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VA- JamHot Records Volume 1 [JamHot Records]

JamHot 001 artwork 800 x 800


A great new compilation to take you back to the raving days of the 80s/90s, this is Jam Hot!!!!

JamHot Records is a new label co owned by Tank Edwards & James Starkie. A label that aims to break down the barriers of today’s numerous sub genres and take it back to the glory days of the 80s/90s. The era that ushered in the modern dance music sound. An era where breakbeats and 4×4 kicks could be played side by side. The era of raving in big open fields. The glory days.

‘JamHot Vol One’ due out on Traxsource on 10/06/16 features 6 tracks, 3 by Tank Edwards and 3 by James Starkie. Going through James Starkie’s trio of tracks ‘808080’ is a great starting point, a track that evokes the early 80’s proto house sound with electro beeps, bleeps and beats that will conjure up images of dim light warehouses. ‘You 93′ is oldskool breakbeat hardcore/rave down to a tee with rolling breaks and Chicago style deep techno riffs. ‘Off The Chain’ continues in that classic breakbeat/techno vein with a big housey vocal and sounds that could sit well in a house, techno, breaks or even DnB setting. Deep, melodic, euphoric and just all round awesome.

Next up we will go through the three offerings from Tank Edwards. ‘Jack’in The House’ is pure 90’s inspired house, melodic uplifting pianos, a warm underbelly of bass pads, jackin’ beats and vocal snatches. ‘Hectic’ takes a bassy journey down the classic pop dance sounds of the early 90s, Mantronix, Snap!, Nomad, Pm Dawn, EMF, M/A/R/R/S and the Hacienda/’Madchester sound all rolled into a seriously funky jam with a speaker burning sub!!! ‘Check Dis Out’ sounds akin to Todd Terry & Mr Fingers getting together for a studio jam. Detroit bass meets big bouncing Chicago beats for a thumping slice of timeless tech house just like the good ‘ol days.

To quote that sample at the start of ‘Dub Be Good To Me;, this is Jaaaaaam hot!!!!! A compilation for the oldskool and nuskool heads alike. Tank Edwards & James Starkie take us on a ecstasy fueled journey of quality beats that’s got us rushin’ and will do the same for you!!!

Out On Traxsource 10/06/16


3 Questions For Digital + New EP On NexGen Music

NXG025D_WEB 800 X 800


According to Discogs, you have been producing since the mid 90s, what was your calling to the studio way back when?

As a kid in the mid 80’s I never thought about producing because all I wanted to do was play records, records aka vinyl. The eureka moment struck while out raving to DJ/Producers like Doc Scott and Simon Bassline Smith. I knew them through their amazing music on Reinforced Records and Absolute 2 so I figured they were getting mad love because of their work. It was a good feeling because I knew then I had something to aspire too.

My first release was back in 1994, a collab with Danny C under the name ‘Authorised Riddim’ on the legendary Certificate 18 Records. I got a huge buzz out of it because Dj’s I raved to like Storm, Bukem, Simon Bassline Smith were playing it. So my thoughts were, making beats push you as Dj, I get kicks out of it because when I’m raving my own track might get played (What a buzz!!) and furthermore, this could be my job! It sounded like a WIN, WIN, WIN situation.

You have featured on some of the biggest labels, Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware & Creative Wax to name just a few. Your sound is distinct from a very large pool of DnB all over the globe. Is it something you aspire to to be so different and have such a stand alone sound?

No I don’t aspire to that, I make music with the musical influences I’m armed with, while others might let their new bit of equipment shape their sound.

Lastly, can you tell us a bit about the ideas that went into this new EP Of yours for Nexgen music.

 ‘Brain Damage’ was born in the middle of a 2 day bender with the big man, Drum Cypha. I won’t tell you any details about it but you can imagine what is was like because of the resulting track name.

‘Let Them Live’ was me getting my alien on. I don’t really use  huge amount of synths in my tracks but this track has heaps throughout. I have loads of tracks like this as I’m doing a different kind of project at the moment…..

The ‘Brain Damage EP’ with Cypha on NexGen Music is out now. Buy It Here>>>


DnB Round Up 19.5.16

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Fresh DnB from labels such as Dub Damage and artists the likes of James Marvel and plenty more……..

