Masaya – Picking Up The Pieces LP (Chapter 24 Records)

Masaya - Picking Up The Pieces LP (Chapter 24 Records)

Chilean artist and Chapter 24 label boss, Masaya will stun you with her latest musical masterpiece, the ‘Picking Up The Pieces LP’

A series of personal life events shapes the emotion-filled journey that is ‘Picking Up The Pieces.’ Ambient intro ‘Walking Dead’ is the initial sonic toe dip into a musical ocean that invites the listener to bathe in the warm waters of ‘  The Backstage’ and ‘Agnostic’

For those bright-eyed moments of enchantment on the dance floor, ‘ Haumea’ and ‘ Picture’ are both ideal soundtracks

You can experience pleasure, pain and a range of feelings within the delicate keys of tracks like  ‘Flow of Tears’, ‘Justin Loves’ and ‘Inside.’ Here are tunes you can mix, dance to and you can mindfully exhale in.

We reach an ecstatic peak with closing tracks ‘Borderline’ and ‘Time Goes Fast’. If empathy has a beat, Masaya has given it form and crafted it for your ears to enjoy on repeat.

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