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Glowkid 2 Bad Mice 25Yr anniversary Tribute Show (Planet Rave Radio) 8.11.16


Glowkid’s radio shows on Planet Rave are always full of energy and liveliness and this particular upcoming show is not to be missed!!! The ambassador of all things oldskool and nuskool hardcore & jungle is celebrating 25yrs of legendary duo 2 Bad Mice who coincidentally have just released a new EP

Anyways, details are below in this SoundCloud teaser, be there 8.11.16 17:30-19:00pm Uk time for a trip down memory lane. Expect plenty of Kaotic Chemistry and Bombscares!!! And make sure you @Hold It Down’ for the duration of the show!!

Beats Without Borders October Top Ten Tracks


1.Rhythm 4 Reason- Rock The Beat (Maura’s Sweet Dreams Mix)
2.Carl St. Pierre & Mike Jones-The Power
3.Lee Pearce-Shapes
4.Inner City-Big Fun (House Of Virus Remix)
5.Runout Groove- Feelin’ The Music (Warehouse Mix)
6.Jekyll-Skelter Helter
7.Louie Anderson- Dig Dis’ (Ital Bros Dub)
8.CASSIM-That Chord (Lee Pearce Remix)
9.Marlin-Urgent Power
10.Vertical Drop Ft Bobby Tee- All In Vain

Beats without Borders Mixcloud:

Beats without Borders Facebook:

Strictly NuSkool Blog’s Glowkid At Old Skool Festival 2016 (Interview)



Our good friend Glowkid DJ’ed at This year’s Old Skool Festival in Lodz, Poland. You can read the interview where he talks about the event and some of his favourite tunes and artist right now over at Strictly NuSkool Blog.

A few highlights from the interview:

Favourite Event:

Definitely that was Old Skool Festival 2016. None of us can ever forget our first gig or any other big gig that you are involved with in the past, but I’d say without any second thought that Old Skool Festival is my biggest gig and booking at the moment till the next bigger thing of course!

Favourite Oldskool Artists:

Hard to say but I’d pick without any particular order, Luna-C (crazy ideas, innovative stylee), Altern-8 (apart from the EPs & remixes they were kinda Sex Pistols in the scene. One and only official album release but their “Full on Mask Hysteria” is still a Bible to us all and showed the way to the others) and finally Moby (nothing can beat his 1990 – mid 90’s oldskool techno stuff. Genius of an artist by all means!)

Favourite Oldskool Tunes:

“Rachel Wallace – Tell Me Why”
“Jimmy J & Cru-L-T – Six Days On The Run”
“Westbam – Celebration Generation”

Current Favourite Hardcore/NuSkool Breaks Tracks:

“Paul Cronin – Kim K‘ Boobs Out [RAVESKOOL]”

“DJCRIP – Rock Me Steady”

“Insane & Mind – Open Up Your Heart [HOH]”

Read the full interview here

Lone Waynger’s August Top Ten (Deep/Tech House)

DJ Lone Waynger


DJ Lone Waynger shares his August Top Ten for Free Breaks Blog. Loaded with massive tunes from across the House & Techno spectrum. Catch Lone Waynger in the mix every Friday 6-8PM GMT on

1. Mark Dale – Andromeda
2. Chris Lorenzo featuring Alex Mills – Sleep talk
3. Skapes – Likes
4. Alan Fitzpatrick – We Do What We Want
5. David Penn, Rober Gaez – Yes Yes Yo
6. Jesse James & Wayne Dudley – Any Night 2016
7. Angelo Scalici – Dance All Night
8. Gordon John – While It Spins
9. Rich Wakely – Off The Chain (Wade Remix)
10. Duke Dumont – Be Here

DJ Mac’s August Top Ten (House Music)

Paul St Mac 002

Here’s DJ Mac’s august Top Ten featuring some of the finest Deep/Tech House Music currently doing the rounds. You can catch DJ Mac in the mix every Sunday 2-4pm GMT on For online mixes check out his mixcloud:

01. Cera Alba – ’89 (Montel Remix)
02. Green Velvet – Flash (Latmun Remix)
03. Mark Dale – Fade To Black
04. Neil Parkes – Bittersweet (Jhonsson Remix)
05. Rich Wakley – Off The Chain
06. ANOTR – What Is House
07. Brett Gould – Body Language (Attalla Remix)
08. Murvin Sound – Handsback
09. LYCID – Plumet
10. Skapes – Hit The Button

