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Sunday Bass: New Tunes Round Up 01 05 16

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We have a pretty big backlog of tunes to blog for you and we wouldn’t want you missing out on the bass!!!! So, without further ado…..

VA- MNK001 [Manuka Records]

When Hypho is the driving force behind a new label you know this is going to be big!!! Manuka Records launches with a free compilation of dark bass n breaks including top producers such as Bojcot Selectah, Galvatron & Delo

Free Download Link


Paranoid Recordings Presents – The Wookie EP

The Wookie Did It EP


Free Nuskool Hardcore & Jungle from Paranoid Recs featuring Cronin, DJ Wislov, Firefox Demon & Renegade Genius

Free Download Link

Decay- Distance EP [Unified Audio]

More forward thinking deep bass sounds from Unified audio, this time Decay leads with an EP of future style genre smashing bass music

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Lenny Fontana Ft D Train- When You Feel What Love Has [Karmic Power Records]

Lenny Fontana brings the soul/funky/disco vibes on this brilliant house music masterpiece, amazing vocals, sterling production, all the top DJs are supporting and rightly so

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Susy Seven- Nice Night [motion]

Pumping and deep melodic Tech House action from Susy Seven, if you’ve heard this out and about then you were having a nice night!!!

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Rhythm Staircase- Save The Radio [motion]

More signature rave tinged house funkiness from Rhythm Staircase to shake ya’ bones!!!

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Fireteam- Criminal EP [Rhythm Rollers]

How about 3 firing DnB bangers from Fireteam? DnB with emphasis on the BASS!!!!

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Sub Zero – Collab EP [Playaz]

Sub Zero share some sick colabs including Majistrate, Jaydan, Dub Motion & DJ Limited. Serious dancefloor ammo to get the ravers going ape!!!


Tony Soul & Joris Dee- Shut the Fuck up and Dj (2016) [Beta Rebels]

Beta Rebels revisits this track from late 2015, now with an added remix which is absolutely dope. The words say it all with this one and the tune itself is great

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AlphaDisco- Africa Calls EP [De-Funkt Recordings]

AlphaDisco join DeFunkt Recs for an EP of anthemic oldskool influenced piano house, just the way we used to like it but built for 2016 standards, the best of both worlds

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TIGS- Roo-Step EP [Highly Swung]

Rapid firing bassline garage action from TIGS, 2 tracks out on Highly Swung Records that speakers were made for!!!

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86deep- Something EP [Simma Black]

We didn’t know machines could have so much soul and yet generate such high grade bass until we heard this latest release from 86deep on Simma Black. The vibe is funky and the beats are bangin’!!!

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Deep City Soul- Timing EP [Simma Red]

Dank, twisted, thumpin’ n’ bumpin are just a few expressions that come close to just how dope these two tracks by Dope City Soul are!!!!

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Marcellus Wallace- Catch The Beat EP [Simma Red]

Not content with having a great artist name, Marcellus serenades us with the sounds of the US House music ghetto on this must have EP

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Full Intention- Good Love [Simma Black]

House legends Full Intention give our ears some ‘Good Love’ with this classic 96 Garage style vocal roller

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Dennis Quin- Grind It EP [Simma Black]

House music sensation Dennis Quin drops some more dirty bass fiyah with their new ‘Grind It EP’ on Simma Black, it’s dayuuum gooooood!!!!!!

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Emerald City- Rainbows & Rain EP [Soundtracs]

3 gorgeous tracks of uplifting and melodic Tech House and Electro Bass from Emerald City. Like a stream of bright soul pleasing colours, these tracks will go down a real treat

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Marvin Aloys – Green Love Story [Just Move]

Blissful dreamlike house music with a refined chilled groove, something very special indeed from this classy imprint known as Just Move Records

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Drifta- Sound Switch LP [Saucy Vibes]

When Drifta isn’t making quality DnB, they make quality House, Garage & Bass music as can be heard on this full LP packed with a spectrum of sounds and styles within said genre, all fiyah!!!

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Tough Love-Touch Ft Arlissa

The Tough Love team are back with another massive vocal house anthem for 2016, thanks to the lovely vocals of Arlissa and the signature carnival tinged Tough Love sound ‘Touch’ is already tearing things up

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VA- UnitedWeStand E.P [Kambo Records]

Yell O Phase & Master Mash serve up two tough high speed and hi octane NuSkool bangers via great new imprint Kambo Records

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Dayas Ft J Walk-Refuge [Xylo Music]

This deep delight with it’s powerful vocals returns with some amazing new remixes from top talent such as Maff Boothroyd & Coeus

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Numa Crew – New Underground Alliance Remixes Vol 2 

Fresh remixes of tracks from Numa Crews’ LP on Liondub Int. From DnB/Jungle to Bass, remixers include the likes of Brian Brainstorm and there is definitely something for all tastes here

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Vital Elements & Micky Finn- So Good/True Guidance [Serial Killaz Recordings]

When a veteran and true legend like Micky Finn is involved, you know you’re in for something extra special. Teaming up with Vital Elements, DnB gets elevated to a whole new level with two forward thinking but most certainly dancefloor ready productions


L PLUS – Hideout LP Sampler [Technique Recordings]

In anticipation of their LP, L Plus go in with 2 powerhouse DnB bangers perfect for the big room and with a hefty dose of that good ‘ole bass!!!




