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3 The Hardway Vol 6 [Asbo Records]

3 The Hardway Vol 6 [Asbo Records]

Asbo Records present vol 6 in the mixed artist series ‘3 The Hardway’ with killer contributions from Jinx, Papa G & Choppah

The man like Jinx remixes Savannah & Durban ‘Step Back’ into his trademark style of big reverberating basslines and Hip Hop inspired drumbeats.

Papa G reworks Vinyl Junkie & Rachael EC ‘Fade Away (feat David Boomah)’ in a nice oldskool Jungle fashion with plenty of use of the infamous ‘sesame street’ break and 90’s Ragga Jungle vibes.

And we get something brand new from the one like DJ Choppah (Chop Chop!). ‘Tuff Sound’ is tough, phat and skankin’ to a dangerous level.

Vince Rollin- Deep State

Vince Rollin- Deep State

Vince Rollin returns to 36 Hertz with the ‘Deep State EP’, a mixed bag of junglist face melters and ‘flashback’ style oldskool hardcore rollers.

DJ Vapour’s 36 Hertz imprint has a legacy of showcasing new talent, many of whom have risen to the very top of the DnB & Jungle scene. This classy tradition continues with an extended showcase of the works of Vince Rollin.

Going by the excellent drum work of ‘Cydonia; and the belly of the beast tear out dynamics of ‘Black Out’, you better have strong speakers and a stomach to match.

Along with the ruffneck jungle bizznizz, we get some dark 92/93 style dynamite in the shape of ‘The Mandella Effect’ and ‘Watch The Ride’ We give ‘Deep State’ an assured 10/10

House, Techno & Breaks Mixtapes

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A couple of House, Techno & Breaks Mixtapes to keep you going on a long journey or while you’re cramming through a dissertation or something like that…

There’s bangers for days on these two mixtapes with a selection that includes material from Simma Black, Alan Fitzpatrick, Luje Vibert, DJOKO, Ninetoes, Jey Kurmis, RatPack, West Norwood Cassette Library and tons more!!!

Nayim- Sounds Of Nayim

Nayim- Sounds Of Nayim

Nayim makes a debut on KLP Records with an EP of pure oldskool hardcore in a variety of styles and tempos.

Release Date 31/07/17

Buy From Bandcamp

We’d like to congratulate Nayim for making his debut on an original oldskool heritage. DJ Monk’s label is responsible for numerous stone cold classics and while the label specialises in Jungle & DnB, for the ‘Sound Of Nayim’ it’s pure oldskool hardcore all the way.

We start with ‘Can You Feeling’, a Noise Factory circa 91′ sty;e Jungle Tekno barnstormer with furious mentasm riffs and kick the door down funky drummer breaks.

‘In My Soul’ reworks the Todd Terry House anthem into a fire fueled Jungle tune with cool 80’s funk/soul style samples.

‘It’s Time To Fly’ wings its way back to 1993 for a Bukem/DJ Junk influenced minimal brew of ambient bleeps and tough amen breaks.

‘The Key’ goes out to all the 1992 lovers, a full on happy roller with bouncing beats and punchy drums reminiscent of Urban Shakedown.

‘You Are The One’ sees the EP out with another 91/92 era Jungle Tekno style slammer packed with plenty of rushy pianos and chipmunk vocals.

This entire release has a really nice analogue style sound that feels thoroughly authentic, as if these tunes really were produced back in the glory days of rave. All the rawness and all the fun. Lover yer ‘ardcore? Get ready for this!!!!

Epicentre-Run It

Epicentre-Run It

Cocoa Tea & Cutty Ranks once sang that if you play with fire, you must get burned. It seems Epicentre took this valuable lesson and processed it into 6 deadly tunes for their ‘Run It EP’ out now on Deep In The Jungle.

We enter the dance with Soul II Soul sampling rumble fest ‘Fresh’, next up is the mid 90’s minimal Hip Hop influenced vibes of ‘Infamous.’

‘Run It Back’ revisits some Aphrodite circa 94 style drum builds while ‘Lion A Lion’ gets its Dream Team classic Jump Up skank on.

‘Jedi’ crosses over to the darkside in dark tech/jungle fashion and ‘Duppied Inna Dance VIP’ delivers a megaton of oldskool juglistic bass n’ drum to kill ‘em dead!!!!

What we have here is a massive EP for all the diehard junglists to show their support for, you know what to do!!!

Digital Pilgrimz-Let Me Tell You

Digital Pilgrimz-Let Me Tell You

Digital Pilgrimz ‘Let Me Tell You’, one of the most diverse Bass music releases you will hear in 2017, out now on Future Follower Recs…

Listening to Digital Pilgrimz ‘Let Me Tell You’and the four remixes included, I’m reminded of my own personal musical tastes timeline as I grew up in the 90s. Putting aside the cheesy pop dance music I listened to as a pre teen, it began with breakbeat hardcore/jungle tekno followed by house/trance/techno, garage and jungle/DnB.

‘Let Me Tell You’ in its original form is a skippy bass/2 step hybrid with vocals from Helena May that hints at the 90’s while staring firmly forward into the future.

Lamont Dex does another of his first class 98′ style speed garage jobs on the original with nice phat beats and a quintessential speed garage bassline, big business!!!

Gribzy turns in a tough tech bass rerub in similiar fashion to his recent EP on Country Club Disco.

Strange Rollers goes on a deep voyage of dubby sounds and electro style drums with interludes of intelligent jungle breakage.

Lastly, History Of Hardcore label owners, Insane & Mind blend mid 90s Moving Shadow style sounds with some rolling 92′ ardcore to complete a truly unique package.

We’ve been long time fans of Future Follower Recs for years but we have to say this is one of the finest releases on the label to date, a 10/10 without a doubt!!!

K-Jah & Mixjah-Send Some Riddim

K-Jah & Mixjah-Send Some Riddim

K-Jah & Mixjah ‘Send Some Riddim’ with a fiyah new EP for Ruffneck Ting!!!

K-Jah kills it with style in his trademark fashion of rubbery basslines and crunchy hip hop style breaks on ‘Crowds Just Go’, his remix of Mixjah ‘Send Some Riddim’ & ‘Purple Music’

K-Jah & Mixjah round up the essential beats with a growling 808 filled collab ‘Soul Survivors’ very much in the golden era DnB mold. Grab this sensational EP from two top talents on the ever crisp n’ fresh Ruffneck Ting label!!!!

Dj Dirty One – Jazz Sound/That Lane Of Lovers VIP

Dj Dirty One - Jazz Sound-That Lane Of Lovers VIP
Dj Dirty One revisits 1997 with two choice cuts of Jazzy DnB/Jungle on the Wicked Jungle imprint.

‘Jazz Sound’ goes all in on a Roni Size style instrumental with overlapping beats, percussion, vamping amens with a large and lively dose of Miles Davis style mellow jazz straight from the smoke-filled clubs. A nice phat double slap bass and sax licks add to the ‘Brown Paper Bag’ feel of this super cool riddim.

‘That Lane Of Love VIP’ is a trippy excursion that passes through the rainforest en route to Detroit. DJ Dirty One show his exceptional drum editing skills on this brilliant track. This is real ‘mutant jazz’ for 2017 straight outta the Jungle!!!

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