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For the first of our relaunch exclusives we have this killer mix from UK bassline bad man,  Gella. Stacked full of dubplates and forthcoming material, he takes us on a one hour 20 minutes ride of the freshest breaks, garage, 2 step, D&B and all places in between.

Gella has been a long time favourite of mine and many others for his very unique take on the electronic music he produces. His early releases and remixes on Fat Records secured him as one to watch and he didn’t disappoint with massive tracks on Bassrock, Valium and Sub Slayers. Whilst being known as a breaks producer, his music takes in all kinds of bass heavy influences that just happens to be glued together with the sickest broken beats you’re ever going to hear.


1. Caper – The Heist (Gella Remix) [Dub]
2. Gella – Flatline [Dub]
3. Sirkus Sirkus vs March Against -The Tempest (Gella Remix) [9G]
4. Gella – The Bomb (Cut Crystal) [Dub]
5. Shut Up & Dance – Nova [SUAD]
6. Mosca – Bax [Numbers]
7. Abe Duque feat. Blake Baxter – What Happened? (Gella Remix) [Dub]
8. Luke’s Ange – Warble Tone [Bonus Round]
9. Ingen – Snap The Tilt (Gella Remix) [Digital Distortions]
10. Gella – Darkacide [Dub]
11. Noise Factory – Breakage #4 (Gella Edit) [Dub]
12. Journeyman & Barcode – Criminal Minded (Gella Remix) [Mutate]
13. Si Begg – Losing It (Gella Remix) [Noodles]
14. Gella – Soundclash [Dub]
15. Zinc – Hello [Bingo Beats]
16. Spookhouse – Desk Pop [Digital Distortionz]
17. Aaron Spectre – Say More Fire [Dub]
18. Elixir – DNA (Si Begg Remix) [Muti Music]
19. Hyper On Experience – Thundergrip [Moving Shadow]
20. Full Spektrum – You Got The Love [Dub]
21. Kid Whatever – Lenny Dee [Noodles Discotheque]


I caught up with Gella to find out a little more about him and the music…

1. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, for those that don’t know, who are you, what do you do and what style(s) of music do you play?

Hello, my name is Andy Gella and I make noisy, bassy and kind of weird electronic music, usually featuring a breakbeat or two.

2. Tell us a bit about what you’re working on now, any releases on the horizon?

It’s mostly remixes at the moment for me; I’ve recently completed a remix for Si Begg’s ‘UFO’ movie soundtrack album, the track ‘Losing It’ which seems to be going down well. Also out now is a more straight-up breaks remix of the track ‘Tempest’ on 9G records. Finally, out in June / July is a remix on Digital Distortions; a Leeds-based net label that’s new to me, I’m totally loving the stuff they are putting out. My remix is 140 bpm 4/4 technoid banger with “‘orrible bass” (in the words of one listener). All these tracks are featured on the guest mix ;o)

Also soon to come out when I can get the chance to finish it is an original track vocalled by MC Cheshire Cat (Leftfield) – not giving too much away but this one has been a long time in the making and I’m really looking forward to getting it out there.

3. What other artists have you been feeling recently, who are you currently championing in your DJ sets?

As I mentioned the artists I’ve heard on Digital Distortions – I first came across the track “Desk Pop” by Spookhouse which blew me away, and following that tracks by Patscan and Ingen which I can fully recommend you check. Also I still find myself dropping at least one Shut Up and Dance tune in a set whether it’s from the back catalogue or newer stuff – along with Zinc those guys wrote the book on breaky 2-step and the beats still stand up today.

4. Which Club Nights do you play at regularly?

The closest thing to a residency that I do would be Beaverfest in Leeds, a very worthy rave put on in aid of the Stepping Stones charity which supports kids in Nigeria. It’s a top party – very much a festival / free party vibe going off all night in a converted factory in south Leeds.

5. Worst request whilst DJing?

For a track? To be honest I can rarely hear what people are asking for when they come up with requests and I don’t think I’ve ever been able to fulfill one yet! I generally just smile / nod or shake my head. Bit of a cop out really!

6. What are your best/worst DJ experiences?

Best – a trip to Russia DJing in 3 venues in different cities over 3 nights. Madness, but very very cool. No real DJ horror stories to tell really, I’ve been pretty lucky so far!

7. What got you into electronic music? What made you choose your current style and sound?

Probably growing up in the 80s and being surrounded by so much synth music kicked things off for me. In the records my dad used to play, The Stranglers or whatever it was always the synthesizers that stood out a mile for me… and I was fascinated by the unnatural sounds of Walter Carlos and Vangelis. Stumbling across 7″s like Laurie Anderson “O Superman” when I was about 10 and thinking “what the hell is this stuff?! It doesn’t sound like anything I’ve ever heard before”. Fast forward to the early 90s and with the emergence of techno in all its forms I knew that making electronic music was what I wanted to do with my life. Since I got my first Amiga computer and a shit sampling program it’s all I’ve being doing since, just changing the hardware or software over time!

My style has just formed from all the music and sounds I listen to and appreciate I suppose – no finer art to it than that.

8. What do you get up to outside of music?

Well I’ve recently become a dad again so I’ve got my hands pretty full right now! Any grain of spare time I manage to find is spent in the studio, fuelled by caffeine.

9. What do you think it means to be a “successful” DJ or producer?

I’ll tell you when I get there haha! Seriously it would be great to survive solely off making music but it’s getting so hard to do so nowadays, so full credit to those out there that are making a go of it. For me, getting the opportunity to play music out to people, and making music that someone, somewhere is wigging out to on a dancefloor is the real buzz.

10. What can we expect from you over the course of 2013 and beyond?

Hopefully some new original music and more gigs would be nice (nudge nudge promoters ;o) )


If you don’t own at least some of Gellas bassline masterpieces then get yourself over to JUNO and check out his back catalogue .

His latest release is this remix for Sirkus Sirkus vs March Against feat. Wyldling – The Tempest and is available via BEATPORT

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