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Bass. 140 & DnB Round Up



Its round up time again and we have some great tracks to showcase here, Addictive Behaviour have a new EP out from L 33 & Detail, the aptly named ‘Godzilla’ by Detail really is a beast of a track, energetic and furious Neurofunk that rips through the cranium with a marauding bassline that sems to represent the movie monster the track is named after!!!! L 33′s ‘Bring Down’ is dark and deep with nice bleepy pads and Hip Hop style vox, 2 tracks to get the crowd going ape!!!!

Virus Syndicate’s new EP features colaborations with various artists including a great half step DnB colab with Maztek, everything from Grime to Trap through to DnB with trademark hard hitting bars from Virus Syndicate

In the run up to a great forthcoming LP of stunning colabs, we get the 2nd in the series of MC Fats Collective EPs ‘We Gotcha Vol 2′, sheer quality is an understatement, its clear the artists involved have pulled out all the stops for an exceptionally good remix package, just wait until you hear the album!!!! Kudos to Mackadena, S.P.Y, A Sides & TC for a set of tracks featuring the vocal talents of the legendary Jungle/DnB MC that will simply blow your mind!!!

Classic 90s Jungle/DnB Joker Records is having its back cat remastered and made available for digital download for the first time ever  courtesy of Asbo Audio, the label was set up by bona fide legends Bizzy B & Pugwash to put out big dancefloor anthems and that they did, there are countless gems from this label all of which you can now buy via the Asbo website, theres some free downloads too like this one below, follow the link to download and check out the growing re issued back cat whilst you’re there

The prolific hardcore breaks don, Paul Cronin has just dropped this fresh freebie, pure old skool vibes to get you rockin!!!!

He also has a brand new EP out too, 4 tracks of full on ‘ardcore mayhem proving once again you can’t keep this sound down, hardcore will never die!!!

Slowing things down a bit, we have Taiki Nulight’s bass reworking of the hugely popular Major Lazer tune, plenty of chopped up breaks on this badboy, pretty damn sick!!!!

Darkhalf lays down some deep, mellow 140 beats to soothe your mind, a great taster for his forthcoming EPs on Music Of Life & Stay On Target Records, this is going to go down really well among the 140 Jungle heads and rightly so, this writer hasn’t stopped listening to it since he first heard it!!!!

Bay B Kane’s classic ‘Code K’ LP is getting a reissue soon and in preparation, we get the great 2012 VIP of 92 dark jungle classic ‘Hello Darkness’ for free download, rolling breaks like only Bay B Kane does!!!

From a legend to a talented new producer known as Alex Breako from Greece, ‘Deep Love Pt 2′ is out now on Kode 5 Recordings and is a modern classic in this writer’s opinion, fantastic break edits, a classic 94 Formation/Bassment Recs feel, sweet soaring pads that give away for darker stabs midway building back into a perfect crescendo, this will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, its that good!!!

And to finish this round up, a great freebie from The Monaco Cruisers that kicks off with lovely layered breaks before kicking into some nice melodic piano and a dreamy drop with vocals from Just Jack, very mid 90s feel to this one, a must have tune!!!!




Bass, 140 & DnB Round Up 11.4.14



Brace yourselves for a BIG round up of tunage!!!!, From Canada, we have Pinto with a new EP of Chicago/Detroit influenced DnB beats, a great blend of modern bass sounds, title track ‘One Vibe’ is a buzzing energetic track with lazer like bass while ‘East Row’ is a slick slice of half step DnB, go get this!!!!

Next up, we have a new release on the legendary Renegade Hardware imprint from Chroma, 2 grizzling beasties known as ‘Territories’ & ‘Brain Strain’, these Geordie lads know how to make some pretty menacing DnB, hints of Dom & Roland can be heard, the production is ultra slick too, this is pretty damn BIG!!!

Boomsha Recording’s latest release sees the return of Visible Sound with some finely crafted 140/Future Jungle beats, weighing in with a whopping 6 tracks that vary from lush deep jungle riddims to some dark bass heavy tearout, this writer can’t get enough of just how good this is

Radio 1 don Crissy cris has a thundering 2 tracker out on Technique Recordings ‘The Trinity EP’, 2 absolutely slamming DnB toons with a filthy dubstep remix to boot from alter ego, Dead Exit, favourite for this writer is the epic ‘Rinsin’ Selection’ BOOOOM!!!!

