K69- So Addicted

K69- So Addicted

Addiction isn’t always a bad thing as veteran DJ/Producer proves with his latest instalment of uplifting House music ‘So Addicted’ on Whore House!

Since 1991, K69 has been rocking the crowds at all the biggest and best venues across the globe. Like many of this artist’s other productions, ‘So Addicted’ bears a positive likeness to the early to mid 90s House sound of the UK, think Bizare Inc, New Decade and N-Joi to get the vibe for the BIG hand raising piano lines of ‘So Addicted’, a powerhouse 2017 raver’s anthem for those who just love to let loose, dance and feel real good!!!! A healthy addiction that is good for the ears, a great way to get happy and the perfect reason to throw those hands in the air, we are thoroughly addicted!!!

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