Himalia Interview

Himalia Interview

Thanks to Himalia for sharing this great interview with us (you can read it below). His Situations EP is out now on Pegdoll Records. Buy it here http://radi.al/SituationsEP 


Big Up for your latest EP “Situations”. What’s the reaction been like so far?
Thanks! It’s been good so far, Had a lot of good feedback and some big channels supporting so all is good :)
Let’s go back to the beginning, what music did you listen to growing up?
All sorts really. My mum used to love Elvis so a lot of that and old classics but obviously when I got older I got into my own stuff. Think the first album I ever bought was Enema Of the State by Blink 182, and stuff like Eminem and Dr Dre and Limp Bizkit etc. I was a typical skater kid haha!
Do you think your those musical influences have shaped the music you make today?
I guess so. It’s made me have more of a broader selection of styles because I’ve listened to so many genres and bands. I kinda just like making music in general so any style/genre is good for me. I’ve played a lot of instruments and been in bands, I guess that makes me a musician rather than just a producer?
Situations is a multi genre release showing a great variety of sounds. Is there a genre that comes most naturally to you when you produce?
Well I never really know what I’m going to make when I get in the studio, I just explore synths and sounds first then kinda base the track from that. I try to stick to electronic sounding tracks but obviously with my own twist on them. Dubstep and Drum & Bass has played a big part in how I produce as they were my influences for getting into production.
Oh Hey feat Jade Parker is a stand out for us, and the track we’ve chosen to feature alongside this interview. Catchy beat, stripped back with a beautiful vocal. Can you tell us some more about this?
This is probably my favourite track I’ve ever made to be fair. It’s got a really catchy hook and Jade’s vocals fit so well with the track. I’ve recently got into making that kind of chilled trappy hip hoppy sound so it was nice to bridge the two together. Super happy with how it came out!
How was it sitting in the same room with someone and making a track start to finish?
Actually really good, I don’t do enough of it but have been recently.  I find it much better to write a song/structure in the same room as you can bounce off each other rather than being sent vocals across and negotiating via email etc.
How different does it sound from then, when you lay down the first beat, to now, the finished product?
A lot different. It started in a completely different key to start off with, then I pitched it down and layered different vocals and the beat that’s in it now wasn’t even the original beat. It’s nice taking it from one side to another though, you find out about your own writing style when that happens.
What are the vital elements that come into play for you when you’re in the studio?
I go into the studio with a fresh mind most of the time, try and finish projects and start new ones daily. It’s a healthy way of keeping productive I guess.  It helps when you get mates over and you can all brainstorm and inflict each other’s influences.
What’s next for you? Do you have more releases in the bag?
Well, I’m currently writing a few EP’s with a few mates, different styles and MC’s. Going more Hip Hop/Garage/Dubstep vibes. I’m always making new music so to get anything released is a blessing.
Any final words or shouts?
Thanks to anyone/everyone who has supported my music throughout the years! It’s nice to have such a good following of people from all corners of the globe. Big up! Also, shouts to all my family and friends! Thanks guys!

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