Electro Swing Roundup – August 2014

Boomtown 2014

Well it’s that wonderful time of year again and the festivals are coming thick and fast. Top of the pile in the swing world goes to the mighty Boomtown which has an absolutely cracking swing lineup once again. If you haven’t been before, get in there quick because you truly won’t regret it. Instead of paying over the top for over-rated pop stars and indie bands, Boomtowns policy is all about strength in depth. They have one of the biggest lineups of bands and DJ’s you’ve ever seen and the sheer effort they put into the setup of the site and their production values simply has to be seen to be believed. Come down, check it out, and if you find these blog posts useful come tell me after I play in the Ballroom!

It’s been sad to hear that Dutty Moonshine have lost one of their founding members with Alex Furley moving on to other projects. You’ll be sadly missed sir and good luck for the future. (Do realise though that if you quit now you’ll never to be able to snog our best friend again like happened last year at Swingamapig. Apparently he said that doesn’t normally happen to him but I don’t believe a word of it… )

Finally Bertie Dastard happened to mention that if I advertise this Roundup as always coming out on the 1st of the month, I should deliver. Well, this one just about squeezes in but I’ve still got a few more tracks to include so I might do an update in a day or so!

Free Music

The Jenova Collective seem to be going well at the moment with a great looking live show and a regular stream of releases. They’ve chipped in here with a nice little remix of Caravan Palace.

Like this. Grant Lazlo with a deep electro blues groover:

Great little balkan groover here from Savages & Suefo:

Another month, another remix of I Heard It Through The Grapevine? Yep although do quite like this.

Kiwistar seems to be heavier. I reckon this is a new genre – Horn n Bass?

This is back on gentler ground. Sophisticated swing and beautiful singing from Elle, The Bells & The Trick:


Here’s DJ Curb with a nice little soulful track:

Mashing together various swing classics here:

Answers on a postcard please for how to describe this one Swingbot…

Brightons Basschimp has mashed up Eminem with possibly the most seminal track in electro swing:

New Releases

DJ Dunya – Xyloswing EP

DJ Dunya has turned up a few times on this blog and it’s great to see that he’s now got his debut EP on non other than Freshly Squeezed Records. This EP is slick quality swing which is designed for the dancefloor.

Le Mozeltov Tov (Green Queen Music)

Dr Cat and Francis Red have come through with a nice 2 track EP on the ever consistent Green Queen. Dr Cat turns it into a stomping balkan march while Francis Red adds a bit more bottom end mischief ideal for a later night slot. Available exclusively from Beatport.

Here’s the Dr Cat mix:

And the Francis Red:

Morlack – Wonderful Day (F-Block Remix)

Drum & bass tracks featuring vintage samples are always quite hard to come by so don’t miss this F-Block remix off the recent Morlack album. If you like the Louis Armstrong vocals there’s an original version too. Available from Juno.

DJ Mixes

Menage Quad have stepped up with a DJ mix this month:

Really like this chilled out mix from BillionDan. Quality downtempo swing action:

Swings & Roundabout’s Vol.2 Parov Stelar & Friends (Chillout). Mixed By BillionDan by Dan $Mith (Billiondan) on Mixcloud

That’s it. See you in a month! If you’ve got anything you’d like included in future roundups hit me up on soundcloud.

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