Glowkid ‘Generation X’ Show w Xenophobia Tomorrow 19 07 16


Be sure to tune in to Planet Rave Radio tomorrow as Glowkid will be doing an album showcase of Xenophobia’s remastered and re released classic oldskool hardcore LP ‘Bring On The Rush’

Along with the album showcase will be an exclusive interview with Xenophobia frontman DJ Terminator aka Sid Truelove. Expect some great tales from the early to mid 90s, the infamous Spiral Tribe raves and more

Be sure to listen live as free copies of the ‘Bring On The Rush’ LP plus a brand new album of fresh material will be given away during the broadcast

“Go to the flow with an ooooooh rush me eeeeeeee rush me!!!”

Generation X [RadioShow] pres.
XENOPHOBIA ‘Bring On The Rush’ Special
Tuesday 19th July 2016
17:30-19:30 (UK TIME)




NexGen Music Competition

nexgen_music_logo 800

NexGen are doing an awesome competition where people submit their music and to win $250 and a release on the label. We caught with Dan, owner of NexGen for a chat about the label, read on for details of how you can enter the competition and what you can win…………

Hey Dan, can you tell us a little about how NexGen music started and how its progressed?

Well, like most aspiring DJ/producers it all started in my bedroom studio back in ’95. My underground musical influences started in early Dance, Rave, Hardcore, Breakbeat, and later Jungle/Drum & Bass, which when I started producing.

I first started dabbling with music management when I set up a mini-audio production company on a local college campus in London, where I went on to be quite successful at producing TV commercial/advertising jingles for a few recognized British brands. One jingle I produced in 1997 ending up being used by the #1 washing detergent company in the UK at that time, which ended up running for nearly 8 years!!

In the late 90’s I really started getting into the new sounds of Downtempo and Deep/Chill-House which essentially inspired me to expand the audio production company into a record label that would eventually include the wide array of style and genres that NexGen Music represents today. In 2001, I re-branded the audio production company to NexGen Music, and in 2003 I moved the company across the pond to Brooklyn, NY where I officially incorporated as a record label in 2004.

It’s now been 13 years since that happened, and I have to say today the label is stronger than ever musically. We have 3 labels under NexGen: NexGen Records, Migration Recordings, and Affectionate Grooves – which all have and serve very different and distinct sounds in underground music. We are still very much doing projects closer to our roots in film, TV, and interactive, however our focus today is very much on evolving our artists, brand, and blend of sound.
Who are the core artists on the label that people should look out for?

I would say our “core” artists today are Earth Leakage Trip, Rob Sparx, Kachina, Neveready, Wigz, and myself — representing all three of our imprints.
You have released some massive EP’s in the last 6 months from the likes of Digital, Rob Sparx & Kachina across the label group. There is obviously a strong focus on quality. What are you looking for in the competition entries?

I’m REALLY looking for music that pushes the boundaries of sound… And, I’m not talking in a “who can make the gnarliest bass” type of way. Today, underground music genres are so intricately divided — yet still very connected — that for me the platform of these genre are really just defined by the tempo. What I hear all day long in most new music is producers that are simply following the ‘blueprint’ of the genre in terms of its typical sounds, samples and arrangement. I’m looking for producers that are striving to create NEW blueprints. So, in other words we are seeking music that is out-of-the-box, non-formulaic, envelope pushing, but yet still groovy and melodic.
How do people enter the competition?

It’s super simple. We are looking for 3 to 4 original tracks in one of the following genres: Drum & Bass, UK Garage, Bass Music, and Downtempo. All we are asking from entrants is a follow on our Soundcloud.

What can the entrants win?

The lucky winners will have their release backed by a strong PR and social media campaign, and also receive $250 in cash! On top of this, the submission that we are feeling the MOST out the four winners will receive an extra $250 cash. The total package is worth a couple of of thousand dollars per entrant as well as place on our growing roster!

Finally, what does the next 12 months look like for NexGen Music?

Its an understatement to say that we have got so much good music lined up its ridiculous. I mean it really is. Even though we’ve been around for a while now our sound never stops evolving. We’re always challenging each other to push those boundaries that I was referring to earlier, so we still consider ourselves in “build” mode right now and through to around this time 2017. By the summer of 2017 we will be looking to take the labels on the road making some festival appearances and getting some tours going by locally in the US & UK, and internationally.