L Double – Back in the Jungle LP [Flex Industries]

Hosted by original junglist L Double ‘Back To The Jungle’ is a huge selection of across board Jungle/DnB from Liquid to Tearout, 140BPM to 180BPm featuring an array of talent including Galvatron, Greekboy, 2Brainz, Scattyone, Direct Feed & Satin plus more

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Kaylah- That Acid EP [DRUM Records]

Hailing from East London, Kaylah shows some real talent and amazing production skills with two squelching and bleeping slices of Acid/Tech House. ‘They Don’t Know’ bounces along with firm intent and ‘Tripped; is nothing short of melodic brilliance

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De Vriend-  Scream EP [Dolphin Friendly Tunage]

This label just keeps getting better, we’ve said it before, we’re saying it again. Screechin’ bouncin’ bassy tech house straight from the ghetto is what’s on offer from De Vriend plus straight up dope, straight up jackin’ remixes from the likes of Chunk

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Earth Leakage Trip- Earth Leakage Trip (Remastered Compilation) [Rising High]



Classic 90’s Experimental Breakbeat Hardcore Remastered For 2016

Fresh from the vaults of pioneering Hardcore/techno/House imprint Rising High Records is this 11 track remastered collection of tracks by Earth Leakage Trip.

Famous for the dark bleep n bass track ‘No Idea’ on Moving shadow, a track cited by Vinyl Junkie as a game changer; Earth Leakage Trip released a number of tracks on Rising High back in the early 90’s and here they are, remastered and available in digital format for the first time. Lets run through a few of our favourite tracks on the album:

1. Bad Trip (Too Much Acid)

The title says it all, the mood is dark, the fast moving breaks double up on each other in a very trippy fashion, there’s a spooked out spoken sample and sweeping techno sounds


Pure mentalist breakbeat hardcore with what sounds like an Arnold Schwarzenegger sample, a blend of uplifting flute sounds, hard hoover riffs and rolling breaks plus a mad rhyme, you will have heard this one on mixtapes from back in the day

3. I Wish I Knew

Uplifting and euphoric, we have never heard this one before, pure Fantazia style sounds with elements of progressive house, trance and techno but absolutely 100% ‘ardcore!!!

4. The Doors

This is an alternative version of the famous ‘No Idea’ featuring the same freaky samples plus T99 style rave riffs and proggy pads, the windows are where the doors should be!!!

5. The Ice Cream Van From Hell

This used to frighten me back in 92, in fact it still does, many know this one from compilation album ‘Kaos Theory 3′, the slo mo ice cream van sample, bleeps and horror music effects make this one stand out even now. Just don’t let your kids listen to it!!!!

You can buy the whole album via this link

DEL-30- Half Step [13 Records]


Del 30 Takes The Vocals Made Famous By Klubbheads ‘Klubbhopping’ And Drops This Heavy Tech House Heater ‘Half Step’

if you were into your House music around 95′ you’ll know those vocals, yes the famous ‘Known as a half step….’ Well Del 30 takes those vocals and feeds them into their blender of hard hitting techno drums and massive synths for a total annihilator of a tech House track, hit play, watch those speakers shake and the people dancing around them go nuts!!!

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Tantrum Desire Ft Rhymestar- Anarchist [Technique Recordings]


Tantrum Desire Will Set Fire To Your Speakers With ‘Anarchist’

Another track from Tantrum Desires’ ‘Nationwide Rockers EP’ out now on Technique Recs. Featuring burning bars from Rhymestar ‘Anarchist’ is a full on attack of unbridled DnB energy or in the common vernacular ‘fiyaaaaah!!!’

Buy Link or

W. Jeremy- Overdrive EP [Get Up Recordings]


W.Jeremy Drops Some Acid…..House Music!!! And it’s Dope And It’s Out Now On Get Up Recordings!!!!

W.Jeremy takes it back to 88/89 with his new release ‘Overdrive’ out on Get Up Recs. Keeping up the acid house theme of previous releases ‘Overdrive’ comes with seriously dope remixes from the likes of Jake Reif & Dallas’ Multipass. All that plus more jackin action with bonus track ‘I Wanna Be Somebody’  A definitive 10/10 for sheer dopeness

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JP Soul- Gone is the Time [Roam Recordings]


Deep Experimental Sounds To Blow Your Mind From JP Soul

Roam Recs continue their quality output of left of centre dance music. JP Soul takes the helm to steer us into deep psychedelic funky house/techno waters on a 3 track fantastic voyage. Get locked into the groove and let your mind be free with the sounds of JP Soul

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Benny Page & Sweetie Irie- Should A Know [Yard International]

Benny Page Yart Int Free Breaks Blog


Brace Yourself For This Infectious Slice Of Ragga Jungle From Benny Page & Sweetie Irie

There is no denying this is a great tune crammed with loads of sunshine vibes, Benny Page & Sweetie Irie let loose a party heater of a Ragga Jungle track ‘Should A Know’. It’s fun, addictive, lively and certified fiyah for the DJ, essential grab!!!

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VA-Escapism 3 [Liquicity Records]

Liquicity Escapism Vol 3 Free Breaks Blog

When It Comes To Warm Soulful DnB, Liquicity Records Have Got What You Need With New Compilation ‘Escapism 3′

Liquicity unveil their amazing new 12 track compilation of deep soulful DnB including beautiful drifting liquid rollers from the likes of Makoto, Phase & Whiney, Dualistic & Subsequent, Pola & Bryson & Filwo. Expect rich musical soundscapes and chilled left of centre DnB beats in abundance!!!


Buy Links…

Liquicity Records Online

Web Store:

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