Interview with the legendary RatPack

Interview with the legendary RatPack

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It’s an honour to be able to interview rave legends, The Ratpack. We chat about the history of The Ratpack, their current LP and more below….

1.Perhaps an obvious question or indeed one you guys will have been asked before but how did you get into the early rave scene?

I’m going to be cheeky on this one and tell you to click the link:

2.Where did you first DJ’ing and MC’ing?

We both started with a sound system call Locomotion Sound System back in the early 80’s. But our first set as a team in the rave scene was at our own Trip City parties back in 88/89

3.This new album is packed with collabs that will make old ravers get misty eyed, how did this all come together? Was it an easy process to link up with everyone involved?

It just made sense really. We’re all friends and everyone on the album has their own diverse sound to bring to the album as well as the massive contributions they made to the UK rave scene. When you bring a huge line up of legends together like this, you know it’s great for the whole scene.

4.’Rave Music’ was on a meteoric rise back in 1992 and has ultimately survived albeit in a more niche fashion, what in your opinion killed it off? Did it get too fast and inaccessible to the masses? Or was it a case of being way ahead of it’s time?

It (Rave Music) was always ahead of its time as you can hear in the influence of many big tunes in the charts these days, it has never been killed off in my opinion, people still love to listen to the music and all of the hybrids that were born from it. The main difference these days is that people have a much broader spectrum of music to pull from with such easy access today, so they may not listen to the same style of music every day. But out in the clubs and festivals all around the world, it’s pretty obvious that Rave Music is still here and will be for years to come.

5.When you’re not rockin’ the crowds, what do you guys like to chill with? Bit of Game Of Thrones? Some X Box?

I love my music sooo much that when I get time to chill I’ll probably be on my keyboard playing (or learning) something classical or a legendary tune from the past. I do watch G.O.T and Power and Narcos but they finish too quickly, so I have to keep occupied for the rest of the year haha!

6.There is something of a surge in oldskool interest, you guys have a new album, Liquid just did one, Bunter & Sanxion did one, Vibes is working on a subscription-based one-off LP a la DJ Ham/Hamilton and Kniteforce is back putting out amazing content. Can this rise be sustained and if so, how?

Like I said, it never went away in my opinion. If there wasn’t a demand for it, we all wouldn’t be making it. Can you imagine if the whole Oldskool sound ceased to exist? …….No? Me neither.

7.’CoLab Rats’ is very much a multi-genre LP in the spirit of the original early 90s scene, was this an intentional thing on your part?

No, nothing was planned, it was all totally organic and spontaneous, every time we got into the studio with another artist.

8.What’s next after ‘CoLab Rats?’

Maybe more collabs, who knows. There’s also a few interviews and small movies we’re doing for TV about the Rave scene, so stay posted for that too.

9.Any final shouts and/or words of advice to the newbies?

To all the up and comings: Just love what you do and do what you love. Always remember, It’s nice to be important but it’s Important to be nice. Aaaaaannnnd, if you haven’t got haters on your back then you’re not worth talking about so don’t let those mofos get you down, jab back and fight for what you believe in.

Big up to Dan and Lewis and ALL the crew at for all the help and advise. Big up to Andre Jacobs (D-Zone) for cracking our heads together and making us do this album. Big Big Big up Freestylers, Wideboys, Baby D, Slipmatt, Ragga Twins, King Yoof, Billy Daniel Bunter, Shut Up And Dance, Stephanie Smart, 2Hype & Secret Agent, 28Hurtz, Skibabdee and Lady Chann, Papa G, Chewey Beats and The Sound Collective for their influence over the years and their massive contribution to this album. Big up OnTheRise for the promo work, Big up Free Breaks for this interview. But the biggest of all big ups has to be to each and everyone of you who has supported us over the years. Without you guys we a nothing!! Stay Blessed!!

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