Electro Swing Roundup

DJR@Hot Club De Swing

I’ve been waiting for my recent run of gigs to finish so I could put out this mix. This was the live set I played at Hot Club De Swing in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago, and to be honest I think it’s a really damn good mix. It definitely got everyone jumping which has to be a good sign!

Electric Swing Circus – Remix Competition

The Electric Swing Circus have offered out the stems of their track Bella Belle for anyone who fancies remixing it. Go here for the details. Here’s the original track:


Free Music

Here’s two tracks from DJ Django mixing 50’s style rock & roll mixed with some nice deep bass action. Great stuff!

Here’s a quality remix of the lovely Alice Francis. Nice.

Here’s Professor Green bringing the fun back into music with his outside the box thinking…

Does what it says on the tin. Will Smith and Parov Stelar innit…

Old style blues grooves from Ecklectic Mick:

It’s very guitar heavy this but it does mix up some very nice middle eastern flavours in it.

Here’s Skeewiff slickly mixing up South American grooves with Jurassic 5 rhymes:

Skeewiff again. This ones good – Vassili Gemini on a very soulful tip. Quality music.

Here’s some old style swing from DJ Curb:

Lord Justice getting in on the electro-blues feel:

The Metropolitan Bedroom Ensemble getting busy on Shantels balkan tunes:

The multi talented Skeewiff seems to be unstoppable at the moment and here’s his other latest freebie – a chilled out rumba groove:

New Releases

Swing It!!! Vol. 1 – Finest Electro Swing

Swing it!!! Vol. 1

Billybong Records have put a new compilation together of, count them, 26 of the newest electro swing tracks around. Selected by Cab Canavaral and Tony Maroni there’s a good range of stuff for everyone on here with a great line up of artists including big names like Bart & Baker, Skeewiff, Grant Lazlo and Dunkelbunt, along with fresh talent such as Extra Medium, The Jenova Collective, Francis Red and Caspar. You can buy it for 15EUR from here and check out the sampler here:

Parov Stelar – The Art Of Sampling

Parov Stelar - The Art Of Sampling

The new album by Parov Stelar is out now. It’s a double album put together for the UK market and contains some new tracks and some old favorites. It’s definitely worth checking out for the new stuff, including this rather nice mix sampling Marvin Gaye:

…and this remix of Lana Del Rey:

If you like your swing you probably have most of the old stuff though. It’s available from here.

DJ Mix

Just one mix for you to finish… here’s Pony Montana:

That’s it for this week. If you’ve got anything you’d like included in future roundups hit me up on soundcloud. To find out more about my own events check out the Electro Swing Ball.

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  1. Django says:

    That second track is by DJ Dunya, not me. It’s fantastic!! Thanks once again for the support :).

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