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VA- Mother Knows Best 4

VA- Mother Knows Best 4 [Mother Recordings]


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‘Mother Knows Best 4′ on Mother Recordings kicks off in a most resounding manner with the buoyant beats of Robosonic & KlangKuenstler ‘Nuts’, a thumping rendition with a sanguine disco lead hook. This one will go down well with fans of imprints the likes of Simma Black

Birdhouse ‘OMG’ grabs your attention not just because of the unforgettable vocal sample. The rising constitution of 8 bar synths, crunching beats and whiplash/cowbells is just as attention grabbing!!

Rodriguez & Gabriel Sordo construct a recondite expedition through the dusty roads of Latin America with the hypnotic chords of ‘Camino Largo’, a great crowd warmer.

Thabo Getsome asks ‘Where The Party At’ for track four of ‘Mother Knows Best 4′ incorporating eerie off the wall Jazz sounds, the kind that once graced Hip Hop in it’s golden age and are now utilised by the likes of Greco and others.

Andromo gets to wrap things up with ‘State Of Mind’, a rugged dubby track in the style of Lupe Fuentes & Black Girl // White Girl. A tidy way to round up this essential compilation. Mother definitely knows best!!!

Fancy Inc- All About Love

Fancy Inc- All Abou Love


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The ‘All About Love EP’ by Fancy Inc is out on Warung Records with bonus track ‘Run To My House’ and title track remixes from Rich Wakley & A Lister

The title track carries an ignitable armoury of powerful funky synths, familiar samples that create an instant attachment, and a main hook that sits ‘All About Love’ in that lofty position with House music’s finest tracks of the decades. A Lister sails the title track into techier waters going for an ensemble of cowbells, Rave/Techno riffs and marching beats. Rich Wakley adds that touch of class he is renowned for with a remix that stands defiantly between the borders of House & Techno

Bonus track ‘Run To My House’ makes for a highly effective call to action. The beats hit satisfyingly hard with rugged synths to match, there’s so much to love about the  ‘All About Love EP’ by Fancy Inc!!!

Here To Hear Music Catch Up Jan 2017



We catch up with some fine sophisticated House music tracks on Here To Hear Music

Roy McLaren – Turbines

Deep synths drive along this track along with some great saxophone work and captivating vocals. A great piece of musical arrangement and a super smooth deep tech house heater

Roy McLaren – Gut Instinct

For ‘Gut Instinct’ we go back to the classics in every sense of the word. Shades of Disco and Soul blend with euphoric and awe inspiring keys. This is Roy McLaren showing a dedication and attention to fine detail that displays knowledge and love of real House music and the roots of the sound.

Roy McLaren – Destined Alpha

This 80’s themed superb chunk of House will have you thinking of HiFi Sean & Waterson. The soaring yet subtle atmosphere and early house aesthetics of this track will literally take your breath away.

Roy McLaren – 3’s A Crowd

Roy McLaren really goes for a crisp classic soul ethos on this track. The beats are as chilled as a bucket of ice and the dreamy synths conjure up images in the mind of warm, exotic and inviting locations

Verdikt – Nuttin But Trouble EP

Verdikt - Nuttin But Trouble EP


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Verdikt’s back in the Ruffneck Ting fold and he has brought his high-grade weaponry.  A total of seven heat seeking DnB missiles are contained within the ‘Nuttin But Trouble EP’ so be warned and be wary. When that bass hits your speakers you’re gonna know about it!!!

A big shout to Dazee, the label owner of one of DnB/Jungles’ finest labels. And a big shout to the collective of talent on Ruffneck Ting that includes Verdikt. If you love your DnB with that 90’s ethos of tumultuous beats n’ bass, start with this fantastic release and work your way back through one of the scene’s most essential back catalogues.

Ankous – Believe In House EP

Ankous - Believe In House EP

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Swerve Digital continue their juggernaut run of unmissable House & Techno with Ankous’ ‘Believe In House EP’ featuring colossal remixes from Martin Hellfritzsch & Thijs Haal.

From the land of the maple leaf comes Ankous with some truly North American House music sounds. The track after which this EP is named contains levels of excitement that will turn the walls of any club to H20.

Martin Hellfritzsch & Thijs Haal provide remixes more than befitting of their incredible track record. We particularly love Thijs Haal’s version of ‘Believe In House’ packed with the characteristic bulky beats and exigent synths we associate with said artist’s productions.

Ankous also includes two more tracks ‘Feel The Funk’ & ‘Ladder’. Both tracks are clear indications of the impending meteoric success that lies in store for this talented Canadian.

Acumen-Idéal Féminin EP

Acumen-Idéal Féminin EP

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Acumen’s ‘Idéal Féminin EP’ out on NONSTOP is your go to Tech House release for this week. The title track fizzes effervescently producing countless bubbles of intricate technical funk. ‘Panier De Crabe’ is our definite pick of a splendid trio of tracks. Everything works it way up to a melody reminiscent of the late Prince transposed into the digital synths of today’s Tech House. ‘Envieuse’ dips its beautifully painted toes into the cosmic waters of intergalactic Techno. Take this musical swim and relish it.

Freiboitar & Pete Adams – Get Back EP

Freiboitar & Pete Adams - Get Back EP

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Freiboitar & Pete Adams ‘Get Back EP’ is out now on Indiana Tones. The title track combines the pleasing heavy kicks of Tech House with Latin Jazz cum US House delectability. ‘Downdurground’ furthers that propensity for US style beats. You could, in fact be listening to an early 00’s Roger Sanchez/David Morales track albeit with an edgy twist. Two funky cuts to lay your mits on as quick as you can!!!

LYCID – Locked EP



One of our absolute favourite labels, Eight0Eight Records upholds their record for serious House music heat with a new release by LYCID. That’s serious star power by itself but when you add Seconds NL, JoJo Angel/Matteo Rosolare, and House Soldiers into the mix well now the heat is thermo nuclear!!!

‘Locked’ is crisply crafted round a set of enslaving vocal samples, an impossible to resist funky hook and chunky as you like bits with resonating hats. Seconds NL turns up the funk ‘o’ meter for their remix while JoJo Angel & Matteo Rosolare give it the zealous Techno treatment that we have come to love them for. House Soldiers go for a subtle but slamming re-rub for the drum lovers.We’re ‘Locked’ into this fantastic new track (and it’s remixes!!!)

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