Doomwork- Cantico EP

Doomwork - Cantico EP

Doomwork beat to a different drum and they do it in style as demonstrated by their ‘Cantico EP’

Listening to Doomwork’s ‘Cantico’, this not quite 40 yet blogger recalls turning on the radio, tuning into Tongy and hearing the sounds of a certain Underworld. The tribal percussion beats and rises as the synths spiral and spread like those laser patterns on the screens at festivals. You best get your boots on for this one cos’ you’re gonna get muddy!!!

Then there is ‘Notes of Desert’ to which this writer is currently wiggling his thighs to as he types, it’s hard not to!! The infectious loops of sound bring to mind Carl Cox, Jeff Mills and the mid-90s, 7 minutes of techno indulgence to dip back into obsessively!!!!

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