New on Dub Damage Recordings

From a 2 track release including a Harvest remix of T>1 ‘Grudge FCUK’, this is Annix taking on Nicky Blackmarket & Voltage ‘USS Enterprise’. Big N’ Beastly!!!!


Kolectiv- Influences EP [Nurtured Beatz]

5 deep and experimental rhythms from the awesome Nurtured Beatz imprint plus 5 extra if you buy the USB version. On Kollectivs’ new EP we particularly like the Retraflex colab ‘General Dub’

Buy Link>>>>

James Marvel Ft MC Mota- Trump [AudioPorn Records]

Laying the bassline and bars smackdown on Donald Trump, get this DnB banger on your iPod!!!!

Buy Link>>>

Synth Ethics- Vanguard/Flexbox [The Dreamers]

The sound of the future. Neuro DnB meets Footwork and experimental bass in this lively new EP from Synth Ethics

Buy Link>>>

Mampi Swift- I Exist/Soldiers (Rene Lavice Remix) [Charge]

DnB legend legend Mampi Swift has just the medicine for your speakers, 2 heavy hitting DnB rollers including a remix from Rene Lavice. Banging hard and good!!!!

Buy Link>>>

Dossa & Locuzzed, Mindscape, NC-17, Qo- RMXD [Mainframe]

Dossa & Locuzzed get some top drawer remix action on 2 of their tracks ‘Soldiers’ and ‘We Rollin’

Buy Link>>>

Erbman- Long Rizla Blues [Hocus Pocus Recordings]

ERbman takes it back to the golden era albeit with todays’ on point production with this twisting 2 tracker. The title track being a veritable ‘Brown Paper Bag’ for 2016 with super phat double bass stabs

Buy Link>>>

Minor Rain- Resistance [Addictive Behaviour]

Mino Rain & the Addictive Behaviour imprint return to dazzle us and push the boundaries of DnB in the most danceable way. Don’t resist, hit play and buy!!!!

Buy Link>>>

Akrom- Invictus [Red Light Records]

The newest release on Optivs’ label comes from Akrom. Highly musical and seriously bangin’ at the same time. No mean feat from this highly talented artist

Buy Link>>>

Amen Diagnostics- Babylon System [Allowance Records]

Rolling jungle just like the good ol’ dayz from Amen Diagnostics. The doctors’ orders are pick up this junglist bad bwouy sharpish!!!!

Buy Link>>>

Dub Pistols- Real Gangster (Feat. Seanie Tee & Neville Staple) Isaac Maya Rmx

DubPistolsRealGangstaRemixFreeBreaksBlog 500 x 500


Rip Roaring Ragga Jungle From Dub Pistols For The Real Gangstas!!! Isaac Maya on the remix!!!

Isaac Maya on the  remix of Dub Pistols ‘Real Gangster’ firing DnB style featuring the vocals of Seanie Tee & Neville Staple, it’s a free download and it’s fiyah!!!! Check out the video here


Alistair Albrecht & Phil Bennetts Ft Bonnie Rabson- Radar [Muskox Records]



This upcoming release from Alistair Albrecht & Phil Bennets will radiate you with it’s transfixing house music sounds….

Originally known as ‘Radiate’, now known as ‘Radar’ and repackaged with stunning vocals from Bonnie Rabson. ‘Radar’ is a quite simply gorgeous track that truly radiates with sparkling strings and beats plus great remixes from Dennis Christopher, Ali Farahani & Max Rocca, Out 30/05/16 this stunning track should most definitely be on your radar!!!

Buy Here From 30/05/16>>>

You can also stream and download an Eddie Gun remix of ‘Radar’ here,  enjoy!!!

Wednesday Weapons: Tunes Round Up 18.05.16

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New House, Bass, Breaks & DnB Including Base Dimension, Majesty, Kachina, DJ Hybrid, Joziff Jordan And A Bass Tonne More!!!

