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Mark Zowie – You & Me Grrrl

Mark Zowie - You & Me Grrrl


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Mark Zowie has a new track out ‘You & Me Grrrl’ on Jula Music. We asked him to share a few words on his awesome new tune and here’s what he had to say:

Lyrically it’s a positive sentiment. “Stick with me and I’ll show you the world” type vibe.
Years ago I played around with a lot of R&B accapellas, yet I desperately hated using other people’s vocals. I just don’t feel comfortable robbing vocals anymore and always avoid sample packs. So the thing about “You & Me Grrrl”, is that I really wanted to capture the essence of R&B vocals, especially the more current sounds, smooth, harmonising, ultimately tight and dare I even say the edges of Pop. As far as the track went I built the whole vibe around that big ass bass line, the big building synth-line in the drop just gelled. Somehow that vocal just sat perfectly

2 Sides Of Soul- Say Mama

2 Sides Of Soul - Say Mama EP [Lapsus Music]

2 Sides Of Soul ‘Say Mama’ on Lapsus Music bounces like a ricocheting bullet, a top and front loaded swift blast of crashing rhythms, rubbery basslines and rap vocals, the stuff that makes you wanna dance!!! ‘Next Trip’ spits out hats, kicks and snares in rapid fire fashion allowing waves of urgent synth to glide across a 6 bar funky loop of frenzy.

Vincenzo D’amico takes the Bpm up some considerable notches for their remix of ‘Next Trip’, it’s hard not to notice the very clear and crisp drums that continue to advance right to the end.

ME & Her go full on Techno for their reworking of ‘Next Trip’ seemingly out to prove that their beats hit hardest (which they do) while swapping funky riffs for hypnotising melodies and back to Detroit dreamtime drops proving you can go deep and hard without sacrificing either!!!

Castro (SA) – Never Change EP

Castro (SA) - Never Change EP

Castro (SA)’s ‘Never Change EP’ on Soul Revolution is a triple dose of delight for lovers of House & Garage

Starting with the title track, things get off to a splendid start with light pianos that lead into a variety of changing key patterns with basslines that are genuinely new and fresh without losing any of that much-loved signature garage sound.

‘You Give Me’ is a sweet n; funky melange of disco kicks and scattered keys and organs with a lush and expansive uptempo feel that breaks off into some lovely harmonious drops.

‘Adam Eve’ is the vibes loaded third track in this triumphant trilogy and it sets out the stall immediately with emphatic deep pads that dance with the pianos and percussion for a peak time ride of musical bliss. A very strong EP for all kinds of house music lovers.

Kniteforce Records – The Remix’s 11 & 12


KF68 – The Remixes Part 11 Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl

Original oldskool imprint Kniteforce continues its series of fresh and exclusive new releases with two new LTD edition vinyl releases featuring new remixes of label classics from an array of bright new talent and some true oldskool originals. We start with KF68 – The Remixes Part 11

2 Croozin’-Code Red (Fat Controller Remix) 

The DJ/producer behind one of the greatest oldskool anthems ever (In Complete Darkness) remixes ‘Code Red’ keeping things close to the original while adding in aspects of current DnB and Jungle production. The all important piano shines even more on this classy update with plenty of crunching Ray Keith style amen breaks

Alk E D-Shining Bright (JePh Remix)

JePH fuels up the steam engine for a frantic and lively underground Ragga Jungle remix of ‘Shining Bright’ Amazing drum programming really carries this remix along nicely as do the variety of cool samples from the horns to the spinbacks and potent shots of room filling bass.

DJ Poosie-It’s Gonna Be (Justin Time Remix)

The artist behind stone cold yesteryear rave gems like ‘Sweet In Pocket’ remixes DJ Poosie ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’ in the Hardcore style that was once a staple of the Netherlands and the North of England plus the whole of Scotland. Hard bouncy kicks (bit like Bouncy techno) and Elstak influenced pads, some amazing piano playing and House/R&B vocals, the seemingly unlikely combination that in actual fact works incredibly well. This is the sound of all night raves like Vibealite personified.

DJ Force & The Evolution-High On Life (Saiyan & Cru-l-t Remix)

Saiyan & Cru-l-t rework ‘High On Life’ into a 96′ Happy Hardcore stomper with nice Euro keys, classic kicks and cut up amens sounding rather like Force & Styles circa 96. We get some additional vocals that remind us of the nod to a well-known Scottish rave act in ‘High On Life’ and a cool midsection with fun key changes. This writer used to love Happy Hardcore and this remix reminds him why he did.