For the next release on Sub Slayers, something pretty special from King Yoof Ft Rony Blue & Mr Williamz, this is an absolute anthem, 140/Future Jungle at its very finest, King Yoof’s next level production, Rony Blue’s sweet vocals which remind me of Lindy Layton (remember her?), some sick toasting from Mr Williamz, this is as good as it gets, the boys at Slayers have thrown down the gauntlet and set a mighty challenge, this writer is completely genuinely enamored by this classy piece of music, hear it for yourself, don’t take my word for it, you’ll hear just how good it is for yourself and you wil be reaching for your wallet, trust me!!!!

Along with the original, we also get a great package of remixes from House to DnB to Dancehall Reggae from Oscar Luweez, Capitol 1212, Toronto Is Broken, Gold Dubs & King Yoof himself, all first class but the original is just the one!!!!

iTunes –
JunoDownload -
Amazon -


Bass,140 & DnB Round Up 3.4.14



To paraphrase The Whispers from all the way back in 1979, and the bass goes on!!!! each day brings a fresh array of bangers, so much so its hard to keep up but hey, thats what we’re here for right? So, without further ado, lets get started with 2 tracks from the mighty Top Drawer Digital, the first one is free, Strange Rollers’ back to 91 Shades Of Rhythm stylee remix of DJ L.A.B’s ‘Touch’, it just doesn’t get better than this…..

And the 2nd TDD offering is the latest label release, a sick future jungle workout from Odeed & Wish with shades of 00′s Nu Skool Breaks and a really cool vox sample too….


Sub Slayers have a massive new compliation out, Series 02 ‘Jungle’ curated and mixed by Birmingham badmon, Gold Dubs featuring a truly Sub Slaying selection from 140-174bpm featuring heavy hitters including RackNRuin, Gold Dubs, 601, King Yoof, Rhythm Riders and many more, an absolutely essential selection of jungle….


Ben & Lex drop a classy EP under a new alias of Simian Frenzy featuring the vocals of U.K Hip Hop legend Rodney EP and a superb package of remixes from Deekline, Skitz & The Sea & Bazil. Quality Dub, Breaks & 140 Jungle…


With Australian Jungle imprint Rising Lantern due to make a comeback soon, here’s a timely free download by Melbourne’s Mshcode in his awesome dubbed out future jungle style, some deadly subs on this bad boy!!!!


Out now on Passenger Records is the new EP by Ellis Dee & DJ Twista featuring Marie Louise on vocals ‘Next To Me/Be The One’ sees this duo return after previous releases on Sub Slayers with 2 prime cuts of quality uptempo string driven and vocal led breaks and 140 jungle/bass…..





Schema Ft Cheshire Cat- ‘Fumin’-Sub Slayers



One of the original and earliest artists to feature on Sub Slayers, the Schema boys are back and along with them, quite a few other label stalwarts plus the addition of the awesome Atomic Drop!!! ‘Fumin’ featuring the vocals of Chesire Cat is a sleek fusion of trap/midtempo bass style sounds with half step DnB, things get epic for Toronto Is Broken’s remix who ups the ante for some firing DnB, Gella up next, another artist to have featured very early on  Slayers’ back cat delivers some steppin’ NuJungle vibes, Jinx In Dub goes in with a roots reggae junglistic relick and to complete a very fine package, Atomic Drop makes their debut here with a beast of a remix that proves unequivocally that theres plenty of life left in dubstep, phat beats and old skool rave sounds abound, my personal fave of all the mixes too, a seriously strong release from the label that never fails to deliver…


Electro Swing Roundup

Swingamajig 2013

Swingamajig 2014

It’s that time of year again and in the UK we’re building up to the biggest electro swing festival going, Birmingham’s Swingamajig. Following off from last years truly stunning event, this year they’re bigger than ever with a really strong lineup including Molotov Jukebox, Electric Swing Circus, The Destroyers, Renegade Brass Band, Fresh Dixie Project, Smokey Joe & the Kid, Sam Green & the Midnight Heist, Jenova Collective, Lunatrix, After Hours Quintet, Temple Funk Collective, loads of DJ’s, swing dancing, lindyhop, circus performers, vintage cinema and much much more. Oh and some chap called DJR…

You can check out the full lineup at the Swingamajig website and tickets are a bargain at only £20 so don’t waste time and get them now!

Free Music

Here’s a great remix of Bart & Baker’s Swing Phonmenon – free to download from the Pep’s Show Boys facebook.

JPod getting funky with the Andrews Sisters! Sweet.

Sammy Senior has been bringing his ghetto funk and old style flavour to K7′s Hi De Ho. Recommended.

New from Future Swing Stories…

Johnny Lectro has been adding delicious blues licks to a grooving 130bpm beat. Nice.

