Electro Swing Roundup – May ’15


Swingamajig 2015

Well what can I say..? I know that we’ve kept banging on about it, but we can truly say that the bar has been raised. Swingamajig has come of age this year and was absolutely fantastic. The atmosphere was stunning and the quality of acts was second to none. Congratulations to the Electric Swing Circus, C@ in the H@, and all the organisers who did such a fantastic job pulling this together. My own highlights? The Dutty Moonshine Big Band absolutely rocked, great to see Chinese Man bring their downtempo hip hop grooves, Elle & the Pocket Belles with Mistatrick, and of course getting to do my own Silverscreen Soundsytem VJ show. If you missed it this year, then put the date in your diary because there is no better festival to choose on the vintage circuit than this.

Right. Let’s hit the music.

Free Music

Top of the class goes to another fantastic and free compilation from Speakeasy Electro Swing in Montreal. Who else gives you this much fresh new content for free? Well done guys. Dive on in and see what goodies you can find!

A modern classic getting tweaked by Phibes:

And your boy Phibes again getting funky with Caro:

Swing? Ghetto? Yep and yep. You know what’s coming…

It’s never a bad time to drop Etta James’ I Just Wanna Make Love to you and even more so with a new C@ in the H@ mashup version:

Deep, sexy and grooving jazzy beats from Frizzo. Very nice.


C@ in the H@ adding some bounce to this one:

Vassili Gemini dropping a little bouncey swing-house groover:

I’m not sure how politically correct this is, but the track is bouncing and would fit in a drum & bass section quite nicely:

Nice little swing version of Britney:

JPOD extended the groove of this soul classic. Available from here.

More from JPOD. Don’t actually know how to describe this, just listen and see if it works for you…

Grant Lazlo with a jazzy swingy cover of Miles Davis classic:

Funky soul sounds from Odjbox:

Chinese Man getting got by Smokey Joe & dat kid. Download from here.

Son of a preacher man remix:

My Baby Don’t Care For Me Remix:

Electro blues from that man Mick:

New Releases

Electro Swing Club – Vol.2

I mentioned this last month, but it’s only just come out and so I think it definitely deserves another shout. So many good artists on this, amongst others Father Funk, Elle & the Pocket Belles, Timothy Wisdom, Captain Flatcap, Budapest Burlesque and the After Hours Quintet.


DJ Dunya – The Road Is Long

Fresh, fresh and freshly squeezed! DJ Dunya is rocking the electro-blues bass heavy groove with this tidy new release.


Charlie Beale – Breakin Down Blues EP

Another bagful of bouncing electro-blues from the south of Englands very own New Orleans.


Yolanda  Be Cool – Soul Makossa (Money)

Okay it’s more funk & soul than swing but I’m addicted to this at the moment from the guys behind We No Speak Americano. I can’t see when it wouldn’t be a good time to play this gem…

Sound Nomaden – Madame Remixes EP

Plenty of good stuff on this too. Start off with the Johnny Lectro remix I reckon:


DJ Mixes

Last up is Hooka sneaking in with another whistle stop journey through a whole bunch of big tunes from the swing world:

That’s it. See you in a month! If you’ve got anything you’d like included in future roundups hit me up on soundcloud.

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