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DJ Junk, Temple Of Life & Unit E Oldskool Vinyl Represses

DJ Junk, Temple Of Life & Unit E Oldskool Vinyl Represses


3 new additions by DJ Junk, Temple Of Life & Unit E to the site are currently available for the oldskool hardcore/jungle vinyl enthusiasts out there. Best to be quick as all previous represses on the site are currently sold out. Each of these 3 rare oldskool gems have been remastered from the best possible sources and they sound great. At a tenner each, they work out a lot cheaper than discogs prices. The best advice we can give is snap ‘em up whilst you’re still reading this blog!!!

DJ Junk – JUNK 08

No one made oldskool hardcore and jungle quite like DJ Junk, the influences of Hip Hop, House & Techno flowed through his B-Boy style productions. Here is four that are extremely sought after, freshly remastered and repressed to vinyl



Temple Of Life “EDP”

Classic Bleep n’ Bass/Proto-Hardcore from the dawn of oldskool raving. These guys literally lived and breathed the scene back then. This is where it began yet it still sounds way ahead of it’s time



Unit-E ‎– The Overdub E.P.

This ultra rare and insanely expensive to buy from discogs EP almost disappeared into the ether due to the label that signed becoming bankrupt. From a time when hardcore and jungle were still emerging as separate sounds i.e 1993, the Overdub EP highlights the very best of what would later become breakbeat hardcore and jungle


Juno Download Chart 24 05 17

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Check out our Juno Download chart featuring labels like Future Follower, Deep In The Jungle, Low Pitched, Inna Rhythm & Natty Cub plus more…

Featured artists include Radiokillaz, Lavery, B1G PROJ3CT, Pirate Jams, FOTH and a whole load more talents in the DnB, Breaks & Garage scene!!!


Audio Addict Mix Vol. 1-DJ Hybrid

Audio Addict Mix Vol. 1-DJ Hybrid

DJ Hybrid mixes and blends a full selection of the excellent label content on Audio Addict Records. Along with DJ Hybrid’s dancehall smashing mix, you get 33 unmixed tracks including new exclusives. As always, you can expect a great range of styles of DnB and Jungle thanks to contributions from Kumarachi, RMS, Too Greezy, Agro and a who’s who of some of the best this current scene has to offer

DJ Flashback- Party Time LP-100 Tracks!!!

DJ Flashback- Party Time LP-100 Tracks!!!

DJ Flashback has released a 100 track LP of his productions spanning nearly two decades on labels like Uppacutz, Junki Munki and Flash’s own Propaganda Music imprint. Proceeds from sales will go to Diabetes UK, Macmillian Nurses and Cancer Research UK. In His own words:

Over the last decade Flashback has delivered his own brand of party rocking beats and basslines on Junki Munki Records, Mertwax, Tornado Records, Uplifting Rhythm, Firewall Records, Uppacutz, Can You Feel It Media, Propaganda Music, Downbeat Productions and Ministry Of Sound Recordings, showcasing the sounds of UK breakbeat and bass music to fans across the world.

The Party Time LP is quite literally packed with classic after classic in DJ Flashback’s signature style of oldskool meets nuskool. Plenty of bangin’ breaks and a bit of House & DnB too. Just a few of the absolutely essential tunes on here include the spine-tingling ‘Back To Da Nuskool’, ‘Unfinished Sympathy’, ‘Shake That Body’ and ‘The Masterplan’ There is also 96 more absolute gems on this album. Grab it, support a great cause, get the fantastic back catalogue of DJ Flashback, can’t go wrong!!!

Future Wildstyle- Once Again EP

Future Wildstyle - Once Again EP



Once Again, Future Wildstyle are back on Bass=Win to wreak musical havoc with the Once Again EP, a firey melting pot of Jungle, Breaks, Bass, Footwork, even a bit of Acid House!!!

