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Enola Gray – Caution

Enola Gray - Caution 

More Acid House 2.0 action from the Acid-606-61 label. This time it’s Enola Gray who urges ‘Caution’ with a supplementary warning from Prole on the remix.

‘Caution’ takes the pure 88/89 acid House and gives it an underground Tech-House rejig with scary timestretched samples. Prole ushers ‘Caution’ into the realms of Techno with big sirens and a nice oldskool rave breakdown.

DJOKO- Stereotypes

DJOKO- Stereotypes

Germany’s DJOKO is joined by Chicago Loops, Italo Bros & Tian Karl for the huge ‘Stereotypes’ on EightOEight Records

‘Stereotypes’ is DJOKO at his very best with pounding beats and a deep electro riff that is responsible for countless roofs being taken off!!! Each remixer delivers signature quality remixes but the prize must go to Chicago Loops for a slice of highly effective Techno that stays close to the original.

Granite State – 338 EP

Granite State - 338 EP

Some classy Deep Techno from Granite State with the ‘338 EP’ on East Recordings.

The title track to this EP is a lush hot pot of melodic strings. ‘Poler’ inches into deeper and darker airspace with a bated breath like excitement in the keys. ‘Tuku’ takes into the twilight with a driven sound of monumental proportions. Finally, Thallulah, William Medagli & Jose Maria Ramon take it home with an epicurean refix of pure Techno hedonism. Light years ahead of your average techno EP, an absolute must!!!

Ryan Crosson – What State I’m In EP

Ryan Crosson - What State I'm In EP

If you love your house House music dreamy and otherworldly ( and who doesn’t!) then Ryan Crosson’s ‘What State I’m In’is your dream ticket

We start with Ryan Crosson ‘What State I’m In’ with vocals from Cari Golden. Everything moves along in a phantasmagoric fashion of abstract swirls and ambient sheen. ‘Dumb Dancin’ is pure kaleidoscopic dubby brilliance in 3D. Finally, Guti’s Summer Remix What State I’m In’ takes us all the way to the launchpad where we blast off to a deep techy backdrop. Here is a state that we want to stay in continuously!!!



Knarly Knob provides a masterclass in musical experimentation known as the ‘Tabula EP’

The title track is towering production of deep and doughty experimental sound design. A fusion of East and West (Hence the name and the prominent percussion throughout the track) that wields authority. Aurora is the lighter number of the two on this release,  full of uplifting melodies with the vestige of golden era 90s trance. There is a surfeit of Techno flooding the download stores, most of it very good but if you’re after that something extra special and original, the buck just stopped firmly here

Hybrasil #001

Hybrasil #001

Hybrasil ‘Hybrasil #001′ lands 10/04/17 and will be quickly climb Techno charts all over the various download stores, here’s why…

Reason 1- ‘Anu’

‘Anu’ is a smooth late night glide through wisps of smoky synths and driving kicks. a nice blend of Progressive and Techno great for heating up the crowd or bringing them up

Reason 2 ‘Wolf’

‘Wolf’ keeps it simple but what it does is more than effective!!! some straight up Detroit style stabbin’ and pumping beats are the easy to cook ingredients for aTechno frenzy!!!

HugCaro- La Vita Nuova

HugCaro- La Vita Nuova

We love Hugcaro’s melodic Techno sound and we adore HugCaro ‘La Vita Nuova’

The blurb reads thus

La Vita Nuova is a tribute to Italian poet Dante Alighieri and also pays homage to German composer and record producer Hans Zimmer and Irish composer Patrick Cassidy.

This is most definitely a Techno track but it reminds us of what we consider to be the glory period of Trance & Prog House. The grand sweeping strings are a thing of real beauty and this tune is quite simply stunning!!!!

Rose Tinted & Anna Be – Dark Cloud EP

 Rose Tinted & Anna Be - Dark Cloud EP

London duo Rose Tinted & Anna Be have crafted something extra special with their ‘Dark Cloud EP’ on Detone

We will first make mention of Rose Tinted & Anna Be’s first track on this EP, it’s called ‘Pink Sky’ and we would call it the Sueno Latino of 2017, the likenesses are there-mellow strings with a dreamy ambience-Spanish vocals, this just makes us melt!!!

‘Dark Clouds’ is more your straight up Techno with a proggy edge, a jagged razor’s edge with kicks that don’t spare the speakers and intricate synths that make you want to throw yourself around (which is a good thing!!!). A truly need to own EP from Rose Tinted & Anna Be!!!

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