Joziff Jordan- Violence EP [Audio Rehab]

3 firing jackin bass house style bombs from Joziff Jordan, ‘Say The Word’ particularly hits the spot

Buy Link>>>

David Penn, KPD, Kwedjatey & Dantiez- We Are Human [D Vine Sounds]

Dantiez, KPD & David Penn colab on a deep vocal house tune for the ages. Featuring vocals from Kwedjatey, this house gem is out now on D Vine Sounds. It’s so goodm we suggest you simply hit play!!!

Buy Link>>>

Justin Jay- Karma [Black Butter]

Deep poolside house with an organic twist. Justin Jay gives a taster of his upcoming album featuring tasty colabs and sophisticated sounds.

Buy Link>>>

DJ Hybrid- Darker Days [Audio Addict Records]

A follow up to DJ Hybrids’ album, ‘Darker Days’ is innovative and firing, 4 tracks of his signature Jungle/DnB with that distinctive flair and quality production

Buy Link>>>

Kachina- Festival EP [Affectionate Grooves]

Classic house vibes on this 4 track EP from Kachina. We’re especially lovin’ the Mr Fingers style ‘A PLace Called Home’, back to Chicago baby!!!

Buy Link>>>

Beat Breaker- Rassclat Head [Kut Off Records] (Free DL)

A tasty Jungle/Bass N Breaks banger from Beat Breaker up for free via Kut Off Recs

Soul Central- Stronger On My Own (Secret Sinz & Gary Tuohy 2016 Refix) (Free Download)

West Midlander Secret Sinz and Irelands’ Gary Tuohy drop an absolute barnstormer of a house track. A remix of Soul Central ‘Stronger On My Own’ with some truly classic piano to melt you down to the ground!!!

Kim English- Nite Life (Van Heldens Mix) Roog & Dennis Quin 2016 rework (Free Download)

Big bumpy Techno/Tech Refix of the infamous ‘Nite Life’ by Roog & Dennis quin, hit that download button!!!

London Grammer- Wicked Game (Layzie Edit) (Free Download)

Quite simply one of the best track/remixes we have heard all year, it’s brilliant, download while hot!!!

Base Dimension- We Are One [Fracture Recordings]

Deep vocal house with a powerful vibe from Base Dimension on Fracture Recordings. The words to this song will surely strike a note as well the deep mystical keys. Further boosted by a top remix by Boski

Buy Link>>>

Majesty- Shake It EP [Simma Black]

Majesty wants us to shake it and shake it we will!!! Signature Simma Black bassy n smooth bumpin’ house on this delicious 2 tracker, get on over and shake it all the way to the buy cart and snap this up!!!


Zona- Peace Love & Understanding [70×7 Records]

70x7003EP_Zona_COVER-ART resized

LA Duo Zona Have Put Together The Most Incredible LP Of Soulful House & Electronica

Dimitri Craven & Jerry Andrews aka Zona will blow your mind and fill your heart with joy with their truly incredible 12 track LP of Soulful House & Deeper Electronica. We will run down a few of our favourite tracks on this album. Rest assured, whatever we missed out is every bit as good!!!

Slave To The Rhythm

This is how to get the party started or in full flow. The beat jacks, the vocals are sweet sweet sweet!!! A classic piece of dance music. An ode to that feeling when the music gets you and this track gets us!!!!

Never Forget You

Warm organic bass chords. A classic soul sound that takes its’ call from the soul sounds of the 80s. A powerful story of love lost, truly powerful.

Peace, Love & Understanding

Is this ‘If Only I Could’ for 2016? The message certainly resonates in a like for like fashion. The words of this song need to be heard, they will break your heart. The vibes are strong too with smooth guitar licks and gorgeous keys

So there you have 3 great reasons to buy and support this album, there are 9 more should definitely check out too, outstanding!!!!

iTunes Pre Order Link


R3 Style- Angel Fusion [Bad Habit Muzik]

R3 Style Angel Fusion Bad Habit Muzik Free Breaks Blog


This Old Skool Style Breaks Track On Bad Habit Muzik Has Been Supported By Lady Waks

R3 Style ‘Angel Fusion’ out now on Bad Habit Muzik recently featured on Lady Waks’ You Tube mix series, it’s the very first track, you can check it out here:

For the house heads, Whizz Kid turns in a bassy house reworking. Take a listen to both versions below, pick a copy via this link and fiyah like dis!!!! :D

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