KF69 – The Remixes Part 12 Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl

Part 11 was pretty darn special huh? Well, brace yourself for KF69 – The Remixes Part 12

DJ Luna C-Free As The Sky (Hyper On Experience Remix)

You read that right, none other than Hyper On Experience on the remix of this Luna C tune and that is something to get seriously hyped about. In essence, this is a continuation of the original pioneering HOE sound from back in 1992 in the purest form. Once upon a time guys like these made sounds like this on difficult to use hardware, no DAWs like the ones available today. That Henry Rollins bloke ought to sit in the studio and watch these guys go then see if he wants to rant about pushing buttons. Forgive my gushing but I am so immensely happy to hear these guys make music again especially when its as good as this!!!!

Cru L T-Snow In Summer (Alex Jungle Remix)

Right, ahem, so Alex Jungle remixes  Snow In Summer in breakcore meets 93 hardcore fashion and it’s just something else!!!! How about those busy Belgian stabs, dominator/mentasm riffs, little splashes of 8 bit/chiptune and dreamy 70s pop music vocals and quirky samples? Perfect mayhem!!!

Richie Whizz-Song Of Angels (Shadowplay Remix) 

Shadowplay complete Part 12 with a remix of Song Of Angels that screams Kniteforce from every kick, every synth and every second. Having a bad day?, put this on, it won’t fail to lift you up again. You’ve got to know something to love it and if you know Kniteforce whether a newbie or a 40 something who experienced it all in real time, this remix embodies everything about the label, its style and ethos. Manic fun!!!! Sit down Richie!!!

Tribälism Bøys ‘Criminals’

Tribälism Bøys 'Criminals'

Pounding percussion, crisp kicks, dubby pads and oldskool US House feels with a great big vocal sample of former POTUS Barack Obama. ‘Criminals’ by Tribalism Boys on Cliveland is criminally good. Label boss, CLIVe’s remix brightens the mood with upbeat synths and added drums. It would be criminal to ignore such a good release!!!

Anek Rebellion EP

Anek Rebellion EP

Star blazing duo, Anek return to Moon Harbour with some rebellious House beats!!!

Quirky, spacey and rubbery fun ensues with ’Neck And Back’ while Beams of Life’ dons a Techno colour dreamcoat of hard hitting and evasive drums. ‘Rebellion’ is the brazen and unwavering finale to this essential EP, melodic yet tough and driven with plenty of urgency, a call to action to invade the floor and dance the night away!!!

Vinicius Honorio ‘Through The Darkness EP’

Vinicius Honorio 'Through The Darkness EP'

We love Drumcode here at the blog and Brazillian Vinicius Honorio‘s new EP for the label is a particularly macabre and brilliant one. ‘Walking Shadows’ is a beautifully tortured terrain of shrill dystopian keys and thundering kicks. ‘Through The Darkness’ is confident and masterful, tingling with melancholy, ready to take your hand and guide you through the absence of light.
‘Desolate’ redefines what it means to be a diamond in the rough or in other words how to craft the sublime from the hardest of materials. ‘Out For Blood’ is the kind of track that switches the tension of the main room from excitement to out and out hysteria, a classic Techno tune in every sense of the word, built to command dancefloors, do not resist!!!

Horos ‘Labyrinth EP’

Horos 'Labyrinth EP'

Buy EP>>>

We begin this fantastic voyage into the unknown or indeed the ‘labyrinth’ that is Horos’ new EP on Catch Recordings with ‘The Sea of Crete’, a future retroactive glance at the mid 90’s ambient electronica influenced Techno sound, Like the waves of the ocean, this one keeps pushing forward with subtle yet oh so powerful synths and a bed of busy drums.
‘Ethereal’ is truly an Escher/Dali-like non-linear musical experience where acid riffs move in from a horizon that can’t quite be made out. The sharp hooks and dubby rebounds quickly seize control of your reticular activating system.

‘Kthon’ is our favourite, a 4×4 purge carried out by unseen predatory alien life forms. Shuffling beats and unsettling but very enjoyable synths are the weapons these monsters yield to lure you in.

‘Descend’ is the visual representation of your floating dream body finding the deep corners of the universe where matter takes a different form and time and space don’t work the way you’re used to, a place where comfort and pain blend into a new sensation, beatless bliss with a twisted persuasion. Horus takes us on an altogether different kind of voyage, frightening but fantastic and dangerously persuasive!!!!

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