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Free Breaks Blog Traxsource Chart 26 05 17

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This week’s Traxsource chart features 28 of the finest House & Techno tracks currently available including artists/remixers like ONYVA, Twism & B3RAO, Pablo del Monte, Faruk Orakci and more. Featured labels include KONNEQT, Disco Kicks, Deja Vu Traxx, OneFold Records and more…

VA- Weapons of Disruption [Futurepast Zine]

VA- Weapons of Disruption [Futurepast Zine]

Futurepast Zine’s mixed artist album ‘Weapons of Disruption’ showcases cutting edge bass music sounds at a variety of moods and tempos, all sounding cutting edge and essential

With contributions from Hollow, Rawtrachs, Krytikal & Rondema, ‘Weapons of Disruption’  is a deep glance into the window of the future bass music. Treat your ears and your mind to a new musical viewpoint, one that sounds amazing

Free Breaks Blog Traxsource Chart 19 05 2017

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We’re very excited to bring you the very first of our weekly Traxsource charts. Click the down arrow on the Traxsource player to see all the tunes we selected. Featured labels include KONNEQT, 18 09 Records, Acid -606-61, DRUM & Nu Style Records.

Featured artists & remixers include JC Unique, Tom Chubb, Drift, Rokaman, Anderson M & Paul Lightfoot plus plenty more!!!!

Doomwork- Cantico EP

Doomwork - Cantico EP

Doomwork beat to a different drum and they do it in style as demonstrated by their ‘Cantico EP’

Listening to Doomwork’s ‘Cantico’, this not quite 40 yet blogger recalls turning on the radio, tuning into Tongy and hearing the sounds of a certain Underworld. The tribal percussion beats and rises as the synths spiral and spread like those laser patterns on the screens at festivals. You best get your boots on for this one cos’ you’re gonna get muddy!!!

Then there is ‘Notes of Desert’ to which this writer is currently wiggling his thighs to as he types, it’s hard not to!! The infectious loops of sound bring to mind Carl Cox, Jeff Mills and the mid-90s, 7 minutes of techno indulgence to dip back into obsessively!!!!

Tolstoi, Andsan – Surfside EP

Tolstoi, Andsan - Surfside EP [Living Room] 

Tolstoi & Andsan ride in on a wave with the beach themed ‘Surfside EP’

‘Surfside Groove’ sways with serious oldskool House swagger while Mr Jefferson lets the 303 loose with a pleasingly pounding refix

‘Road House’ is a deeper number for warming up the crowd taken even deeper by Ben Jones

‘Down The Pier’ sounds its namesake, a cowbells and squelchy synths symphony of hedonistic fun and frolics. To complete this excellent package, Neil Parkes turns in a tasty n’ twisty Techno refix of ‘Down The Pier’, surfs up!!!

David Hopper – Muzik

David Hopper - Muzik

When Phunk Traxx isn’t putting out the finest Techno, it puts out quality Tech House like David Hopper ‘Muzik’

David Hopper’s  ‘Muzik’ tells a story of discovery via the funky elasticated basslines and spoken word samples that make it so unmissable. Vanity Crime brings it back to the Techno with a monster remix that will have monstrous ramifications when dropped in the club!!!

Yosum Dub- Indostry

Yosum Dub- Indostry

Techno DJ & producer, Yosum Dub sends out a heatwave with his ‘Indostry EP’ on Reflector Records

‘Zap’ gets the fire fueled up with a feisty Tech House opener to the EP.

‘Muscle Memory’ is the kind of Techno that carries the secret ‘bob your head’ code, you won’t be able to stop your hips gyrating to this fierce slice of dancefloor frenzy

‘Simmer’ aims for the sky with spatial chords almost reminiscent of Underworld that give way for melodic trancey keys. When the floor is packed and you wanna tease ‘em some more, drop this on ‘em!!!

‘Gorilla Warfare’ blasts through the stratosphere strapped into the cockpit of alien synths and extraterrestrial beats, to the stars and beyond!!!

Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol 1

Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol 1


There’s no sound quite like the sound of Luke Vibert and we are very excited about his new LP ‘Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol 1′ Get your ravin’ shoes on for this one!!!

Luke Vibert has featured on labels such as Planet Mu and Warp back in the 90’s and 00’s. His music production is legendary and so is his eclectic DJ sets.

For Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol 1, we explore Luke’s ravin roots with the analogue thrills of Future Detroit style ‘The Future’, a track filled with Inner City style stabs that punctuate a twisted riff and Sheffield circa 1990 bleeps.

‘U Can’t Touch Dat’ offers a view into a genius mind, Disco loops merge with Techno synths and Jungle Tekno overtones at a house music tempo.

‘Back With Me’ is one of the purest odes to oldskool ‘ardcore. Plenty of off-kilter keys, rolling amens and pitched up female vox

‘Heard It All B4′ will bring joy to your heart, a riotous dance through 91/92′ with some 808 State esque warm melody backdrops, a classic crunchy amen break and more of that trippy Jungle Tekno styling.

‘Everybody’ makes it a hat trick for the ‘ardcore inspired sounds, loads of familiar vocal samples, more spacey House/Techno/Rave synth work and a break that screams oldskool

‘Feel The Melody’ runs Garage, Electro, Jungle & House through the hardware along with a giddily pleasing array of vocal refrains that will make 90s heads like this blogger lose their proverbial

Like LoFi/Deep House? Well you’ll love Luke’s sped up and snappy rejigging of the sound

How about ‘Clap Sing’? The Prodigy’s ‘Android’ meets a dreamy disco sample and crispy Techno drums, mmmmmmm!!!

‘Feel The Riddim’ gets hold of some chunky kicks from 90s US House music, speeds them up, throws in some reverse bubblin’ bass, jungle sirens/bloops, Nebula II ‘Seance’ pads and a bit of Soul II Soul, the results are mindblowing and a whole lotta fun!!!

‘Pump’ closes out  UK Garave Vol 1, leaving this writer gagging for more. More dreamy house sounds at a quickened tempo. Luke Vibert fuses the seemingly incompatible, he doesn’t just achieve this task, he makes it sound awesome!!!


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