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VA- New Wave-Subway Soundz

VA- New Wave-Subway Soundz

Subway Soundz present the ‘New Wave’ mixed artist EP featuring Pacso/Term, Ego Trippin’, Coda, Certified/Silent Storm & Masker. Four dripping with filth Jump Up bangers for the ravin’ crew!!!

Pacso & Term start the rave with Hip Hop laced ‘Strong’, Ego Trippin’ goes oldskool with Hype/Zinc/Micky Finn style ‘Barely Breathing VIP’

Coda amps iy up to fever pitch with the grimey murkfest of ‘Slow Ya Roll’, Certified & Silent Storm visit a rave from the 90s with ‘All Be Free’and Masker cleans up figuratively and literally with the dutty dutty bass fest of ‘Dirty Business’

5 straight up DnB bangers from the Subway Soundz label and a fine roster of talent. Resistance is futile!!!

Epicentre-Run It

Epicentre-Run It

Cocoa Tea & Cutty Ranks once sang that if you play with fire, you must get burned. It seems Epicentre took this valuable lesson and processed it into 6 deadly tunes for their ‘Run It EP’ out now on Deep In The Jungle.

We enter the dance with Soul II Soul sampling rumble fest ‘Fresh’, next up is the mid 90’s minimal Hip Hop influenced vibes of ‘Infamous.’

‘Run It Back’ revisits some Aphrodite circa 94 style drum builds while ‘Lion A Lion’ gets its Dream Team classic Jump Up skank on.

‘Jedi’ crosses over to the darkside in dark tech/jungle fashion and ‘Duppied Inna Dance VIP’ delivers a megaton of oldskool juglistic bass n’ drum to kill ‘em dead!!!!

What we have here is a massive EP for all the diehard junglists to show their support for, you know what to do!!!

Digital Pilgrimz-Let Me Tell You

Digital Pilgrimz-Let Me Tell You

Digital Pilgrimz ‘Let Me Tell You’, one of the most diverse Bass music releases you will hear in 2017, out now on Future Follower Recs…

Listening to Digital Pilgrimz ‘Let Me Tell You’and the four remixes included, I’m reminded of my own personal musical tastes timeline as I grew up in the 90s. Putting aside the cheesy pop dance music I listened to as a pre teen, it began with breakbeat hardcore/jungle tekno followed by house/trance/techno, garage and jungle/DnB.

‘Let Me Tell You’ in its original form is a skippy bass/2 step hybrid with vocals from Helena May that hints at the 90’s while staring firmly forward into the future.

Lamont Dex does another of his first class 98′ style speed garage jobs on the original with nice phat beats and a quintessential speed garage bassline, big business!!!

Gribzy turns in a tough tech bass rerub in similiar fashion to his recent EP on Country Club Disco.

Strange Rollers goes on a deep voyage of dubby sounds and electro style drums with interludes of intelligent jungle breakage.

Lastly, History Of Hardcore label owners, Insane & Mind blend mid 90s Moving Shadow style sounds with some rolling 92′ ardcore to complete a truly unique package.

We’ve been long time fans of Future Follower Recs for years but we have to say this is one of the finest releases on the label to date, a 10/10 without a doubt!!!

Silverfox – Jack Da Planet

Silverfox - Jack Da Planet

Silverfox’s newest addition to FOX Pukka Kutz Records ‘Jack Da’ Planet’ pays homage to an 80’s Electro classic in furious funky Jackin’ House style!!!

‘Planet Rock’ has had it’s fair share of tributes in a multitude of genres but ‘Jack Da’ Planet’ brings a new dimension to this B Boy anthem for the ages. Heavy bouncing beats, scratch samples, a bit of Flava Flav and an overall funky thumpin’ vibe makes this tune hugely playable and no doubt hugely crowd pleasing. Get some of that funk!!!!