Nuno Endo has stuck up a new edit of Ella Fitzgerald’s Teardrops From My Eyes:





‘Jason Laidback has built his reputation as one half of the breakbeat duo Slyde, who cut their teeth releasing a string of bullets on the world- renowned Fingerlickin’ label and have been more than successful in filling dance-floors around the world.

To celebrate the start of his new venture, the production past master is giving away his bass heavy rework of Stone Roses ‘Fools Gold’ that you would be a fool to miss out on….’



Bass, 140 & DnB Round Up 14.2.14



OK, so its time for yet another round up of the latest bangers in the bass, 140 & DnB genres respectively, how about a little deep house freebie from Transcode

And how about some deep soulful midtempo tunage from the 13th Tribe & Apple Juice Kid, check out their free remix of Janelle Monae & Eryka Badu’s ‘Queen’

In 140 territory we have this sick remake of several Prodigy classics by Paul Cronin, we’re absolutely lovin’ this!!!

Now for an EP you definitely should go out and buy, especially if you’re a future jungle fan, Boomsha Recordings make their stamp with the first release of 2014, consistently one of the best imprints of the genre since their 2012 inception, this EP features 3 tracks plus a remix and vocal version by the incredibly talented Athens based producer, Fleck who has appeared on various EPs and LPs for Boomsha prior to this latest release, if I had to summarise this in a few words then timeless beauty is how I would describe tracks like the sweet ‘Losing You’ and the simply amazing ‘A Place For Us’, the vocals on both tracks make the heart soar and Bay B Kane’s ’Million Miles VIP’ takes it to the next level of greatness, on the flipside if you’re looking for a darker and heavier 140 workout then ‘Jungle Tales’ has the bass you require and also features a vocal version with bars by Tiwadi, Boomsha delivers yet another instant classic.


On the subject of instant classic, the mighty Kode 5 pulls yet another banger out from the growing roster of talented NuSkool artists, Scratch N Sniff revives the mid 00′s rave breaks sound with the absolutely massive ‘Want Your Love’, without a doubt one of the finest tracks to date on Kode 5, you will just lose it to THAT PIANO!!!! One to take the roof off at the raves and festivals, a certified banger, go get it!!!!

Bad Habit Muzik also returns to continue its success of the last 2 years with an outstanding EP of Future Jungle from Tribesteppaz & Mr Sir who smash it with the high energy drum workout ‘Circa Rave 94′ and the ragga tinged ‘Slabba Gabba’, a U.K/U.S colab featuring L.A’s Mr Sir and Bristol legend Tribesteppaz who some of you may know as part of oldskool hardcore duo Bunjy & Cridge


To round things up in DnB fashion,Asbo Records today releases the Love Dub Remixes EP, following up from the original EP from last February, a quick glance at the artists on remix duties is enough to tell you what a quality package you are in for here, Ray Keith, Gold Dubs, Liondub and remix comp winners DJ Narcs & Sureshock plus Daffy’s own VIP of the track, theres something for everyone from the stripped back bass workouts by Gold Dubs, Sureshock  & The Dread to DJ Narcs’ fantastic Nu Jungle rethinking of Love Dub and the uptempo vibes supplied by Liondub & Daffy himself, if you know your DnB, you will already know about Asbo, the imprint that simply every reputable DnB DJ is supporting and you will know exactly why they do, each release is of the highest quality and Love Dubs continues the trend, its also available on vinyl if you’re a vinyl head and it is without doubt, an absolute must have, an essential




2 Huge releases on the way in 2014 from Music Of Life Records



Music Of Life Records is a seminal U.K Hip Hop imprint with a history that stretches back to the late 80′s, a label that hosted some of the biggest names in the UK Hip Hop scene, the great news is Music Of Life is back and has 2 huge releases lined up in the new year…

fans of timeless underground Hip Hop are in for a real treat with the re released and remastered 3 Kinights ‘Burial’ which features an array of quality remixes from the likes of Spatts, DJ mada, DJ Tone and many others….

Also for Jungle & DnB fans, none other than the legend Bay B Bane remixes 3 Asher D & Daddy Freddy tunes from the MOL Back cat plus remixes by Sonar Ghost and a Demon Boyz classic gets the Stormski treatment!!!

Hustlers EP will be out 8th January, 2014, follow Music Of Life on soundcloud and facebook to stay updated on future releases








In the run up to the holiday season, there is quite a few releases you might have missed but worry not, Free Breaks Blog is here to keep you in the loop, not everything is free of course and many things are worth buying, here’s a selection of the latest Future Jungle & DnB for you…..


