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4 Tek- Lawyer EP

4 Tek- Lawyer EP

4 Tek’s ‘Lawyer EP’ on Pogo House features 3 glorious bursts of the true house sound. ‘Lawyer’ is a joyful jaunt through the valleys of organ stabs and bouncing beats. ‘Duleey’ invites us into the smoke filled Garage nights of late 90’s London with mellow off-kilter keys. ‘Venom’ is anything but venomous, rather a sweet breeze of pianos and 90’s house diva vox, exquisite!!!

Highly Anticipated Volume 1 [Highly Swung]

HA1 3000sq

Highly Swung Records have flown the flag for quality Garage, UKG, 2 Step and Bass Music for almost 2 years. The label has been host to top class releases from Kindred Soul, B1G PROJ3CT, 2 Rotten Scoundrels,Tigs, Ayrton Hood, Impact, Pud & Dan, GWM, Scott & Nick  and many more. In May this year, Highly Swung will take things to a whole new level with a various artist compilation called ‘Highly Anticipated Volume 1′

Lets take a deep dive into the tracks on this album starting with Bad Habit ‘Nightlife’, a modern 2 stepper that incorporates elements of Future Soul and classic UKG rhythms- 2 Step 2.0 for the nowties

Of course, there is nothing wrong with going completely oldskool and 4×4 Garage chugger, Danny Phillips ‘Light Of Love’ basks in the warm sun of late 90s/early 00’s Garage with a Disco flourish

Of all the many sub-genres to come out of the musical style rooted in DJ Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage DJ sets is one very unique sound that owes as much to UK Hardcore & Jungle as it does to New York House music. We are of course talking about Speed Garage, the style that blew up in 1997 due to Double 99’s ‘Ripgroove’. Now that little history lesson is out of the way, Highly Anticipated has its own slice of Speed Garage thanks to Dista with ‘Feel Me’, the Sheffield native has done much to revive this sound and he really hits home with this pure and authentic track.

Next up, label boss iMPACT teases some nice melodic guitar riffs into a bouncing 4×4 heater ‘Flex Factor’, a track that bridges the sound of two decades combining the original UKG sound with a fresh Bass music twist.

Now, we all know about Craig David, the guy has a great voice, no doubt about it. But another great voice you should hear is the voice of Martin Carr and we get a taste of it with ‘Stronger’ Proper UKG needs some soul and  Martin Carr – Stronger has bucketloads of it!!!

More fast paced oldskool influenced action comes from Switzerland’s Radical DJ with ‘Hear No Evil’, a combo of uptempo skipping beats, well-rounded grimey bass and eerie strings. Save Link As ‘Concrete’ furthers the theme of golden era beats with a sparse 2 stepper that keeps it brilliantly straight to the point with chopped up vocals and Techy synths.

Germany’s Zemon ‘Block’ opens up carnival-style before going on the attack with an intense mother load of buzzing like bees bass and pounding kicks.

Lamont Dex serves up a nice cold ‘Brandy N Coke’, a great blend of classic 4×4 Garage organs and thumping beats. Midi Logic Ft Karen B ‘Forever’ is the proper song of the album with R&B style keys and spectacularly sung lyrics.  Mikey Smith makes sure his contribution of ‘Simplistic’ count, it’s a real galloper with speaker pleasing subs and a busy arrangement with Nice N’ Ripe undertones. Oldskool ravers will love Californian Rob Bliss ‘Gift Of Life’, the crunching amen breaks and 1992 hardcore pianos touch on that all important Uk connection that links the warehouse sound of the early 90s to the UKG, House & Bass sound.

‘Highly Anticipated Volume 1′ affirms the standing of Highly Swung as one of the premium Garage labels both locally and globaly while showcasing real talent and continuing the legacy of one of the most popular sub-genres to come out of underground dance music. You won’t want to miss out on this massive LP when it hits the download stores this May.



Lee Jeffrey (UK) – Bitter Sweet EP

Lee Jeffrey (UK) - Bitter Sweet EP

Lee Jeffrey (UK)’s ‘Bitter Sweet EP’ is release No1 on a label you really need to know, a label known as Deja Vu Traxx that is releasing some of the best House & Tech House around right now

‘Bitter Sweet’ kicks things off with sharp stabs with ravey interludes. ‘Come Up’ is a deeper affair in true House music mode making good use of funky synths and cut up vox. ‘Get On’ is our absolute fave from a fine trio of tunes, lots of great drums (and drumrolls) and an excellent take on the currently popular raw house style influenced by the late 80s Hip House/Jackin’ House sound.

Mark Ruff Ryder – An Album of Joy



Buy The Album>>>

For the first time ever, the massive UKG anthem ‘Joy’ by Mark Ruff Ryder is available digitally. Remastered and exclusive to the iTunes store, Mark Ryder’s ‘Joy’ featuring vocals by Special MC and Kie & Sparks comes in 14 different version including remixes (Bass, House, DnB, Breaks & UKG), a VIP, a radio edit and an instrumental.

‘Joy’ is just one of the many milestones in Mark’s musical career that began back in 1989 and took in the seminal underground Hardcore/Jungle label Strictly Underground and countless underground dance music classic along the way. Get the remastered UKG anthem ‘Joy’ from iTunes and support one of the scene’s bona fide veterans and pioneers.

A Lister-Future

A Lister-Future

A Lister brings you the ‘Future’ on Onefold DGTL. The original is a Tech House beast with a rubbery, oscillating bassline that sounds like it stepped off a Vulcan science vessel (fascinating!!!)

Jey Kurmis puts his own twist (and it is wonderfully twisted) on Future’ giving it a ‘slappy’ and quirky sound with bouncing beats

Jimmy Switch sets the controls for the heart of the sun with a warp 10 bleep-filled drum studded refix for the space ravers out there!!


John Steel & Stolen Soul- Storm EP


John Steel & Stolen Soul work up a ‘Storm’ on the dance floor with their new EP on Pukka Up Deep

‘Storm’-the title track to this 2 track EP has an enigmatic feel with emotional strings and plenty of percussion. ‘Something Like This’ is the more upbeat track of the two with African style chants, light keys and a tropical feel that leads into a strong melodic midsection. It’s getting warm outside, the mood is shifting to a party one and John Steel & Stolen Soul have a couple of party weapons that will last the summer and beyond

Mark Radford- The Journey LP

Mark Radford The Journey Audio Rehab

Mark Radford marks a milestone for the Audio Rehab brand and label with release No100. a full LP from the man himself which truly is a ‘Journey ‘

In Mark’s own words: this album is something that I have wanted to do for many years. As a producer, I think that we all fall into the trap at some point of making what we think people want to hear rather than just making what comes from the heart, so I went into this project with no limitations on what I was making. I wanted each track to represent a different era in my musical journey.

So sit back and prepare to take in 12 tracks that keep to the Audio Rehab blueprint of quality House music yet reach far out into new forms absorbing many a different era and sub-genre turning them into something new and unique. Herin is the sound of a veteran DJ, producer and tastemaker doing things their way and doing it right!!!

Greco (NYC), Jay Robinson – To The Rhythm EP

Greco (NYC), Jay Robinson - To The Rhythm EP

Hold on!!! Its Greco (NYC), Jay Robinson with their ‘To The Rhythm EP’ on Country Club Disco!!

The awesome title track to this EP personifies the perfect middle ground between Greco’s bumpin’ US house style and Jay Robinson’s cutting edge bass house sound

‘Mad Deep’ gets fast and tough from the get go with acidic stabs and dark garage rumblings. No messing right here, just straight up fire beats!!!

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