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Kalyde – Clone

Kalyde - Clone

Kalyde be like ‘got a new techno EP out on vinyl with 3 bangers plus a Mak & Pasteman Remix’

‘Clone’ is the title track for this EP, it’s a unique take on the Acid House sound with a psychedelic slant. ‘Omulate’ continues on this trippy and quirky path and we get that Mak & Pasteman remix as mentioned above. ‘White Shadow’ features all manner of strange but wonderful sounds grooving in a cave with a pict!!!! If it’s twisted yet tasteful techno you’re after, Kalyde and his boys be like ‘listen to this!!!’

Made To Move- House Tracks with The 90s Rave Vibes

Made To Move- House Tracks with The 90s Rave Vibes

Made To Move takes it back to the oldskool with a House music twist!!! We first heard this artist on Spira Music. Since then he has featured on some of the scene’s top labels like the two Simmas (Black & Red), Hustler Trax & Nurvous. Some of his latest releases are here for review below, check them out!!!

Made To Move- Hardcore Feel EP

Both ‘Hardcore Days’ and ‘Feel The Beat’ conjure up the early 90s rave vibe perfectly with excitement laced synths and rolling beats a la Low Steppa, Dennis Quin & co


Made To Move- You Had It

We really love this one, for the keen spotters out there, this is a homage to Bass Ballistics ‘Blow Out’, the kick drums get swapped for some rolling breaks and if this doesn’t make your skin go all goosebumpy then quickly check your pulse!!!


Made To Move- Classic But More EP

The title track takes a teeny weeny snippet of Baby D ‘Let Me Be Your Fantasy’ and blends it in the percolator for a  rushy garage/breaks hybrid that practically forces you to hit replay. ‘Radi Call’ features a really cool vocal sample and hits the dubstep tempo for a slammin’ breaks banger of a tune!!!

Di Chiara Brothers- Backing in Back

Di Chiara Brothers- Backing in Back

Di Chiara Brothers bring ten years of rockin’ the house to Lapsus Music and they do it with the BANGIN’ ‘Backing in Back EP’

The title track is a lesson in why proper Tech House music is the best thing since sliced bread right now, all those essential ingredients cooked and prepped to perfection before being served to the DJ’s platter where taster’s taste buds (their ears) explode with joy!!

‘Make It’ and ‘Treacker’ are no slouches in the straight up house banger department. Each with their own flair and feel but all equally club-centric,  another winning release on Lapsus? well of course!!!

Rondo Mo – Overflow EP

Rondo Mo - Overflow EP

Rondo Mo is seriously talented, not just a music producer but also an instrumentalist and a singer!!! With that much talent is it a surprise that Rondo Mo’s first EP for the Fayer label ‘Overflow ‘ does not disappoint!!!

‘Overflow’ is a perfect reflection of what Rondo Mo does, the harmonious meeting between the organic and the electronic with all the warmth of traditional instrumentation and all the oomph of electronic kicks and thumps.  With further remixes from Gardens Of God, Jonas Rathsman & Theo Kottis, this is quite the wetter of progressive house appetites, partake must!!!

Jerico – Livin For Today

Jerico - Livin For Today

Jerico, Bronx Cheer & Adam Hyjek make ‘Livin’ For Today’ a necessity using lush piano house as their argument, yes, this stunner of a release is out now on Tall House Digital and awaits your ears!!

It doesn’t matter how many times you use a formula so long as it works, pianos and house music are almost inseparable but when done exceptionally well they really are inseparable!! That’s what Jerico has done here and your ears, your feet and your heart just won’t be able to resist the warmth and feeling this track brings. On top of that, we get awesome remixes from Bronx Cheer and Adam Hyjek so live for today, snap this beauty up!!!


Tom Clyde – Driving Me Crazy / Black Lodge

Tom Clyde - Driving Me Crazy-Black Lodge

Tom Clyde brings some tasty tech breaks sounds to Census Sound with ‘Driving Me Crazy’ & ‘Black Lodge’

Starting with ‘Driving Me Crazy’, Russian beatmaster, Tom Clyde brings a level of detail to his production that is always appreciated and a source of thrills and highs for the listener. The dark textures on this track will have you thinking of the early 00’s Nu Skool Breaks sound pioneered by Rennie Pilgrim, Freq Nasty and others.  ‘Black Lodge’ certainly has a David Lynchian feel to it, is the title a direct reference to the esoterical realm of Twin Peaks where Laura Palmer dances with the little red man? Perhaps so, its a great tune, that much we do know!!!

Uone & Western – Hidden Oasis EP (Sol Selectas Records)

Uone & Western - Hidden Oasis EP (Sol Selectas Records)

LA imprint Sol Selectas look to capitalise on a successful 2016 with exceptional Deep House content for 2017

The Beatport best-selling Deep House label unveils a new release from Uone & Westernm the ‘Hidden Oasis EP’

Aussies, Uone & Westernm take ethnic sounds and organic instruments, they fuse them into the House artforms ‘Gold Sacks River’ and ‘Tribal Paradise’ crafting sounds the like of which you definitely haven’t heard before but will be pining to hear more of!!!

Dreems remixes ‘Tribal Paradise’ taking deeper into the realms of dreamlike states, a slow glide through the landscape of the mind. Jonas Saalbach shows why his home nation, Germany is making the music headlines once again with a rich melodic reworking Gold Sacks River’ Its looking like another successful 12 months for Sol Selectas when the music is as sweet as this!! year for

Masaya – Picking Up The Pieces LP (Chapter 24 Records)

Masaya - Picking Up The Pieces LP (Chapter 24 Records)

Chilean artist and Chapter 24 label boss, Masaya will stun you with her latest musical masterpiece, the ‘Picking Up The Pieces LP’

A series of personal life events shapes the emotion-filled journey that is ‘Picking Up The Pieces.’ Ambient intro ‘Walking Dead’ is the initial sonic toe dip into a musical ocean that invites the listener to bathe in the warm waters of ‘  The Backstage’ and ‘Agnostic’

For those bright-eyed moments of enchantment on the dance floor, ‘ Haumea’ and ‘ Picture’ are both ideal soundtracks

You can experience pleasure, pain and a range of feelings within the delicate keys of tracks like  ‘Flow of Tears’, ‘Justin Loves’ and ‘Inside.’ Here are tunes you can mix, dance to and you can mindfully exhale in.

We reach an ecstatic peak with closing tracks ‘Borderline’ and ‘Time Goes Fast’. If empathy has a beat, Masaya has given it form and crafted it for your ears to enjoy on repeat.

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