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Electrik Cat- ‘Do You Know About Techno’

Swerve Digital Electrik Cat - Do You Know About Techno


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The latest free track on Swerve Digital‘s soundcloud comes c/o Electrik Cat.  ‘Do You Know About Techno’ , a feirce and psychedelic Techno track with hypnotic robo-vox that would sound great in a Green Velvet DJ set. Twisted beats that seem to emanate from the motor city itself or in plain English, proper technooooo!!!!

Orlando Voorn – I Know Remixes

Orlando Voorn - I Know Remixes

A true Techno pioneer, Orlando Voorn joins the Snail Juice imprint with remixes of his own track  ‘I Know’

Orlando Voorn’s ‘I Know’ gets remixes from Bit Float & Lucien Foort plus two of his own reworkings. The Techno mix is Techno in it’s purest emotion driven form. The UK mix switches the 4×4 beats for breaks in homage to the 90s UK rave scene. Bit Float steers ‘I Know’ into Deep House music waters with a rich array of keys and straight to the soul synths. Lucien Foort lays down a remix to drop right in the middle of your set for maximum fever pitch!!! I know you’re gonna dig this!!!

24K, Sevarge – The Power

24K & Sevarge The Power [So Tru]

24K & Sevarge are about to kick start So Tru Records with Techno stomper ‘The Power’ as a free download from 30/03/17.

If you love the tough but uplifting sound of labels like Drumcode, Gate Null, Nervous and other top imprints then you’ll love every kick, snare and melodic hook of ‘The Power’ Be sure to keep tabs on the So Tru Facebook page and cop that free download on the 30th March!!!

Lluis Ribalta – Dulce Base EP

Lluis Ribalta - Dulce Base EP


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Release Date: 27/03/17

Call us bandwagon jumpers if you like but we have become rather fond of a bit of Techno here at the blog so when we got an earful of Lluis Ribalta ‘Dulce Base EP’ on Gate Null we were mighty pleased!!!

According to Wikipedia, ‘Dulce Base’ is an alleged joint human and alien underground facility under Archuleta Mesa on the Colorado-New Mexico border near the town of Dulce. Here however its a byword for the kind of atmospheric Techno we love and crave served in a healthy and filling portion by Lluis Ribalta!!! The title track is a dark menacing treat of a track that snakes along with scary alien like stabs. ‘Sentinel’ is another one for the Drumcode lovin’ types, a solid snappy beast of a track with moody synths that push all the right dopamine buttons!!!

Ilona Maras – Change ft. Rafael Cerato Remix

Ilona Maras - Change ft. Rafael Cerato Remix

Ilona Maras continues to make waves and set new sonic standards with a new release ‘Change’

‘Change’ is not your average dance track in any way whatsoever. It paints a vivid picture with striking sounds and dark audio tapestry. The musical brilliance bursts forth in this visceral slice of pounding tension.

Rafael Cerato takes the chariot reigns for a remix that masterfully accumulates to an ecstatic climax of keys that will soak the dancefloors. There’s your daily deluge of House & Techno then there is classy cuts like this that stand thousands of miles apart in terms of quality. Listen and learn!!!

24K & Sevarge – We Make Sound

24K & Sevarge We Make Sound 18 09 RecordsOut 20/03/17 on Traxsource

24K & Sevarge join 18 09 Records with ‘We Make Sound’, they are in excellent company too thanks to a remix by Fake Self

The original is a swirling melodic Techno track with shades of Drumcode and Alan Fitzpatrick. Looped chords and riveting atmospherics really make this track work a treat. For the Tech House fans, Fake Self gives ‘We Make Sound’ a tough big room overhaul taking the darker elements of the original and bringing them firmly in front place.

Kalyde – Clone

Kalyde - Clone

Kalyde be like ‘got a new techno EP out on vinyl with 3 bangers plus a Mak & Pasteman Remix’

‘Clone’ is the title track for this EP, it’s a unique take on the Acid House sound with a psychedelic slant. ‘Omulate’ continues on this trippy and quirky path and we get that Mak & Pasteman remix as mentioned above. ‘White Shadow’ features all manner of strange but wonderful sounds grooving in a cave with a pict!!!! If it’s twisted yet tasteful techno you’re after, Kalyde and his boys be like ‘listen to this!!!’

Masaya – Picking Up The Pieces LP (Chapter 24 Records)

Masaya - Picking Up The Pieces LP (Chapter 24 Records)

Chilean artist and Chapter 24 label boss, Masaya will stun you with her latest musical masterpiece, the ‘Picking Up The Pieces LP’

A series of personal life events shapes the emotion-filled journey that is ‘Picking Up The Pieces.’ Ambient intro ‘Walking Dead’ is the initial sonic toe dip into a musical ocean that invites the listener to bathe in the warm waters of ‘  The Backstage’ and ‘Agnostic’

For those bright-eyed moments of enchantment on the dance floor, ‘ Haumea’ and ‘ Picture’ are both ideal soundtracks

You can experience pleasure, pain and a range of feelings within the delicate keys of tracks like  ‘Flow of Tears’, ‘Justin Loves’ and ‘Inside.’ Here are tunes you can mix, dance to and you can mindfully exhale in.

We reach an ecstatic peak with closing tracks ‘Borderline’ and ‘Time Goes Fast’. If empathy has a beat, Masaya has given it form and crafted it for your ears to enjoy on repeat.

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