Horos ‘Labyrinth EP’

Horos 'Labyrinth EP'

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We begin this fantastic voyage into the unknown or indeed the ‘labyrinth’ that is Horos’ new EP on Catch Recordings with ‘The Sea of Crete’, a future retroactive glance at the mid 90’s ambient electronica influenced Techno sound, Like the waves of the ocean, this one keeps pushing forward with subtle yet oh so powerful synths and a bed of busy drums.
‘Ethereal’ is truly an Escher/Dali-like non-linear musical experience where acid riffs move in from a horizon that can’t quite be made out. The sharp hooks and dubby rebounds quickly seize control of your reticular activating system.

‘Kthon’ is our favourite, a 4×4 purge carried out by unseen predatory alien life forms. Shuffling beats and unsettling but very enjoyable synths are the weapons these monsters yield to lure you in.

‘Descend’ is the visual representation of your floating dream body finding the deep corners of the universe where matter takes a different form and time and space don’t work the way you’re used to, a place where comfort and pain blend into a new sensation, beatless bliss with a twisted persuasion. Horus takes us on an altogether different kind of voyage, frightening but fantastic and dangerously persuasive!!!!

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