Nuphlo – Digital Culture Clash

Nuphlo - Digital Culture Clash

Nuphlo ‘Digital Culture Clash’ is an absolutely amazing fusion of Jungle, Footwork, Bass, Dub and Classical South Asian music that truly needs and deserves to be heard

Nuphlo shows some incredible talent  on his ‘Digital Culture Clash’ LP. Through the course of this album you will hear a mind blowing array of sounds seamlessly fusing with each other. Decades of sound, numerous sub genres all expertly crafted into the fantastic tracks that make up this sound clash.

The clever blend of traditional South Asian music with a variety of contemporary sounds and tempos is something rare, this writer certainly can’t think of another example. If you love Jungle, Footwork, Hip Hop and Bass music in general, there is so much to be loved on ‘Digital Culture Clash’

So many styles are on display in this wonderful collage of music and rhythm. Included on this 14 track grand opus are collabs aplenty including ‘Mountains’ with Sukh Knight but the Free Breaks Blog fave has to be the 92/93 Junglistic vibism of ‘Rumba Box’

Dive into this musical delight, one of the best albums to have graced the speakers of Free Breaks HQ!!!

Torrfisk- The Remnant

Torrfisk- The Remnant

Next up on Apollo Music is the freaky delights of Torrfisk ‘The Remnant’, 3 tracks of twisted tech house plus a remix from Jason Hodges.

Torrfisk’s ‘PTSB’, ‘Jack Phreak’ & ‘Flash’ are fashioned in the lovable mould of Green Velvet and other off the wall luminaries pf House music. Expect pleasingly off kilter keys, bumpin’ drums aplenty and vibes that make you wanna jack!!! Jason Hodges appears for a remix of ‘Flash’ that floats somewhere between House, Garage, techno and the sound of dreams. Simply irresistible sounds!!!

Clouded Judgement – Countdown EP

Clouded Judgement - Countdown EP

Swerve Digital weaponises your Friday with Clouded Judgement’s new ‘Countdown EP’ The London duo bring their A game with three versatile and highly appealing Tech House productions.

The duo that brought you the massive ‘Give Us An E’ back in 2014 have been riding a wave of notoriety that has taken them to labels like Simma Red, Data Transmission’s Shanghaied, Freakin909 and countless more.Near 40 somethings like this blogger will recognise elements of a 91′ hardcore tune in ‘Give Us An E’, namely Skin Up’s ‘Blockbuster’ This strain of 90’s rave, Hip Hop, House & techno is a mainstay of the countless fierce and up-tempo productions in Clouded Judgement’s back cat.

The Countdown EP displays the diversity in this duo’s repertoire starting with the title track, a kind of ‘Klubhopping’ for 2017 with an intense and complex set of keys that dance across the slamming drums. ‘Maverick’ has a deep allure, a mysterious interplay of rumbling chords, spoken words and subtle single key stabs. ‘Small Step’ is the big euphoric climax of the EP with soaring chords and an oldskool feel accentuated by the 303s and timeless synths employed through out.

While many labels like to churn out the bangers but Swerve Digital releases are always exceptional. Here is another fine example of that adherence to high quality. One to add to the buy cart without delay.

Franky Rizardo- Feel Alright EP

Franky Rizardo- Feel Alright EP

When Franky Rizardo graces your label with an EP, A: You know it’s going to be special and B: expect it to head straight to the top of the download store charts. His new EP for Solardo’s Sola imprint ticks all the right boxes for lovers of House & Tech House.

Franky Rizardo, a regular to labels like Defected, Cr2 & Simma Black makes an appearance on Solardo’s Sola label with the ‘Feel Alright EP.’ The title track has a Latin feel to it, a bouncy affair with the repeated refrain ‘Do You Feel Alright’ and plenty of breathing room between the energy intensive synths and rolling drums. Here you have a production from a producer, DJ and label owner who know’s his crowd and how to get them hyped!!

Next up is ‘Killer Bees’, a dark big room Tech House chugger that works so well in that peak time slot. A repeated call and response chant, heavy drums and killer bee style riffs all come together for a track that will push excitement levels to the maximum. The boss slays it yet again with another huge release!!!!

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