Interview With Alex Doorman + New Track ‘Spirits Of The Past’

Axel Doorman

Axel Doorman has a new track out on Jula Music, you can buy/listen via the Traxsource link below and while you’re there, why not read this short interview with Axel

Hi Axel

1. Can you take us through a VERY brief history of your music production work?

The briefest I can do is telling I’ve been producing music since 1997. Had a “couple” of releases since then and never lost my love for it.

2. When musical inspiration is needed, where and to whom, do you turn?

I think it’s not about whom or where. It’s about how I feel at the moment. Music is the purest reflection of my soul and a way of expressing myself. So, the music I create is often a reflection on what my mood is at that moment

3. If you could work with any producer at the moment, who do you think you would pick?

There are a couple of people I would love to work with, but one in particular and that would be Timbaland. It’s far from the music people know I’m doing, but there is a lot of magic in every track he produced!

4. If you could categorise or pigeonhole your sound, what would it be?

In two words: House Music.

5. You’ve been dropped onto a desert island and you’re allowed to take 3 vinyl records and a turntable with you. Which do you pick and why?

“Coldplay – Parachutes” – It’s my ultimate “relax, everything will be fine!” soundtrack.

“The Prodigy – Music For The Jilted Generation” – Because nothing motivates being pumped up more than this

“2 Many DJ’s – As Heard On Radio Soulwax (if part 1 is on vinyl it is) – To what else I need to sip my coconut cocktails on?

6. How do you feel about this business we call music at the moment?

I feel good about it, because there is a lot happening. Not only Musically speaking, but also on the sidelines. There’s a lot happening on making it fairer to the lesser established artists again. That is a motivator!

7. So you’ve signed to Mark Zowie’s JULA imprint, how so?

I’ve been in contact with Mark, the head honcho, for a while and like his “out of the box” approach on music. No specific genre, just music that has that certain factor of beauty and niceness. I loved the music released on the label and kept following the releases. When he asked me to remix his track “Need Your Love”, things got on the roll. A few months later, I sent him “Spirits Of The Past” and it was an instant match.

8. What is your must have piece of studio equipment and why?

I’m fortunate to have my dream piece: The original Roland Alpha Juno 1, owned- and used by Human Resource for the track “Dominator”. As a kid already I was fascinated by the world famous hoover sounds. A couple of years back I got it and it will NEVER leave!!

9. Any Live performance commitments or DJing to note coming up?

Unfortunately not. As I’m not the greatest in selling myself to the promoters is probably my weakest point. Still, I hope that one day I just get noticed by what I do if it comes to DJ’ing. Just as producing music, playing it is a huge passion.

10. What do you see the future holding for Axel Doorman?

The future is always a great question to think about. My greatest wish, as for many, is to make a full living out of the thing I love to do most of all. I’m not that much of a dreamer anymore but still, I’m driven to make that wish come true.

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