Kickback-The Severn Delta Blues Club EP

Kickback-The Severn Delta Blues Club EP

Kickback presents The Severn Delta Blues Club EP for Ghetto Dub, a series of rich soundscapes in the DnB and Breaks genres that truly stand alone in excellence.

‘4U’ opens with a pure 95 style melodic intro, a perfect lead into the slick 2017 junglism that follows. Next up, the title track of this classy EP matches rowdy chants to some pull no punch synth stabs and tight steppin’ drums with warm bleepy interludes. ‘Saxon Street’ drops to 130BPm for some experimental rave action with shades of Earth Leakage Trip, a place where Oldskool ‘Ardcore meets Acid House and Jungle Tekno in a head to head soundclash of brilliance. ‘Silent Treatment’ takes those classic Jungle dynamics and applies them to Film Noir like vocal samples and gritty techstep basslines and beats. Just like the gorgeous cover art, these sounds resonate from another place, a portal outside and independent of this world where finely crafted beats are sent back down for our consumption so be sure to consume!!!

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