Franky Rizardo- Feel Alright EP

Franky Rizardo- Feel Alright EP

When Franky Rizardo graces your label with an EP, A: You know it’s going to be special and B: expect it to head straight to the top of the download store charts. His new EP for Solardo’s Sola imprint ticks all the right boxes for lovers of House & Tech House.

Franky Rizardo, a regular to labels like Defected, Cr2 & Simma Black makes an appearance on Solardo’s Sola label with the ‘Feel Alright EP.’ The title track has a Latin feel to it, a bouncy affair with the repeated refrain ‘Do You Feel Alright’ and plenty of breathing room between the energy intensive synths and rolling drums. Here you have a production from a producer, DJ and label owner who know’s his crowd and how to get them hyped!!

Next up is ‘Killer Bees’, a dark big room Tech House chugger that works so well in that peak time slot. A repeated call and response chant, heavy drums and killer bee style riffs all come together for a track that will push excitement levels to the maximum. The boss slays it yet again with another huge release!!!!

Ben Read & Jacque Saravanté – Wanchu EP

Ben Read & Jacque Saravanté - Wanchu EP

The latest and hottest Tech House release from our favourite label, Swerve Digital comes from Ben Read & Jacque Saravanté. The ‘Wanchu EP’ features two fine tracks and remixes from  Lee Pearce & Simeon Belle.

‘Wanchu’ is a playful mix up of chopped vox, big drum builds and dreamy synths that go all in at the midpoint for a tidy chugger. This title track gets a remix from Lee Pearce who reminds us what a great sound he has crafted. A funky and rolling take on the original that get’s this blogger’s vote every time.

Next up is ‘Overdrive’, a tune this writer can’t get enough of. Those who like their drums tough and their House music with a Hip Hop feel and attitude will love ‘Overdrive’

More goodness awaits with the stunning Simeon Belle remix of ‘Overdrive.’ A nostalgic 90s style lead drives along this masterpiece of a refix that sits nicely between Tech House & techno. That’s another masterful release in the bag for Swerve Digital, be sure to get your copy.

ABSOLUTE- Mind Control EP

ABSOLUTE Mind- Control EP

ABSOLUTE exert some musical ‘Mind Control’ with their new EP featuring a remix from DJOKO on the Love Fever imprint.

ABSOLUTE get dark and trippy with ‘Mind Control’ and ‘Acid.’ Get ready to return to 88′ where you will jam with Mr Fingers in a warehouse!!!!  ‘Mind Control’ captures that experimental and ever so slightly psychedelic vibe of the birth of rave while the twisted vocals will melt your mind!!!

‘Acid’ is a straight up 303 workout, a masterclass in jackin’ the box. The hot in demand DJOKO steps in to remix ‘Mind Control’ twisting and turning it into a dark and demented place for the hardcore ravers!!!

If you love your oldskool influenced Warehouse sounds, be sure to get your vinyl fix with this EP

Luna City Express- Lunation Remixes Pt 2

Luna City Express- Lunation Remixes Pt 2

Matthias Tanzmann, Gene Farris & David Jach provide remixes for Luna City Express ‘Lunation’ out now on Lapsus Music.

Matthias Tanzmann eases us in with a warm remix of Luna City Express ‘Feel (Feat Desney Baley)’ full of swaying drums and strange and alluring bleeps that perfectly pit the classic house mood of this track.

Gene Farris strips back  ‘Dj Dynamite (Feat Aaron Palmer)’ to its vital components for a 3am trip down the rabbit hole of Tech House brilliance.

David Jach completes the remix package with his rolling 90’s influenced remix of ‘Do It’ that continuously works a lead stab round occasionally pitching down drums and tidy loops. This will get them dancing for sure!!!!

Traxsource Picks 15/07/17

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Along with our regular Traxsource charts, we thought we would go through some Traxsource picks of the best new House & Techno bits on the popular download store this week

Enjoy fresh House & Techno from labels like 18 09 Records, Onefold DGTL, Snazzy Traxx, Acid 606 61, Daylight Robbery, Gents & Dandys, Eight or Eighty, Hustler Trax, Unique2Rhythm, DRUM Records and more…

Disk Nation – Kandido

Magnus Asberg – Stop Me

ALBT- Say Yes

David Grant- Big Wigs

Christian Arno – Hennesy EP

Da’Silva Gunn- I’ll Be the One

Sam Sky – Caterpillar / Acid’s Revenge

Daylight Robbery Ibiza Sampler 2017

The Dandy Selects, Vol. 6

Gemma-Louise- Falling Down

Transmutation [Eight or Eighty]

Guy Johnson – Far From Home

Jay Funk – Rehab

Mastercris – Chains

I.N – Application Of House Music

Raumdekor – Berlin Nights EP

Chris Sammarco- All Around The World

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