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Damon Hess – Smash Up My Heart

Damon Hess-Smash Up My Heart [DRNCD]

So who’s ready for another H.U.G.E house anthem on Drenched Records? Damon Hess ‘Smash Up My Heart’ is due out on 09/06/17 and it will remind you why you cannot resist a great piano house tune!!!!

Both the original and club mixes of  Damon Hess ‘Smash Up My Heart’  bask in the glory of 90’s. The pianos and organs may have the oldskool flourish but the pitched down vocals and super tight production are most definitely of the now. This one’s a bona fide ‘make the club go wild’ tune with sing a long vocals and hand raiser synths.

Preset takes the original in a pounding big room tech house direction swapping the rushy pianos for a deeper arrangement of keys, a peak time mover perfect for starting, transitioning or ending your DJ set. ‘Drenched’ in quality, be sure to smash up your speakers with this release as soon as it hits the download stores on 09/06/17

Eames- Deep City

Eames- Deep City

Eames ‘Deep City’ on Open House Records is an attraction we want to keep on visiting!!!! This is a two track release with the title track offering some on point and modern UK Garage/Deep House sounds with plenty of nice key changes and what about those keys!!!

‘Timelapse’ reaches into the areas occupied by Bass/Tech House. A nice funky ensemble with a catchy as catchy can lead hook in the oldskool motor city style a la Inner City. Tunes to get you warm even when its cold outside!!!

Dakar- Myself EP

Dakar- Myself EP

The prestige and legendary timeline of Yoshitoshi has a new chapter, it’s Dakar with the ‘Myself EP’

‘Myself’ is a smooth operator of a tune, the looping vocal and foundation funky bass make for a real night heater!!

‘Dynamite’ sends electric tingles up the spine and causes a dopamine overload with haunting hooks and deep rumbling machinations

Sacha Robotti extracts the hidden darkness from ‘Myself’ and unleashes it on the big room with a deadly sharp remix.

Another unmissable chapter in the legend of Yoshitoshi c/o Dakar

Bob Citrus- Quiz Show

Bob Citrus- Quiz Show

Bob Citrus makes a power packed debut on Ultra Bass with ‘Quiz Show’ 4 flame-grilled cuts of rave cum garage with plenty of sauce!!!

The cylinders are well and truly fired up on straight up bangers like ‘Don’t Stop’ a collab with badman don dada Rico Tubbs with trademark rave breaks/oldskool breakdown and dreamy junglistic UKG roller ‘Want You Back’, one of 2 collabs with Will Power. These 4 tracks truly do the business, one of our fave Ultra Bass EPs to date!!!

Aaron Baron – In The Cube

Get ready to be enchanted with the powerful drums and trance-like keys of Aaron Baron ‘In The Cube’

Aaron Baron delivers a powerful, provocative and pulsing 7 plus minutes of melodic techno. The percussion rings out from the start as a seductive melody fills the room over the duration of this epic carpet ride. Music you should get lost into!!!

Ciro De Gais- By Your Side

Ciro De Gais- By Your Side

Sweet pure garage sounds from Ciro De Gais with ‘By Your Side’ on Hustler Trax

A melodic funky flute style hook is the mainstay of ‘By Your Side’ joining in union with some pure deep house sounds in the oldskool underground style

‘Shine’ does just that with joyful pianos and vocals plucked straight from the best of the 90s era, a sublime swirl of house happiness. Assured quality once again from Hustler Trax

Sebas Ramis & Tutsi Girl Play House – Faith Remixes EP

Sebas Ramis & Tutsi Girl Play House - Faith Remixes EP

Sebas Ramis & Tutsi Girl Play House ‘Faith; returns for 2017 with some truly fresh new remixes from Kiko Navarro and more

That super sweet retro Janet Jackson style vocal gets a second outing on Sub_Urban with a wide range of breezy and ultraviolet-bright House remixes from Kiko Navarro, N’Dinga & Koki. Full the mid-June air flow through your hair with this sunshine set of remixes, house music to be utterly adored

Tolstoi, Andsan – Surfside EP

Tolstoi, Andsan - Surfside EP [Living Room] 

Tolstoi & Andsan ride in on a wave with the beach themed ‘Surfside EP’

‘Surfside Groove’ sways with serious oldskool House swagger while Mr Jefferson lets the 303 loose with a pleasingly pounding refix

‘Road House’ is a deeper number for warming up the crowd taken even deeper by Ben Jones

‘Down The Pier’ sounds its namesake, a cowbells and squelchy synths symphony of hedonistic fun and frolics. To complete this excellent package, Neil Parkes turns in a tasty n’ twisty Techno refix of ‘Down The Pier’, surfs up!!!

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