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Stanny Abram-The Roller Blade

Stanny Abram-The Roller Blade

Stanny Abram laces up ‘The Roller Blade’ for KONNEQT. a bass shakin’ whirlpool of funky synths and thumpin’ kickdrums that sits nicely in a Techno or a House DJ set. Standard huge tunage from one of the scene’s hottest names!!!

Audio Assault – In The Mind

Audio Assault – In The Mind

Rising High Records original and oldskool legend, Mike Ash assumes his Audio Assault alias for new 3 brand new Acid House jackers on another original label, Ozone Recordings. The ‘In The Mind EP’ is as pure as Acid House gets, just feast your ears on the full frontal 303 assault (no pun intended) of ‘Anxious acid’, a track that does indeed sound like the nervous ‘fight or flight’ scampering of 303s across an open field of snapping Toms and Hats. ‘Health Warning’ is one for the Techno heads, the beats pound in true 90s fashion while rapid fire loops of acid invade their way into the senses. The title track to this magnificent EP keeps the fire well and truly burning with a huge injection of warehouse delirium. The sound that revolutionised dance music way back when is still very much alive and showing no signs of fatigue!!! You can thank longstanding legends Mike Ash and the team at Ozone Recordings for that!!!

A Most Wanted Man – Peoples EP

Lagoon Recordings A Most Wanted Man - Peoples EP


Out 21/03/17

A Most Wanted Man hails out of Canada and makes amazing House & Techno as amply demonstrated by their ‘People EP’ coming soon to Lagoon Recordings.

The title track is just pure oldskool Techno/House with melodic 90s rave era chords and beats. Think summer of 92′, Blake Baxter, Beltram, yes, that good!!!

Dr. Jack in the flipside to this brilliant release and its equally classy, just as oldskool and just as addictive to listen to!!! Enjoy the scratch samples, dreamy pads and shuffling beats of this true gem of a tune!!! Amazing EP Keep tabs with this upcoming release and all things Lagoon Recordings by liking them on Facebook

Stefan Z – Not There/Maths

Stefan Z - Not There/Maths

Stefan Z shares some fresh musical wares on his Rhombus imprint. ‘Maths’ is a track with spring in its tech. All roads lead to the combustible synth supernova teased throughout on this murky mysterious thumper. ‘Not There’ rolls like a tank mowing everything that dares stand in its path. Industrial kicks and metallic sounds try to make dents in your speaker with a brief respite of cooling down melodic keys. The boss…is well and truly back!!!!

Thabo Getsome- Hot for You

Thabo Getsome- Hot for You

The ever excellent Lapsus Music presents a new EP from Thabo Getsome ‘Hot For You’

The title track is hammering fusion of House & Techno with a dubby feel and oldskool tension filled keys. ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ is destination white isles wrapped in just over 6min of piano bliss and throbbing kicks. Black Loops refine the kicks for a filtered retake of ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ with under the surface amen breaks. ‘Training Day’ is a squishy sweaty banger with influences from Green Velvet, Ruben Mandolini remixes ‘Training Day for deeper persuasions but even in deeper waters, its still a banger!!!

Mella Dee ‘Massimo’ EP

Mella Dee 'Massimo' EP

Mella Dee is on top form with a new EP on W&O Street Tracks. The longstanding oldskool rave them of Mella Dee’s productions continues with the hyper blast of 90s euphoria that is ‘Massimo’ in both Techno and Breakbeat versions. Also on the horns and whistles tip is ‘Head Rush’, a track with a title that tells it all, the new skool of old skool can’t be beaten and Mella Dee is the headmaster!!!

The He-men / Dawl / Dj Pc – Tone Dropout Vol 3

The He-men / Dawl / Dj Pc - Tone Dropout Vol 3


Stream Clips/Buy Vinyl Here

The He-men, Dawl & Dj Pc present vinyl release ‘Tone Dropout Vol 3′ featuring 4 acid traxx for the the true oldskool warehouse heads. These guys have taken the mantra ‘if bleeping tha house is wrong then let me bleep’ and ran with it. In fact, check out this bit of blurb from the chaps themselves, you will have added the wax to your cart before the second paragraph!!!

Imagine being dropped into a spiralling warehouse of acid and sub-base pressure with only four tracks to lead you into the light. The He-Men compress Three Hours into a key change driver, stabbing and bubbling as you reach the surface gulping for air, bathing in the strings, dripping in acid-wash. Before you know it you’ve been whisked away to the halcyon days of yore, creeping around castle corridors. Leeds native DJPC then kidnaps your soul for a spin in Acid Mundae (24 Master) bombarding you with high hats, rolling baseline and old school pads and synths that take you to the dark underbelly of house music and beyond the black rainbow.

The shadow of DAWL’s electro powered hand then commands you with Telepath, breaks and bleeps Morse code that compel you to dance. The menacing sample, ‘I know what you’re thinking,’ crawls around your skull until it finally shakes you loose from his imperious grip. DAWL isn’t finished yet. His Apache spirit breaks loose in Freestylin’, a controlled dash of a tune that scratches all over your body, hauling you to his Hip Hop roots before dumping you, used and abused back on the dance floor waiting for an Uber to teleport you to the darkest after party you can find.

Interface – Toytown EP [2017 Remasters]

Interface - Toytown EP


Buy Here

Mike Ash a.k.a Interface’s legendary ‘Toytown EP’ gets freshly remastered for 2017 on Rising High Records.

All the way back in 1991, this EP of manic breakbeat hardcore bangers got caned by the likes of DJ Hype. Until now, copies of the original vinyl would cost up to £14 on Discogs but these new remasters are available for half that in lossless format but thats, not the real reason to grab them and we’re not here to shill.

For this writer, it seems a no-brainer to support oldskool hardcore on digital formats. You can get digital versions of music going back to the classical era but oldskool hardcore has almost been lost into obscurity meaning that a whole new generation that listens to Spotify won’t ever hear classics like ‘Return Of Godzilla’ and ‘Out Yer Face’. They might miss out on the genre that influences everything from contemporary House to Techno in 2017.

I can still remember hearing tracks like these on the radio back in 91/92′ and being blown away. A melting pot of Belgian Techno, Hip Hop and countless other genres fueled by an underground revolution that stood tall in the face of Tory Britain. Oldskool Hardcore still sounds as unconventional and innovative as it did in its era, I for one am glad its finally making it onto digital platforms.

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