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Frame – Tribal Jungle

Tarantula Music

Tarantula Music, a new label under the Media Records umbrella kicks off with a couple of fiery Jungle/Footwork hybrid tracks by Frame. You’re going to love the  Tribal Jungle EP!!!

Frame kicks off the content for Tarantula Music. with a double header of bombastic Footwork Jungle. If you love labels like On Unit and The Dreamers, this upbeat hypersonic blast of kicks and snares will rock you!!!

Motion Sky- Dee Bop EP

Motion Sky- Dee Bop EP

The lads aka Motion Sky land on Swerve Digital. Expect musical mayhem in gut-busting proportions!! The ‘Dee Bop’ EP is out now on Beatport!

Motion Sky have a reputation for slick production and engaging sounds, one that has seen their names grace many a prestige House & Techno label release.  On the ‘Dee Bop’ EP we get two cracking tracks on the minimal bass n’ drum (not Drum & Bass!) tip. We also have reputable and talented remixers, Craig Robinson & Martin Quadeli at hand to add variety and longevity. What we’re saying is.. this is another sterling outing on Swerve Digital, the underground House & Techno label that just keeps giving!!!

Glowkid’s Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio – Season 2016-2017


Glowkid’s Breakspoil award nominated Generation X Radio Show is due to return soon. In the meantime, you can download the entire previous season of shows via the link below

Featuring tons of exclusive guest mixes and interviews from legends of the rave music scene, the Generation X show will provide you with hours of insightful talks, fire mixes and a great selection of tunes, old and new. Get warmed up and ready for the new season by downloading these shows!!!


North Base – I’m Forgiving Love ft Ewan Sim

North Base - I'm Forgiving Love ft Ewan Sim

North Base drop a festival banger on Technique Recordings, ‘I’m Forgiving Love’ ft Ewan Sim.

Leave your jaw on the floor! The lads have a new DnB banger out and it’s one for the ages! Dynamic vocals sung by the talented Ewan Sim and a killer stadium-filling lead hook. If you love Drumsound & Bassline Smith (which you do, of course!) then you’ll love this! A track with deserved crossover potential, a great song and a straight banger!!!

Secure Unit- Cat & Dog/Born In The Jungle

Secure Unit- Cat & Dog-Born In The Jungle

Legendary breaks n’ bass imprint, Warehouse Wax reactivates for 2017 with a couple of furious & fiery breakbeat bangers from Secure Unit!

Nothing beats a bit of 97′ era Prodigy style teeth gnashing bassline business to get the testosterone flowing! Secure Unit go in titanium hard with Liam & co inspired banger ‘Cat & Dog’

‘Born In The Jungle’ melts Techno, Breaks and Jungle into a rib-splitting intermixture. Wanna turn up the heat in your DJ set? THis EP will break down molecules!

Dubz – Rerubbed, Vol. 1- Ghetto Dub

Dubz - Rerubbed, Vol. 1

Ghetto Dub presents ‘Dubz – Rerubbed, Vol. 1′, four re rubbed tracks from the Dubz compilation LP featuring Jungle & DnB’s finest!

Four essential Jungle/DnB bangers!!! Dubtime gives Brian Brainstorm’s ‘Nuh Matta’ a lively refashioning with heavy bouncing breaks, throbbing basslines and Ragga stylings. Sound Shifter shows why he is in such demand from so many labels with a savage techstep refix of Kumarachi ‘Black Out’, be warned!!!

X E Dos reinforces Secure Unit’s ‘Lionheart Bizznizz’ with industrial strength, no cowardly Lions here!!! Section takes the track title of Symptom ‘Take Tough’ to heart with a ferocious re-rub!!!

3 Years Of Ultra Bass Records


Celebrate 3 Years Of Ultra Bass Records with this bumper compilation of quality UKG, Breakstep, Garage & Bass plus fresh material from McVicker, Lamont Dex & Digital Pilgrimz

The 26 tracks on this celebratory mixed artist album hark all the way back to 2014 (some do) right up to the present. You will hard pressed to find such variety on an album this ilk. The multiple strands of a dance music genre with its roots stretching back to 1992 is impressive. Featured on this 3-year milestone LP are Rico Tubbs, Sol Brothers, Rare Candy, Cellardore and a host of other top talents. Among the classics, we get four brand new tracks, all a testament to the Ultra Bass commitment to quality. McVicker, Lamont Dex & Digital Pilgrimz all contribute new tunes as a bonus to the premium content. All in all, a good chance to restock on some certified heaters and if by any strange coincedence, you hadn’t heard of this label yet, now’s a perfect chance to get acquainted!!!!


2DB – Leave

2DB - Leave

Buy / Download:

2DB aren’t messing around! Their latest musical outing for Technique Recordings packs a hefty thump!!!

‘Leave’ is the type of tune that catches you unaware. You know the one, a nice warm vocal to start off, floating melodic keys then BOOM!!! Like a chainsaw ricocheting off a titanium wall, the bassline kicks in, kicks the door down and gives us, the listeners a good old hiding before chucking a greasy rag on our heads. The epitome of ‘banger’, boy does this bang! It bangs in all the right places too!!!

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