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Worldwide Epidemic- Telemechanique & Contrast

Worldwide Epidemic- Telemechanique & Contrast

Proper Jungle Techno from Worldwide Epidemic who appears on Jedi Recordings with ‘Telemechanique & Contrast’

‘Telemechanique’ is a thing of elegance and splendour, a continuation of a sound that went away too soon. The aesthetics of quality Techno combined with oldskool hardcore with a 4×4 kick applied with precision and brilliance.

‘Contrast’ is indeed that, melodic uplifting pianos juxtaposed to the tough rumbling Jungle Tekno sounds in a perfect and pleasing unison. NuSkool Rave at it’s very best

Sound Killerz Vol. 1

Sound Killerz Vol. 1 

‘Sound Killerz Vol. 1′  on Deep In The Jungle brings together four talented junglists to kill a few soundbwouys!!!

Demented Frequency makes a fantastic musical production debut with a mash-up of classic oldskool jungle sounds. Hungry T blends far east sounds with 90’s rave/techno riffs for some serious savagery. RMS does things with an amen break you didn’t think were possible for some dubby drumfunk style heat. Galvatron see’s us out with some rudebwouy ragga jungle lead weighted bassline business. Respect to the sound killers!!!

RatPack & Wideboys – Hands Of Time

RatPack & Wideboys - Hands Of Time

Rave veterans, The RatPack are back and in the run to their new LP they team up with Wideboys for ‘Hands Of Time’

‘Hands Of Time’ combines feel-good ravey pianos and unmistakable singalong Ratpack vocals with bouncing Garage/Breaks

Further remixes come from Papa G for the Jungle crew, Sound Collective & ChewyBeats for the House & 2 Step/UKG fans. It’s great to hear The Ratpack are back to originate!!!

Jem One- Terminator X & Force Of Nature

Jem One- Terminator X & Force Of Nature

Fresh off his incredible LP, Jem One delivers two more heavy doses of drumfunk to test your subs to their absolute limit. ‘Terminator X’ & ‘Force Of Nature’ on 36Hertz are both cut from the 90’s dark intense drumfunk cloth of Metalheadz and associated labels and artists. These two bangers will whip your speakers well and truly into shape and satiate your taste for a much-maligned sub genre that badly needs a comeback. Sounds like Jem One is on a mission to kick start the revival!!!

The Ad-vanc3d – The Threshold For Peace

The Ad-vanc3d - The Threshold For Peace 

The Ad-vanc3d makes a stunning debut on Boomsha Recordings with 3 track EP ‘The Threshold For Peace’

In the flooded domains of the download stores, finding genuinely talented artists can be a difficult task. The Ad-vanc3d is one of those truly talented artists. Whether he is making House, Techno, oldskool hardcore or in this case deep intelligent jungle; The Ad-vanc3d is a producer who puts their heart and soul into the music.

The 3 tracks on this EP have a 94-97 feel like Peshay, Pfm & Bukem at their finest. Enjoy chilled tides of cool and refreshing keys that ride the waves of crisp amen breaks in true Boomsha style. Not to be missed so don’t miss it!!!

Also, we’ve been struggling to keep up with the write-ups of late due to some downtime on the site but in case you missed it, check out Schoco’s new album for Boomsha, this guy has always been light years ahead of the rest in terms of incredible sound design and this album is a further testament to this fine body of work. Get it here 

Stanny Abram-The Roller Blade

Stanny Abram-The Roller Blade

Stanny Abram laces up ‘The Roller Blade’ for KONNEQT. a bass shakin’ whirlpool of funky synths and thumpin’ kickdrums that sits nicely in a Techno or a House DJ set. Standard huge tunage from one of the scene’s hottest names!!!

OSRT Recordings Volume 1 – Forthcoming on Vinyl & Digital

OSRT Recordings Volume 1 - Forthcoming on Vinyl & Digital


Dj Flow launches a brand new label with this non profit/for charity release featuring tracks by Flow, Beardy, DJ Fav & Worldwide Epidemic. DJ Flow has received support on his tracks by Aquasky and has featured on top Nuskool labels such as Paranoid Recordings. Beardy is an oldskool veteran and bona fide legend with many an underground Hardcore/Jungle classic  to his name. Fav is a pioneer from the early days of the oldskool revival  that began on sites like bv2os. Worldwide  Epidemic has featured on prestigious vinyl imprints like 7th storey.

The theme for this 4 track EP is top drawer dark side hardcore and jungle with a truly authentic sound. Read the official blurb below and be sure to support this great causeOSRT Recordings

I’m proud to present the tunes that make up the first 4 track EP on OSRT Recordings.

The idea behind OSRT Recordings is to provide quality tunes from up & coming and established artists who all buy into the OSRT ethos. Every release will be made with a charity aspect – basically any money made after costs will be donated to a charity chosen specifically for each release.

The first instalment features Beardy, DJ Fav, Worldwide Epidemic and myself (DJ Flow), and the charity we will be supporting is MIND.

Keep an eye out for this first release, expected to be available to buy around May 2017!

Jaguar Paw – Cubana

Jaguar Paw - Cubana


Buy/Stream Here

Cometh the hour, cometh the Jaguar Paw ready to ambush your ears with the junglist credentials of a true apex predator. The 3 track ‘Cubana’ pierces straight into the skull with a powerful bite. Our pick of three is the chilled yet deadly ‘Fever’ with its reggae leanings. Get at this all junglists!!!

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