First up, Kode 5 have a whole load of current releases out from the phat 140/Future Jungle EP from DJ Twista….



To the full on oldskool hardcore rave up that is Inspector Sands-‘Begin The Dance EP’


Bass heavy Nu Jungle excellence from Ash 2K


And Ragga Jungle  from the man like Nicky Allen


Theres plenty more to come too with upcoming releases from Economix, Retropolis, Stormski & Mark C


The latest release on Held II ransom will get heads rocking, 3 tracks that cover upfront 140 Jungle and revisit the Nu Skool Breaks sound of the 00’s, check out Sticky Fingers’s phenomenally good new EP…




On Top Drawer Digital, Lucas pulls out a masterpiece of a Future Jungle track with a marked difference, sounding comparable to Underworld, a simply amazing combo of 140 jungle breaks and Indie style Guitars with a haunting vocal hook


Futurizm debuts on Passenger music with 2 melodic 140 Jungle bangers, ‘Set Me Free’ & Don’t Break My Harp’, as always with Futurizm, production is of the highest standards and these 2 tracks will set your DJ set and the crowd alight!!!!




20 years ago, it was the year 1993, a game changer in the rave music scene where the Hardcore & Jungle sounds became faster and a clear split beyween dark and uplifting appeared leading to sub genres like 4 Beat & DnB, DJ Owl takes us back with a remix of a classic from seminal Hardcore Imprint Kniteforce in a 140/Future Jungle fashion…



Simon Harris drops another of his famous 140 bootys, this time it’s the time stretching Proto Jungle banger, 4 Hero-Journey From The Light



Put on your raving shoes for this glowstick waving, shape throwing revisit to Nebula II’s ‘Atheama’ by JMT



And check out these 2 great freebies from Strange Rollers & Peacemaker  as a taster  for the mammoth forthcoming compilation from Warehouse Wax ‘We’re Not Dead: The 3rd Chapter, 50 tracks from a global collective of the finest Bass, 140 & DnB producers, we’ve heard tracks from the LP and let us tell you, it’s a must for your collection!!!



Dephonix makes the first of 2 appearances in this blog feature, this first one is 2 of her own tracks out today on her imprint, Rinse Repeat Recordings, futuristic 140 with one track playing homage to Edge #1 ( There was hashtags back in the raving days!!!) and the other a deep, dubby vocal track with a rather interesting sample!!!!


Its been a great year for DJ Flow with releases on Kut Off & Paranoid Recordings and to finish off in style, we have this devastating, beat creating EP of banging NuSkool Hardcore & Jungle



Hi Headz deliver yet another great free EP of upfront Jungle & DnB from Default & K Jah, rinsing bizznizz!!!!



And Propaganda Music continue with the onslaught of dance floor smashers with its 3rd release going for some upfrfont DnB with great vocals by Dennean and for the 140 heads theres a cheeky free booty by Menace up for grabs too!!!






Broken Eye – Optic Promo Mix

Broken Eye - Optic Promo Mix


To mark the release of their huge Optic EP, breakbeat heavyweights and Breakspoll winners BROKEN EYE have prepared a storming promo mix for you to download. Press play, and turn up the volume!

1. Hedflux – Catharsis
2. Karim Mika – Acid Trip (FTL Edit)
3. Broken Eye – Reality Check
4. Hedflux & Bad Tango – Alignment
5. Broken Eye & LuQas – Black Hole
6. Broken Eye – Invasion
7. Broken Eye – Optic
8. Neurodriver – In The Shadows (Broken Eye Remix)
9. Motna – Meaning (Bad Tango Remix)
10. Split & Jaxta – Nu Normal


I am Legion vs. Die Antwoord – Make Those Boom Boom (Defunk Mashup)

make those boom boom

Defunk has taken Die Antwoord’s “Fatty Boom Boom” to a new level and mashed it up with I Am Legion’s ”Make Those Move”. Once these two tracks are thrown together, things get slightly insane. Check out some of those beat drops, you might need to hold on to your seat!

Earegular – Shudder Funk


A nice glitchy, wobbly little number from Earegular, courtesy of London-based label Colony Productions. A good range of bleeps, womps and the odd trumpet punctuated with an occasional cheeky cowbell, chopped up to perfection over a punchy breakbeat.

DJ Fresh Vs Diplo Feat. Dominique Young Unique – Earthquake (Mafia Kiss Edit)

A big and chunky Mafia Kiss edit of DJ Fresh Vs Diplo Feat. Dominique Young Unique – Earthquake. The original is given a mid tempo reshape with plenty of fat drops and rolling, booty-shaking breaks. 

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