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After honing his skills in the lab under the tutelage of Vinyl Junkie, Jay Aftermath debuts with a rich selection of DnB productions for the Ghetto dub imprint.

It’s hard to believe Jay is a relatively new artist when you hear the tracks on this release. A variety of DnB sub-genre styles are executed with marksman-like precision taking in decades of the sound with firing rhythms fit for many a different occasion

Kemper- Light The Funk (Jem Haynes Remix) [Premiere]


We are very pleased to premiere Jem Haynes’ remix of Kemper ‘Light The Funk’ out 16/12/16 on Colour Series

Kemper is a true veteran, under different aliases he has broken the UK top 40 on more than one occasion.  The original ‘Light The Funk’ is a powerhouse of a tune with solid bass stabs, a memorable vocal hook and resonating beats. Tunes like this are red hot embers for the DJ to turn up the heat with!!! Check out Jem Haynes’ excellent remix below, a fusion of classic house elements and modern techier beats. For more clips and release info check out Colour Series Facebook page

Lucas- Say Goodnight, Close Your eyes, Think Of Tomorrow



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3 brand new tracks by Lucas on Top Drawer Digital. ‘Say Goodnight’ is a firey dark number drawing influence from the J-Tek sound of 2009 to a house tempo. ‘Close Your Eye’ treads a delicate line between darkness and light and has a warm psychedelic feel enhanced by the spoken sample. ‘Think Of Tomorrow’ closes the EP in a more experimental freeform way, a deep melody heavy track with haunting pianos and rolling breaks. A welcome return from Lucas

DJ RAP – Set It Off [Propa Talent]


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DJ RAP returns to her Propa Talent label with a SLAMMER of a tune. Hard, loud and rowdy, a musical rocket primed to devastate dance floors and leave human carnage in it’s wake!!!

Tantrum Desire – Pump (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) [Technique Recordings]


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Tantrum Desire’s 2015 ‘ Diversified’ truly lived up to it’s name. A diverse multi-influenced LP that united the many strands of dance music under a DnB beat. The immensely popular ‘Pump’ from said album gets a brand new remix from none other than Drumsound & Bassline Smith. The dynamic DnB duo take the original on an intense blast of a journey with rapidly changing elements and a ton of excitement!!!

Rahmanee – Funky Train / All That Bass [Sub Slayers]




One to watch in 2017, Belgrade badmon junglist Rahmanee joins the Sub Slayers fam arriving via the ‘Funky Train’ and armed with ‘All That Bass’

The genre-defying ‘Funk Train’ brings out the best in Jungle & DnB bringing the closely linked sounds together in a symphony of harmonious yet heavy BASS!!!!

‘All That Bass’ holds nothing back, think Yosemite Sam jamming in the lab with Daffy Duck!!! Ravers better be ready for the messy madness awaiting them when this on drops!!!

Kronology – Mantra [Technique Recordings]



Kronology favour absolute quality over quantity as DnB’s top DJs and tastemakers will testify. ‘Mantra’, their new track gives mindfulness a whole new meaning. A hypnotic track focused on the drums and atmosphere enhancing keys. The mindful mood shifts to more bassy territories as it progresses. Serious power to this one!!!

Futuristik – Waterborne / Feeling This Way [Liquicity Records]



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Futuristik made a huge impact as part of the Alchemy Vol 2 compilation on Liquicity. Now he’s back with 2 new tracks that will further cement his reputation for on the button DnB

‘Waterborne’ with Miyoki is rich and full of life. ‘Feeling This Way’ with Charlotte Haining is a classic hand raising anthem. Great contrast, brilliant beats!!!


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