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Virtual Riot – Prime Loops Sample PAck


When I’m browsing through a sample library the first time, they’re mostly organised through alphabetical order – so I start with Bass. And my god, does this pack have BASS.

With it’s intentions placed firmly in the 140 bpm region, Virtual Riot contains an uncompromising set of expertly labelled, clear and weighty samples. It plays to it’s strengths, with folders filled with soaring leads and heavy basslines that would be extremely easy to slot into your next project. The Bass Hits and Loops are extremely well done, and anyone working in the space of dubstep or any other genre that relies on complextro-esque chopping and changing of basslines will be in for a treat.

Along with some awesome Synth Hits, Loops, FX and Drums, this is one of the better sample packs I’ve had the pleasure of going through. While it is clearly geared towards the heavier styles of electronic music, this pack will deliver to the people looking for that sound in spades.

4 / 5


City Sample Pack (Bear Fresh)

Bear Fresh


Lending itself to the future bass and garage styles that are so hot today, City Samples is packed to the brim with go-to sample material. The included drums are definitely quality over quantity and you can tell each sample was chosen for it’s particular range rather than bombarding you with a bunch of shitty ones that you’ll never use. Drum loops are separated into each element too, giving you a lot more combinations to work with if you’re just in need of a top loop in your current tune to fill it out.

There’s some interesting Massive Presets to be had, some beautiful and haunting music loops that leave you wanting more along with the included MIDI, Vocals and FX. With all that said, the drums are the star of the show here. Recommended if you’re looking to update your drum sample collection to the new hotness or get some inspiration if you want to try your hand at a new style.

3.5 / 5


Too Many T’s – 1992 pt. II – Accapella

Too Many T's Too Many T’s are back with another tongue in cheek hip hop / breaks crossover track and this time are offering the acapella for free download for all you producers out there. We have teamed up with “Britain’s answer to the Beastie Boys” to bring you this exclusive download link. Download the pella below, fire up your DAW of choice, create some crazy, funky, bass heavy masterpieces and send over to Too Many T’s for potential stardom and unlimited groupies.

“1992 Pt. II” is another no-holds-barred yet explosive tribute to the classic early nineties Hip Hop sound that the T’s love so much. Produced by Lumbering Giant (AKA Fly Si) and featuring cuts from none other than Featurecast, this follows on perfectly from 2013’s pt I which helped propel the duo into the limelight. Expect classic b-boy breaks, funky flute loops, golden era samples and slick scratches which combine to create one hell of a party hip hop track. Download the track below…

And the acapella…


Sample Pack


‘808’s BASS & BREAKS


Free Breaks Blog are very proud to present ‘808’s, Bass & Breaks’ royalty free sample pack, created in conjunction with one of the Breakbeat scenes most talented underground producers.

Weighing in at just under half a gigabyte, this pack is a cutting edge collection of royalty free beats and breaks which includes over 500 ready to use samples. Consisting of 20 Booming Bassline Loops, 80 Bone Shaking Breaks Loops, 20 Expertly Crafted Music Loops, 20 On Point Pad Loops, 20 Technically Twisted Vox Loops and a vast collection of one shot sounds and hits.

You will find 40 Sonically Superior 808 Bass hits, 180 Individual Drum and Percussion Samples, 20 FX one shots, 40 Lead Sounds, and 40 of the finest Pad hits.



Imagine This – Acapellas

Imagine This1


Imagine This has been supplying the funk and hip hop community with slick lyrics for some time now and can regularly be found spitting bars on glitch, ghetto funk and mid tempo jams.

He has recently been letting loose acapella versions of his vocals for free for all budding producers and seasoned veterans to use in the productions. Below you will find seven different pellas from fully released tracks that you can add to your music.

Whatever you do with them, forward to I.T. and you may get featured, reposted or maybe more. E-mail


Rankin Audio – Sample Packs

Rankin Audio

Written by guest reviewer Juxtapose, one half of The Beatslappaz.

Sometimes it’s worth looking for sample packs that aren’t labelled “Breaks” to get your fix. Rankin Audio, the brainchild of High Rankin has been delivering top notch sample packs covering all the other key electronic music genres. They have also just recently launched a monthly subscription service to deliver unique samples every month for a fee. Though not labeled as breaks, there’s definitely something here for the intrepid producer …

Dubstep, Trap and DNB Subscription – £9.95 per month

It’s no secret that as both the Beatslappaz and Juxtapose I’ve always leaned heavily on Rankin Audio to provide clean, heavy drum samples that cut through a complicated mix. The drum samples that come with the dubstep and trap packs always deliver and the ones here are likewise unmissable.

