Jedi Recordings #20 – Hardcore Unity EP

Jedi Recordings #20 - Hardcore Unity EP

Jedi Recordings #20 is a mixed artist release that will have oldskool hardcore & Jungle lovers chomping at the bit. The Hardcore Unity EP is made up of quality true rave music from DJ Jedi, Revert Project, Try Unity, Mac Attack & Skeme.

Lovers of Vinyl, Digital and most importantly, the oldskool hardcore/jungle sound, get ready and get your pre-orders in for this upcoming EP on DJ Jedi’s imprint.

We are immediately off to a flying start with DJ Jedi’s ‘Brainwashed.’ Fresh off a release for the much loved Kniteforce label, this new track carries much of that sound and vibe via the uplifting keys that dominate this pure rush-a-thon.

The Revert Project contribute with a tune that captures perfectly that once neutral zone between breakbeat hardcore and jungle somewhere between 1993 and 1994. The synths have the unmistakable ‘happy’ sound of what later became Happy Hardcore while the breaks are pure early jungle and an amazing production to boot.

Next up, we welcome another tune of 2017 contender from Try Unity. Not long back we covered their own debut release which you must buy. This track ‘Together We Rize’ is another perfect example of that rare gem, the vocal rave tune, once a staple of 1992 hardcore/rave anthems on labels like Suburban Base. Pure positivity and a brilliant tune that will make you smile!!!

Finally, there is this amazing cut up late 92 style track that takes elements from the Slammin’ Vinyl sound. Mac Attack & Skeme ‘Junos (Armour Mac & Nunny Remix); splices a well-known piano riff, adds in some hefty mentasm riffage and analogue drum beats for a real flourish of a finish to this latest instalment in a brilliant series of releases from a superb label. Keeping the oldskool more than just alive, rather taking it forward!!!

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