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Frame – Tribal Jungle

Tarantula Music

Tarantula Music, a new label under the Media Records umbrella kicks off with a couple of fiery Jungle/Footwork hybrid tracks by Frame. You’re going to love the  Tribal Jungle EP!!!

Frame kicks off the content for Tarantula Music. with a double header of bombastic Footwork Jungle. If you love labels like On Unit and The Dreamers, this upbeat hypersonic blast of kicks and snares will rock you!!!

Glowkid’s Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio – Season 2016-2017


Glowkid’s Breakspoil award nominated Generation X Radio Show is due to return soon. In the meantime, you can download the entire previous season of shows via the link below

Featuring tons of exclusive guest mixes and interviews from legends of the rave music scene, the Generation X show will provide you with hours of insightful talks, fire mixes and a great selection of tunes, old and new. Get warmed up and ready for the new season by downloading these shows!!!


Etch- Chemotaxis

Etch- Chemotaxis

Sneaker Social Club welcome back Etch for a four track feast of dreamy 90’s inspired but so 2017 broken beat mastery.

The fun begins with title track ‘Chemotaxis’, a dreamy hazy 136BPM Jungle joint that sounds like the soundtrack for the little man in red dancing across the Chevron floor of the red room in Twin Peaks.

‘What Lies Beyond’ is the dark mysterious twin of ‘Chemotaxis’ where the dream becomes a tense nightmare of searing 808s and horrorcore.

‘Green Park’ is our pick here, another 136BPM excursion with mentasm riffs, bleeps and a chilled backdrop pierced and prodded by a pervase sesame street break.

The EP finished on a bit of experimentation with ‘Prismatic (Etch Revision)’, a nice bit of freeform breakbeat jazzy psychedelia.


Pursuit – A Rave Nu-World

Pursuit - A Rave Nu-World

Pursuit, DJ, producer and label owner based in Hull, York’s has spent decades mixing up the best in oldskool hardcore and jungle. He also makes some of the best modern breakbeat hardcore and jungle.

A long time fan of the legendary DJ Seduction, Pursuit has released on labels like Paranoid, put out countless free tracks and releases on his own label, This Is Nu-Rave.

This new double CD album features a fresh selection of tunes from the prolific Pursuit ranging from the dark tearout jungle style of his Switchblade Digital signed productions to deeper Jungle Tekno circa 93 inspired sounds. On CD 2 we get a mix of all the tracks from CD One.

If you’re just a little bit tired of the same old 90s rave anthems and fancy some crisply produced new tunes in the style you’ve loved since that golden era, this album has a wide range of tunes to keep you more than happy!!!

Lavery- Jungle Badness (Forthcoming 12″ E.P)

Lavery- Jungle Badness E.P

Lavery’s forthcoming vinyl EP ‘The Badness’ is reason for every true junglist to get seriously hyped!!!!

Lavery makes Jungle music so authentic, you anticipate the crackle and pop of well-worn vinyl whenever you hear one of his tunes. ‘Jungle Badness’, side A1 of this EP combines gliding Detroit synth notes and oscillating amens with the famous ‘sound business’ vocal made popular by the Phuture Assassins back in 92′, this tune runs the scene!!!

‘King Of The Beats’ is the Junglist answer to that very Mantronix tune from back in the day. Sirens blare over some seriously dexterous drum programming and subs that will re arrange your chin for you!!!!

It’s time to turn the record over to side B and get dark for the first of two tracks ‘Badman Nuh Test’, a track in the time honoured dark vs light tradition. Bouncing amens and scary synths a la Neil Trix contrast with the warmer sounds and R&B vocals for a weighty soundclash!

In closing ‘Shaolin Style; is a fine way to end things for this EP. Kung Fu samples, slick cut up and reverse breaks plus some gold 94/95 style warp bass!!!!

Follow Lavery on Facebook to stay updated on how, when and where to get this essential wax!!!

Insane & Mind – Taking A Chance

Insane & Mind - Taking A Chance

NuRave just the way we love it from Insane & Mind on their HOH Recordings imprint. Let’s go back to 92′ with new track ‘Taking A Chance’

Following a string of excellent releases on their own label and remix work for the likes of Digital Pilgrimz, rave warriors, Insane & Mind gift us with a big rushy blast of 91/92 era inspired NuRave called ‘Taking A Chance’

An electrifying vocal intro starts the dance of oldskool breaks, a tantalising tease into pianos that pay homage to X Ray Experiments ‘Take No Chance’ In fact, we get all kinds of cut up callbacks to the ravin’ days from Mariah Carey vox to the infamous ‘Can’t beat the system’ refrain and a subtle not to Terrorize ‘It’s Just A Feeling’

If you even needed further proof that the sound that filled fields and large venues back in the early 90s truly never dies, this ready for the reload NuRave banger is that proof! Hardcore never dies, when the old warriors lay down their synthesisers, a new group is always ready to take the flag and Insane & Mind are flying it high!!! You can’t beat the system so go with the flow!!!

The Past & The Future [Raveskool Recordings]

The Past & The Future [Raveskool Recordings]

42 tracks representing The Past & The Future of Raveskool Recordings featuring artists Paul Cronin, DJ Rave In Peace, Richard Champion, Gareth Monks and more…

If you’re one of those staunch types who think breakbeat hardcore ceased to be of any merit after 1994, you’re in for a pleasant surprise when you listen to Raveskool Recordings’ compilation ‘The Past & The Future’

There are bona fide modern rave classics to be heard on this album like the joyous piano anthem ‘I Miss Your Loving (DJ Absolute Remix) by Sweenee & EzeeTee. Redshift gives 1991 a fresh take with ‘Ruffer’ while on the other side of the spectrum, Yudaidhun roughs it up 1994 stylee with ‘That Style’

DJ Rave In Peace pops up a few times on this awesome LP but ‘Stand By’ is by far the craziest and most fun of his featured tracks, a stompathon through 1991 Belgian Techno waters.

The album features a number of contributions from hard working Richard Champion. A few highlights from his offerings include the chunky rolling breaks of ‘Come My Selecta’ and Acen influenced ‘Finally’

The hardcore captain himself, Paul Cronin has some fine work on display with tracks like the insane ‘Take Me Away’ and super crunchy ‘Ya Might Get A Rush’

Plenty more breakbeat hardcore excellence can be found on this collection thanks to Gareth Monks, Master Mash, DJ Cdc, Nayim, DJ Mark C and more leading names in the rave revival.

Our favourite track? Well, it has to be the brilliant ‘I Knever Knew’ by Monks N Mort, a rushy trip back to 92′ in the style of Ramos & Sunset Regime.

Beats without Borders Top 5 15 08 17

Beats without Borders Top 5 15 08 17

Trying out something a bit different with a weekly streamable Beats without Borders Top 5 tunes!!!!

Each week, we will attempt to put together a top 5 in this fashion, streaming only, no downloads and a slightly lower bitrate than standard out of respect for the labels and artists, do support their music with buys, sharing buy links on social media and streaming the tracks on sites like Spotify


1.John Steel & Ian Campbell & Andy Lakey-You Get So Give [motion]
2.Luss, CURVA & Matt McLarrie-Free Your Beard (Never Shave Again Dub) [FXtion Records]
3.Sound Out-You Know I Want You [Jeepers! Music]
4.Alan Fitzpatrick-They All Called ‘Em Garys [We Are The Brave]
5.Mac Attack & Skeme-Junos (Armour Mac & Nunny Remix) [Jedi Recordings]

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