Major Lazer & Flux Pavillion – Jah No Partial (Philly Blunt breaks booty) + Interview

Philly Blunt

It’s the 31st of May and that can mean only one thing. It’s the end of our month long relaunch party. But don’t fear to see us out we have one of Australia’s hottest artists. Philly Blunt has been bringing the bassline pressure for a good few years now churning out some seriously good tracks. Not one to be constrained by genres he has been releasing  nufunk,  breaks, future jungle, house, electro, trap and just about anything else you can pigeon hole. Recent outings on Aquasky’s Passenger label and Meat Katie’s Lot49 with studio partner Micha Black have seen them really raise their game with some of the best tracks of their career.

For our relaunch Philly has provided a sweet booty breaks style rework of Major Lazer & Flux Pavillion – Jah No Partial. He makes the breakbeats work so well with the ragga bass and dubstep riddims that it should blow up the strictest of breaks dancefloors.

I caught up with him to find out a little more…

1. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, for those that don’t know, who are you, what do you do and what style(s) of music do you play? 

I am Philly Blunt, I play bass music of all sorts, generally its hip hop vibes in varying genres and tempos.

2. Tell us a bit about what you’re working on now, any releases on the horizon? 

Got a stack on right now, im working on remixes for a tonne of people, i’ve got an EP coming out on Klub Kids in a month or 2 as well as 2 tunes on their next ‘Trap Bombs’ compilation. My side project Black & Blunt is finishing up an ep with Deekline, as well as collabs with Meat Katie and some more I cant expand upon just yet.
My other collaborative project (my marriage) we are currently working on our debut release (baby) – which will be out in about 6 months :)

3. What other artists have you been feeling recently, who are you currently championing in your DJ sets? 

Been loving Torro Torro’s stuff for a while, lately been getting a bit more raggafied with Bert On Beats, Lady Chann, South Rakkas Crew, Swick all featuring heavily in my sets.

4. Which Club Nights do you play at regularly? 

I run a few nights here in Perth City, Western Australia at a club called Ambar – where i’m also a resident. Force Majeure and District are 2 big ones that’ve been going for years now, as well as a new one called Five & Dime which will be opening soon. Plus a tonne more at clubs around Perth and Australia.

5. Worst request whilst DJing? 

There have been so many…
A good one was at a bar and a girl came up and told me to play some good music because I was ruining her 21st.

6. What are your best/worst DJ experiences? 

Playing some overseas shows in the US and at the WMC in Miami this year was pretty amazing, as was playing the main stage at Breakfest on boxing day.

As for the worst – this is definitely my best and worst DJ story…
I was playing at Ambar one night and a really fucked up girl came up and mumbled some crap to me about a song or something, I said no. She came back and I told her to fuck off. She then decided to throw her whole drink over me and the mixer.
The mixer started freaking out, lights were flashing that aren’t meant to flash, the sound starting cutting in and out – it was dying, fast. Luckily there was a couple of other DJs around and another mixer so we swapped that sucker out with the precision of an F1 team suffering only about 30s of dead air.
Meanwhile the girl had been kicked out of the club but was now abusing the manger and security staff and generally going mental. They called the cops and let her know that she could leave now or face them.
The cops arrive and one is talking to the staff and another talking to the girl, when he suddenly screams “SHE GOING FOR THE GLOCK!” Both officers spring to action, throw her to the ground, knees on neck – the whole deal – within about 3 seconds.
She’s then taken away in the cop car, going ballistic in the cage and then apparently end up doing 3 months inside because she had priors.

The lesson in this, is that making bad song requests can land you in jail.

7. What got you into electronic music? What made you choose your current style and sound?

In about ’96 my friend showed me the Wu Tang – 36 Chambers and Gravediggaz Niggamortis albums and I was hooked on hip hop for life. I switched up my guitar for some shitty turntables and began DJing. As the years progressed, so did my tastes and I got into dance music by way of big beat and breaks. All of which still influence and feature in my sets and style today.

8. What do you get up to outside of music? 

Filling out questionnaires. And some graphic design.

9. What do you think it means to be a “successful” DJ or producer? 

I think if you can make a living of your music, then that’s a great success.

10. What can we expect from you over the course of 2013 and beyond? 

Loads of new tunes, an Australia tour, more stuff on my label Grits N Gravy, hopefully some updates to etc etc, and a baby :D



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