DJ Wislov- The Sound Of My Silence

DJ Wislov- The Sound Of My Silence

You really couldn’t get more authentically oldskool hardcore than DJ Wislov’s 5 track EP ‘The Sound Of My Silence’ on Ravenoyz

Over the 5 tracks including title track ‘The Sound Of My Silence’, ’31 Seconds’ and ‘Psychedelic Sex’ we are placed in the transporter where are molecules reassemble on an M-Class planet where bleeps, epic strings, 140-150BPM breaks and dark techno stabs inhabit. If you loved the early Jungle Tekno sound of Reinforced, Ibiza and Labello Blanco, this unmissable EP from DJ Wislov is a continuation of that journey, we thought it ended too soon but we’re pleased to say Hardcore is alive and well!!!

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