Electro Swing Roundup – June ’15

DJR electro swing roundup

Happy summer!!

The suns out and the music is sounding great. We’re back with another selection of the finest beats from within the vintage and swing worlds. Lots of free music to dive into, and some big new releases including the new Parov Stelar album. Dive on in!

Free Music

Here’s some of the electro swing.com luminaries on a tasty remix of the Mary Poppins classic:

Tasty slice of house with a bluesy house courtesy of Neon Steve.

Bass heavy remix of Caro Emerald:

Rather like this. Remember how good the Fugees were before they all fell out and Lauryn Hill went a bit, ahem, crazy…? Well this is them over a swing tune:

Dutty Moonshine putting a bass heavy bounce to Satchmo’s trumpet and vocals:

Jenova Collective getting back to electro swing:

Shall we play yet more new genre naming games? Well, Balkan electro is how the Rumpsteppers describe this.

This is rather good. One to watch perhaps?

Glitchy and bluesy downtempo beats from Forrest Funk:


Mistatrick has been adding the d&b to these two favourites:

Sound Nomaden messing around with the perennial Star Wars favourite:

The ghetto funk heavyweights getting funky with some glitch n swing:

Retouch on the Glen Miller standard:

Valdragz mixing a deep techno beat with some old style bluesy vocal samples:

James Brown getting the glitchy bass treatment:

Deep, groovy with a classic french style lounge break:

New Releases

Parov Stelar – The Demon Diaries

It’s always a massive highlight in the electro-swing world when Parov Stelar releases a new album and this sounds as good as ever. It follows a similar template to we’re used to, with house tempo electro-swing, jazzy samples and even a few elements of disco. Check it out on the Youtube mix below and get it from Juno.

Dunkelbunt – Mountain Jumper

Despite the fact Dunkelbunt isn’t particually known for his swing, his style of mixing blues, balkan, gypsy, klezmer and much more fits perfectly with a swing set and so he’s been a favourite for quite a long time. Here’s the sampler for the album which features a whole cacophony of different genres and feels:

Smokey Joe & The Kid – Smokid INC. EP

Smokey Joe & the Kid are back with a smokey selection of swing hop and deep sultry beats. With three tracks featuring Blake Worrall on vocal duties he adds a level of sophistication and flow which suits their slick production style. Available from bandcamp. Here’s the lively Smokid INC:

Dimaa – Out Of Control

Dimaa is releasing a new album on 14th of June which promises to mix a selection of swing, soul, funk, reggae and glitch hop. All his productions so far have been very strong and so it’s definitely worth checking out. Here’s a taster from it:

Jimi Needles – Jazz Trippin

Jimi has added an old school jazzy feel to his latest release. Get it from Juno.


DJ Mixes

Here’s Mortisville with his Swing n Bass stories:

That’s it. See you in a month! If you’ve got anything you’d like included in future roundups hit me up on soundcloud.

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