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Secure Unit- Cat & Dog/Born In The Jungle

Secure Unit- Cat & Dog-Born In The Jungle

Legendary breaks n’ bass imprint, Warehouse Wax reactivates for 2017 with a couple of furious & fiery breakbeat bangers from Secure Unit!

Nothing beats a bit of 97′ era Prodigy style teeth gnashing bassline business to get the testosterone flowing! Secure Unit go in titanium hard with Liam & co inspired banger ‘Cat & Dog’

‘Born In The Jungle’ melts Techno, Breaks and Jungle into a rib-splitting intermixture. Wanna turn up the heat in your DJ set? THis EP will break down molecules!

Dubz – Rerubbed, Vol. 1- Ghetto Dub

Dubz - Rerubbed, Vol. 1

Ghetto Dub presents ‘Dubz – Rerubbed, Vol. 1′, four re rubbed tracks from the Dubz compilation LP featuring Jungle & DnB’s finest!

Four essential Jungle/DnB bangers!!! Dubtime gives Brian Brainstorm’s ‘Nuh Matta’ a lively refashioning with heavy bouncing breaks, throbbing basslines and Ragga stylings. Sound Shifter shows why he is in such demand from so many labels with a savage techstep refix of Kumarachi ‘Black Out’, be warned!!!

X E Dos reinforces Secure Unit’s ‘Lionheart Bizznizz’ with industrial strength, no cowardly Lions here!!! Section takes the track title of Symptom ‘Take Tough’ to heart with a ferocious re-rub!!!

3 Years Of Ultra Bass Records


Celebrate 3 Years Of Ultra Bass Records with this bumper compilation of quality UKG, Breakstep, Garage & Bass plus fresh material from McVicker, Lamont Dex & Digital Pilgrimz

The 26 tracks on this celebratory mixed artist album hark all the way back to 2014 (some do) right up to the present. You will hard pressed to find such variety on an album this ilk. The multiple strands of a dance music genre with its roots stretching back to 1992 is impressive. Featured on this 3-year milestone LP are Rico Tubbs, Sol Brothers, Rare Candy, Cellardore and a host of other top talents. Among the classics, we get four brand new tracks, all a testament to the Ultra Bass commitment to quality. McVicker, Lamont Dex & Digital Pilgrimz all contribute new tunes as a bonus to the premium content. All in all, a good chance to restock on some certified heaters and if by any strange coincedence, you hadn’t heard of this label yet, now’s a perfect chance to get acquainted!!!!


2DB – Leave

2DB - Leave

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2DB aren’t messing around! Their latest musical outing for Technique Recordings packs a hefty thump!!!

‘Leave’ is the type of tune that catches you unaware. You know the one, a nice warm vocal to start off, floating melodic keys then BOOM!!! Like a chainsaw ricocheting off a titanium wall, the bassline kicks in, kicks the door down and gives us, the listeners a good old hiding before chucking a greasy rag on our heads. The epitome of ‘banger’, boy does this bang! It bangs in all the right places too!!!

Taylor HK ‘My Body’ (Housekeeping)

Taylor HK

Taylor HK brings a different flava to the Housekeeping imprint with the bluesy and soulful ‘My Body’

Sounding like a highly tasteful take on the ‘Porcelain’ era sound of Moby, ‘My Body’ layers a Bluegrass/Soul style vocal over some pure house music beats.

On the flip, we get a Terrace mix that strips everything down to the bare bones for a sweat inducing pulsing club heater to work ya’ to your bones at a club in your vicinity!!!

Caspa – The Nothing

Caspa - The Nothing

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Bass warrior, Caspa lures us into ‘The Nothing’, a desolate landscape of crunching beats and powerful resonance!

So you’ve heard of The Black Lodge, The Upside Down and The Further-but you’re not ready for the dark reverberating bass dimension that Caspa wants to lead you into!

Is there a motif or a metaphorical meaning hidden in the artwork with its bunches of £20 notes? One things for sure, this is a dark steppa that would have Sith lords running for cover. To listen to this, you need perfect courage, a healthy addiction for dank bass music and a nice powerful set of speakers!

Walker & Royce & Green Velvet- Rub Anotha Dub

Walker & Royce & Green Velvet- Rub Anotha Dub

Just when you think Walker & Royce couldn’t get any better, they team up with the legend, Green Velvet for a gargantuan slice of Bass/Tech House.

The Dirtybird imprint has to be one of the best purveyors of Bass House music. The emphasis is on style rather than loudness and that’s a key thing. Dirtybird releases blur the lines between pure House Music, Tech House and what we call ‘Bass’- and Walker & Royce are responsible for some of the best tracks on this label.

So just when you think this duo has reached the peak of hype musical excellence, they prove us all wrong again and deal us a pleasurable chest thump with the freakily funky ‘Rub Anotha Dub’

The blend of the subtle yet sizzlin’ style of this duo, the vocals of House/Techno legend, Green Velvet push up the heat level from bubbling to absolutely boiling!


Etch- Chemotaxis

Etch- Chemotaxis

Sneaker Social Club welcome back Etch for a four track feast of dreamy 90’s inspired but so 2017 broken beat mastery.

The fun begins with title track ‘Chemotaxis’, a dreamy hazy 136BPM Jungle joint that sounds like the soundtrack for the little man in red dancing across the Chevron floor of the red room in Twin Peaks.

‘What Lies Beyond’ is the dark mysterious twin of ‘Chemotaxis’ where the dream becomes a tense nightmare of searing 808s and horrorcore.

‘Green Park’ is our pick here, another 136BPM excursion with mentasm riffs, bleeps and a chilled backdrop pierced and prodded by a pervase sesame street break.

The EP finished on a bit of experimentation with ‘Prismatic (Etch Revision)’, a nice bit of freeform breakbeat jazzy psychedelia.


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