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Mindek- Genesis EP

Mindek- Genesis EP

Onefold DGTL build on their gold standard of releases with Mindek’s ‘Genesis EP’, two essential rave weapons for your weekend!

For a certified party ignitor, give ‘Genesis’ a spin. Sirens, big Techno style lead hook, rave breaks style breakdown, oh yes! This is a jam designed to make you move and move you shall!

For more Big Room/Techno leaning shenanigans, ‘ Walks Like A Duck’ makes use of some classic vocal samples and 90s era euphoria. When we say these tracks are HUGE, don’t take our word for it, hit that Traxsource link above and here for yourselves. Once you’ve listened and copped a copy, check out this video for the upcoming ADE sampler!

Wax Worx- Party People EP

Wax Worx- Party People EP

If there are any active awards ceremonies for UK House labels in 2017, let us know because we want to nominate Swerve Digital. Why? because of 110% quality releases like this latest one from Wax Worx!

The title track to this EP blazes with electrifying old skool vocal samples and crisp sound design. ‘Schemin’ is bo no means a B Side, it’ every bit as good as the namesake of this EP, a blistering, frenetic tribal banger that heats up to radioactive levels.

Solo Tamas is a name we’re hearing for the first time and we are really impressed with their work. Solo does a great job of remixing ‘Party People’ into a deeper, darker framework with chilling 303 stabs. Fancy Inc & Hippocoon go for a pronounced rerub of ‘Party People’ with spatial riffs, thick weighty beats and lots of teasing of the lead hook. For bona fide lovers of Tech House, this EP is a crucial purchase and a perfect fit for your next mix.


Proudly People-Done Deal EP

Proudly People-Done Deal EP

In need of some tough driving tech House? It’s a ‘Done Deal’ thanks to Proudly People who have just the tunes you’re in need of  all included in a new EP for Moon Harbour

The fast-paced and drum beat orientated title track makes a great starting point. As the track quite literally picks up steam, a fantastic array of Latin esque bleeps enter the mix. ‘Feel The Transition’ is the bumper on this EP with low-slung Hip Hip inspired beats and a whole lotta swag!

‘Gimme Gime’ gets into full on Hip Hop/Tech House block party mode with peak party atmosphere into every key, kick and snare. ‘Road Quest’ rolls out of the party with a musical pimp truck of pumping drums and minimal skank. It’s a done deal, you need to own this EP!

K69- Work That Sucker

K69- Work That Sucker

Back with yet another standout House music production, K69 brings the positive party vibrations with ‘Work That Sucker’, out now on Dirty Music

We’ve said it so many times before and we’ll say it again, to make a truly standout House track in this highly competitive time is not easy. But K69 does it ease over and over again. ‘Work That Sucker’ out now on Dirty Music is the latest shining example of this producer’s sound. There’s something about the crispness of the drums, the vamping Techno influenced synth stabs that sit perfectly in the mix underneath some tribal organ riffage. Sounding like a clear evolution of the timeless 90’s House sound crafted by Heller & Farley and X Press 2, ‘Work That Sicker’ rises and peaks in all the right places, a perfect definition of the term ‘infectious’, go get your copy!

Motion Sky- Dee Bop EP

Motion Sky- Dee Bop EP

The lads aka Motion Sky land on Swerve Digital. Expect musical mayhem in gut-busting proportions!! The ‘Dee Bop’ EP is out now on Beatport!

Motion Sky have a reputation for slick production and engaging sounds, one that has seen their names grace many a prestige House & Techno label release.  On the ‘Dee Bop’ EP we get two cracking tracks on the minimal bass n’ drum (not Drum & Bass!) tip. We also have reputable and talented remixers, Craig Robinson & Martin Quadeli at hand to add variety and longevity. What we’re saying is.. this is another sterling outing on Swerve Digital, the underground House & Techno label that just keeps giving!!!

3 Years Of Ultra Bass Records


Celebrate 3 Years Of Ultra Bass Records with this bumper compilation of quality UKG, Breakstep, Garage & Bass plus fresh material from McVicker, Lamont Dex & Digital Pilgrimz

The 26 tracks on this celebratory mixed artist album hark all the way back to 2014 (some do) right up to the present. You will hard pressed to find such variety on an album this ilk. The multiple strands of a dance music genre with its roots stretching back to 1992 is impressive. Featured on this 3-year milestone LP are Rico Tubbs, Sol Brothers, Rare Candy, Cellardore and a host of other top talents. Among the classics, we get four brand new tracks, all a testament to the Ultra Bass commitment to quality. McVicker, Lamont Dex & Digital Pilgrimz all contribute new tunes as a bonus to the premium content. All in all, a good chance to restock on some certified heaters and if by any strange coincedence, you hadn’t heard of this label yet, now’s a perfect chance to get acquainted!!!!


Taylor HK ‘My Body’ (Housekeeping)

Taylor HK

Taylor HK brings a different flava to the Housekeeping imprint with the bluesy and soulful ‘My Body’

Sounding like a highly tasteful take on the ‘Porcelain’ era sound of Moby, ‘My Body’ layers a Bluegrass/Soul style vocal over some pure house music beats.

On the flip, we get a Terrace mix that strips everything down to the bare bones for a sweat inducing pulsing club heater to work ya’ to your bones at a club in your vicinity!!!

Walker & Royce & Green Velvet- Rub Anotha Dub

Walker & Royce & Green Velvet- Rub Anotha Dub

Just when you think Walker & Royce couldn’t get any better, they team up with the legend, Green Velvet for a gargantuan slice of Bass/Tech House.

The Dirtybird imprint has to be one of the best purveyors of Bass House music. The emphasis is on style rather than loudness and that’s a key thing. Dirtybird releases blur the lines between pure House Music, Tech House and what we call ‘Bass’- and Walker & Royce are responsible for some of the best tracks on this label.

So just when you think this duo has reached the peak of hype musical excellence, they prove us all wrong again and deal us a pleasurable chest thump with the freakily funky ‘Rub Anotha Dub’

The blend of the subtle yet sizzlin’ style of this duo, the vocals of House/Techno legend, Green Velvet push up the heat level from bubbling to absolutely boiling!


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