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Juno Download Chart 24 05 17

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Check out our Juno Download chart featuring labels like Future Follower, Deep In The Jungle, Low Pitched, Inna Rhythm & Natty Cub plus more…

Featured artists include Radiokillaz, Lavery, B1G PROJ3CT, Pirate Jams, FOTH and a whole load more talents in the DnB, Breaks & Garage scene!!!


Kumarachi- The Barcode EP [Ghetto Dub]

Kumarachi- The Barcode EP [Ghetto Dub]

Ghetto Dub welcomes the ultra talented Kumarachi on board with a 4 track EP of DnB that shuns convention but brings the heat in skin damaging waves!!!

Tracks like ‘Babylon’, ‘Light Night’, ‘Ruffness’ and the title track demonstrate Kumarachi’s nuanced and technically proficient style. As if the last two decades or so of DnB have been placed into a filter where a genuinely new sound comes out at the other end that captures the spirit of timeless DnB and certainly packs the raw energy that makes us love the sound so much.  It’s great to hear artists still pushing the sound forward, every track here is a certified banger with the added bonus of being bangers you won’t forget about anytime soon!!!

Jake Twell – Work EP

Jake Twell - Work EP

Jake Twell joins the ranks of one House/Techno’s best labels, we love the ‘Work EP’ on Swerve Digital and here’s why

While there is nothing wrong with the popular Tech House sound, it’s always nice when an artist digs deep to come up with something fresh which is what Jake Twell does with the ‘Work EP.’ 3 tracks driven by drums of  distinction and rhythmic vibrations that can be enjoyed at their fullest on a fortified and capable set of speakers.  Two major talents are on board for remixes, namely Rowen Clarke & Cause Of You and boy,  do they deliver!!!

Different drums but just as deadly, Jake Twell’s new EP more than amply ‘works’ for our ears!!!

VA- Weapons of Disruption [Futurepast Zine]

VA- Weapons of Disruption [Futurepast Zine]

Futurepast Zine’s mixed artist album ‘Weapons of Disruption’ showcases cutting edge bass music sounds at a variety of moods and tempos, all sounding cutting edge and essential

With contributions from Hollow, Rawtrachs, Krytikal & Rondema, ‘Weapons of Disruption’  is a deep glance into the window of the future bass music. Treat your ears and your mind to a new musical viewpoint, one that sounds amazing

Beat Assassins – Crazy ft Alex Holmes

Beat Assassins - Crazy ft Alex Holmes

Beat Assassins have got us going ‘Crazy’ with their latest DnB banger ft Alex Holmes on vocals and a remix by SKMA!!!

Beat Assassins ‘Crazy’ ft Alex Holmes is a vocal DnB track that puts the pretenders to shame or in other words, shows them how it’s done. On the remix, SKMA cook up a warm recipe for summer festival raving. Don’t be crazy!!! get this tune right now!!!

Trent Cantrelle- Transmit That Style EP

Trent Cantrelle- Transmit That Style EP

Trent Cantrelle’s ‘Transmit That Style’ gets a full release as part of his new EP on Yoshitoshi

Trent Cantrelle’s ‘Transmit That Style’ first featured on Yoshitoshi’s Ibiza compilation and now gets a full release complete with a fresh mix and with two new tracks ‘What I Need’ and ‘Your Body’

Trent has featured on labels such as Defected and Toolroom previously so you can imagine even if listening for the first time what you’re in for. What you get is quality twisted basslines in Trent’s own ahead of the crowd style. These 3 heaters will fit nicely into House, tech House and Techno sets.

Rassterlin- 808s & Jungle Breaks

Rassterlin- 808s & Jungle Breaks

Rassterlin’s ‘808s & Jungle Breaks’ out on Asbo Records combines warm urban soul with crisply dancefloor designated DnB

Over the 4 tracks on this EP, we embark on a diverse journey around the raves, festivals and underground radio stations. We live vicariously through the seamless union of sweet female vocals and attack patterns of raw bass, the fierce ragga chatter of Daddy Freddy and a barrage of commanding kicks and snares.

So be sure to pick up Rassterlin’s ‘808s & Jungle Breaks EP’ and while you’re there, don’t miss out on the free track below in celebration of the EP


Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan- Bass=Win Sound System Remixes

Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan- Bass=Win Sound System Remixes

For your listening and raving pleasure, badman don dada Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan present ‘Bass=Win Sound System Remixes’ with remixes from K-orse, Ryuken, John Randle, Mutantbreakz & Future Wildstyle

On the remix of ‘One & Only’ is Mutantbreakz with the bouncing Garage Breaks, Ryuken on the Bass House/Speed Garage flex and Future Wildstyle with a DnB/Footwork style flip

Remixing ‘Horns’ is John Randle giving it some Todd Terry/CLS style beats and an absolutely mental and totaly ace Mutant Bass/Bassline remix by K-orse!!!

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