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THE WISE GUYS- Better That Sound E.P

THE WISE GUYS- Better That Sound E.P

Ooooh, some ‘Wise Guys’ huh? Making quality Jungle Tekno in 2017 on Kambo Records Huh? Why we oughta write a blog and tell you to pick up this (name your price) release from Bandcamp and add these four pure 93 style oldskool bangers to your collection, nyuk nyuk nyuk!!!!

Made in Paris – Lost Perception EP

Made in Paris - Lost Perception EP [Upon Access]


Made in Paris makes Lynchian Progressive/Techno sounds on the Upon Access imprint with the ‘Lost Perception EP’ due release date: 10/5/17

‘Kairos’ sounds like the noise of the red curtains swaying in the black lodge. We can envisage the little man dancing to the hauntingly aggressive and angry keys of ‘Kairos’ punctuated by warning ships horns surrounded by a sea of turbulence.


From these blackened seas, we travel to the title track ‘Lost Perception’ a true Techno growler that moves across the room with bad intent. Pounding percussiveness finds union with an undercurrent of insidious keys, perfect music for going bump in the night too!!!!

Made in Paris ‘Lost Perception EP’ will be out 10/5/17 on Upon Access

Hybrasil- Rassor

Hybrasil - Rassor EP [Intacto Records]

Hybrasil is making a name for themselves and rightly so as demonstrated on their string of stellar productions, the latest being the ‘Rassor EP’ on Infacto

Talking about that title track, it certainly it is ear grabbing. Things start off bright but a clever switch midway sees a tougher tone take over on this melodic opener.

‘Analogue Hype’ goes just a little retro with 90s tribal house influenced strings and is the most House music leaning of the four tracks on the EP.

‘Breasal’ seemingly references a mythological Irish king in name but as far as sound goes, this is the kind of Techno that causes the main room to heave in excitement.

‘Gliese’ is intergalactic in appellation and intergalactic in the audio tapestry it paints, a trippy stomper in salute to the motor city.


2 Sides Of Soul- Say Mama

2 Sides Of Soul - Say Mama EP [Lapsus Music]

2 Sides Of Soul ‘Say Mama’ on Lapsus Music bounces like a ricocheting bullet, a top and front loaded swift blast of crashing rhythms, rubbery basslines and rap vocals, the stuff that makes you wanna dance!!! ‘Next Trip’ spits out hats, kicks and snares in rapid fire fashion allowing waves of urgent synth to glide across a 6 bar funky loop of frenzy.

Vincenzo D’amico takes the Bpm up some considerable notches for their remix of ‘Next Trip’, it’s hard not to notice the very clear and crisp drums that continue to advance right to the end.

ME & Her go full on Techno for their reworking of ‘Next Trip’ seemingly out to prove that their beats hit hardest (which they do) while swapping funky riffs for hypnotising melodies and back to Detroit dreamtime drops proving you can go deep and hard without sacrificing either!!!

Vinicius Honorio ‘Through The Darkness EP’

Vinicius Honorio 'Through The Darkness EP'

We love Drumcode here at the blog and Brazillian Vinicius Honorio‘s new EP for the label is a particularly macabre and brilliant one. ‘Walking Shadows’ is a beautifully tortured terrain of shrill dystopian keys and thundering kicks. ‘Through The Darkness’ is confident and masterful, tingling with melancholy, ready to take your hand and guide you through the absence of light.
‘Desolate’ redefines what it means to be a diamond in the rough or in other words how to craft the sublime from the hardest of materials. ‘Out For Blood’ is the kind of track that switches the tension of the main room from excitement to out and out hysteria, a classic Techno tune in every sense of the word, built to command dancefloors, do not resist!!!

Horos ‘Labyrinth EP’

Horos 'Labyrinth EP'

Buy EP>>>

We begin this fantastic voyage into the unknown or indeed the ‘labyrinth’ that is Horos’ new EP on Catch Recordings with ‘The Sea of Crete’, a future retroactive glance at the mid 90’s ambient electronica influenced Techno sound, Like the waves of the ocean, this one keeps pushing forward with subtle yet oh so powerful synths and a bed of busy drums.
‘Ethereal’ is truly an Escher/Dali-like non-linear musical experience where acid riffs move in from a horizon that can’t quite be made out. The sharp hooks and dubby rebounds quickly seize control of your reticular activating system.

‘Kthon’ is our favourite, a 4×4 purge carried out by unseen predatory alien life forms. Shuffling beats and unsettling but very enjoyable synths are the weapons these monsters yield to lure you in.

‘Descend’ is the visual representation of your floating dream body finding the deep corners of the universe where matter takes a different form and time and space don’t work the way you’re used to, a place where comfort and pain blend into a new sensation, beatless bliss with a twisted persuasion. Horus takes us on an altogether different kind of voyage, frightening but fantastic and dangerously persuasive!!!!

Primitive Soul- Wonderlist EP

Primitive Soul- Wonderlist EP

Primitive Soul is in deep, dark Techno mode for the ‘Wonderlist EP’ on Connection Recordings

‘Wonderlist’ is a gritty sounding drum exertion with early 90’s Beltram style snarling synths. ‘Dyno’ is an altogether trippier affair for those late and lost moments in strange times of the night and the morning. Some weird and truly wonderful sounds from Primitive Soul

Amiga Breaks- 16 Bit Memories

Amiga Breaks- 16 Bit Memories


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Amiga Breaks goes for a different vibe to the oldskool rave sounds with ’16 Bit Memories’, an LP dedicated to the 16bit era of video gaming and the much-loved sounds of those classic games.

If you loved the music of the likes of Yuzo Koshiro then you are in for a real treat here. ‘Inter-Dimensional Sliding’ eases us in with a warm wash of pure 90s sunshine. ‘Deep Constellation’ fuses electro basslines with percolating keys and elated backdrops.

‘Digital Vistas’ is indeed panoramic and soaring, reminiscent of the early work of Hybrid (Unfinished Symphony). ‘Execute Command’ gets closer and closer to that computer game soundtrack style with brooding chords and deep sweeps.

‘Titan Rise’ takes it back to the early 90s with 808 State style beats and riffs. ‘Liquid Flow’ is quite simply classic Amiga Breaks, pure blissful rolling excellence. ‘Mind Science’ takes us through the wormholes and far off galaxies of deep space with a euphoric interplanetary style.

‘Mr Sax’ revisits the Hi-NRG Disco sound of the late 80s with lush sax licks and tons of unbridled energy.

‘Nu Kazz Kind’ touches down on a sunny day in Chicago with mellow vibes and busy breakbeats. ‘Positive Vibes’ is our pick from this great LP, a pure slice of full on rave breaks. ‘U Turn Round Jupiter’ brings together the power of Reese bass, deep synths and the Apache break and finally we come to a glorious climax with the Mr Fingers style ‘Binary Dreams’

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