Soundcloud W/Fangate:­ ­

Competition page:
T&C’s page:

YouTube Video:­ ­

Swankout Interview + New EP ‘Get Dark’

SwankOut - Get Dark EP - Final


Swankouts’ massive ‘Get Dark EP’ is out now on Top Drawer Digital. A electrifying blend of Tech House, Bass and Oldskool Hardcore/Jungle. You can buy the EP here and read on for an exclusive interview with Swankout + an exclusive minimix….

So, we first came across your music via this forthcoming EP on Top Drawer Digital and and a Radio One mix from a few years back, how long have you been doing the music and what have I missed out on?

I started DJing in 1996, and producing in 2000 and I started collecting vinyl in 1994, I’ve been behind a few different projects doing rave breaks , house and jungle. I stared doing the Swankout stuff end of 2013

Could you tell us a bit about the different projects?
I did three rave break/fidget hybrid kind of tracks with DJ Faydz in 2010 for future rave anthems 2, I ran a label in 2010 called Unleashed Sound which specialised in rave breaks and future jungle which did quite well in the trackitdown charts.
I’ve had Radio 1 /1xtra, Rinse FM & Kool FM plays. I Was part of a deep house/garage duo in 2014 which had a few releases on what’s your status? And support from EZ, Groove Armada & B traits

Was this a transition over to house music or had you been doing stuff prior to that?

I’ve always loved / made all types of music thought tend to be mostly partial to anything sounding like jungle or old skool I’ve always enjoyed crossing genres in my production and making hybrid music. My vinyl collection is a reflection of that also

Are you still a keen vinyl collector?

Yes! I love vinyl it’s in my blood, started collecting in 94 aged 12 and still buy today, though usually it’s oldskool, I just had 2 delivered actually, Doctors Of Dance – Dance Theme From 91, and Twister On Formation Records from 96

The influence of this wealth of dance music history can certainly be heard on your new EP as Swankout, can you tell us a bit about this current alias/project?

Thanks! I was kind of aiming for “heritage” if you like from this, and I’m really pleased you said that so thanks , and obviously mixing in new styles and sounds as well as modern production techniques, I’ve done a few other bits as well on Deep Freeze Records and Daylight Robbery, which are again two contrasting variations, with the releases on Deep Freeze being aimed more at the Deep House/Garage /bass kind of sound, and the release on Daylight Robbery more proper Deep House. It all started as a bit of fun and a way of getting my hybrid/more experimental music out there too

How did you come to know of and be signed to Top Drawer Digital?

Haha! Well, a bit of a long story this …. Was recommended them by Om Unit. I met him in Bristol, he was behind me in a shop queue , my mate pointed him out and being a big fan of his music I waited outside to chat to him! He is a sound guy! I asked if I could send him some music which was some of the Get Dark EP and he recommended Top Drawer to me!

Which takes us to this EP, a mixture of dark 130bpm ish Jungle Breaks a la Mella Dee, Special Request etc and some ravey Tech House. What was the inspiration behind these incredible tunes?

Wow thanks for the compliment! Well exactly that really, huge huge fan of both Mella Dee, and Paul Woolford aka Special Request , those guys really hit the spot for me musically so with tracks such as Amnesia and Untitled coupled with Mella Dee’s release on Lobster Boy records and the GT Turbo EP backed with all the previous rave projects I’ve done I guess

On a side note, if you could do a Swankout remix of any track of your choice what would it be?

I’ve often thought about bootlegs of stuff like The Prodigy ‘Jericho’ or Future Sound Of London ‘Papa New Guinea’ but to me all these tracks are masterpieces that could possibly left untouched? Though High Contrast did a sterling remix (bootleg) of Papa New Guinea

Great choices, so to wrap things up, any mentions, big ups? and what advice would you give to aspiring producers?

Yes indeed! From my friends and family who’ve supported me in many ways, to my fellow producers who have mentored/helped me through the years and of course Lucas and Free Breaks Blog for the support! Really appreciated! And for anyone aspiring, as cliché as this sounds if you work hard and you believe you Can achieve something, then you will! Thanks for the interview!!

Stream clips of the ‘Get Dark EP’ below and click here to buy

Exclusive ‘Get Dark’ minimix below

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