The loops range between 140bpm and 174bpm, so your milage will vary with the included music loops when applying them to a breakbeat tempo. With that said, every loop can be used for inspiration, including grabbing chord progressions (the key is labelled on each sample) or using the provided bass and synth Hits to recreate them at the needed speed. The 10 included Massive presets are also excellent.

I think any breaks producer will find a lot of use with the single hits and Massive presets in this pack, which is worth the price of admission alone. Recommended.

House and Garage Subscription – £9.95 per month

Fans of the Stanton Warriors latest sounds rejoice – this is the pack for you. Filled with melodic, beautiful stabs and loops combined with bouncy bass patterns, any one of the sounds included could catapult you into writing your next bass music hit.

Once again the samples are provided as a mix of loops and hits but with the tempo set at 124bpm, just about every loop could be put straight into a breaks project as is or cut up with minimal fuss. Unfortunately there are no Massive presets included in this pack, but the bass and synth can of course be put into any sampler.

The drums are geared more towards the house sound, so you’ll find the hits here to be a bit more subtle than the previous pack – however the strength is in the percussive grooves which will add some great rhythm to your tunes.

I’m a big fan of this sound growing in breaks so this pack is highly recommended.

Complete Subscription (Both packs) – £15.95 per month

As a producer, I found things from both packs that will help with my work – uncompromising drums in the Trap pack and brilliant forward-thinking bass patterns and synth samples in the House pack. For just £15.95 you won’t be disappointed, and who knows? Maybe they’ll inspire you to explore some of the other genres that are on offer…

These particular packs may not be available at the time of reading, but trust us when we say you will definitely find something suitable for your audio needs by signing up to the Rankin Audio subscription service.

Imagine This – Acapellas

Imagine This


Imagine This is a pioneering Palestinian Kiwi musician who effortlessly bridges the boundaries between genres. You will definitely recognise his vocals from countless ghetto funk and glitch hop tracks with his vocals recently appearing on THIS TASTY NUMBER.

He has let loose two of his slick vocal acapellas for you to do what you want with. Send over the results to his Facebook and you never know what might happen.


Beat Juice Vol 1 Sample Pack



Beat Juice Volume One is our first foray into the world of sample packs and we can honestly say its the best value pack you’re going to find out there today. Filled with high quality downloadable samples for electronic producers and Djs worldwide, Free Breaks Blog have teamed up with uber talented producer DJ Buzzword (Cold Busted, Sup Peeps Records, Ispirato Music) to bring a beat-rich pack which will not break the bank.

Original breaks loops which will provide the perfect backing to any broken genre (hip hop, breaks, breakbeat, future jungle, ghetto funk etc) and sonically superior one shot drum hits which will allow you to create perfect drum racks.

Included amongst the royalty free sample libraries are over 500 individual drum hits and over 300 original Rex loops.

These samples have been endorsed by world renowned producers and the cream of the breaks and beats scene including SKEEWIFF, MAFIA KISS, REFRACTURE, REL1 & THE BEATSLAPPAZ. Check out their comments below.

Beat Juice - Quotes


A similar sized pack from other well known sample boutiques will look to cost you around £20 – £30 but we here at Free Breaks Blog are providing this sample pack at an insanely cheap price of £10.00. Technical specs are below.


Original Breaks – Funky Beats With that vintage grit we all miss from Analogue Recording!

The Fake 808 Tapes – Jomox MFB-522 Drum Computer, including loops recorded to Reel to Reel and Cassette Tape.

‘Extras’ – Hi-hat, Percussion & All sorts loops.

Drum Hits 

100+ Kicks

30+ Boom Kicks

100+ Snares

80+ Hats

200+ Percussion Sounds


 Instant Digital Download

Drum Breaks in 16/24 bit Rex format

Organized by BPM folders (50-80bpm – 81-99bpm 100bpm+)

Drum Loops recorded in different locations with various Mics, Preamps and Hardware.

Tascam 38 Tape Recording, Tascam Porta One Cassette Recording.

Conversion & Digital Recording – RME Fireface 800.

808 Clone Drum Machine Loops

Compatible with all major software DAWs including; Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Reason, etc.

Compatible with all hardware samplers that accept the WAV file format; Akai MPC samplers, Roland MV8000, Yamaha samplers, etc

Rex Files, Reason Refills and Dance Samples for ,


A very small preview of what is available on the pack is below. Remember there are 500+ drum hits and 300 loops!

To download please click the button above. When the item is added to your cart you can checkout or continue adding music. When you checkout please enter your e-mail address, first and last name and click purchase. We currently only accept PAYPAL. More payments methods coming soon. Once checkout has been completed you can download direct from the PURCHASE CONFIRMATION page or via the link sent to your e-mail. Enjoy and make some noise!


Any issues with payment or downloads please contact

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