DJ Vapour Interview + New ‘Beatopia LP’

DJ Vapour-Beatopia LP

We spoke to DJ Vapour on the eve of his upcoming ‘Beatopia LP’. We talked a bit of DnB and a bit about ‘The Donald’ Pre-order Vapours new LP below and continue on to read the interview

We’re catching up with as you release your 2nd LP, tell us a bit about the sleepless nights, fits of studio rage and most importantly the mindset that went into this LP

Well, I’m a bit past having sleepless nights and studio rage these days I leave all that to Indigo Virus as he has enough studio rage for everyone on the label put together lol. The mindset for the LP was from building the new studio – I have always run an analogue studio but a few years back I switched over to a computer based set up, after 8 months I was not happy with it so I started planning and building my dream set up. It took well over a year to put it together and another 10 months just to get my head around it all and get my sound how I wanted it. Once I was happy with what I was making the LP idea slowly started coming together, It took another 14 months of making tons of music to get the LP finished as it was a case of make a track and put it on the pile then some would stay and some would go eventually the LP project was complete and here we are.

Let’s dive straight in and talk about some of the tracks from the new LP. On your facebook page, you recently posted clips of ‘Bubbles’, ‘Give It To Me’ and ‘Eats shoots and leaves’ among others. Are these or any others personal faves from the LP and if so, what is it you enjoyed about putting them together?

We got promo videos made for each of the tracks from the LP which I have got set up to post 1 a day on the run up to the LP on social media to help promote it so they will all be going up on the lead up to the LP release, I’m very happy with the whole project as I feel its the best work I have done as a producer over the past 16 years. My personal favourite track from the LP has to be “Earthquake” though as it’s something that has a sound to it that I’m really happy with as a producer as the mixdown works so nicely in my opinion. I have been playing that one on our fortnightly 36 Hertz radio show on Kool London pretty much every show since I made it and I’m still not bored of it yet. As far as putting the package together goes I wanted to make sure that only my very best material went on there so it’s been good fun really pushing some ideas and working as hard as possible to make good music for the project. I get bored really fast with tunes and rush things sometimes just to get them finished but with the whole project, I made sure to really take my time and spent a lot of time making sounds and samples from scratch rather than using sounds that would just do to save time.

It’s a clichéd question but is it fair to say your production style is very much about the golden era of DnB. The tracks on Beatopia are busy and varied and this is a method you most definitely favour

100%, I’m not a fan of modern DNB as I feel most if it is just noise – everyone is more interested in how loud they can make a snare rather than making tracks with good vibes. For me with this project and my other productions I wanted to go back to a period where tunes would smash up a club BUT be a track you could sit down and listen to at home. Having a great club track is all good but music is not all about clubs it should be something you can put on and listen to at home. When I was finalising the LP I had various people come round and listen through the LP at mine and got their feedback on it to make sure I had something that was an enjoyable listening experience as a whole package.

Will you be commissioning any remixes for Beatopia?

I have stopped doing remixes of my releases as I got fed up with people taking my samples and using them in 20 other tunes afterwards.

Another rather hackneyed question admittedly but what are the plans post Beatopia for both yourself and your label, 36Hertz?

For me I am just making as much music as possible I already have about 30 new tunes just sitting on my computer doing nothing so there is plenty of material there BUT I’m not that bothered about putting out tons of music anymore I just want to enjoy making tracks and if things organically come out then so be it. I run a mastering company – which takes up a huge amount of my time so music production is something that I fit in as and when I WANT to rather than worrying about putting out 20 tunes a month. As far as 36 Hertz is concerned its the same thing really I have slowed down on releases as we had so much music coming out last year it was turning into a chore dealing with all the release schedules etc so we have cut right back on what we are doing. After the LP we have a special project from Jem one then an EP from Vince Rollin which has been in the works for over a year now. We are also in the process of compiling Back to the bass volume 5 but that will be coming as and when it’s ready. Indigo Virus is as always buying yet more synths and making more music so there will be a release from him at some point soon as well.

Could you tell us your fave 5 36Hertz releases?

1. DJ Vapour ‘Sting in the tail’ First release on the label and something I still play and hear getting played now 9 years later

2.Callide ‘Warning’ One of many releases from Callide on 36 Hertz and one of the last he made but defo my fave track from him as he just went off on a different style to normal

3.Hades ‘The Break’ Again on the first release but still getting played

4.Lutin ‘Untitled Gully’ If I had to sum up 36 Hertz in 1 track I would choose this, someone sent us a pic of their car after they rolled it as they got over excited listening to this track lol

5.DJ Vapour ‘Paper Cuts’ The 5th release and the tune that really got us on the map as a label

And lastly, if Donald Trump made music, what kind of music would he make?

LOL! if ‘the Donald’ released music it would just be a recording of his voice telling everyone how great he is!!

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