‘Original Big Up’ continues on the path of Jungle Breaks devestation. The Jungle bleeps, stepping beats, snatches of Hip Hop are all present with a bassline that can and will reshape walls!!!

‘Turn It Up’ blends Ragga vox with floating 303s, heavy blasts of bass and a kind of 4×4 meets breakbeat fusion. Things get even more deep and house music like as the tune shuffles along.

Title track ‘Once Again’ bounces from left to right, loaded with great oldskool samples, a fast paced DnB/Jungle tempo and the cut up style of Juke/Footwork complete with half step interludes

‘Hotter Than Hot’ brings us back around to that funky intertwining of Jungle, breakbeat and a bit of oldskool dubstep. Another great showing from Future Wildstyle, doing it differently, doing it deadly!!!

Bay B Kane – Future Destination Exit 6

Bay B Kane - Future Destination Exit 6 [Boomsha Recordings]

The true King of the Jungle music sound, Bay B Kane takes us to ‘Future Destination Exit 6′ on Boomsha Recordings.

Bay B Kane & JahKillin transport the riff from Russian Trance classic ‘Resurrection’ by PPK and place it in the perfect setting of a Future Jungle framework entitled ‘Don’t Ask Me Why’

‘Visions’ reminds how good a bluesy male vocal and mellow guitars and chords can sound to some 150BPM bombastic Jungle breakage

‘Clearly Obscured’ takes us on a timeless DnB voyage up and in between the clouds in the company of some BBK style boomin’ subs

‘Dimensions’ is the junglist soul of Future Destination Exit 6, sweet female vox and urban sounds sway over Future Jungle beats

But where this is a subtle soul there needs to be a bit of rage and that’s where ‘Overlock’ comes in. Fast, furious and assertive DnB that hits the spot hard.

From 1992 to 2017, a quarter of a century strong in the game and Bay B Kane maintains a sound that is strongly unique and instantly appealing. Another essential EP to add to that extensive back cat. Boomsha is now 5 years in the game and as a label, hasn’t missed a beat in terms of quality content. If you buy only one EP this week, make it this one and if you buy more than one EP, still ensure to get a copy of this!!!

Old Boots a.k.a Stevie B New Jungle Tracks

Old Boots a.k.a Stevie B New Jungle Tracks

Buy From Bandcamp 

Old Boots is Stevie B also known as Snazzy Trax, known for his House & Garage tunes on his label of the same name. For the four tracks you can hear below, Stevie swaps the 4×4 beats for some back to 94′ breakbeats. ‘Just A Girl’ takes the sample used on M Beat’s ‘Style’ and reproduces it in its full glory over 5 minutes plus of junglistic breakage. ‘Pnominon One’ finds a place between the smooth Garage sounds of Snazzy Trax and the rudebwouy skank of Old Boots. Mellow chords with an undertone of House & Rave meet beats straight from the rainforest. Next up is the ‘Haunted’ remake of Sub Nation ‘Scottie’, noteworthy is the Star Trek siren which references the confusion a lot of old junglists experienced when first hearing ‘Scottie’, although the samples are from Evil Dead they voice shouting ‘Scottie’ sounds a lot like Captain Kirk who had a ship engineer known as Mr Scott. Old Boots pretty much revamps this Sub Nation into a Hip-Hop/Ragga flavoured roller with the samples intact.  Lastly ‘Sunny Dayz’ raids the retro 70s soul locker in Tom & Jerry style complete with Blowfly ‘Sesame Street’ breaks. Doin’ it oldskool and doin’ it proper!!! Stream the tracks below on his Soundcloud and show some love!!!

THE WISE GUYS- Better That Sound E.P

THE WISE GUYS- Better That Sound E.P

Ooooh, some ‘Wise Guys’ huh? Making quality Jungle Tekno in 2017 on Kambo Records Huh? Why we oughta write a blog and tell you to pick up this (name your price) release from Bandcamp and add these four pure 93 style oldskool bangers to your collection, nyuk nyuk nyuk!!!!

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